trash innocence


my birth father created medusa. he’s the reason you’re in so much pain, and he’s the reason that i can’t do anything about it!


The Game Grumps finale episode of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse play through, at 21:45

Listen to that and imagine Mei and Jamie

That’s where this was born from

After 7 and a half hours straight and a lot of hand cramps, my Yooran piece is done!!

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but I can’t wait til I can afford prismacolour pencils. Crayola do not blend easily or well, so yoosung’s clothes look grainy ): but still not bad considering they’re $5 pencils.

I hope you all like it! I’m gonna go massage my hand now ;0;

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i love it when people don’t tell me something or do something bc I'm “too innocent”

yes i am too innocent. so fucking innocent. you have no idea I’m so innocent. but hey lets talk about something like idk the hat fic. oh u never heard of it? well it’s this one short story about two men and one of them buys a hamster so the other one kills it and fucks the first one USING THE FUCKING ANIMAL CARCASS and then eats the dead hamster body. how about the chair fic? well in that one one of the guys has a chair that makes all his desires come true and his roommate becomes submissive and must do whatever the first one says  AND THE FIRST ONE PUTS A SNAKE IN THE OTEHR’S ASS. or maybe the cherry fic? milk fic? kittens and steamrollers? the placenta fic? the skin fic? yes. as you can tell, i am too fucking innocent. so, so, so, so, so innocent


X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

     ↳ Logan & Rogue // Jean & Charles

Let’s make 2016 the year that 1D fans: 

1. Support the boys in their solo career decisions (including Harry). 

2. Stop trashing and harassing the women they choose to date. 

3. Stop trashing Louis’ precious, innocent 3-month-old son

4. Stop saying everything the boys do is fake. 

5. Stop pitting the boys against each other. 

6. Stop saying a relationship they are in is fake just because YOU don’t like it.

7. Stop interfering in their personal lives by contacting and harassing the boys’ families and friends about shit that doesn’t concern you. 

8. Stop acting like just because you’re fans and buy their music, you have the right to interfere with their relationships or assign a sexuality to them, or that they’re obligated to you to come out, or that you have a right to push them out of the “closet.” 

9. Stop acting like 1D, their families, and friends are not real people but a soap opera or a Choose Your Own Adventure story that you can choose or influence the outcome to depending on your feelings, theories, and desires. 

10. Make it so they actually WANT to come back to us one day as a group, someday soon and not where they’re in their 50′s for a reunion tour. 

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Mmmm Robert and Ross? Yes please. Give me all the smut. I bet Robert would let Ross fuck him. And he'd love it too.

*grabby hands*

i’m so glad we’re both thirsty for robert/ross hate sex anon, i genuinely did not know how much i needed this until right now

and robert would totally let ross fuck him. literally no doubt in my mind. and he’d be so greedy for it too, just letting ross do whatever he wanted because that’s what they both needed in that moment. 

and ross would use teeth. he’d the kind of guy to leave marks on every inch of someone’s skin and robert would love every second of it

“Panda Hero” Gaara and Panda because I had to do it

Random Qrowin Thought #1 (I think I’ll call it SnowBirding from now on)

Ok, so Winter and Qrow are both on an undercover mission that they CANNOT get compromised for, and it involves them both going to this fancy dance with each other. Since they’re both notoriously terrible with emotions of any kind, especially when they both look amazing in their dresswear, both of them are super awkward about doing the slow dances. Unfortunately, this causes one of the security members to get suspicious of them, and Ironwood and company are yelling at them through transmissions to do SOMETHING to get the guy off their back. Neither of them really know what to do, and Qrow is completely out of it because Wow Winter looks gorgeous, but as the security officer is about to call in about them (cue Ironwood being this close to flipping his desk) Winter kisses him. All that initial stiffness and awkwardness just kinda flows away as they’re both much more comfortable with each other now, and the security guard is no longer suspicious.

Bonus: Ironwood notices that they’ve stopped updating on the mission and is confusedly asking about what’s going on.

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headcanon: nakazawa actually announced a break that month just so he can record all of the deadly CDs that are coming out now. also, cream pie series thinks it's cheeky with the actual cream and strawberry pie on the cover lmao RIP in peace otometachi

Confirmed. You know what’s up, anon. (ゝ◡ ⚈ )

do you remember in s3 when we thought Michonne was the toughest coolest darkest coldest most mysterious chick we’ve ever known and then she brought that ugly ass rainbow cat and called it damn gorgeous and it changed our lives forever? because i think about that moment very often