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She paused in her spot, brows furrowing as her head tilted slightly to the side, before the other’s face seemed to click in her mind finally, brows suddenly raising afterwards. “Sato?”

All it took was her voice to give his memory a little bit of a jolt, remind him of who she was. The smile on his face practically tripled in size. “Jamie! Gods, I’ve not seen you for a long time. I was starting to think you’d died or something.”

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Six knew the other woman by sight now. From what she could glean from overheard conversations from the other Pegasus officers…the woman was once a pilot. Now working the kitchen. Hence why she was the one stuck bitterly bringing the cylon prisoner her meal.

Six watched from behind her bars with dulled eyes. They only fed her enough to keep her alive and she was greedy for the food now, though she didn’t want it. She wanted to die. Resurrect. She wanted to leave this battered, broken body. Chained to the floor like a dog.

Before the other woman even put the food down, Six pleaded, “Take it away. I don’t want it.” And closed her eyes. The very effort to speak exhausting. Please let me go

There are [5] unknown DRADIS contacts


Sato lifted his head and his eyes lit up at the new faces – and one he felt he may have seen in passing. He wipes his hands down, sets his papers aside and gets to his feet with a warm smile and an extended hand. He didn’t often get to see new faces, usually just the same ones day in and day out, even if they weren’t particularly well acquainted. You couldn’t expect much more, given the human race’s current standing, though.

“It’s wonderful to see new people. I thought it was a luxury I would soon never see again!”