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i loved you, then i lost you {2}

a/n: hello this is nashi speaking and i am extremely shook by everything thats happened in the past few days omg ive never been this hyped to type

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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Oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck. You watched in horror as flowers continued to fall down from your mouth, your continuous coughs seeming to last an eternity. ‘Stop coughing already’ you told yourself countless times - which was useless, your body hated your mind. Every time you tried to muffle your cough and fail, your eyes followed the stairs going upstairs, praying Taehyung couldn’t hear you in his sleep. Sure, he was a deep sleeper - but your coughs were damn loud in your ears. Was this how Taehyung felt when he first got the disease? The suffocating feeling that took place in your throat felt uncomfortable and scary - like you were going to choke. You raised your head towards the ceiling, closing your eyes. A wave of relief washed over you when the flowers no longer came out, wiping the tears away. “I need to clean this up..” You murmured, standing up shakily and walking towards the kitchen to grab a bag. 

When picking up the flowers to dump in the bag, it was surprisingly dry. You’d expect it to be wet, but no - the world really was weird, you thought. After piling them all up into the bag, you threw them in the trash can and wrapped your arms around your waist. “I should see a doctor..” You bit down on your lip. You couldn’t tell Taehyung about this. Snatching your keys and slipping shoes on, you rushed out the house and into your car. Turning the engine on, you gripped the steering wheel tightly to the point where your knuckles became white. “Alright.” You took a deep breathe in, pushing down on the pedal.

The hospital was quite big - well, I mean, of course. How else would they keep patients? You walked in the building quietly, turning around a corner and into a small room. “Seokjin?” You asked quietly, knocking on the door. The well-framed man turned around, his round glasses sliding down his nose. 

“(y/n)! What are you doing here?” Jin smiled, pushing up his glasses and gesturing for you to come in.

“Sorry for the sudden meeting,” you smiled back at him. “I was in a rush.”

“It’s fine.” He tapped his pen on his clipboard, settling himself down on his stool. “What’s up?”

Rolling your eyes, you sat on the bench in front of him and sighed. “You know how Tae has that..disease, right?”

Jin raised an eyebrow, his smile dissolving. “Yeah, why?”

You fiddled with your fingers, looking down. “I think I have it, too, Jin.” 

He leaned back in his chair. “You understand that you just can’t..bam, get the disease right? It develops over time.” You shrugged, taking your time to think about it. Had your feelings for Taehyung been developing over the years the two of you had been friends? 

“I-I swear, I have it, Jin,” you whispered, looking up at him. “The flowers came out today.”

Jin bit down on his lip, clicking the end of the pen a few times before glancing at you. “When did it happen?” He asked, positioning his pen onto the paper on his clipboard.

“ around 1, I think.” You answered softly, butterflies swarming around in your stomach. Scribbling down on the paper, he looked up again.

“Who is the person you’re being involved with?”


His jaw dropped, eyes widened, breathe sucked in. “Are you sure? (y/n), you know he has a girlfriend! Why are you-”

“I wouldn’t call her his girlfriend when she cheats on him everyday!” You retorted sharply, curling your fingers around the edge of the bench. Adjusting his glasses, Jin let out a short sigh.

“That may be true, got yourself involved in something weird.” He murmured, writing something down on his paper again. “Anyways,” he continued, “Do you want to have the surgery?”

“Surgery? What surgery?” Your eyes widened at the thought of surgery - the whole concept scared you. The fact that someone would be opening up your body and going through your organs and shit made you cringe. Jin stared at you with confusion.

“Have I never told you about the surgery?” You shook your head. “Alright, well..basically, in the surgery, it cures the Hanahaki Disease, but you loose the ability to love anyone.” His eyes gazed into yours, expression laced with concern and worry. “That would probably be the best, you know.”

You felt your stomach drop down, shaking your head again. “No.” 

“No? Don’t you know that you’ll be suffering from this disease if you don’t get the surgery?”

“Jin!” You stood up, shoving your hands in your pocket. “It’s not that simple! You can’t just convince me to stop..having the feeling to have affection!” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you let out a groan of frustration. “Never mind. I have to go.” You grumbled, approaching the door to leave the room.

“You’re gonna be in a lot of pain. Mentally and physically, (y/n).” Jin called out, jogging after you and into the lobby. “Wait a sec!” You turned around, taking a step back. 


“Are you going to bring Taehyung here?”

“Why would I have to do that?”

