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*KNB x Tokyo Ghoul Crossover* Ghoul! Aomine’s Snap After Starving for his S/O

Wow, so I’ve had this in mind for quite a while now and I wanted to see how this would come out ouo 

I’m rather proud of this one, oh yes indeed owo

So, let me know if you guys would like to see more like this!))

How long has it been since you’ve eaten, Daiki?

Oh God, the smell. That wretched smell. Why was it so appealing to everyone? Why did people find it so…delectable? It all had a horrid scent and the taste was even worse. The mere thought made his stomach churn, a look of disgust molding those tanned features of his despite the aching hunger he felt. All around him were Humans, normally going about their lunch. Eating. None of them suspected what lurked among them. None of them were the wiser.

Can you really hold back with this wafting through your senses, Daiki? All the Humans. All the prey. All the fresh meat.

How had he survived thus far without snapping? How had he made it through so long without grabbing the nearest Human who got on his nerves and sinking his teeth into their irresistible flesh? They were all young, pure…Well, most of them, anyways. His oceanic hues sharply watched from the rooftop of the school building as students gathered in their groups to eat out by the courtyard.

None of them know.

You can go down there.

Go on, Daiki.

Don’t you deserve a meal, too?

So normal. So happy. Laughter filled the courtyard as joyous shrills of conversation flooded his eardrums. So innocent. So exposed. He could go down there. He could find one of the kids who ate by themselves. He could easily kill them. He could easily devour them. Yet, he couldn’t really do all of that, could he? No, the risk was far too great. What if he was caught?

Do you feel that?

Do you feel the ache?

You know you want it.

You’re a monster, but monsters need to eat, too.

Don’t you want to eat, Daiki?

Aren’t you hungry?

His tongue slowly slid across his lips, almost being able to taste the flesh from way up on the rooftop of every single teenager he would sink his teeth into. What would happen if he just ran ramped through the courtyard, just tearing into every student he could? What would happen if those long, slick, beautiful tentacles burst from his lower back as he sprinted through the yard and pierced every single one of them through the chest? Surely the Doves would come, but…

You would dine like a King, Daiki.

Vigorously so, he shook his head, growling at himself. No, he couldn’t do that. He wouldn’t allow it to happen. What would happen if you saw? If you found out about the true monster he was? Sure, many people call him a monster because of his skills with a basketball, but did that really characterize a ‘monster’? No, monsters were supposed to be imaginary beasts from the darkest abysses, only living in your dreams, but there he was. He was a living nightmare, a breathing sin. In no way, shape or form could he ever let you know what he was.

This world is made up of sin and you are merely a part of that truth.

Your side thrives.

Your side wins.

The Humans think they can control you, but really, who has ever been able to control you, Daiki?

No, they didn’t control him. The Doves thought that, by killing multitudes of his species, they would get rid of them. They’re treating the species like an invasion of pests from the deepest parts of the Nether World, but that’s not how it works. He isn’t under their control. No, he was under his own control. The only reason he hadn’t snapped so far was simply because of you. The risk was far too great, the loss far too crippling. He’s starved himself for three months, the ache in his stomach agonizing, and it was all for you.

He needed to get these thoughts of food out of his head.

He needed to find some sort of solution.

He needed to fill that instinctive ache with something greater than food.

He needed to have you.

Fed up with the thoughts that consumed his very sanity, the tall, tanned, proud Ghoul stood to his feet and scanned the courtyard to its full extent. You were the only one who managed to calm the dark parts of his thoughts and he desperately needed your remedy. He had been trying to ignore your scent this entire time so his distant thoughts didn’t lead him to doing something he would regret, but it was always engraved into his mind. Your scent was unique, original, unable to be duplicated. It made violent shivers run down his spine whenever he took it in, forced his blood to pump faster and the true color of his eyes to show, but he willed it to stop. He needed to concentrate.

Picking up your scent through the many others that mixed over the school grounds, he nodded to himself and began his descent from the roof. He had been with you for quite a while now, but he still hadn’t told you what he was. He could never tell you what he was. How would you respond? What if you hated him like all other Humans hated his species? What if you turned him into the CCG? The betrayal would tear him apart.

All these thoughts and so much more clouded his mind, refusing to let him see straight as he simply allowed for your scent to guide him. He seemed off, distant, almost like a zombie with his walk. His oceanic hues had dulled down from their sharp color because of this confusing mix of emotions and the insistent voice in his head which told him to leave you on your own for now so he could eat. He needed food, but he needed you more.

