trash heap volleyball

okay but can we talk about how no one believes him when kuroo says “i’m always this kind” but literally he is

like kuroo is actually the kindest fucking person he just pretends to be garbage and he has a shitty face and terrible bedhead but inside he is actually just like a rlly nice good person

tanaka as a child rlly looking up to saeko and admiring her and trying to hide it later when he’s older bc he’s embarrassed by how much he looks up to her but he always wants to be just like her

the first time he gets drunk he calls her and starts on a long drunken rant about how amazing he thinks she is and she records it for black mail but ends up just playing it sometimes when she’s by herself and feeling down


you know hinata’s really intense face

yeah that’s the one he uses when he gives out his sister’s crafts

‘hey tsukihshima my sister made these for the whole team here’s yours’

and tsukishima tries putting it in his bag to throw away later

but hinata gives him that scary intense look and his blood runs cold

'aren’t you going to put it on? natsu made it just for you.’

and before he even realizes what’s happened tsukishima is wearing a fucking macaroni necklace/bracelet set like he doesn’t even remember putting it on but he’s wearing it

okay but aone is such a nice guy like imagine him

like imagine him at the store doing some shopping and he sees a short little child trying to reach some high up sweets and he just plucks them off the shelf and hands them down

imagine him walking by the pet store and stopping to smile at the little baby animals in the window

imagine him at the park and some little girl loses her ball in a tree and he gets it down for her

imagine him on the train scrunching his body up as much as he can so he takes up as little room as possible hoping somebody will sit next to him today

more haikyuu fashion head caons:

  • suga in pastels okay and florals and just like soft fabrics all the softest fabrics
  • but sometimes he’s seen wearing a leather jacket and everyone is like ???? that is not your usual aesthetic
  • it’s daichi’s
  • he stole daichi’s jacket bc he was cold
  • kenma with nailpolish okay
  • also in all of kuroo’s out grown hand me downs bc he can’t be assed to get his own clothes even though they aren’t his style
  • fashion catastrophe kageyama is actually canon so
  • like his outfits always clash he’s always wearing something that is five years out of style or he totally misinterprets trends in the worst way possible
  • the worst part about it is that he doesn’t even realize how terrible he looks he actually thinks he looks amaze
  • tsukishima always looks like he stepped out of a fashion magazine and so does yamaguchi who basically learned how to dress himself by gauging tsukki’s reactions to his outfits
  • kiyoko and saeko look like they stepped off the runway, albeit for very different shows
  • asahi in sweaters okay, very nice soft sweaters. and cardigans.
  • nishinoya choosing his clothes based off what is easy to move in bc he hardly ever sits still
  • tanaka doesn’t really care about fashion so he’s most likely to wear whatever but sometimes he steals his sisters clothes bc she’s got a rockin’ sense of fashion and she always gets mad at him for stretching out her stuff
  • hinata spends half his time looking like his sister dressed him and that’s probably because she did but he still manages to look 10x better than kageyama at any given moment
  • yachi has a lot of diy accessories that she made herself and sometimes she tries making her own clothes but she’s not very good at sewing so it’s all simple stuff but it still looks better than kageyama
  • basically everyone looks better than kageyama at all times fucking fight me on this i dare you

fake dating thing where tsukki takes yachi home as his fake girlfriend and they both have to pretend to not be gay as fuck and everything is going well for all of twenty min until akiteru shows up with his gf saeko and yachi can’t stop staring at her boobs and tsukki keeps hissing at her to stop being such a useless lesbian and start acting like she’s into him

the whole thing is a disaster neither of them can convince anyone that they’re straight and a couple, yachi has a break down and confesses to her super gyaness bc she is terrible at secrets, and at the end of the evening tsukki’s family confesses that when they heard he was bringing someone home they were rlly hoping it would be little yamaguchi tadashi and tsukki dies

