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Wireless (HR x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

You were trying to help HR with finding his purpose in the team, when an idea suddenly struck you…


“So, let me get this straight.”

HR took the pair of white wireless earbuds and flipped them over at least a dozen times. When he was done, he held them up for you to observe.

“These,” he started excitedly, “are supposed to make me sound smarter?”

You smiled. “More or less.”

“That’s so cool!”

“You think?” You asked, taking the Apple Airpods from him and gently slipping them into his ears. “I mean, they’re just headphones. And you’ll just be repeating everything I say, so technically, I’m the one making you smarter.”

“Well then,” he grinned. “That just makes you an absolute darling.”

A warm flush heated your cheeks.

While you were a friendly person yourself and were used to being treated likewise, there was just something about the way HR said certain things - certain phrases - that had your heart beating and you behaving like a ditzy schoolgirl.

It drove you insane.

Just like now.

Doing your best to remain calm, you reached over to the nearby table and grabbed a very fashionable Baltic trapper hat that matched his outfit well. Sticking your hand inside, you fluffed out its shape so that it doesn’t mess with HR’s hair before placing it on his head.

“Love the hat, too,” he commented.

“I figured you might,” you answered professionally. Pulling on the flaps, you made sure to keep the Airpods well-hidden and safe.

He grinned, angling himself a specific way. “How do I look?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Charming.”

“Smart and charming?” HR laughed before. “If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve assumed you’re trying to dress me up so I can go on a date with you.”

Ignoring his last comment, you took a step back and gestured around the room.

“Now,” you started in a business-like voice. “I’ve set up microphones around the room, so I can hear everything you can. Just say everything exactly as I say, and you should be good, okay?”

The man gave you two thumbs up. “Of course.”

“Good,” you nodded.

Just as you were about to reach for your belongings and excuse yourself with a prompt ‘I’ll-be-around’, the Human Resource expert took a few steps forward and immediately swung his arms around you. His arms hugged you a little too tight, but were nonetheless appreciative.

“Thank you,” he whispered quietly, feeling a smile form on his lips. “For everything you’ve done. You really are an amazing person.”

Blushing brightly, you awkwardly reached up and patted his back. “Oh, it’s no…uh, it’s no big deal?”

“No, my darling,” he pulled back enough so you could see his startlingly bright blue eyes. “It is a very big deal because - without you - I wouldn’t be able to convince the others of my contribution to the team.”

And before you new it, HR leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the forehead.

The gesture had been so sweet and so subtle, you actually had to stop for a moment or two and question yourself whether or not it really happened.


Requested by: Anonymous
Prompt: Can we get something where the reader is trying to get HR to stop repeating what everyone says to make it seem like his idea? 

The Pine Tree Hat

(Originally a fic by @snapback-gravity-falls . Author’s Note at the end. Word count: 1259)

June 1, 2012

Dipper was exhausted from fighting a colony of gnomes alongside Mabel. Now that he was inside the Mystery Shack, he wanted nothing more than to collapse on the couch and watch some TV with his twin.

As the pair through the gift shop, they passed by their Grunkle Stan who was greedily counting the day’s profits. The old codger took one glance at the kids before grimacing.

“Yeesh. You two get hit by a bus or something? Ahah!”

Dipper and Mabel were not in the mood to hear their gruff relative taunts as they ignored him and continued on their way. They almost exited the store until they heard their Grunkle call for them.

“Uh, hey! W-wouldn’t you know it? Um, I accidentally overstocked some inventory, so, uh… how’s about each of you take one item from the gift shop? On the house, y'know?”

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a feel good stevebucky rec list

i know most of us are having a hard time today, so here’s some fluff to help us through this mess:

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recced here (click for post w summary + tags):

more fic recs:

A Historical Relic and a History Professor Walk into a Bar- series by thecommodore_squid (45,862 - M)

An AU in which Steve is still Captain America and Bucky is the unfortunate history professor selected to help him understand those references.

asked and answered by surgicalstainless (5,914 - T)

Steve and Bucky. Five marriage proposals (and one time they didn’t have to ask).

blow a kiss; fire a gun by hitlikehammers (2,174 - T)

In which Steve and Bucky flirt (and more, rather unrepentantly) during battle.