Eventually, your scent had led the tanned Ghoul out to the back of the school and only when the large shadow the building cast fell over him did he snap himself back to reality. Why did your scent pull him here? You never came here for lunch. This secluded section of the area with the trash and fenced off alleyway was nowhere somebody like you would be. However, that was when he picked up on something else.

A completely different scent that didn’t belong to you.

He didn’t recognize it as any of your friends or any fellow classmate the two of you were at least on okay-grounds with. No, this scent was completely off. A male’s scent. It made his blood boil at the realization, his footsteps speeding up until he turned a corner. Off to the far side, there you were, pinned by the male he had scented out on his way over. You were cornered, pushed up against the wall with your hands held up over your head by him. Tears visibly trickled down the pathways of your cheeks as you turned your view away from him when he leaned towards you, growling something in your ear.

Are you hungry, Daiki?

Who the hell did that Human swine think he was?! Touching HIS mate?! Oh no, that simply wouldn’t do! Without hesitation, the enraged Ghoul sprinted forward, catching the Human male off guard with a harsh punch to the cheek. This caused him to release you, stumbling off to the side and actually falling to the ground. “D-Daiki…!” You whimpered heavily to him through shaken tears, trembling violently as you slid down the wall.

Yet, he couldn’t hear you.

He couldn’t even smell you.

Right now, all that was on his mind was getting rid of the bull that strayed too far from the herd of cattle.

Everything seemed to happen so much faster than he could comprehend. He wasn’t thinking, he was only responding. Punch after punch, he managed to deflect everything the Human tried to throw at him and hit him right back with twice the force. He could feel the momentary indentation his fists left upon the Human’s skin when they connected before it came back into place, bruises no doubt starting to form.

It was second nature to him, pure instinct. To protect you was as much a necessity as breathing was for him. No matter how hard he was with his hits, however, the Human male seemed to refuse to back down from this fight. He wasn’t going to back down any time soon, either, so he stood in front of your crying, fearful form and watched as the Human got himself ready to attack again. The sound of your sobbing made him grit his teeth, the urgency to take you away from all of this getting more prominent. This is when instinct began to take its rightful place on the throne in which sanity once sat upon.

How long has it been since you’ve eaten, Daiki?

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as the Human began to rush to him, bloodied and bruised.

Do you smell that, Daiki? Do you feel the blood on your skin?

He could feel his eyes begin to cloud over to their natural Ghoulish black and red coloring.

You’re a Ghoul, Daiki. You must eat. You need to eat. The Human bull is frightening your mate, Daiki. He can’t get it through his head to leave her alone even after the beating. He’s a threat and there is only one thing left to do.

The four deep ocean blue colored tentacles burst from his lower back as a feral growl left him, though in place of a snarl, a sadistic smile appeared.


The Human didn’t see it coming. He didn’t have time to pull back when the Ghoul finally showed his true colors and pounced, having been poked far too many times. With loud laughter, his beautifully slick Rinkaku masked its oceanic appearance with red, piercing through the weak veil of the Human’s skin. He leaned down as the tails continued their destructive work and sank his teeth roughly into his victim’s neck, tearing out a large chunk of flesh before allowing it to slip down his throat.

Feast like a King.

Once he was placed into this ravenous mood, there was no stopping him from finishing what he started. You watched with wide, teary eyes as your beloved boyfriend tore into the flesh of your attacker, having long since died by the first tentacle’s jab through the chest. You were speechless, timid, unable to comprehend the fact at the moment that the boy you loved was a Ghoul. The Doves said they were monsters. The Doves said they did nothing but kill for sport. The Doves said they didn’t feel or have any sort of emotions.

Daiki felt.

Daiki had emotions.

Daiki had protected you.

Daiki wasn’t a monster.

Before long, he had devoured the defenseless Human down to the very bone, leaving nothing but scraps not even bottom feeders could pick at. He slowly licked the blood off of his lips, his Rinkaku’s wild onslaught finally calming down to simple swaying like that of a set of cat tails. Crimson blood dripped from their tips as he brought them down towards his lips to lick them clean after he had done the same to his fingers. Shaking, the tanned male stared down at the bones of the Human who had tried to hurt you, his Ghoulish hues wide and wild.

“D-Daiki…” You called out softly, shakily, making him slowly turn his head to look over his shoulder. His eyes, though they remained with an almost crazed look, softened a bit at the sight of your tearful form as you made your way to him on unsteady feet. “_______,” He whispered, turning himself completely to face you as he stood up tall. “I’m sorry…I-I’m so s-sorry…” He muttered, stepping back from you, dark tears welling up in his eyes.

Had he lost it all?

