I honestly don’t think it’s the end of Clara’s mystery at all. How she ended up scattered across the universe and became “The Impossible Girl” has been explained. And that the Clara who threw herself into the time-stream of The Doctor was physically human. (As so many people have been stressing lately like it’s the end of the world…c'mon guys. Calm down. You are right, she was human.)

But the consequences of what Clara has done and how, despite appearing to be one of the scattered pieces, still managed to create herself, has not been resolved in the slightest.

  1. Clara’s been a Time Lady at least twice. (Maybe even once as the same Time Lady.) 
  2. Clara ventured into the domain of Omega, where the Fifth Doctor was trapped.
  3. Clara must have hundreds of graves scattered all across the universe. The scary thing is, was The Doctor foretelling the ultimate fate of his current companion again, by mentioning all the times he’s time-travelled making his grave the most dangerous location in the universe? How would that bode for Clara, with dozens and dozens of graves?

There is something far too simple in the “know who Clara is now. Mystery solved” regarding Clara Oswin Oswald. Primarily because there were consequences before she threw herself into The Doctor's time-stream.

If Clara had self made herself a Time Lady, don’t you think the Time Lords would have suspected something about her as an anomaly? Given, the looms have never been confirmed as canon. But, by the same token, The Doctor is said to have been unique by being the first Time Lord born in a thousand years naturally. (He has a belly-button.)

So wouldn’t they have suspected something odd about Clara’s Time Lady counterpart(s) even if they had been born naturally? The TARDIS was certainly upset over Clara, going right back to The Snowmen and pursued further with “original?” Clara.

All the TARDIS capsules are sisters, they all connect with the original Eye Of Harmony on Gallifrey.

When Gallifrey was Time Locked, the Eye Of Harmony on the TARDIS (Type-40 was the last to be built with their own eye) became the last one in the universe. But anyone who came in contact with any of the eyes, specifically related to Time Lords, would be remembered universally.

Clara worked as a Time Capsule technician, which means she would have had a fairly regular contact with all the sister TARDIS capsules currently in use and being phased out. It’s no wonder the TARDIS was annoyed with Clara from the get-go. Clara doesn’t make sense at all, least of all as a being connected to the Time Matrix as Time Lords are. 

If Clara was able to read The Doctor’s name in The History Of The Time War book, because she’d been/would be a Time Lady and that part of her was echoing across time…how did she remember? That is a big gaping plot hole.

I’m becoming increasingly concerned that there is the possibility the Clara who threw herself into The Doctor’s Time Stream is not the original Clara. She could be another echo. (She did say: “Run You Clever Boy And Remember” in The Bells Of Saint John…)

Goodness knows if that might be the case, it could be current Clara is the absolute original (for the love of God. Put your pitchforks and torches down, please.) but it would certainly be a very Moffat-esque move. You think Clara is resolved, but she isn’t. Not by a long shot.  

Moffat is doing something very important by bringing up the Time War and introducing John Hurt’s “Not Doctor” (unless we already know him and he’s actually the Eighth Doctor at the end of The Time War, as I suggested nearly three weeks ago. (x) ) He’s reintroducing the Time Lords, as the majority of us had suspected from the beginning of this year.

All the hints, all the mentions of Gallifrey and now Clara being a Time Lady twice over…we’re going to finally be getting our first on-screen acknowledgement and perhaps visual of the Time War; and what happened to Time Lock Gallifrey.

So if people would calm down for just a moment and stop arguing over “Clara is an ordinary girl. She’s not a Time Lady anymore blah blah…”

Acknowledge that:

  1. She was a Time Lord at least twice.
  2. She was physically in Omega’s domain.
  3. She scattered herself across time and space using the energy of perhaps the most influential and powerful Time Lord who ever lived, (certainly the one who had travelled through Time the most.)

And you’d realise that, though perhaps physically human now as she was before, Clara has all the connections to her Time Lord “echoes”; thus why she was able to read Gallifreyan in Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS.

So the argument about Clara not being a Time Lady is mute. She was a Time Lady; she does have multiple connections and echoes across the Time Vortex. Clara is a ticking time-bomb because of what’s she’s done to save The Doctor.