Jin flicked your forehead. “Because he also had the disease, you idiot.” He groaned, rubbing his temple. “He’s been dealing with it for months now. He’s probably going to die if he doesn’t have surgery, (y/n).” His voice softened at your gloomy expression, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves.

“Look, I’m sure people in the past have died,” you murmured, turning on your heel to walk away. “But I’m sure Taehyung will survive this.” And with that, you exited the building and let out a loud groan. Checking your phone for a quick second, you shuffled over to the bakery across the street and peeked your head inside.

You slammed the car door while entering the vehicle, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. Letting out a small cough, a tiny flower escaped out and into your hand. You shook it away, roughly running your hand through your hair. “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?” You yelled, slamming your head on the steering wheel. The choices weren’t good at all - if you do let Taehyung get the surgery, he would be free of his pain; but he couldn’t return your feelings. Sure, it was selfish of you, but you couldn’t help it. The next option was for you to have the surgery instead, or both of you could have it. The main problem was that it would make things complicated and awkward between the two of you. If you had to take the surgery, Taehyung would find out you had the disease and pressure you into telling him who you loved. 

“Why me, out of all the people?” You quickly inserted your key in the engine, waiting for the car to warm up and driving yourself back home.

“Tae?” You called out as you entered the house, eyes locating a small note on the counter. 

‘Going out with Suha~~~~ I made ramen for you, enjoy okay bye save some for me BYE’

You glanced at the small pot on top of the stove and crumpled up the note, walking towards it and opening it. “Wow, how fancy.” Inside the pot was instant ramen, which everyone could damn see. Taehyung wasn’t very effective in cooking even after Jin gave him lessons; well, stressful lessons. You grabbed a bowl and chopsticks, pouring the noodles out and glancing at the clock. Six PM. You made your way to the kitchen table, setting your bowl down and grabbing your phone out. Halfway through taking a bite, you felt another cough come up. 

“Shit.” You murmured, covering your mouth to stifle the noise. You just couldn’t get used to the feeling of flowers coming out your body, it was weird. As the flowers continued to scatter, a thought skipped around in your mind - 

Would it be better to leave Taehyung?

You let out a rough cough, standing up from the chair and wiping your nose. Glancing at the clock, your eyes watched the hands tick and tick from minute to minute. Taehyung would be coming home at around ten o’clock - he always did and even  made a curfew for himself. The thought made you smile as your walked upstairs, discarding the noodles and walking into your bedroom. The faint smell of perfume still floated around some places, but thankfully had weakened as time passed. It felt strangely empty in the house without Taehyung bugging you for snacks every five minutes, the only sound you could hear clearly was the faint sound of beeping outside. 

Your fingers tapped on the small icon on your phone, bringing it to your ear.

“HELLO!!” The scream erupted from the other line, causing you to jump away from the phone. 

“Hoseok, I told you not to-”


You laughed and sat on your bed, checking yourself in the mirror. “Taehyung’s out, so I wanted to call you.”

“Ooo! Out where?” 

“Out with Suha,” you grumbled lowly, letting out a sigh and flopping down on the mattress. 

“Suha? That’s his girlfriend, right?”

“Why does everybody think she’s his girlfriend? Am I going crazy?” You kicked your feet up in the air, letting out a screech of frustration. “She is not his boyfriend!”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous~” Hoseok cooed, giggling loudly.

“I am not!”

“I have to go, (y/n)! Your angel has to go to work, ba-byeeeee!” He laughed, hanging up the call. 

“Wa-” You shut your phone off, throwing it on the other side of your bed. “I forgot everyone has jobs..” You coughed, discarding the flowers onto the floor. You had no energy anymore to do anything to prevent it and drifted into sleep, eyes fluttering shut.

Taehyung came back late at night while you were sleeping. His loud knocks jolted you out of sleep. “You’re annoying!” You screamed, stomping out your room and down the stairs, opening the door swiftly. “Why are you knocking on my door at two AM?!” He stared at you blankly, letting out a small sigh and stumbling in. 

“Answe- ohmygodhaveyoubeendrinking.” A strong scent of alcohol slapped you straight across the face, making you stumble back. 

“Yeah,” he let out a deep breath, taking off his jacket.

“Couldn’t you just go back to your own house?!” You whined unhappily, covering your nose with your hand. “I don’t like being woken up.”

Taehyung shot a small smile at you in apology, ruffling up his hair. “Sorry, you were the closest house I could go to.”

