trash heap volleyball

karasuno first years as third years tho

  • captain tsukishima kei who’s known as a scary smart blocker
  • vice captain kageyama tobio, the former king of the court with a toss that can only be hit by
  • the second small giant and strongest decoy, hinata shouyou
  • the pinch server with a killer jump float serve, yamaguchi tadashi

they walk into tournaments and everyone takes a step back, whispering amongst themselves about the soaring champions karasuno

yakulev hell

  • lev tries bringing yaku a bouquet of flowers. he’s allergic. so allergic. they never speak of it again.
  • the first time lev bought pretty lingerie to wear for yaku, yaku thought it was for him to wear, and got rlly angry for exactly 3.5 seconds, and then lev started taking his clothes off and yaku went from angry to turned on SO FAST
  • i have probably already talked about amusement park date where yaku wins lev one of those stuffed animals from the rigged arcade games. well, lev keeps that thing and sleeps with it all the time.
  • yaku keeps all the ticket stubs and receipts from their dates in a shoebox under his bed.
  • lev doodles stupid little hearts and writes yaku’s name all over his notebook and schoolwork. he makes the mistake of asking yaku for help one day and yaku sees all of his scribbles. he gives him a very unimpressed look and berates him for not paying attention in class. but after he goes home he flops onto his bed and smiles and laughs a lot bc he thinks it’s rlly cute.
  • yaku does not like public displays of affection, so not much changes between them at school/practice once they start dating. yaku does stop by lev’s classroom during lunch to say hi though and sometimes they eat together. they also start standing next to each other as much as they can during practice when they’re not actually playing. sometimes yaku will touch lev on the arm or purposely bump him with his elbow though and lev lives for those moments.
  • sometimes ppl question if yaku really even likes lev bc he’s more reserved about his emotions than lev, and when the two are compared it seems as if lev likes yaku a lot more than yaku likes him. they are so wrong though and the proof can be found in yaku’s phone, which is filled with pictures of lev.
  • lev is a teenager so yeah he’s insecure but ultimately at the end of the day he knows yaku cares about him and wants to be with him bc if he didn’t yaku would definitely kick him to the curb without a second thought
  • lev likes yaku bc he thinks he’s cool and smart. yaku likes lev bc he’s unafraid to try new things and throws himself into whatever he’s doing with all his heart. they’re both good at making the other smile, they just do it in different ways.
  • yaku doesn’t hate cuddling as much as he says he does. he just likes how lev looks when he pouts.
  • lev isn’t naturally as annoying as he pretends to be. he just likes the way yaku looks when he gets mildly annoyed and his brow creases and his lips purse.

tanaka as a child rlly looking up to saeko and admiring her and trying to hide it later when he’s older bc he’s embarrassed by how much he looks up to her but he always wants to be just like her

the first time he gets drunk he calls her and starts on a long drunken rant about how amazing he thinks she is and she records it for black mail but ends up just playing it sometimes when she’s by herself and feeling down


yakulev as childhood friends

nekomas going over to lev’s and lev showing off a series of pictures of him and yaku growing up together

lev starting out as a tiny scrawny bab who just started shooting up and still hasn’t stopped growing

yaku mournfully looking at the photographic evidence that he was once taller than lev

yaku not rlly noiticing how much lev has grown (and how fucking hot he has become) bc he’s still stuck seeing him as that little kid who followed him around

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okay so inushibas

  • roller rink dates!
  • renting skates and holding hands while skating around the rink
  • eating bad roller rink pizza and hot dogs
  • going to a haunted house and holding hands the whole way through
  • after they get out they’re like AW YEAH WE DID IT and then victory make outs
  • and then being like FUCK YEAH LET’S DO IT AGAIN
  • going through a second time thinking it’ll be less scary but it isn’t
  • inuoka almost jumping into shibayama’s arms
  • getting kicked out of a scary movie for screaming too loudly

pls imagine lev being picked up after practice everyday by his mom and everyone thinks he lives far from the school and that his mom is amazingly dedicated for picking up her son

pls imagine her running late one day and lev sitting on the curb outside the school gates waiting for her

