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Oh my goddd so im taking autotech at my college and yesterday was the 1st class so i sat next to this boy and gasped when he turned to look at me cause like he was exactly Adam. He knew so much about cars and said hes been working at his dads garage and then in walks in this other guy 30 min late and claps the adam guy on the back and he looks JUST like ronan except with green eyes. But hes got the fucking buzz and everything. & later the teacher called on him and he snarled back. Im overwhelemd

oh my god i’m overwhelmed FOR you, that is too much, you need to befriend both of them forever (and prob play matchmaker i mean, i feel like it’s destiny, idk)

trappedinsidehisbody  asked:

Okay so id just like to say that i think its incredibly unfair to all the other fandoms that WE were so graciously given the gift of you and your marvelous hands creating your marvelous art. I dont think you will ever know how good you are, i hope your ego is boosted a little cuz u fucking deserve it. Xoxo

omg???????????? how do i even properly respond to this?!! you are a gem <3 thank you so much!!