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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #68
  • <p> <b></b> *during a petty argument*<p/><b>Phil:</b> well, I'm older<p/><b>Dan:</b> I'm taller<p/><b>Phil:</b> I'm longer<p/><b>Dan:</b> No you're not? I just said I'm taller<p/><b>Phil:</b> That's not what I meant<p/></p>
Let’s Start Here (NSFW)

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Summary: Your breath hitched. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. “O-oh…” you said. “B-but…”

“Shh.” He tugged at your top, and another button popped open. “Go on. Do the next one.”

You weren’t sure what to expect or what to feel–the most you’d ever done was daydream about holding Kylo Ren’s hand. Never kissing. Never stripping. Never…

“Mm.” The corner of his lip quirked. “Keep going.”

Words: 6300

Warnings: EXTREME innocence kink, Medic!Reader, virginity loss, praise kink

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: This is a work crafted especially for one of my favorite humans and smol beans, @kylooppa. We’ve bonded frequently over our mutual love for innocence kink, and I decided to take this to the next rational level. I hope you enjoyed it, boo–I love you so much.

And I hope the rest of you enjoyed it, too! Thank you!

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The Game Grumps finale episode of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse play through, at 21:45

Listen to that and imagine Mei and Jamie

That’s where this was born from


my birth father created medusa. he’s the reason you’re in so much pain, and he’s the reason that i can’t do anything about it!

I guess I liked you because you were innocent, almost my little secret untouched by the world.

I lost my innocence so young, I just wanted someone, or something to remind me of being young and happy and foolish.
—  I fell apart so young.

anonymous asked:

lowkey can't wait to see you spazz over youngjae's nekkid selfie BECAUSE I WAS IN TEARS LIKE HOW DARE HE?!?!

My darling anon,



WHO???? (because it sure as heck wasn’t Mr. ‘Youngjae-is-mine-and-you-can’t-even-dream-about-him’ Jaebum)


I mean, I thought it was bad enough when he posted that tank-top selca back in November with all that skin and that look at the camera and just….





I never signed up for this. I was perfectly content with him being gorgeous and handsome and precious and adorable and NOT A KING OF PROBLEMATIC SELCAS.



I just…. he just…… this just…….. there are five moles visible right there AND THREE OF THEM ARE ON HIS NECK AND SHOULDER and my brain can NO LONGER COMPUTE BYE. 

Listen. I am all for an appreciation for how gorgeous Youngjae is, but COULD HE HAVE TONED IT DOWN JUST A LITTLE BIT??? I mean. We’re talking about his eyes being all cute and gorgeous and aimed right at us, and that’s enough already, but then he’s got his adorable nose looking even more precious upside-down, and his precious little ears being so incredibly cute and totally visible next to his TWO-TONED HAIR STYLE THAT LOOKS SO GOOD??? AND HIS JAWLINE LOOKING SO NICE EVEN WITH THE WEIRD FILTER??? AND THEN HIS LIPS BEING ALL PINK AND POUTY AND JUST—no. I can’t. And we hAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN PAST HIS FACE YET. ANON. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??? I’VE BEEN TRYING TO REPRESS THIS IN ORDER TO LIVE AND NOW. That neckline. That nape. Those collarbones. Those broad shoulders. THOSE FRICKING MOLES BEING ALL THERE AND VISIBLE AND ADORABLE AND– I don’t have a thing about his moles. What are you talking about?

I just.

I’m not okay, anon. Why does he do this to me? Why??

I cant believe Igot7’s are trying to drag Taeyong and Winwin into their arguments to justify Jackson. NO. The fandom didn’t accept that they were taking part in cultural appropriate at all, almost EVERYONE expressed their disappointment and luckily the hair styles were changed early on in limitless promotions but I saw nobody trying to say it was okay unlike almost every Got7 fan I’ve seen.

And another point is not only are fans justifying Jackson but Jackson himself laughed at fans trying to educate him. So don’t drag our boys because your fave is acting like a dick.