Because they’re supersoldiers. And multitasking is kinda their thing.

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Beneath The Winter Moon

Dec. 17 – Ice skating (and other winter fun – sledding, skiing, etc)

Bitty has checked his phone every two minutes for the past hour and the only thing that ever changes on it is the time.

There’s never a new text or a missed call that he didn’t hear over the sound joyful sounds of kids and adults laughing and singing as they skate around the ice.

The minutes tick by, there’s no stopping them. There’s no stopping the feeling in the pit of his stomach either.

He got stood up. There’s no way around it.

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Photo above: Athabascan beadworker Lilly Pitka of Fort Yukon, Alaska made these dog blankets in 1926. Dogs would be decorated with fancy blankets like this during special times of year, when families would come in from traplines in wilderness areas of the state to gather together in celebration.

ALL ABOUT THE DOGS – Dog sledding, or dog mushing, has a long tradition in Alaska. It was used by early residents as a means of transportation. Today, rural residents still rely on dog teams to hunt and travel in remote areas, as do hobbyists who enjoy exploring the backcountry with their highly-trained athletes.  

Alaska also hosts a variety of big-name races. Thousands of fans follow along as mushers spend days competing in long distance wilderness events like the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. There are also sprint mushing races that are run through the streets of the state’s largest cities.

In the earliest days of tourism in Alaska, visitors found depictions of men and their dogs to be extremely compelling. They sought to bring home reminders of these people and their trusted companions of the trail. Many of these items were created by Alaska Native artists as souvenirs.

Luke Saganna carved this hunter and dog team (below) sometime around 1984 in Barrow. It is carved from caribou antler and has sinew tow lines and harnesses.

The museum’s history & ethnology collection features thousands of items that depict the Native cultures of Alaska. Many of them feature dog-related carvings or depictions. Jotham Seppilu is a Yupik artist from Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island. He carved this piece from walrus ivory.

This year in Alaska, the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race had to move its restart location from Willow, near Anchorage, to Fairbanks in the Interior due to a lack of snowfall. That’s more than 500 miles away from the ceremonial start location in the state’s largest city. And it means an extra day for mushers to scramble to get ready for the race. Fairbanks officials expect hundreds, if not thousands, of race-related visitors for the event.

Some of them might be in search of something to commemorate the experience, such as souvenirs or artwork like this piece of mineralized walrus ivory carved by Greg Stradiotto in 1984.

Even though this has been a relatively mild winter temperature-wise, many mushers and visitors will be sporting head gear like this marten fur “trapper-style” hat used extensively in Alaska. The flaps can be worn down or up, depending on the weather.

This depiction of a dog team and driver was commercially produced and marketed to tourists.

aspiring rappers au // namjoon x ofc x yoongi smut

She met Namjoon on a Wednesday during a recording session. |Rated: NC17|

pt2/spinoff - jihope

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WenDip Week: Day 1 Naked

I have a lot of strong feelings for Wendy’s character. I absolutely adore her and sometimes I don’t know if the fact that Alex didn’t delve too deeply into her character was a disappointment or if it was a good thing.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I like to throw out a few headcanons for Wendy sometimes because I enjoy studying her character and wanting to know the reasons why she does the things that she does. 

This somewhat goes into that. It’s a side of Wendy we don’t ever see, but it’s something I wanted to write for this prompt because I wanted the readers to feel what Wendy might possibly be feeling herself. 

I didn’t take the prompt literally, in the sense, but more figuratively. 

I hope you enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

Are there any fics where Bucky owns a bakery/restaurant? There are a lot of ones where Steve is the baker, but I haven't found any with Bucky. Thanks!

