trapped on an island

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Have you any idea why they didn't use 'The Fall' as phase 4? Like you'd think with each album came the next phase? Any clue?

Sometimes I wonder that too. Every band member has their own album in each phase: their first album (phase 1) is by Russel, Demon Days (phase 2) is by Noodle, and Plastic Beach (phase 3) is by Murdoc. Also, each phase is centered around a certain band member. Like how phase 3 was about Murdoc and 2D trapped on an island. But either way, Plastic Beach was mostly about Murdoc losing his mind. It would make sense if The Fall was part of phase 4, but I guess Damon and Jamie never thought that Gorillaz would come back with another phase. Maybe in this new phase, it’ll be more about 2D. But I also think that it’s going to be about everyone in the band. 

what john’s note REALLY said

Dear Sherlock,

By the time you read this I’ll be dead. This is how I think it’s gonna happen:

Your sister will shoot me, then Mycroft will try to shoot a clown, then your sister will blow us up, then we’ll all get on a boat and go to murder prison island, then get trapped, I’ll try to shoot a warden but I won’t be able to, you’ll try to shoot Mycroft, then you’ll try to shoot yourself, then your sister will shoot all of us.

PS then a bunch of gay conspirators will read this letter and then shoot each other.

  The fact that Tamatoa knew things about Maui that even Moana and her village people didn’t leads me to believe they were actually once quite close! Back when Tamatoa was a considerably smaller size. Here, Maui vents to him about his past as the giant crustacean searches for treasure to cover the bare spots on his shell (probably to distract himself until the topic isn’t on something other than himself.)


Okay, well I found out that Hasbro made a god-awful Furby animated movie, which I’ve put up here for reference, but while I could go on for hours about the stupid in this movie I wanted to note that in it, they gave the Furbies psychic powers.

Of the telepathic kind. Which they use at one point to cause physical pain to the protagonist while trapped. And, they live on an island with ruins implying there once was human habitation, complete with Furby statues. And the end implies there are secret stashes of Fpurbies all around the world.

They may have accidentally made the perfect setup for a horror film in this godawful tie-in uncanny-valley CGI movie, which seems like it was made to appeall to @dimetrodone on an almost atomic level…

  • Danny: You know, it's at times like this, when I'm trapped in a ghostly cage in an island made of traps, and about to die in a different dimension, that I really wish I'd listened to what my mother told me when I was young.
  • Tucker: Why? What did she tell you?
  • Danny: I don't know. I didn't listen.

Real Talk though

So Maui was trapped on an island, by himself, for a thousand years or so.

And the only things we saw that he had worked on was keeping track of his time on the island, and building a statue of himself.

And yet, as soon as Moana arrives, he’s got this fantastical musical number ready to go.

So you KNOW he spent hundreds of years just practicing that jingle and dance in case someone arrived.

Here is where you should avoid.

Don’t go to the Dunes, a desert looking place with pillars. It spawns a Reaper Leviathan.
Don’t go to the Aurora. It spawns a Reaper Leviathan.
Don’t go to the Mountains, you can get trapped on the island too. It spawns a Reaper Leviathan.
Don’t go to the Deep Grand Reef, which is the deep end. It spawns a Reaper Leviathan.

Here is where you should go.

Nowhere, just stay in the raft and talk to Mr. Tissue, Mr. Coin, and Mr. Potato Chip because it is not safe outside.


107 Hours on Subnautica

Bungou Stray Dogs: 55 Minutes - TWO NEW CHARACTERS

Jules Verne: 

Though it is not known what the name of his ability is, Verne’s ability took form as Standard Island itself.

Verne’s ability allows him to absorb ability from any ability-user who died in Standard Island; thus he was able to use Well’s Time Machine ability - which then “Gab” (his ability living as Verne) utilized it for uncountable times, resulting in Standard Island to be trapped in a time loop.

Later, it was known that Verne died as his ability took over his being; living as “Gab”.

HG Wells: 

Wells’s ability, Time Machine (タイムマシン Taimu mashin?allows her to manipulate time itself. She can send an individual back in time with the use of her camera, but this is limited to 55 minutes or 3300 seconds. Also, she is only able to transport someone to the past for once; she wouldn’t be able to transport the same person to the past twice.

Originally, Wells is only able to transport a person to the past limited to several minutes, but after being utilized by “Gab” a numerous of times, it is extended to 55 minutes.

one of the things i loved most about moana was how well she did with figuring out solutions for problems and how logical and intelligent she was like advising the people of her island, escaping the cave maui trapped her in and even helping out the baby turtle to the ocean when she was a freakin’ baby


Edwards Island, Oxenfree

An ex-military base turned tourist trap, Edwards Island boasts a rich history! The island was originally used for ranching which occurred when the island was first found by Portuguese explorers. The island was later given to colonel Caleb Edwards, who rented the land out to mining companies. When Edwards died, the government took over the control for the island and converted it into a military base, intended for the island to serve as a beacon of harbour defense. Around this time, USS Kanaloa accidentally sunk by friendly fire by the USS Walter Roy.


If I was in charge, I’d send all boats out to sea to trap us here. And I wouldn’t be able to get off this island. So what do we do? Decrease their numbers, and create conditions where we can take a boat by force.

That’s why… you need me and this guy, right?