“Whatever, don’t come in my room, I don’t wanna die.”

He stared at you again, raising his eyebrows. “But I always do know..” 

Uncovering your nose, you sighed. “..Get a cup of water ready.”

“Actually!” He piped up, his smiling growing wider. “Can we talk about somethin’?”

“Hm? About what?” You asked, stopping halfway between walking to the kitchen. Taehyung jumped up and down like a child, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Suha and I are gonna get engaged~~”

You could literally hear your heart shatter into pieces. Your smile disappeared along with the energy you had left in you after you woke up. Inside your mind, you were astonished; did he just really think Suha was working with her co-workers? You had to tell him - or he’d have to live with Suha and suffer even more.

“H-Hey..that’s a bit too fast, don’t you think?” You clenched your sweaty palms into a fist, forcing a small smile. “You’ve only been dating for what, three months now, Tae. You’re twenty two years old, you still have a lot to live up to!” Your voice went wobbly as you took a step towards him, looking hopeless. “A-And! I” Your words trailed off while staring at him, feeling an comfortable feeling spreading to you. Taehyung stared at you with furrowed eyebrows, chewing on his lip.

“She already checked in with her father, I dunno why you’re so worked u-”

“How many other boys is she getting married to?”

His eyes widened at the sudden statement, raising an eyebrow. “What? Other boys? Are you acting like this because you’re tired?”

“No!” You responded quickly and loudly, your hair falling in front of your wide eyes. “Taehyung, listen. Suha’s cheating on you, she’s been doing it this entire time.’re..too naive and you fell for her tricks so easily,” the tap let out a small drop of water as you spoke. “F-For two months, Taehyung, and you never noticed.”

The two of you stared at each other silently. The room was so quiet you thought you could hear your heart thumping against your chest.

“Go to bed, (y/n).” He spoke quietly, looking down at the ground.


“I think I’ll sleep at my house tonight,” His voice whispered softly, gathering his jacket.

“You believe me, right..?” You squeaked quietly, the forced smile dropping. He paused, shrugging his shoulders.


“Taehyung, I swear on my life, don’t do it! Don’t you know you’ll die if you continue this!?”

“I don’t care!” Taehyung spat, rebelling against your words. “God, (y/n). Are you angry that I won’t be over at your house anymore? That I’m growing up?” He glared at you angrily, shoving his jacket on.

You gulped, grabbing his wrist. “Please,” you pleaded desperately, heart pounding and mouth going dry. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Hurt? Suha isn’t going to hurt me.”

“It’ll hurt me!” You screamed at him, your eyes watering up. Don’t go, don’t go, don’t fucking go. You’d go into a dark hole, a hole which you had been scared of your whole entire life. A hole which where Taehyung disappeared from your site, only coming to you when he needed a drink or had a fight with Suha. You’re world was bright with him by your side; and he was leaving without another trace.

“Let go.”


You coughed into your arm, your hand which gripped tightly on Taehyung’s arm trembling. “Oh god, not now..”

He ripped your hand off his wrist, staring at you with slight concern. “I know it’s hard,” he spoke loudly to overcome your coughs. Your hand hid the small flowers, turning around and trembling with fear and pain altogether. “But it’s not like I’ll leave forever.” He opened the door, slamming it closed. Your knees have in, crashing to the ground as the flowers came pouring out. They created a large pile on the wooden floor, more intense than last time. Your heart was broken, and he had left. Left without you, without your thoughts, but had brought your smile with him. Why was he going so fast with her? He should’ve had a few months left before making such a vast decision. Tears poured down your face, loud sobs escaping your shaky lips. “Don’t go..” You whispered, clawing at the ground. “Don’t do it..”

With a shaky hand you reached out for your phone in your pocket, dialing a number quickly. “Hello?”

Barely whispering, you let out a strangled cough. “T-Tae..h-hyung..leave- leaving m-mee..”

“What? Are you crying?”

The words came out butchered and unclear, trying your best to overcome the tears flowing down. “H-He went aw..ay so f-a-s.t,” you choked up, clenching a small flower inside your hand. “He wouldn’t even l-listen to me!” 

A sigh floated into your ear from the other end of the phone as your sobbed into your hand. “Hey, calm down. I’m coming to get you.”

“N-No..don’t do”

“Are you stupid? I am, hang up this call, and don’t move.”