pls imagine yaku offering to wait with him

pls imagine lev having to walk home bc his mommy can’t pick him up and yaku offering to walk home with him

pls imagine how fucking pissed off and incredulous yaku is upon discovering lev lives only two blocks away from the school and could have easily been walking home all this time wtf lev why are you inconveniencing your mom like that

okay but can we talk about how no one believes him when kuroo says “i’m always this kind” but literally he is

like kuroo is actually the kindest fucking person he just pretends to be garbage and he has a shitty face and terrible bedhead but inside he is actually just like a rlly nice good person

okay but i keep seeing this one piece of fan art on my dash from some series i don’t even watch and it’s two characters lying on a bed facing each other and one kind of looks like noya and the other would make a great asahi if asahi had longer hair and no facial hair

and okay let’s think about this trans girl asahi

who feels very uncomfortable with the fact that she’s so tall because girls are supposed to be small and dainty and has trouble finding clothes she likes because there are so few cute clothes in her size

but her boyfriend noya looks at her and tells her she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and every time he does it makes her want to cry because her delicate glass heart can barely handle how utterly sincere he looks when he says it

he calls her cute when she blushes and holds open doors for her and pulls out her chair for her and offers to help her carry things and that means so much because so few people ever do those things for her

yaku’s always pretty composed on their dates but lev is a GODDAMN MESS okay

if he isn’t late then he’s so early it’s awkward and terrible things probably happen while he’s waiting for yaku like a bird shits on him or a car splashes him with muddy water

during the date he’s a fumbling, stuttering mess bc he’s never really dated before and he’s so nervous even after they’ve gone on several dates together. he knocks over beverages, spills food on himself, etc. he probably accidentally punches himself in the face by trying to lean his head on his hand and fucking that up.

even when he’s not fucking up it’s even worse because then he’s trying to be ~suave~ and ~sexy~ and that boy is many things but suave and sexy he is not and random strangers who happen to see him are embarrassed for him and how bad he is at being ~seductive~

yaku’s very good at keeping a straight face but after each date he goes home and laughs for at least fifteen minutes straight because his boyfriend is fucking ridiculous it’s a good thing he likes him so much

you know hinata’s really intense face

yeah that’s the one he uses when he gives out his sister’s crafts

‘hey tsukihshima my sister made these for the whole team here’s yours’

and tsukishima tries putting it in his bag to throw away later

but hinata gives him that scary intense look and his blood runs cold

'aren’t you going to put it on? natsu made it just for you.’

and before he even realizes what’s happened tsukishima is wearing a fucking macaroni necklace/bracelet set like he doesn’t even remember putting it on but he’s wearing it

i don’t know like just think about it

yamaguchi trying so hard to hide his super huge crush on tsukishima because he is 1000% sure tsukishima would think it was uncool

but he also doesn’t want to hide his feelings so he resolves to tell tsukishima anyway

but how? how to tell his best friend and the person he looks up to the most that he has feelings for him? especially when it could mean losing that person.

and then across the gym he sees hinata and kageyama arguing like they always do. kageyama angrily looking down at hinata. hinata angrily glaring up at kageyama. their bodies close and their faces closer. and he thinks


he spends the entire rest of practice working up the nerve to ask hinata how he did it (of course hinata, he can’t imagine talking to kageyama about this when the boy can barely manage to even give out a compliment without looking like he wants to eat his own tongue), and finally he sees his chance when kageyama finally leaves hinata’s side to talk to sugawara about something.

so he goes over to hinata, slower than he normally would because he’s sitll trying to work up his nerve and when he finally reaches him he’s just like, well this is it.

and so he asks hinata how to confess to someone and hinata doesn’t really think about the question, he just hones in on the fact that yamaguchi likes someone and he starts hassling him trying to find out who it is.

and they’re sitting there crouched on the gym floor and yamaguchi looks to see if anyone else is close enough to over hear and no one really is but he’s still nervous so he just points at tsukishima.

