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Birthday Boy - hs

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Pairing: harry styles x reader

Warnings: nightmare description 

Request:  Can you do one where she forgets his birthday? - anon

It’s past midnight and I just finished an assignment so this is not the best but oh well.

It was the fifth night in a row this had happened.

For the past month, your sleep schedule had been completely ruined, all because of a few nightmares. Today was the fifth day in a row you had woken up at two in the morning, covered in a cold sweat with tears in your eyes.

You thought you had been getting better. You had almost gone four nights without a single nightmare. But then it had all come rushing back. It was almost always the same. A girl who wasn’t you, luring Harry away from you in the dark of the night. You chasing after them, following until you reach a dead end in a dark alley. A single gunshot before Harry is lying dead on the floor, a bullet hole through his brain.

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A blinding light trapped me inside of a room. No matter how much I moved or what I did, the light always followed me and I couldn’t see anything else because of it. At one point, a goddess even gave me a cup of stars to drink and clear my vision, but the light remained. I woke up to find out a sunbeam was on my face. 



Now that I’ve stopped crying a little bit and after I read the lyrics xD I actually think this is more of an “we’re finally free” song. Hear me out: 

 1. Jongup walking in an open garden maybe signifies that he’s finally able to do what he always wanted which is to SING and he’s getting A LOT more lines than ever.

 2. Himchan with the pills… we all know that he’s had eating disorders in the past plus depression, so I believe that him throwing and steping on those pills is a way of telling that that part of his life is over and he can continue. 

3. Daehyun with the fish. I actually think that the fish is him. He was trapped all this time in a fishbowl, being limited by what he could do but he was not allowed to do. Now, he has done LOTS of new stuff, more programs, more MCing, his solo, and NAPOLEON.. by throwing away the fish, releasing him to the ocean, he’s also dipping into a new world open with lots of opportunities for him. 

4. Youngjae standing in front of the bast ocean with strong tide(which looks pretty savage) makes me thing that he was afraid of dipping into that same world that I talked about above. 

 5. Yongguk… Seeing his hands covered in blood, I actually though about YAMAZAKI, you guys now that he hid the video and deleted it from his soundcloud and everything. So I think that that Yongguk “killed” the people that were harming the group. I’m not saying that Yamazaki Yongguk is bad (like c'mon yamazaki was PURE ART and everybody can fight me on it) but if you read the lyrics you can see that he was also talking about Tshit, and the things they made to the group, he says “Mannequin like role model; you do it instead yo. For the fear of the old bastards; we take a shot” and a lot of other things, and then on Honeymoon he says “But i’m freer than I’ve ever been” so i think they got rid of harmful people and now they can do whatver the f they want to do, hence HONEYMOON. 

6. Zelo is in a dark place and i believe that he was inside that coffin, that’s why we see him first in that dark room with a little light and then we see him out of the coffin which, i believe, signifies he is also free now. By being the youngest I think that he was the most hurt about what happened (not that the other members weren’t) because he was just SO YOUNG to even understand what was happening. He was trapped inside a dark room, not being able to do fulfill his dreams, being only 15-20 years old and now he can finally do what he does best! 

 This is a not a new B.A.P… this is the REAL B.A.P

BTS Reaction: You ‘waking up’ after experiencing sleep paralysis (request)

A/N: I’ve experienced sleep paralysis once and omg… It’s so scary! I hope none of you have to experience it! TT Anyways thanks for the request and so sorry for doing it so late!!! Like IM REALLY SORRY But as Admin Boat said, we’ve both been busy >-

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Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

You opened your eyes… What’s going on? you thought. You tried to sit up but your body wouldn’t move. What the… You tried to turn your head, but it didn’t work. 

Now panic started to settle in. You opened your mouth to try and speak to Jin, who you knew laid next to you. But nothing came out, instead your body started shaking slightly as you tried to move it. It was as if you were trapped in your own body. What is going on? This has to be a dream… This is not rea-

“So you’re awake” a deep voice booms in your head. You try to orient where the sound is coming from but you can’t see anything. Then you feel something grab at your leg and your eyes fly straight down, just to be met with the red eyes of some creature. 

Tears are flowing uncontrollably down your cheeks. You try everything to move but you just can’t. It’s like your body is stuck in cement. You try to scream again as the creature is getting closer to you. “Don’t try to hide Y/N” it says with it’s sickly voice that sends chills down your spine. A strangled sound releases from your mouth. 