You were left with a quiet beep. Two minutes went by before someone slammed the door open, banging against the wall. “H-hey!” Crawling away from the sudden burst, you stared at the man in front of you, who was panting and wiping the sweat off his face.

“I tol- what the fuck is that,” he stared at the flowers, switching his gaze between the pile and you.

“I dropped a flower vase!” You hiccuped, rushing over to the pile and laughing nervously. You cupped them in your shaky hands, staring down at them with teary eyes. “Fuck, Yoongi..Suha is gonna take Taehyung away from me.”

“What?” Yoongi sat down on a stool near by the kitchen counter, running a hand through his hair half-way. “Aren’t they-”

“No, they are not girlfriend and boyfriend!”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you so jealous?”

“What’s wrong with being jealous when the boy I love is with another woman who doesn’t give two fucking shits about him!” You screamed back at him, clutching the flowers in your right palm. “Girlfriend this, girlfriend that, shut the fuck up!”

Yoongi stood up from the chair, walking towards you and grabbing your collar in his fist. “You better calm your ass down and explain what this is all about.” His icy voice shook you through your body. His glare, not to mention his scolding, would be able to shut anyone down. His hand released the material, standing back and allowing you to cool down. “Explain.” 

You let out a shaky breath, dropping the flowers. “Hanahaki disease.”

“What?” He cocked his eyebrows, folding his arms. “Isn’t that what Taehyung has?” You nodded. 


“So,” he stared at the flower falling down from your hand. “You love Taehyung.”


“And why is he leaving?”

Your knees knocked against each other. “They’re getting married.” 

Yoongi’s jaw dropped open, a small gasped escaping his lips. “Oh shit, really?”

“Yes!” You whined, shoving your hands inside your hair, nails digging into your scalp. “He doesn’t even realize she’s being such a slut!”

“Hey, calm down, don’t go that far.” Yoongi scolded, shooting an icy glare at you. After a few frustrated grumbles and stomps, you calmed down. “It’s weird.” He leaned his body against the couch, looking down at the ground with his legs crossed over each other. “You never act like this. Taehyung must be really special to you.”

“I hate this. I didn’t want to like him that way. The effects of the disease is gonna get worse, too.”

“Wait..what happens if it gets worse?” You shrugged, turning your chin.

“Death or somethin’.” Yoongi shot up, eyes wild.

“Are you fucking insane? Death? Can’t-”

“I will not get a surgery,” you snapped at him, taking a step closer and turning yourself to face him. “As much as I hate having this situation, I just can’t let Taehyung leave my love life this way.”

“Love life, who cares! Your life is fragile, don’t take it for granted!” Yoongi pressed, his hands shooting up in the air. You stood there quietly, avoiding his blazing gaze. Finally, he groaned. “Get in my car, we’re going to the club.”

“Hey! Yoongi!” You clung to his arm, eyes widening at the blasting music in the large building. Everyone swayed their hips, giggling and screaming as the lights blinded you. “Oh fuck-”

“You seriously have never been clubbing before? You really are sad.”

“I just wanted to sleep, it’s five AM!” You protested as you were dragged inside against your will. 

“Yoongi! I missed you!” 

Your head turned towards the source of the silky voice, eyes laying upon a short man with - 

Oh shit.

“Oh my god,” you whispered. “Is that an angel? Did I get run over? Did I-”

“That’s Jimin. I haven’t introduced you to him yet.” Yoongi rolled his eyes, waving at Jimin. “Hey! Come over here, meet (y/n)!”

The man rushed over, extending his hand towards you. “Yoongi has a friend, finally!” He yelped with pain as Yoongi punched him in the shoulder, cursing him out. “Hey, chill, man~” 

“I swear to g-”

“I’m Jimin! You can call me Jimine, Chim Chim, whatever you want!” Jimin smiled while you shook his hand, giving him an awkward smile in return. “Okay! Yoongi! What drinks will we have today? I’m gonna beat you this time.”

Yoongi scoffed, taking your hand off his arm and whacking Jimin up his head. “You wish. We’re doing whiskey today.”

“Hey! You know I wi-”

“Exactly why I chose it, you midget.”

Jimin let out a screech of anger, waving goodbye to you and dragging him to the back of the room. You stood there, trying to avoid everyone bumping into you. “..You forgot me?” You sighed, settling down on the counter stool. 

“Want a drink?” You looked up, locking eyes with a pair of dark, brown eyes. 

“ I don’t drink.”

