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This broken shell of a human being formerly named Robert Jacob Sugden doesn’t know Aaron has been brutally attacked, abused and has turned to drugs… this is what he’s like simply because he misses Aaron.

What is he going to be like when he finds all of this out and deals with all of the other nonsense that’s piling up?

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.


best (soul)mates // demoman/soldier playlist.
15 tracks // 44 minutes.
listen to it here.

tracks include:

run to you - pentatonix // hearts a mess - gotye // bloodlines - sir sly // flaws - bastille // headlock - imogen heap // the take down - dabin and koda // make a beast of myself - twin atlantic // ginasfs - fall out boy // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // alone together - fall out boy // quiet - lights // meteor shower - owl city // jenny - studio killers // smile - uncle kracker // what’s a soulmate? - N/A.


I’ve been busy working on the next chapter of Fisheye Placebo and here’s a sneak peak of some of the scenes!

This is the warehouse turned greenhouse and art studio that Jen and her roommate lives in :D

Unlike my last video tutorial, the backgrounds in these are built in 3D first so that I can reuse it for multiple panels in the comic. I plan on doing a video tutorial on to integrate 3D into 2D backgrounds in the future, and maybe give a video tour of the place! There’s lots of silly things hidden in the models :p

Dancer AUs

I’ve seen lots of dancer AUs floating around and (as a dancer) I’ve made this post for details. Message me if you have questions!
- if you touch a ballerina’s point shoes without permission prepare for DEATH.
- colored leotard/shirt days are typically on Fridays.
- warm up accessories (typically called “junk” in my studio) are endless. Mismatched leg warmers, arm warmer/wraps, those weird boot things, trash bag pants/shorts, spandex shorts, normal shirts/pants/shorts. Sometimes all at once.
- ballerinas will put their feet up (against a wall/anywhere above their head) to get blood away from the toes. This helps reduce long lasting pain but is a VERY BAD idea if you have to go on point next.
- everyone talks in the dressing rooms or the dressing room door frames.
- dancers always compare themselves to other people. Whether it’s healthy or not is up to the dancer.
- it’s incredibly easy to get injured. It doesn’t have to be dropping someone while partnering. It’s as easy as your foot nope-ing out on you when you’re standing on it.
- dancers are hyper aware of what eating healthy is and means. We’ll eat some weird things to be healthy.
- dancers are hyper aware of biology. If you’re looking for a stretch to target a very specific muscle just ask someone. “How do you stretch your gluteus Maximus when it’s tight?” “Like this.” *second person brings foot and knee (both on the same level) up to their chest*
- stretches can get weird
- teachers will pick favorites. It sucks, but it’s part of the industry. And they’ll either baby their favorite, holding them up as the class example, or push their favorite to the brink because they’re focusing too much attention onto correcting one person.
- because class and practice takes up so much time (it’s practically a life style) most people are geniuses with perfect grades or have slipping grades. Or they get no sleep and dancing tired has very bad effects on the body.
- go to class three days a week to get better, twice a week to stay at the same level of skill. Anything under that and you’ll be getting worse.
- dancers frequently watch YouTube videos of their favorite people. Especially ballerinas. We know them by name and the variation name and never stop ogling over how the Bolshoi can make BEAUTIFUL DANCERS AHH
- just like school, having a good or bad teacher can bring dancers together. Also having moments in class do that. That’s why dancers hang out outside of the studio; it creates chemistry that shows when you’re dancing.
- don’t fight a dancer. We may not look like body builders but we have incredibly strong muscles. We stretch them out (because stretching is fun) so they’re not huge.
- pain can be good
- pain can be bad.
- the difference between good pain and bad pain is blurred and why lots of people get injuries. It’s up to the dancer to decide.
- everyone wears stage make up. Boys, girls, neither genders, both genders, half genders, however you identify- you wear stage makeup.
- straight guys do ballet. Bisexual men do ballet. Trans men do ballet. NOT ONLY GAY MEN DO BALLET.
- use references. Dancers use references for everything, from where a foot is placed to where a finger should be.
- for some reason over 90% of dancers watch dance moms.
- message me if you have questions or want more details 😀

More Hana/PBG Headcanons

*Their song is Past Lives by BØRNS

*They named the dog that they secretly adopted and hid in the dorms after Hana’s mom. The dog is a female German Shepard puppy.

*Said puppy was found, after about a month, but the club somehow convinced the school board to let them keep it as a “Club Mascot”.

*Hana, PBG, and puppy all take afternoon naps together in PBG’s dorm.

*Hana, surprisingly, hogs the blankets. PBG makes up for it by pulling her close enough that they can just share.

*PBG really likes taking candid pictures of Hana and posting them on social media with stupidly cute captions about how much he adores her

*He gets rather overprotective of her, and frequently mistakes his friend’s friendliness for flirting. His friends sometimes do it on purpose, because both them and Hana like to tease him about it.

*PBG picks Hana up for no reason (other than the fact that he can) and carries her around. She protests, but she actually likes it a lot.

*When Hana gets upset he’ll lean down and kiss her forehead, running his fingers through her hair. When PBG gets upset, she’ll give him a big hug and tell him silly jokes and tickle him until he cheers up.

*They really like playing Zilda: Gust Arousers together, in fact it’s one of their favorite things to do.

*Hana would stay up all night talking to Mai about how much she loved him, and how she felt guilty she never noticed his feelings for her, and how she also felt guilty she never noticed her feelings for him.

*Mai would finally tell her what happened at the hot springs, making her blush furiously whenever she saw him for the next three days.

*She’d take him to meet her father, who welcomed him with open arms, ecstatic that his daughter had found her childhood friend, and that she was happy with him.

*They’d all cry later at the dinner table when her father mentions that her mother told him that she had a feeling they’d be inseparable, and would probably end up getting married one day.

oh no, he’s cute

he has tears in his eyes because i cried while drawing this