Luckily for you it was enough for Jin to wake up, just to see your body uncontrollably shaking. “Jagi?” he asked as he looked at your fragile state.

“Jagi are you okay?” he asks as he leans over to see your tear stained face. As your eyes met his you tried to warn him from the creature inching closer. He follows your eyes just to see nothing at the end of the bed. His brows furrow together as he looks at you. He grabs your shoulder carefully and shakes you, trying to get you to snap out of it. But nothing really happens until… 

Your hand smacks his face as you sit up, breathing erratically and eyes closed. Your eyes are closed, too scared to open them and see it again. The groan from next to you made you scream loudly and jump out of the bed. “JAGI” Jin’s voice rang through the room in an attempt to overpower your screaming. “Jin?” you whisper, opening your eyes to see your boyfriend on the bed holding his hand to his face. 

“Oh my god Jin” you rush forward to him, wanting to examine his eye. 

“Don’t care about me, what was that? Do you know how scared I was?” he asks placing his hands on both side of your face, giving you a kiss on the temple. 

“I think it was a nightmare…?” you say frowning yourself. You’ve never experienced something like that before. And you’d rather never do it ever again. You lean into your boyfriends touch as he lays you both down again. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Let’s go back to sleep” he says. And even though your heart was still beating quite hard, it calmed down quickly. And you fell down in a calm slumber listening to your boyfriends heartbeat.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

You fallen asleep on the couch in his studio, too tired to stay up with him as he worked on their upcoming album. 

As he was about to wrap up one of the songs he’d been working on he heard a noise from the couch. He turned around peaking at you slightly, just to see your body still on the couch. He didn’t think too much about it and turned back to work.

But when he heard a slight whimper he turned around again. This time he took off his headphones to hear better. Small sounds came out from your body as your eyes were open and looking up at the ceiling. 

“Y/N?” he asked in a soft voice as he frowned and walked closer to you. Your body was completely still except for some twitching with your fingers. He tried to talk to you but you didn’t really respond.

As for you, you could see your boyfriend standing there, in front of you. Looking at you with worried eyes. But you couldn’t do anything. It was as if you were trapped inside your body. Unable to move. It looked like a dream, but something told you that, that wasn’t the case. 

Yoongi on the other hand was starting to panic a little. As he touched your body and shook you - nothing happened. Your eyes looked as dead as ever, just staring blankly at the ceiling. 

That’s when it clicked: Sleep Paralysis. That was what you were experiencing. Since he was little, he himself had experienced sleep paralysis. He was told it was because of his bad sleeping habits and that he should sleep more. Of course he was used to it by now, since he had many sleepless nights while working on different tracks etc. 

He couldn’t help but feel guilt as he looked at you. If he hadn’t worked so much, maybe this wouldn’t happen. 

While in train of his thoughts you could finally move your body and it seemed as if you ‘woke up’. As soon as you did you looked over to your boyfriend who looked like a guilty puppy. 

 “I’m sorry” he mumbled. And you looked at him confused “What for?” you asked. He looked up at you “For making you go through that” he said referring to what just happened “It’s called sleep paralysis” he explained. You shook your head as you hugged him closer. You remember a little bit about what people have told you before about it.

“It’s not your fault” you say as you stroke his back

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

You woke up as you felt something pressing down on your chest. “Hobi stop” you tried to say. But nothing came out, so you opened your eyes, and oh boy did you wish you hadn’t. 

On your chest sat a hairy… Something. It looked straight at you with green luminescent eyes. As you moved to get it off you, your body didn’t listen. Panic started to rise up from the toes all the way up to your head. You tried with everything in your body to move something. But nothing happened. 

You wanted to scream too, but nothing came out. Then you remembered your boyfriend, sleeping right next to you. And as soon as Hobi crossed your mind, it was as if the creature could read your mind. It turned to the sleeping body next to you and you wanted to scream, throw a tantrum, anything! 

You had to warn him in some kind of way… But how? 

As you were thinking, the creature suddenly snapped it’s head towards you. Opening it’s mouth for a pair of white hands to open it up. It stretched the mouth open wider and wider to reveal a big white substance. 

A big bubble emerged from it, and when it popped, big, slimy snakes would fall over your body. 

As the first snake hits you…

You woke up with a scream as you sat up flailing with your arms trying to get the snakes off you. Hobi screamed as high as you, falling of the bed in cheer panic. You turned to him on the floor screaming and he screamed back at you. 