The young male chuckled, wiping the glass with his towel. “Why are you here, then? This place was made for you to get drunk.”

“I was dragged here against my own will, buddy.” You smirked, leaning your chin against your hand. You studied his facial features, as well as the upper half of his body - he wore a loose tuxedo, which was quite bizarre, paired with a strong frame. His face was lightly tanned, eyes soaked with a deep brown color. His hair was also brown, which was literally shining in your face. 

“Who brought you here?” He asked, sliding over a glass of water over to you. You took a sip of the water, eyeing him. 

“Yoongi, my friend.”

He stared at you, confused. “Yoongi? Like, the Yoongi that can drink almost twenty drinks and still be okay?”

You groaned, setting the cup of water down. “Yep.”

“ don’t look like he’d-”

“I know.” You laughed. “My name is (y/n). Let’s get to know each other, shall we?” You introduced yourself smoothly, extending your hand out to him.

“I’m Jungkook, international playboy.” Jungkook grinned, taking your hand and shaking it roughly.

“International playboy?” You laughed along with him, watching the corners of his eyes crinkle as his smile widened. 

“Yep!” He chuckled, setting the cup he previously cleaned earlier down. “So, you were dragged here?”


“Your eyes are red. Have you been cryin’ or something?”

Your hands shot up to your eyes, leaning back a bit. “Is it that obvious?” Your ears heated up when he nodded, slamming your hand back down on the counter. “I went through something earlier, doesn’t matter.”

“I’m sure it matters, (y/n).”

Your head snapped around, almost choking on your own spit. Taehyung stood there, staring at you with confusion. “W-Wha-”

“Who’s this?” Jungkook asked, obviously alerted by your discomfort by the sudden crash in. The music blared in your ears, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes. 

“Y-Yoongi dragged me here, I swear.” 

“Oh,” was all Taehyung said, sneaking a glance at Jungkook.

“Heyy! (y/n)!”

You turned around, almost stumbling off the stool while Jimin laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “What’s good!”

“Jimin, not now,” you whispered through your teeth, flinching when Yoongi joined the oh so wonderful club.

“Jimin, get your ass back here and finish it like a man!” Yoongi stopped, noticing the problem. “Oh. Taehyung, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted a drink.” Taehyung responded softly, glaring at Jimin’s drunk actions. “When did you become friends with Jimin?”

You shivered, feeling as if he was pinning your down on the spotlight. His attitude completely changed - his aura felt weird and his gaze wanted to make you shrivel up and die. “A few minutes ago, Tae.”

Just when things couldn’t get any worse and confusing, Suha skipped over to Taehyung and crawled her fingers up his chin. “Hey, what’s taking you so long to get my drink?” Her eyes landed on you, her gaze sharpening. 

“Sorry, Suha.” Taehyung smiled at her weakly, looking at Jungkook. “Whiskey.”

“Hey, don’t order me around, dude!” Jungkook barked, setting his towel down.

“Just do it, Jungkook.” You muttered, standing up. “Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. I’ll see you whenever.” You shoved Jimin off of you, quickly walking out the club and outside. The air was cold, immediately hitting you and causing you to shriek. 

“It’s cold, why don’t you have a jacket?” Taehyung’s voice called out from behind, you turning around to face him.

You lifted your left shoulder up and down, shivering so mch to the point where it started to make you sore. “’Cause.”

“(y/n), you’ve never went to a club before.” He sighed, shutting the doors to the club closed. “Why are you suddenly shy and..doing all this?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you not know if what you’re doing are your own actions?”

“Speak for yourself, Taehyung!” You spat, stomping your foot in front of you. “All of sudden, you’re engaged with a fucking slut!”

Taehyung gritted his teeth together, walking towards you. “Don’t say that.”

“It’s true,” you laughed, walking backwards. “She’s been cheating on you, yet you never noticed. Was she there for you when you were on the verge of tears? Was she there for you when you were about to break down?! No! She was always in the background, her lips somewhere on someone else’s mouth!” Your words screamed into his ears, your lips turning slightly numb, as well are your fingers.

“Shut up! She’s not doing any of those things! Can’t you see, (y/n)?!” Taehyung argued, his voice reaching up to level up with yours. “I love her! Why are you being so fucking jealous?!”

“It’s not being jealous, it’s concern!” You stopped walking backwards, allowing him to get closer. “You don’t see it, Tae!”

“Don’t call me Tae.”

