trapper boot

Rest. A short Bam story

For @confusinglump ❤️

Bam watched with a frown as you trudged across the muddy ground. Your heavy work boots left deep grooves in the mud as your feet drug tiredly along. His eyes traveled over you and his heart tore a little within him. You had been working so hard and you looked so tired. But Bam was counting on you to get the work done before nightfall and you didn’t want to disappoint him.

Barely glancing around, you stepped up on the wooden planks that served as a bridge over the low ditch. As your foot hit the planks, the last of your energy fled and your knees buckled. With a soft sigh, you sagged to the ground and simply sat there. Too tired to move, too tired to cry. Just too tired.

You saw Bam’s boots first. Then you saw his hands as he easily lifted you into his arms.
“Why didn’t you stop before you got this tired?” He fussed with his lips pressed to your forehead.
“I was almost finished and I thought if I could work a few more minutes, I’d be all done.” You sighed and let your head fall on Bam’s shoulder as he carried you toward your cabin.

“I don’t need you to kill yourself, girl.” He swung you slightly in his arms, making you smile. His tiny smile reminded you of his quirky sense of humor and you pressed your face to his chest, waiting for the rest.
“If you work yourself to death I’d have to explain to the family what happened. Then they’d have all these nosy questions and I’d have to stop and answer them and I wouldn’t be able to get my work done and I just don’t have time for all of that right now.” He grinned into your face and slowed his steps just long enough to give you a light kiss.

“I love you, girl.”
“I love you, Bam.”

Bam kicked the door of the trapper shack with his boot to open it and carried you over the threshold.
“Just like our wedding night.” You joked, stroking his long soft hair.
“Not like our wedding night.” Bam corrected. “Tonight you’re going to rest. In the morning? We’ll see.”

You let Bam carry you to the bed and gently lay you down. His hands were warm as he removed your work boots and jacket. You were too tired to notice when he slipped into bed beside you, but suddenly his arms were around you and his breath was warm on your cheek.

“Rest.” He softly insisted.