trash liners


what will the petals answer to me?


I’m Queen Vixie! Together with Queen Antheia and another special queen, we’ll be posting about BTS~! There will be scenarios and (maybe a few MtLs) ^-^

Zoro’s reaction to the news about Sanji’s engagement

*deadpans a brutal insult*

“Eight years ago, I was traveling a lot with a touring theater company called Cheek by Jowl. We traveled all over the world with productions of classical plays. I would come back to London, and I had a flat. I started to feel uncomfortable in this flat. I didn’t really recognize who owned all that stuff.

On the advice of a friend of mine, whom you may know—[actress] Rebecca Hall—I got rid of all of my stuff. I took 33 bin liners (trash bags) of secondhand clothes to a charity shop. I sold all my furniture. I put my books in storage.

I decided to live out of just two suitcases for 12 months. It was the most enjoyable year of my life, because I felt free and available. That was an instructive year for me.” - Tom Hiddleston