X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

     ↳ Logan & Rogue // Jean & Charles

Even More Things I Know For Semi-Certain

- Elita One has giant robot heterochromia
- Megatron is the reason the drones have names and are all painted different colours
- Cybertronians use a base-16 (hexadecimal) number system
- Before money became worthless due to the war, the shanix was actually the highest denomination of currency on Cybertron. It was roughly equivalent to a hundred dollar bill.
- The lowest denomination of currency, was the ‘bit’, and 1 shanix was worth 256 of them (in decimal).
- Optimus Prime has to sleep on his front for two reasons;
- 1) he has primary cooling vents on his back (rather on the sides of his chest like most bots… or on the backs of his legs should you be Megatron)
- 2) he has smokestacks on his shoulders, obviously this makes sleeping on his side uncomfortable
- If he were to sleep on his back, he would overheat due to obstructing his vents, and he’d be very uncomfortable on his side, for comparison put an empty bottle or something else vaguely cylindrical under your shoulder while laying on your side. Not comfy.
- Prowl and Bluestreak are spark siblings, they were created separately but their sparks are almost identical in frequency and composition.
- They also have another spark sibling, Smokescreen, who is closer to Prowl in age than Blue is.
- Smokescreen (and most other bots I need later but can’t fit in atm) are on various colony worlds around the galaxy.
- Spark siblings are rare, but are more common amongst Praxians for some unknown reason.
- Historically, the oldest members of the high council would sit apart from the younger members, not permitted to speak on matters that would affect future generations.
- The council would be preceded over by the Prime, who would represent the southern hemisphere, and the Lord High Protector, who would represent the northern hemisphere.
- What Cybertronians call south, we call north, because apparently they feel like being complicated.
- Spark corruption is a terrible illness that kills all people who get it one hundred percent of the time. There is no treatment, there is no cure, there is very little that can be done to alleviate the symptoms or the pain it causes as the sufferer’s spark corrects itself into oblivion
- Bumblebee was found as an unsparked protoform during a battle, when the High Council still retained forces of their own and were desperate to acquire more.
- Optimus was the one who found him, and finding Bee’s incubating protoform awaiting its spark was what caused him to cut ties with the High Council altogether
- Optimus was also the one to take Bee’s protoform to Vector Sigma for sparking, basically making him Bumblebee’s father.
- Bumblebee sometimes shares Optimus’ berth with him, especially on colder nights.

I Figured Out Why I Hate Love Never Dies So Much

Love Never Dies is not a terrible musical; the plot is a wreck and the characters are very unlikeable, but the music over all is rather good and the actual story (excluding the fact that it’s the POTO characters involved) is an interesting story. It’s a passible musical that shouldn’t be as hated as much as it is. Maybe just forgotten. So why is it so bad? Why do Phantom fans, even Phantom fans who want Christine and Erik together, hate it so much?

Because it destroys the morals of the first show/book/movie. It wrecks the characters we know and love, and has the audacity to say this is what happens AFTER the Phantom of The Opera.

It destroys what we love.

It takes an adorable love story, and tarnishes it. It makes the decision long ago, that Christine was on the brink of tears for, pointless. It says that’s not her true feelings and makes her go to Erik before her wedding night, claiming she made the wrong choice. (Which personally, I hate, as it furthers the stereotype that women are indecisive even if that’s not what it’s trying to represent). It trashes the innocent love between Raoul and Christine and poisons it with the hatred of a Christine/Erik shipping fan. And that’d be fine, if it was a fanfiction. But this was a musical, and technically cannon in the eyes of Andrew Lloyd Webber.


It makes all these pitiful characters…. cannon.

It takes an innocent character such as Meg, and obliterates her by making her fall in love with Erik (whom even with Christine was a stretch considering age). It makes her cruel and selfish, even though it tries to develop her character more. It takes the well loved Madame Giry and makes her the bad guy. The. Bad. Guy. It makes her evil and determined to only help herself after only helping Erik, ignoring her only child. It takes the kind motherly figure we knew, and makes her the ugly parent we’d never want. It takes Raoul, a character many consider a fop (though I personally adore), and magnifies his small unlike able character traits to such a degree that even Raoul-Haters can call out the improbability that that would ever happen. That he’d become as hatable as he did. And it takes Erik, poor Erik, and rips what little humanity Erik had in the first place clean out from under him.

In the Phantom of The Opera, Erik had nothing. He had no friends, no family, nothing to call his own besides the legacy of the Opera Ghost. You could easily feel bad for him, he has nothing. He is allowed to be selfish and devilish because he needs to be in order to survive. In Love Never Dies, however, Erik has everything. He has friends, like him, who look out for him. He has money and power and a successful business. He has his own legacy, not just the Opera Ghost, and a girl who’d kill to be with him. And what does Mister Y do with all his new found wealth? Nothing. He continues to obsess and fetishize over Christine even though he knows her heart is somewhere else. He cannot let go, which is fine. But when Christine does reappear it becomes very hard to root for his abusive and devilish ways when you know that if he fails, he still has an empire.

