I had a thought that Danganronpa fandom is kind of like IRL Danganronpa game

1. Class Trials
Before a game’s release, everyone discusses who will be the mastermind, culprit, victim and the final survivors. This discussion part is much like class trials with lots of word bullets going around.
2. Free Time Events
Everyone draws fanarts, writes fanfics and headcanons about characters, having good time.
3. Investigation time
Analysis with magazine articles/game leaks.
4. Punishment Time
The actual game is punishment time for us all.
5. Victims
The guys who couldn’t bear their fave characters deaths, storylines or witch-hunts within the fandom and leave the fandom are victims.
6. Mastermind
It’s always Kodaka. But there are other accomplices such as Komatsuzaki and etc.
7. Survivors
The guys who goes through all these story&fandom chaos and wait for the next installment with hope.
8. Monokumas
Translators. They speak on behalf of the mastermind(Kodaka), they provide us with stuffs from him. Although it’s the translators we see more often, they’re manipulated by Kodaka, just like how Monokumas are manipulated by the mastermind.
9. Fandom Positions
SHSL Hope - The optimistic guys who hope that their fave characters will be alive.
SHSL Heir - The guys who remind Naegis that this is Danganronpa, and is pessimistic about their fave character’s survivals(normally because they’ve been through too much).
SHSL Shaman - Their guesses are pretty accurate. Are they from Chunspike?
SHSL Writers - The genius headcanon/fanfic writers.
SHSL Doujin Artist - The godly fanartists
SHSL Detectives - Makes ingenious deductions even from the smallest hints
SHSL Swimmer - Is ready to enjoy anything and looks forward to fanservices. However, when her fave is severely attacked/misunderstood, she will fight the whole fandom until the end.
SHSL Idol - Polite bloggers who seem to enjoy everything but definitely has favorites. They will fight for their faves when attacked, but unlike Aoi, they will die out of the fandom when pushed too far.
SHSL Programmer - Programmers who datamine or gather a lot of info at once.
SHSL Fashion Girl - Cosplayers
SHSL Baseball Player - Usually a newbie to the fandom and is excited about attractive characters. However, after seeing what kind of cruelty DR had in store, runs away.
SHSL Luck - Meme generators. They’re very funny.
Something like that lol. I think I’m SHSL swimmer type though lol.
What are you guys??

seventeen + killing the spider

will kill the spider: scoups, woozi

will catch the spider and bring it outside: joshua, wonwoo, minghao, vernon

will scream until you kill the spider: jun, seungkwan

will make you catch the spider and bring it outside: jeonghan, dokyeom, dino

will try to make friends with the spider and name it gertrude: hoshi, mingyu

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harry james potter goes through SO MUCH, some of the worst things imaginable and despite all that he manages to always believe in love and friendship and goodness, and if that’s not strength i dont know what is