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Have some probably terrible selfies for pansexual visibility day– Shout out to my fellow pansexuals who are told their sexuality isn’t real, or that they’re “cheating” and will “have to choose sooner or later”. Actually shout out to bisexuals too since you guys get exactly the same. We are not selfish or non-existant, we are here and real, and proud of our sexualities!

The war is over. Finally. Not without it’s fair share of casualities. It’s not fair for anyone. That’s why it’s war. It’s not meant to be pretty. If It was certainly it would be something else entirely, not war. He finds himself separated from the guys that had become like family to him, by choice of his own. Jack’s not exactly proud of some of his actions back there. He suspects none of the guy’s are, but that doesn’t stop him from taking a seat by himself. Bourbon fills the glass, half of it gone in a single sip. The rest gone a few moments after the burning in his throat ceases. He calls for another one right when the seat next to him is no longer empty.

“And something fruity  for the little lady.” He requests without even bothering to look at her or to ask her if she had wanted a drink.

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northisnotup asked:

42. “I swear it was an accident.”

This is how Fathers’ Day begins for Jonny and Pat the first year after bringing their families together in holy matrimony. The fire alarm is going off and the smell of something burning causes the both of bolt out of bed.

They come to the kitchen to see five sorry kids standing at various stations, trying to mitigate the disaster. Alison is standing on the island waving smoke away from the detector as Sierra spots her. Ollie and Naomi were taking the two fire extinguishers to the stove and oven respectively, leaving Timmy as the oldest to face the music of the parents. 

“Dad, Pops. I swear it was an accident!” he says. The rest of the kids stop what they’re doing to stare at the parents. It’s like something out of a sitcom and for some strange reason, Pat has to swallow the lump in his throat. His kids (HIS SON CALLED JONNY POPS), Jonny’s kids, their kids trying to work together. As much of a fucking disaster it created, it’s the beginning. 

“New rule: no surprise breakfast,” he states once he regains control of his voice.

“Ever,” Jonny continues, squeezing Pat’s shoulder because he feels it too, the sense of family and love for their blended family.

But now, they got to clean the damn kitchen.

yo, i’m still a total newbie when it comes to 1x1 roleplaying, but i lowkey really want to give it a go !! so, while i set up my pages for it etc, you should like this if you want to do a thing & i’ll hit you up, or you can message me on aim ( zapofrph ) !! i’m down for mxm, fxf & fxm, though i won’t roleplay opposite jesy, perrie or jade.