“I don’t care!” You sobbed, letting the tears fall out your eyes. The tears that had been holding back ever since Taehyung walked into your life were finally spilling and splattering onto the ground. “Why can’t you just trust me, Taehyung?! Are all our years of friendship just going to go down the drain?” Tears streamed down your face as you yelled at him, voice breaking at how loud you were. Footsteps ran closer to you. 

You raised your hand up in reflex, shutting your eyes closed.


You opened your eyes, shaking with fear. Yoongi held Taehyung back, who was looked angry, as well as pained. 

Jimin grabbed your arm, dragging you away. “Hey..why are you guys arguing?” He had calmed down and didn’t act as drunk, his eyes clouded with tears. 

“He doesn’t trust me. He doesn’ me.” You cried softly, you yourself calming down as well. You fell to your knees, sobbing in your hands. 

You had broken off your relationship with Taehyung ever since that day.

Deleted his phone number, stayed in your locked house. You stared at yourself in your mirror. 

“God, I’m so sorry, Taehyung.”

a/n: that was so messy omg,,

“ill make parts longer”


anonymous asked:

Some headcanons about how the agency + Akutagawa and Chuuya would react when their crush sees their abilities for the first time?

Holly actually specialises in these requests but it appears she’s completely forgotten about this blog and how many requests we have so is just me I suppose… Holly, feel free to add to this! Also…. this is a lot of people…..

Armed Detective Agency

Dazai Osamu
~He’d sort of want to show them their ability but not want to scare them in any way.
~He’d want to look really cool so when he does happen to show it in front of them, he’d make a huge scene out of it.
~“What do you think!?”
~Super excited to see their reactions.
~If their crush did get scared or freaked out by it, he wouldn’t know what to do. He wouldn’t know whether to stand there and try to explain or walk over and comfort them.
~He’d be quite anxious about it after but work through it and make things work out.

Atsushi Nakajima

~He’d try his very best not to show it in fear he’d either lose control of it and hurt his crush or scare them.
~When they do see, he’d try to frantically explain it but not be able to put it into words.
~He would be nothing but worry if he made his crush afraid of him. He’d never forgive himself for it.
~He’d be very relieved if his crush understood.
~He’d freely answer any questions if they were relaxed about it too. He would do anything to make them comfortable.
~Y-yeah, I can have a tail. Wait! You want to see!? T-that’s embarrassing!“
~Don’t call him a furry

Kunikida Doppo
~He’d figure it out immediately that his crush would want answers. He would happily give them.
~He’d reassure them on everything. Every single detail.
~He’d find it rather fun explaining his ability to his crush over a coffee or something.
~He’d be the most relaxed about it and do it in a quiet place.
~He’d promise to use his ability to protect his crush.
~Also he would promise to never use it to hurt them.
~It would make a nice afternoon actually. But after, Kunikida would stress that he spoke to much or scared his crush away.
~”You want me to show you!? Absolutely not. I can’t afford for this notebook to be used on tricks like this…….”
~”Fine, but only once.”

Kenji Miyazawa

~He’d know that he might have frightened his crush immediately but he wouldn’t panic or anything. He’d just smile.
~He’d explain everything with a smile, reassuring his partner.
~He’d probably pick his crush up and spin them or something, claiming he’s heartless
~He’d also promise to protect them and never cause any harm to them. 
~“Alright, I’m hungry! Let’s get something to eat~”

Junichirou Tanikazi
~He would be very anxious of his crush’s thoughts. He would immediately apologise.
~He’d try to explain what it is and end up getting more worried about it than his crush.
~He’d let his crush ask him literally anything about it to reassure both them and himself
~If he scared them, he wouldn’t know how to react, he’d only frantically apologise.
~When his crush is comfortable with it, he will show them anything they want. This would actually be a great date idea
~Imagine Junichirou planning out a date where it’s just him and his crush. The two of them are sat on a hill together in the evening. He tell his his crush to tryst him and he covers their eyes. When he removes his hands, his crush watched in amazement as they look around. Junichirou had used Light Snow to make surround the two of them in stars, making the constellations appear clearly in front of them. For the remains of the night, they would Watch and travel through the stars.


