trash breeds trash

Longest walk yet on just her flat collar! It was only about 4 blocks at a very quiet time of day on the quietest route I’ve found, but she did it with very little pulling - none once she figured out how much leash she had. She froze/alerted at a few things but disengaged on her own without any escalation past the initial stare-down, which I’m super happy about. I have no problem with her looking around and noticing things as long as she can keep her cool, which she did very nicely!

Also her nose is really cute. And some kids called her a dalmatian again.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has many, many opinions and nearly all of them are the reasons he’s my favourite character ever:

- why country areas suck: they’re boring, don’t change, and there’s nowhere to go

omg yes. people are like “cities aren’t any better they” zzzzzzzzz

- why talking to people sucks: I’m incredibly uncomfortable around strangers. I don’t know how to put that ‘interested look’ thing on my face. I haven’t raised my voice since the age of four and can’t catch the tone of people’s conversation. it’s all some bizarre performance art for people you don’t even know??? WHY

bby autistic Elizabeth: oh my god

- how to deal with being in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable but you can’t escape: walk around a lot and don’t talk to anyone

oh my god

- expressing emotions is very confusing?? instead I will unobtrusively provide goods and services to people I care about and not tell them

oh my god

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