“I didn’t want you to find out this w-way…I never w-wanted you to-!” Mid-sentence, you shut him up by tightly hugging yourself to his chest, shaking, but firm with your grip. His teary eyes widened as those waving oceanic tentacles now swayed around the two of you, slowly closing in. He couldn’t hold you himself, but it was almost like the Rinkaku had a mind of its own. He couldn’t lose you. “You’re n-not a monster, D-Daiki,” You whimpered tearfully by his ear, tightening your hold on him. “You never w-were…Please, j-just hold me…” You cried to him quietly against the tanned skin of his neck.

Shaking his head, he remained frozen for a moment in place as he took in your words and the heavy meaning they actually withheld. Soon, his expression scrunched up, something that was rare for a tough man like him, and he tightly hugged you back to him as his Rinkaku slowly dispersed into petals of an Oceanside wind. His eyes reverted back to their regular coloration and his hold only grew stronger as a tear or two dripped down his cheeks.

You did it, Daiki.

You’ve finally let it snap.

You’re no monster.

You’re no sin.

You’re no abomination.

You are simply a living, breathing being that has the necessity to eat.

Your mate loves you, Daiki.

You can be happy together.

But hunger will always return and the beast will thrive once more.

People always told me Breaking Bad is the most Stressful Show and like, I understand that absently, academically, but for me the stress is usually hamstrung because the drama is WILL WALT GET CAUGHT and I don’t CARE if Walt gets caught because it really would be better for everyone if Walt DID get caught. I told my friend, that stupid egghead could be shackled in the Temple of Doom barbeque grill, crying, turning his face from the heat, the flowers in his lei dropping to the lava, and I’d be half-watching, half-scrolling through a three year old ONTD article about Hanson.

However there is exactly one element I DO care about and let me tell you, Jesse Pinkman could be stumbling around sleepily in his apartment, not noticing a lego on his carpet, and just the possibility of him accidentally stepping on it would cause me INTENSE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS.


So long story short, season 4 hits and I understand Stress now, I spent all day at work with mild intestinal upset because last night Jesse was getting driven out into the desert and he didn’t care, he didn’t CARE, he’s running gratefully into Death’s open arms because at least SOMEONE wants to hug him, he is a child forced to do Horrible Things and his bad dad halfasses an apology with a pancake platter and a lukewarm “r u ok” and Jesse’s alone! he’s grieving! he shaved his head, rat king jesse, he let the trash men in his home, live in his home! steal his money! eat his pizza! who take care of jesse???? who take care of roomba????????????



sooo my names [harriet]

and I’m looking for an internet friend/pen pal

just someone who’s chill that I can talk to :)

About me:

- I’m 13
- I’m literal phan trash
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- I love WILD and TRXYE
- I love TØP
- I don’t like to capitalize things
- I went to miranda camp
- tyler Oakley favorite 3 of my tweets
- i have too many existential crises

just send me a message if you want to be my smol bean thanks

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yorkie108  asked:

Imagine Marinette having to lie on why she has muscles. Like she doesnt know what to say when confronted about it so she thinks about a random believable sport and with her being adrien trash she says fencing

(Part 2 of 3) And then her friends want her to have a friendly match or whatever with adrien and then she freezes up. So she asks cat noir (as ladybug) if he knows any good fencing instructors, and when he says yes she asks him to bring them to marinettes house

(Part 3 of 3) But then cat noir appears on her roof like “i heard the princess needed a knight?” and shes like “ooooh crap you were talking about yourself” and boom pathetic marichat fic

Yes. I love. Of course she could also use baking as an excuse because have you seen bakers? Holy crap. I either want to marry or be a baker.

But this is a Marichat fanfiction just waking to happen. Someone make it happen.

return from the fence

Everything is ¼ rotated. My head, neck, shoulders, resolve. I’m seeing through glasses mangled after the exposure to the surface of the moon, it was hard beneath my feet but toxic to everything else. A thin layer of moon dust coats my insides. The bubbles out of bottles shake it up a little, but it settles back down. It’s the only thing I’ll keep with me. 

My brown hair falls flat and greasy, but I can pull a comb through it. I never got that chance to run my hand up his leg and ask him to tell me some story about meat, or a friend. A taller man picked me up and held me in the air. That was a new experience. The tears that I thought came from loss and sadness might have just been a twisted kind of joy, and being overwhelmed with new. 

I belong at the end of the world. That’s where I like it. Where only the stars watch my confused saline slide down my cheeks and everything is a little bit quieter. When the lights, so many lights, shining in the distance disappear in a cloud of moon dust and the only thing left is the sliver of moon in the sky- reset.