Ranpo Edogawa
-He would be over the moon and ecstatic when his crush finally  recognizes his ability and of course he would show it off as well
- “So you finally found out what makes me so amazing? Well I guess I’ll have to prove it to you again so you’ll definitely like me!”
- He would explain in detail to his crush about his ability mainly to get a reaction and of course praise
- He uses Ultra-Deduction on his crush all the time whether they like it or not to find out small and little things about them
- If his crush was freaked out or scared by his power he laugh it off and say it would be silly to be afraid unless your his enemy and then proceeds to tell them how many cases he’s solved which would calm his crush down 

Port Mafia

Chuuya Nakahara
-He would defiantly be cautious when he realizes his crush knows about his ability and try not to use it too much around them   
-He would briefly explain about it before demonstrating and walking on the ceiling much to his crush’s amazement to him and his hat defying gravity
-“So basically this is- Oi, are you listening? Why do you keep staring at my hat? Is there something wrong with it!?”
- If he knew his crush was comfortable with it he would let them try walking on the ceiling which he finds amusing to see their confused and surprised face when they realize they are upside down 
- If his crush was freaked out by it he wouldn’t use his ability around them at all since he wouldn’t want to draw them away because of that 
- Corruption would never be mentioned since Chuuya wouldn’t want that side of him shown to his crush. If somehow they did find out he would reassure them constantly that he would never use it without the right circumstances 

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

- He has very mixed feelings about the person he likes finding out about Rashamon
-He would be relieved since he wouldn’t have to hide the fact that he has a deadly ability anymore but he would be deeply concerned since he wouldn’t want scare or drive away his crush because of how dangerous he is
- He would always use Rashamon to protect his crush no matter what even if they were afraid of it
- He would answer questions that his crush asked if he knew it would make them more comfortable around him using it
- He would defiantly appreciate it more if his crush was accepting of his ability and allowed him to use it around them if he had to. If his crush didn’t like it, I think he would isolated himself from his crush more so they wouldn’t be afraid or hurt because of him.

Was it Heavenly?

Request: could you write a castiel one shot where dean and sam don’t know that you and cas have feelings for each other and then they catch you two in a compromising position (sexual or just them kissing or something if u wanna turn it into a smut I won’t complain) and then they tease you two later that day and won’t stop joking about it? I love your work ❤️ especially the trickster one omfg.


Characters: Castiel, Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Smut it just smutty goodness

Rated M

A/N: This was so much fun to write,  I hope you enjoyed Nonnie!

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sweetnskinnyy  asked:

Heyy, so I'm kindof searching for some tips because I need some advice on how to avoid dinner with my parents or at least reduce it to only 3 times a week or something like that. Do you maybe have some tips about what kindof excuses I could make? (I asked because I read your bio and thought why not right?)

I’m usually not too great at giving advice but I hope these tips help! These are just things that I do and tend to work most of the time

1. Throughout the afternoon make trips to the kitchen and get multiple snacks, but take them to your room. (Also helps if your parents see you do this so they think you’re eating. Unless they don’t like food to be taken out of the kitchen) Open them and leave some unfinished and some finished. Throw out the food that you took out in the garbage (preferably room trash can since you can wrap the food in paper towel and cover it up with ripped papers or old homework so it doesn’t look too suspicious). When it’s dinner time, bring empty containers/snack wrappers/bowls, whatever you brought to the kitchen and say you’re not hungry because you’ve been snacking all afternoon

2. Say you’re extremely busy with homework or you’re in the middle of working out and promise you’ll eat later.

3. Go to the kitchen and “eat” earlier than everyone else. Put just a tiny bit of food on your plate but spread it out and mash it up a bit. When your family is ready for dinner, they’ll see you sitting down already having finished dinner

4. ^ Same thing can apply if family is not home. If you hear them coming in, act like you already ate with a plate pushed to the side while you’re doing something else at the kitchen table

5. Pretend to be sick. I don’t recommend using this tip very often though since it’s not believable after it becomes the usual after a couple of times. Only use it in desperate situations. Fake a bad stomach ache or even the flu and instead make some tea and get some cough drops to make it even more real.

6. If you’re out with others around dinner time (before or after), say you already ate when you were out of the house. Act as if you ate the best food ever, but don’t over exaggerate.

Again, I hope these tips helped at least a little bit. Good luck 🍀


June felt her eyes go a little wide as she felt Digger lift her up in his arms. She had hurt her ankle and was having problems walking. She looked up at the gruff man and muffled a small thank you. She settles in his arms as she let him carry her. Feeling so much smaller as she was engulfed by him. Wondering why he did that for her.

