trash liners

I hate the owner

I hate the owner of the store I work at. He shows such obvious favoritism and he’s plain creepy. He is giving our worse employee (who has actively been trying to get fired) a raise for “doing good work”(it’s because she’s hot). She’s also getting a bonus for getting a friend to apply and literally half our staff are friends of another employee and where are their bonuses????? He loves ass kissers to the point that one of the former managers was STEALING money and not clocking out to get paid more and he was still hesitant about letting her go. I forgot to clock out once and he blessed me tf out. He fired one of our BEST managers because she was old and didn’t wear makeup. He only hires ditzy snobby teenage girls who literally don’t know how to sweep, mop, do the dishes, or any easy tasks. It’s like pulling teeth to work with these girls and it stress me tf out. And he wonders why his stores are a mess and why customers complain. I almost had to take a girls phone because she would not stop being on it up front after I told her REPEATEDLY that I don’t mind her using her phone but she needs to do it in the back out of eyesight of customers (or at least be stealthy about it, she had it 5 inches from her face) Also his dress code REQUIRES us to wear Yoga pants. I worked at another store from the same chain and the dress code was “black pants, no black jeans”. And he constantly watches the cameras. It makes me so uncomfortable and I don’t wear yoga pants at that place because I think it’s unprofessional. He says it’s “unprofessional ” of us if we have any stains on our shirts but he also wants us to be quick as possible with every little thing(meaning we are more likely to spill stuff on ourself), and buys the cheapest quality shirts the stain super easy. I came out at one point with some water on my shirt and he said I need to not let that happen again. Oh sorry, I just won’t clean dishes ever again, mb. He also started having the former shift manager come in for “random inspections” in which 2 people have to have over 50 tasks all done at once in order to get a perfect score. And she also lies on the reports CONSTANTLY. But probably the funniest thing, is he doesn’t know how to do any of our jobs. He had to ask me for help with the register when he came by the other day. He doesn’t have a key, he doesn’t know the combo to the safe, the only thing he knows how to do is look on the cameras and critique us. Also, we always are out of something and he’s too cheap to buy more until next stock day. Like our SM had to buy strawberries multiple times but not if they’re too pricy. They are our best selling topping but if they were too pricy we were shit out of luck. We have been out of trash bags for 4 weeks and had to use BAG LINERS and half of the stuff that go into those trash bags are liquid. Trash liners are not made to support that much weight. I’m so done tbh between him, the dimwit employees, and the self absorbed managers, I’m about to blow a cap. I’m looking so hard for another job but I probably can’t quit til late may-early June. Please pray for me, I’m trying to get out of the food industry.


what will the petals answer to me?

who would win in a fistfight: juno steel or sam vimes

  • both of em are short as fuck. i probably see juno as a lot heavier/stockier and vimes as a scrawny little wiry bastard
  • G!G! vimes is about juno’s age but by the end of the series he’s a good decade and change older and a smoker. however, juno has shit lungs
  • both p good at hand to hand combat, street kids from bad neighborhoods, police/former police, used to dirty fighting. their combat styles are probably similar
  • juno’s major combat strength is his sharpshooting, which doesn’t apply (and would incidentally be a terrible idea on the disc)
  • vimes’ major combat strength is the ability to kill a werewolf with his bare fucking hands.
  • vimes is a team player, whereas juno violently pushes away anyone who gets close to him and might be more prepared for a one-on-one
  • both are loser trash talking one liner champions. a draw in this area
  • Discworld Noir suggests that the personal narrative causality of a P.I. is sufficiently noir to cosmically force Vimes into the OOC stereotypical role of a police chief in a noir story: typically “harsh and useless.”
  • vimes has successfully completed a character arc in which he comes to terms with himself; juno is still a self-loathing mess, significantly affecting his morale
  • juno likes getting punched
  • conclusion: vimes is gonna kick this sad, sad lady’s ass
punk fashion tips for summer 2014

1. black sprayable truck bed liner. spray all your shorts, jean jackets, etc. for a gross, thick, almost-water proof shiny black. for hardware store fashion-enthusiasts.

2. handcuffs. clip your handcuffs on your hip belt loops. for arresting cops that wanna ruin your summer fun.

3. black sleeveless turtleneck. listen to parálisis permanente and have a goth punk summer.

4. fingerless neon yellow mesh gloves. essential.

5. wear a black trash bag. chic.

The move in guide no one talks about

The moment you get your housing assignment you better write up a short 3-4 sentence email introducing yourself to your roommate and asking to meet them.

Pick a nice spot to chill and talk to get to know them. We went to get frozen popsicles and talked about ourselves.

You need to cover a few things before move in day:
- who brings what (shower curtain/liner/rug/trash bins/cleaning supplies)
- sleep schedules, tv times, etc (my school and some others assign you based on those preferences)
- furniture layout / what you plan to bring that might be big

And ask what clubs they are in, classes they are taking, suggest getting involved on campus together. Just do it!