And if modern-Clara, human, is not even the original Clara…then where does this leave what she’s done as an echo of someone else? What does this mean for what The Doctor has done as a result of keeping her alive? He’s damaged his time-stream, despite all of Clara’s efforts.

There is something much more to all this that people haven’t thought on. regardless of what Clara is now physically, she has drawn attention to herself. She has travelled even further than The Doctor in time and space.

The Whispermen knew all about Clara. All about her. Which means that slipped through long before Clara’s act of throwing herself in the vortex. 

We shouldn’t be looking at “the Impossible Girl” mystery anymore…we should be looking at what the consequences are going to mean.

John Hurt’s “Not Doctor” is going to need some serious thought. I’m thinking he’s possibly “an in-between”  eight and nine as suspected. But he could be an aged 8th Doctor; or something similar to the Valeyard/Watcher/Dream Lord. I’ll let you know after I’ve had a thought or two. 

I am looking for information on the greek Goddess, Nyx. I have used theoi and maicar to research her but it’s just such little information. I know that not a lot is known about the Primeval Gods and Goddesses but I can’t find anything about offerings either. Did the Greeks not worship her?


To recap: Nyx is the Greek personification of the night, as you say a primaeval goddess who partnered with Chaos and gave birth to Day, Sleep, Dreams, Doom, and the Fates, among a host of others (her Wikipedia article lists all of them). To answer the rest of your question: 

You Hellenics are always so spoiled by your written history (fondly gripes the Celtic Recon) - but there isn’t much evidence of Nyx-centric cults or worship practices. Which isn’t to say that she wasn’t worshiped, because she is prevalent through myths and often appears in connection with other deities, but what evidence there was of her rites has just been lost in the ensuing centuries. She was often depicted in Classical art, which is nice, but when it comes to modern Hellenic worship, it’s largely a matter of standard Hellenic devotion and UPG. 

And I know at least one tumblr user who is devoted to her: digigender, who is a hard polytheist Hellenic recon who worships Nyx pretty exclusively. They have a small altar for her and veil in public as a sign of their devotion. 

- De / teaandneedles

trappedratmusings-deactivated20  asked:

Have you read Summer Falls that was pictured in The Bells of Saint John and what are your opinions? I think that it definitely points to Clara being a Time Lady of some sorts or related to Gallifrey. The tin foil canvas?

I have. I’ve got an extensive write up here: (x)

And I also talk about the key elements: (x)

We’ve got a painting:

A ring(s):

And three in her third and current (and assumingly last) aspect. Now in the Rings Of Akhatan, we see that Clara is particularly attached to one ring that belonged to her mother:

Also…the ring Victorian-Clara is wearing above popped up again on Clara’s finger in this episode:

Band…I’m pretty sure this is the ticket:

And key…well, there’s this line in Summer Falls about the painting:

“Well, if you don’t look at the sea and the sky, but just at the painting. At the top is the lighthouse. The man’s holding a ring, the woman a key. They form a triangle. Perhaps it tells you how to find the objects.”

- (Summer Falls. Amelia Williams. pg 189)

If Clara is the Key to Time, we’re looking at her. If she’s the key to unlocking the Time War…who is she? And also worth noting, The Doctor hasn’t given a key to the TARDIS at all to this Modern-Clara.

I’ve also got this little essay here (x) and the follow up (x) about the City Of Death episode of Doctor Who. (A Time Lady, Paintings, Cracks in Time, French things? Might be a big clue.)

Also, this post about Romana (x) and the follow up (x) which talks about her relation to the Key Of Time. Plus there’s extra links in the essays to bonus thoughts, like how and why she could be scattered across time.

Everything else is here (x), there’s links which also talk about the possibility of The Doctor’s First Wife; or another Time Lady.

I think the alien canvas, is referring to Clara herself, whomever she is. Because it’s been divided up into three parts by someone, or something; or broken during an accident. And now Clara has been shown to wear two of the object mentioned…the only thing missing is the key.

And like Princess Astra, maybe that’s Clara herself. 

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