except tsukishima is standing near enough several others that hinata gets it totally wrong and yamaguchi has to finally just come out and say it’s tsukki he’s talking about, it’s tsukki he likes, it’s tsukki he wants to confess to.

and hinata is very quiet for a very long time and yamaguchi’s heart is pounding in his chest because he’s terrified he just made a huge mistake admitting he likes a boy and he’s wondering if maybe he should have just lied about who it was or not even bothered saying anything at all

and hinata’s head slowly turns toward tsukishima and he says “but” points at tsukishima “why?”

and yamaguchi tries to say something, stammers, and prays that no one looks over and sees how red he is or walks by and overhears them

and hinata just keeps pointing

“but why

and yamaguchi decides it’s a good time to try to beat a retreat but then hinata says

“i mean i could understand if it was nishinoya-sempai, he’s so cool. or asahi because he’s the ace and he gets that grwar look on his face when he does a really good spike. or even ennoshita he’s at least nice. but- but–” and he stares at tsukishima, turns his head this way and that like if he looks at him from a different angle it’ll change what tsukishima is like as a person but it doesn’t so he just keeps pointing “but why

and so yamaguchi points at kageyama and says “yeah? well–why

and they spend the next several minutes going back forth arguing about the two shitty personality teammates they have feelings for and it isn’t much more than just “but why” “why” “yeah but why” in hushed whispers until daichi notices they aren’t doing anything and yells at them to get back to helping with cleaning up the gym

and after they’ve finished, after everyone’s showered and changed and is on their way home, hinata and yamaguchi find excuses to hang back and leave together to finish their conversation

they walk along quietly for a bit and finally hinata just comes out and says “so you want to confess to tsukishima” and yamaguchi can still hear the silent unspoken but why

and he just shrugs miserably like “yeah”

and hinata just says “oh” because he’s still trying to picture what yamaguchi could possibly see in tsukishima because he has the personality of a moldy sponge or one of those really gross super deep underwater sea creatures, and he can’t no matter how hard he tries wracking his brain so he just asks why yamaguchi asked him and not someone else like sugawara, who seems like he’d be good at that kind of thing.

and yamaguchi tells him it’s because of him and kageyama.

and hinata’s like “but I didn’t confess to kageyama?”

and yamaguchi is just like BLOWN AWAY like really did hinata just tell him that kageyama confessed to him?

and WOW NO hinata’s like “definitely not” and they both try to imagine kageyama confessing to someone and they remember his scary smile and it spooks both of them

hinata admits that he and kageyma are just friends, nobody’s confessed to anyone, kageyama doesn’t know how he feels and he doesn’t know how to tell him

and poor yamaguchi who’s been waiting all this time for an answer is just like “oh”

and then idk maybe they form a We Have Crushes On Teammates With Bad Personalities Club or something and it brings them a little closer together and sometimes when they pass each other at school or in practice they just point at the other’s crush and say “but why” and nobody understands what’s going on and everybody thinks they’re maybe both losing it a little as a result of spending so much time around tsukishima and kageyama

inuoka and shibayama wanting to have Actual Real Sex for the first time ever but their families are always around and they are seriously considering asking kuroo to borrow the keys to the clubroom so they can finally fuck

one day shibs comes home from practice and there’s a note saying that his parents are out of town on a spontaneous weekend trip and his sibs are spending the weekend at friends and shibs texts inuoka that his family is gone and inuoka has never gotten to shibs’ house faster

he shows up with a giant bottle of lube and like 80 condoms and is like ALRIGHT LET’S DO THIS

but since they just had practice they’re both hungry so they eat and they want showers and so they shower together which is soooo nice

and then they go to shibs room and start making out and clothes start coming off

and they both realize that maybe they rushed into this and they definitely do want to have sex but they realize maybe they aren’t quite ready for it yet

so they put their clothes back on and kiss some more and spend the whole weekend cuddling and making out

pls think about chronic clothes thief yaku

he goes away to university and lev visits as often as he absolutely can and he never quite realizes that his bag is lighter when he leaves

until one day he’s at home trying to get dressed and ‘where are all my shirts?’ 'where are my pants?’ 'MOM HAVE YOU SEEN MY FAVORITE SWEATSHIRT IT’S NOT HERE NO REALLY I CAN’T FIND IT MOM

