trash fence

noah fence but the only content i see in the oxenfree and NITW tags are jse.   

pls leave me alone. my crops are  starving . my wife is un educated. helppp



sooo my names [harriet]

and I’m looking for an internet friend/pen pal

just someone who’s chill that I can talk to :)

About me:

- I’m 13
- I’m literal phan trash
- I fence competitively
- I like to sing
- youtube is everything
- I love WILD and TRXYE
- I love TØP
- I don’t like to capitalize things
- I went to miranda camp
- tyler Oakley favorite 3 of my tweets
- i have too many existential crises

just send me a message if you want to be my smol bean thanks

Instagram : @screamo.nemo / @http.harrietrc

return from the fence

Everything is ¼ rotated. My head, neck, shoulders, resolve. I’m seeing through glasses mangled after the exposure to the surface of the moon, it was hard beneath my feet but toxic to everything else. A thin layer of moon dust coats my insides. The bubbles out of bottles shake it up a little, but it settles back down. It’s the only thing I’ll keep with me. 

My brown hair falls flat and greasy, but I can pull a comb through it. I never got that chance to run my hand up his leg and ask him to tell me some story about meat, or a friend. A taller man picked me up and held me in the air. That was a new experience. The tears that I thought came from loss and sadness might have just been a twisted kind of joy, and being overwhelmed with new. 

I belong at the end of the world. That’s where I like it. Where only the stars watch my confused saline slide down my cheeks and everything is a little bit quieter. When the lights, so many lights, shining in the distance disappear in a cloud of moon dust and the only thing left is the sliver of moon in the sky- reset.