It takes characters I love, that we love, and tarnishes them. Whether book fan or musical fan or movie fan, it decrees that none of those character choices matter. It makes the characters so out-of-character, so far stretched that I end up detesting our main star (Erik), and feel pity for those we are supposed to hate (Raoul and Madame Giry). It breaks my heart, after I spent so much time obsessing over the original.

That is why I hate Love Never Dies.


Let the truth be told.

“I did a commercial for Pepsi and I was burned very badly and we settled for one million dollars and I gave all the money … like we built this place called the Michael Jackson Burn Center and that’s a piece of technology used for burn victims, right, so I’m looking at the piece of technology and decide to just go inside it and just to hammer around, somebody takes the picture, when they process the picture the person who processes the picture says, "Oh, Michael Jackson,” he made a copy and these pictures went all over the world with this lie attached to it. It’s a complete lie, why do people buy these papers. It’s not the truth and I’m here to say. You know, do not judge a person, do not pass judgment, unless you have talked to them one on one, I don’t care what the story is, do not judge them because it’s a lie.“

-Oprah and Michael Jackson Live around the World, 1993.


Linda Blair in Born Innocent (1974). Warning: This post mentions a plot point and a real-life case involving sexual assault

This infamous 1970s television film, about a teenage runaway arrested and thrown into a dangerous juvenile delinquent hall, is widely believed to be responsible for the establishment of the Family Viewing Hour in the United States (a block of family-friendly programming during the evenings and nights when children may not be in bed yet). Born Innocent was aired on NBC at 8 pm and was blamed for inspiring a girl’s classmates to sexually assault her with a glass soda bottle (a similar scene happens to Linda Blair and her juvie hall peers in the film). The controversy surrounding the real-life rape, the film, and NBC grew so large that it made its way to the California Supreme Court.

The tagline for the film was, “She was Born Innocent…BUT THAT WAS 14 YEARS AGO.” The film is fairly tame by today’s standards, but was highly controversial in the 1970s and added to Linda Blair’s “dangerous” reputation combined with her role in The Exorcist and her arrests during the decade.

Wanna One as Cartoon Characters

Kang Daniel as Eduardo from Foster’s home of imaginary friends.

-tough on the outside but sweet on the inside

-a reversal charm of being sexy to cutie in a second.

-child-like personality which you want to keep on your pocket everyday.

-like a teddy bear that you want to hug forever

Park Jihoon as Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball

-a fluff ball

-always hungry

-cute as heck that his cuteness will make you melt like it is his weapon.

-but ones you enraged him, he can be scary.

-u fite me?

Lee Daehwi as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls (the old version)

-real talk, nobody likes the new PPG cause it’s a piece of trash

-cute and innocent

-but can be savage

-cute but can be scary as heck you talk bad about the other members

Kim Jaehwan as Johnny Bravo

-smooth af

-vi-sho (visual shock)

-the “main” guy, main in everything he does

-needs attention 24/7

Ong Seongwoo as Steven Universe

-Everybody loves Steven and so as Ong Seongwoo

-the class clown

-sweetest person you’ll ever meet

-will risk everything in the name of love (Ongniel)

Park Woojin as Marco Diaz from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

-knows how to fight

-#1 Best friend

-will never give up

-shy bean

Lai Guanlin as Rigby from The regular show

-chill af

-if looks can kill then you’re dead. Lol

-mischevous kid

-lazy too

Yoon Jisung as Arnold from Hey Arnold!

-leader of the pact.

-the kindest person you’ll ever meet.

-handsome as heck.

-caring person

Hwang Minhyun as Jeremy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb

-reminds me of blonde Minhyun from ‘Overcome’era

-Boyfriend Material

-has the sweetest voice you’ll ever hear

-Caring for the younger people

Bae Jinyoung as Dipper Pines from Gravity falls

-Favorite cartoon of all time.

-always serious but when the fun comes he’s one of the best guy to hang with

-always shy



-mystery twins (with Daewhi)

Ha Sungwoon as Spongebob Squarepants

-talkative 24/7

-fun to be with but there’s always a limit to everything

-cutie patotie

-will shower you with positivism

Other than K-pop, I really love watching cartoons. So this is only my opinion, if you disagree on my opinion, it’s okay. I respect it. :)

And I really don’t know if anyone had already did this, but I’m still gonna do it. lol