Digger nodded as she thanked him. He wasn’t gonna let her wobbled around and hurt herself more. He had been very bad for most of his life, he guessed he was due to be a little less then human trash. “I can wrap it up once we get where we’re going.”

anonymous asked:

what is the trashcan condom story?

i got three asks about this so okay. i’m not naming who this is about because they have a tumblr and i don’t want to embarrass them. This obviously didn’t happen to me but I’m going to tell this story as if it were from my own perspective because it’s funnier.

When I was a sophomore, I lived in Texas. My girlfriend and I lived near each other and they were building lots of new houses in our neighborhood, so many were unoccupied but still had running water and air conditioning. We had sex in those houses on a constant basis, nearly every single day, as teenagers often do.

I don’t know why, I don’t fucking know why, but instead of tossing the condom into a neighbor’s trash can, I would put the used condom back into my pocket, drop my girlfriend off at her house, and toss the used condom into my own family’s trash can. I could have buried it in the inside trash can, I could have wrapped it in toilet paper first, I could have done so many things that would have been better than this, but I didn’t. I tossed a sticky used condom into a bare, usually empty outside trash can.

I did this for months. In the summer. In Texas.

When school started, we’d been together less and focusing on our studies. Well, she did, I played video games all night. When the quarter ended I’d gotten a horrible report card and was dreading getting home. My mom called me while I was walking back from school and said “Get home right now. Don’t stop for food. Don’t visit your girlfriend. Come straight home, right now.” I was terrified, she’d definitely found out about my garbage grades. They must have called my parents and told them all about how shitty I’d done. I was in for an ass reaming of biblical proportions.

I got home, sat down on the couch, and my mom and dad were sitting on the opposite chairs. “[Son],” my dad began, as I sweated the soul out of my body. “I found something… interesting while taking out the trash today.”

My stomach sank to my asshole as my mom crossed her arms in front of her body. “[Son], why are there hundreds of condoms caked onto the trashcan outside??”

To this day, I don’t know why I said this, it wasn’t even a good excuse. It was the worst possible thing to say and it haunts me still. “I uh… I like to jerk off into condoms.” They didn’t buy it, obviously. They knew I was having sex with my girlfriend. They appreciated that I was using condoms. They did not appreciate where I had put them.

I spent the rest of the afternoon outside, hosing down and scraping my solid cum off of the trash can.

They didn’t ask about my grades.

A random act of kindness goes a long way pt 3

Word count: 5,206
Genre: Romance, Lots of Angst, Family
Rating: Teen (Mentioning of Blood and Chat being an awkward kitty cat, minor thing he does at the end.)
Pairing: LadyNoir, Chatbug, Marinette/Chat Noir, Plakki (Plagg/Tikki)
Perspective(s): Adrien
Summary: Are there such things as Monday the 13th? Because poor Marinette is not having a good day. However, when a stray cat crawls through her window, she has no choice but to take care of him, despite the fact that it may leave her identity at risk.
Info:  I KNOW IT’S LATE! Practically midnight here where I am. But here it is. I was so surprised to be getting mail from you guys on the debut on the final chapter. Thanks for all the support! I had fun writing this and plan to make a sequel in the near future (that is when I can find time.) So as promised, here is the final chapter. I admit, I spent waaaay too much time focusing on finishing this story than I was with my school work. So the final installment of this fanfiction goes into more depth about Marinette’s upcoming performance. Let me just say, I suck at describing dances. I really recommend that you actually watch a ribbon dance to even know what the hell I am talking about. Here is a link to one I really liked (Link). Anyways, lots and lots of angst here in this chapter as Marinette basically has a breakdown and Chat has to step in to comfort her (for her own good BTW.)  I admit, it’s not as good as the other chapters because I put less time into and the ending sucks though as I rushed it because I wanted to be done with it.
Note: Not to confuse people with who is thinking and who is having a conversation in a flashback, the italicized words with out the quotations are characters (Marinette/Adrien/Plagg) thinking. The italicized words with quotations are characters conversing in a flashback. Sorry if I confused you.

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A surprise (closed rp with songofgallifrey)

Around a month after that beach trip, Epsilon and Brax are getting together well. Sure, there are still some awkward moments, but they are both happy.
Epsilon, who has been feeling more tired than normal lately, lays next to Brax on their bed, her head resting on his chest as they talk and laugh.
Suddenly, she sits upright and runs to the closest trash can, wrapping her arms around it, and throws up into it, small pieces of vomit getting stuck in her hair.