and he just can’t figure it out until he goes over to yaku’s on the weekend and he’s wearing lev’s pants and shirt and sweatshirt and lev looks around and his clothes are everywhere they’re in yaku’s closet in his drawers in his hamper

he has been stealing all of lev’s clothes and wearing them and now lev is down to two shirts and one pair of pants

and he has to very solemnly sit yaku down and be like 'yaku-san i’m taking my clothes back now i’m sorry’

and all is well and good for a couple weeks and then yaku goes back wicked clothes stealing ways

fake dating thing where tsukki takes yachi home as his fake girlfriend and they both have to pretend to not be gay as fuck and everything is going well for all of twenty min until akiteru shows up with his gf saeko and yachi can’t stop staring at her boobs and tsukki keeps hissing at her to stop being such a useless lesbian and start acting like she’s into him

the whole thing is a disaster neither of them can convince anyone that they’re straight and a couple, yachi has a break down and confesses to her super gyaness bc she is terrible at secrets, and at the end of the evening tsukki’s family confesses that when they heard he was bringing someone home they were rlly hoping it would be little yamaguchi tadashi and tsukki dies

yams stealing tsukki’s glasses in retaliation every time he’s mean tho

[9/12/2014 8:45:17 PM] Megan: k but sometimes tsukishima says mean crap without meaning to bc his defense mechanism has become second nature to him and sometimes his mouth moves before he has a chance to stop it, and when that happens when they’re alone yamaguch takes his glasses and doesn’t give them back until tsukishima’s genuinely apologized and said what he meant to say
[9/12/2014 8:46:18 PM] Adam: awww
[9/12/2014 8:46:20 PM] Adam: ok but
[9/12/2014 8:46:28 PM] Adam: tsukki being rly stubborn one time
[9/12/2014 8:46:35 PM] Adam: and yams going home with tsukkis glasses
[9/12/2014 8:47:23 PM] Megan: omg
[9/12/2014 8:47:26 PM] Megan: poor baby
[9/12/2014 8:48:02 PM] Megan: he shows up at yam’s house two hours later wearing an old pair and kind of squinting to apologize
[9/12/2014 8:48:40 PM] Adam: also his mom made him take cookies
[9/12/2014 8:49:10 PM] Megan: oh gosh
[9/12/2014 8:53:17 PM] Megan: afterwards he’s like you know you’re lucky i’ve been here so often that i’ve memorized the way bc i could have gotten lost and it would have been all your fault
[9/12/2014 8:53:28 PM] Megan: and yamaguchi’s like no it would have been yours for not apologizing sooner

3rd year lev who is captain of the nekoma team (vice captain inuoka), who is known not only for his intimidating height and strong blocks, but also for his receives

all the first years looking up to him, thinking how amazing their captain is, how cool he is, wishing they could be like him

and then yaku stopping by practice one day and proceeding to tear apart this image by telling everyone about the gangly first year that joined the club without knowing one thing about volleyball who had to be drilled on receives until he was laying in a puddle of sweat and tears

sometimes i think about tsukishima who maybe doesn’t wear giant ass headphones around at all times bc he likes the aesthetic of it or bc he’s some kind of audiophile but bc those headphones are a coping mechanism

sometimes his words aren’t enough of a barrier, sometimes he needs more space from everything in the world bc it’s too much, people are too much, and he gets overwhelmed and can’t handle that without some kind of armor to create space between him and everything else

he doesn’t always listen to music, sometimes it’s just enough to have the headphones on, covering his ears, muffling the sounds of everything around him. he likes the feel of them around his head. it’s comforting for him.

sometimes he has bad days though, and he puts his headphones on almost immediately after waking up and plugs them into his mp3 player and puts his music on and lets it wash over him and carry him through all of the things he can’t get out of doing that day

sometimes it’s not enough and it’s all he can do to lie in bed with them on, listening to music while trying to remember how to breathe and feel and think like a normal person

idk sometimes i just think about tsukishima