I can’t read fics where kuroo and kenma interact bc too many of them have kuroo doing things that make kenma uncomfortable or that he blatantly asks kuroo not to do and that is the exact opposite of who kuroo tetsurou is

kuroo tetsurou is 100% about making kenma feel comfortable and happy without having to do things he doesn’t like or that make him unhappy

Like he literally reformed an entire volleyball team around the idea that kenma deserved to be loved and supported without having to change himself this is not a guy that would go out and force anything on kenma that he would not want

yakulev hell

  • lev tries bringing yaku a bouquet of flowers. he’s allergic. so allergic. they never speak of it again.
  • the first time lev bought pretty lingerie to wear for yaku, yaku thought it was for him to wear, and got rlly angry for exactly 3.5 seconds, and then lev started taking his clothes off and yaku went from angry to turned on SO FAST
  • i have probably already talked about amusement park date where yaku wins lev one of those stuffed animals from the rigged arcade games. well, lev keeps that thing and sleeps with it all the time.
  • yaku keeps all the ticket stubs and receipts from their dates in a shoebox under his bed.
  • lev doodles stupid little hearts and writes yaku’s name all over his notebook and schoolwork. he makes the mistake of asking yaku for help one day and yaku sees all of his scribbles. he gives him a very unimpressed look and berates him for not paying attention in class. but after he goes home he flops onto his bed and smiles and laughs a lot bc he thinks it’s rlly cute.
  • yaku does not like public displays of affection, so not much changes between them at school/practice once they start dating. yaku does stop by lev’s classroom during lunch to say hi though and sometimes they eat together. they also start standing next to each other as much as they can during practice when they’re not actually playing. sometimes yaku will touch lev on the arm or purposely bump him with his elbow though and lev lives for those moments.
  • sometimes ppl question if yaku really even likes lev bc he’s more reserved about his emotions than lev, and when the two are compared it seems as if lev likes yaku a lot more than yaku likes him. they are so wrong though and the proof can be found in yaku’s phone, which is filled with pictures of lev.
  • lev is a teenager so yeah he’s insecure but ultimately at the end of the day he knows yaku cares about him and wants to be with him bc if he didn’t yaku would definitely kick him to the curb without a second thought
  • lev likes yaku bc he thinks he’s cool and smart. yaku likes lev bc he’s unafraid to try new things and throws himself into whatever he’s doing with all his heart. they’re both good at making the other smile, they just do it in different ways.
  • yaku doesn’t hate cuddling as much as he says he does. he just likes how lev looks when he pouts.
  • lev isn’t naturally as annoying as he pretends to be. he just likes the way yaku looks when he gets mildly annoyed and his brow creases and his lips purse.

3rd year lev who is captain of the nekoma team (vice captain inuoka), who is known not only for his intimidating height and strong blocks, but also for his receives

all the first years looking up to him, thinking how amazing their captain is, how cool he is, wishing they could be like him

and then yaku stopping by practice one day and proceeding to tear apart this image by telling everyone about the gangly first year that joined the club without knowing one thing about volleyball who had to be drilled on receives until he was laying in a puddle of sweat and tears

sometimes i think about tsukishima who maybe doesn’t wear giant ass headphones around at all times bc he likes the aesthetic of it or bc he’s some kind of audiophile but bc those headphones are a coping mechanism

sometimes his words aren’t enough of a barrier, sometimes he needs more space from everything in the world bc it’s too much, people are too much, and he gets overwhelmed and can’t handle that without some kind of armor to create space between him and everything else

he doesn’t always listen to music, sometimes it’s just enough to have the headphones on, covering his ears, muffling the sounds of everything around him. he likes the feel of them around his head. it’s comforting for him.

sometimes he has bad days though, and he puts his headphones on almost immediately after waking up and plugs them into his mp3 player and puts his music on and lets it wash over him and carry him through all of the things he can’t get out of doing that day

sometimes it’s not enough and it’s all he can do to lie in bed with them on, listening to music while trying to remember how to breathe and feel and think like a normal person

idk sometimes i just think about tsukishima