Now that’s interesting. I also can’t find any where Bucky owns the bakery/coffee shop/restaurant. Writers, there’s a prompt for you: Make Bucky an entreprenuer in the food industry!

We do have a number of fics where he’s a barista, bartender, or bakery employee:

run your fingers through the knots of my soul by caelestys

Sometimes Bucky thinks it would be really cute to meet someone in a coffee shop, like in those silly romantic comedies Clint makes him watch. But there is a reason why meet cutes in cafes don’t happen in real life, and it’s because customers suck.

 And besides, love fades.

 But coffee? Coffee is forever.

This is a story about love and life–and coffee, which Bucky would’ve argued was probably more important than either of the first.

But that was before Steve Rogers came along.

I’ve Never Felt Young (But For You I’ll Try) by eden22

Bucky has been working at Clint’s bakery ever since he left the military. He’s happy with his life, and adjusting to his missing arm. But when tiny, argumentative Steve Rogers walks into the bakery one day, his life will never be the same…

Kiss the Cook by mambo   

Former Top Chef contestant Steve Rogers opens a restaurant with his best friend, Sam Wilson.

And everything is great, except for Steve’s giant crush on their new bartender.

Our history is just in our blood (history, like love, is never enough) by victoria_p (musesfool)

Steve is sure the guy working the morning rush at Starbucks is Bucky. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t seem to know that.

Casual Encounters by MoreThanSlightly (cadignan)

“You have never once been careful in your entire life.” Bucky huffs out a laugh. He looks away. “Maybe I’m offended you didn’t think to ask me.” He says it like a joke, but he can’t bring himself to laugh again.

“Bucky,” Steve says, scandalized. “You’re my friend. I’m not gonna use you to experiment sexually.”

Are you going to order? by yukiawison     

Bucky is a waiter. Steve is a distracted customer.

Coffee, Trapper Hats and Chocolate Wasabi Fudge Cake by perfect_plan      

Bucky likes his job at Natasha’s coffee shop. Mostly that has to do with Steve Rogers, who wears a dorky hat to work and sketches on his lunch break but Bucky’s not going to tell anyone that.

From America with Love by scribblemetimbers

He just really wanted to say ‘You look very nice’! THAT WAS ALL.

Steve should really keep in mind that going out of good old American soil does not mean people can’t possibly know English.

Hey there, friendos! Come see my family album!

Hi there! My name is Ali, and I’m the creator of the blog @gastersans​!

(Yeah, Ali, present your tryharding picture as you introduce yourself. Great idea). 

Currently, my blog is has a little under 5,000 followers! AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR A GOOB LIKE ME IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. (To learn more about Gaster!Sans, please see @borurou, the creator of this au). But, amazing or not, I’ve beginning to notice that I’ve been unable to connect to people as much as I used to–messages get unseen, inboxes unreplied, etc., especially with how busy life has been lately. 

Because of that, well… I decided to come up with “Fam Fridays.” And, as silly as that sounds, it means a lot to me–one of the things that drew me into Undertale (and its fandom) was the amount of pure love and community that grew so astoundingly quicky. So, how does one keep that with so many people involved?

Well… I decided, at least to start, to do a “family album,” of sorts. A way for people to see themselves and others in whatever sense they wanted to portray–ideally, their selfie, but also a picture of a body part, art, etc. that they felt represented them. Somehow, people were generous enough to respond to my wish.

So…If you feel that crazy, heartmelting feeling towards these fellow human beings who love this amazing game, this family album is for you! If you want to be a part of it, click here! For those who wish to see their family, well… Just keep reading below the cut!

Welcome to your family, friends! ♥

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Meet the Korean pop star, G Dragon, who caused a stir at Chanel

The front row at Chanel’s Haute Couture show today was filled with Karl’s usual favourites, including Diane Kruger, Cara Delevingne and Clémence Poésy. But there was one star getting tagged in even more tweets and Instagram posts than Cara Delevingne and her dog Leo – K Pop star G-Dragon.

You might not have heard of G-Dragon, but the South Korean rapper is arguably the biggest Asian artist in the world, with a fiercely loyal social following. His fan base could take on the Beliebers in a game of ‘first to go viral’ - and win. The 25-year-old, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, sent fans into a tagging frenzy today when he was pictured at Chanel’s Couture show in a navy suit covered in Chanel brooches, which he paired with a furry Chanel trapper hat.

His fan base is rapidly extending way beyond Asia; Kanye West is said to be a fan of his work and he has recorded a song with Justin Bieber. Karl Lagerfeld is one of his main supporters and will always give him a front row invitation to the Chanel show and, of course, a head-to-toe Chanel outfit to wear.

He isn’t new to the street style scene and has been sat front row at the likes of Saint Laurent and Lanvin for years, wearing anything from pink glitter Giuseppe Zanotti brogues to Chanel tweed women’s jackets. With 7.6 million followers on Instagram, the lead singer of the Korean band Big Bang is an incredibly powerful force in the industry and in usual Kate Middleton fashion, he causes pieces to sell out moments after he’s spotted wearing them. But he doesn’t just borrow looks from designers; it’s thought that he spends spend serious money expanding his fashion collection.

G-Dragon is becoming a real fashion week character, as BOF wrote last year: “When Karl Lagerfeld included G-Dragon in a group photo at the latest Chanel couture show alongside international A-listers like Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore, it helped elevate the Korean rapper’s status as an ‘it boy’ even higher.”

G-Dragon said in an interview with Complex Magazine about his success in America: “Just to put it real simply, [American tastemakers] are taking notice because I’m doing well. If I didn’t do well, they wouldn’t even have noticed me or cared. So I don’t put too much meaning behind it.”


anonymous asked:


OK HERE I GO! Follow me into fluff hell! We have multiple coffee shop au requests so I went hard:


After watching a handsome, mysterious blonde struggle with ordering a decent drink at the coffee shop where he works, Bucky works up the courage to introduce himself.

Coffee, Trapper Hats and Chocolate Wasabi Fudge Cake

Bucky likes his job at Natasha’s coffee shop. Mostly that has to do with Steve Rogers, who wears a dorky hat to work and sketches on his lunch break but Bucky’s not going to tell anyone that.

From America With Love

He just really wanted to say ‘You look very nice’! THAT WAS ALL.

Steve should really keep in mind that going out of good old American soil does not mean people can’t possibly know English.

Give me Your Name and I’ll Give you my Heart

Bucky barely noticed there was a new barista at the counter, and by the time he’d made his order he’d been insulted by the other man. Which he managed to follow with calling the barista every name he could imagine.

He might be a little bit in love.

(Or the time Bucky accidentally/ not so accidentally stalked a God-like barista from his favorite coffee shop whose name happened to be Steve)


“Oh, I have a prompt! So, it makes me laugh how painfully obvious Steve and Bucky’s feelings are to everyone when they’re in that pining, slow burn, does-he-doesn’t-he phase. But imagine Steve and Bucky working in a coffee shop together and constantly bickering, nudging and playfully flirting with each other. And all the employees and patrons are so invested in their relationship and just want them to kiss already but no one realizes that Steve and Bucky have been married since they got out of HS.”

Rudeness Will Not be Tolerated in this Starbucks

Bucky’s pretty sure that the Starbucks barista is spelling his name wrong on purpose.

Steve ISN’T doing it on purpose. Well, okay, maybe he is.

Quite Lucky Indeed

Steve Rogers is having an asthma attack in the middle of SHIELD, a tiny indie coffee shop and needs to sit down. But the only available seat is across from an intimating looking guy. But when had things like that ever stopped Steve?

Shield was packed. For a little indie coffee shop it got a lot of customers, and Steve wasn’t normally against it getting good business but his chest was tight and he couldn’t find a damn seat to get his breath back.