The banging on the wall from your neighbors snapped you both out of it. As you both calmed down, his eyes widened at your tear stained face. “Why are you crying?” he yelled as he ran up and cupped your face. 

“Wait I can move?” you asked as you looked at your body while moving your limbs “I can move!” you yelled happily as you threw yourself into his arms. The neighbors knocked on the wall again which made you and Hobi laugh. 

“You’re so weird, do you know that?” he asks as he giggles. “That’s why you love me” you teased and he kissed your cheek again. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked as he laid you both down again.

“No I’m good” you sighed and cuddled up next to him. 

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

It wasn’t the first time you had experienced it. Alas, it was something that haunted you often. Sleep Paralysis was a thing you’d experienced for a long time. But this was the first time you experienced it with Namjoon.

Yes, you hadn’t been together for long… But still, the time you’d spent with him had been amazing and even though you were scared your sleep paralysis would show up, it never did. 

You figured it might’ve disappeared, but as always - it comes back when you least expect it to. All you wanted was to spend a calm evening with Namjoon, he’d just come back from tour and he was just exhausted as you were.

You both fell asleep watching… whatever series it was. But as you opened your eyes you recognized the paralyzed state. As you tried to move any of your limbs, it just simply didn’t happen. You sighed internally and just hoped for Namjoon to not wake up. 

But of course luck wasn’t on your side. Namjoon had a habit of going to the toilet in the middle of the night and of course he had to wake up and go right as you were waking up. You were happy that you didn’t have any hallucinations this time, but it was still an awful feeling. Not having control over your own body. 

As he walked back into the bedroom he looked over at you “Are you awake babe?” he asked as he looked at your open eyes. You wanted to shake your head… but y’all already know the deal. At first he just waited for a response, but since he didn’t get one he moved closer to you. You stared into his eyes trying to message him in some way. His eyes widened before his lips started moving.

“Okay babe, this is probably just Sleep Paralysis” he mumbles, barely louder than a whisper. You were surprised he knew what it was…  “Nothing can really be done, it’s all just hallucinations. It will be over when it’s over” he says as he’s looking at you worriedly. He had read about the awful stories of hallucinations during sleep paralysis, and he couldn’t imagine what you went through. 

All he could do was old your hand while stroking it slightly, not wanting to make anything worse. Scared shitless that you’d be scarred for life.

When you finally woke up from it you squeezed his hand back and he jumped a bit, since he almost fell sleep holding your hand. 

“Thank you” you mumbled as you smiled up at him.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

It had been a long day for Jimin. Poor boy had spent extra time with Rapmon in the dance studio trying to get the new choreo down. He sighs as he throws his bag on the floor and lay down on the bed next to you. You seem to be sleeping safe and sound so he simply takes of his pants and lay down next to you.

What he wasn’t prepared for was the smack to his face that he woke up to ten minutes later. He sat up straightly looking at you holding his cheek.

“What the fuck was that Y/N?!” he says clearly confused, and a little bit hurt.

“You’re not Jimin” you said, your voice cracking “What did you do to him?” you stare him down, ready to protect yourself. 

The picture of the unknown man still fresh in your head. How he had walked into your room, whistling a tune. You had tried to run, but nothing helped. You had started to panic, having no control over your body. So you decided to just pretend to be asleep, hoping for him to disappear. Maybe it was all a bad dream…

“I know you’re awake Y/N” the man had said in a foreign voice. Now you started to get really freaked out. It didn’t sound human at all, and it made your blood turn cold. “His face is pretty nice” the man stated again before turning around and facing you. 

You couldn’t do anything but stare back at it, wait no him… Your boyfriend, Park Jimin stood in front of you. What the actual flippin thing was going on? You looked at your boyfriend confused. As you tried to say something, nothing happened. You still being unable to move your limbs.

“Maybe I should just stay like this. He probably wouldn’t mind” the man who can not be your boyfriend said as he laid down beside you. You felt the bed dip next to you and an arm snake itself around your waist. 

Normally, you would have loved it and curled into your boyfriends body. But this wasn’t your boyfriend. This was a complete stranger… With the face of your boyfriend. But body cold and voice distant. 

“Y/N” he yelled as he grabbed your wrists. 

“Let me go!” you shrieked and tried to wriggle out of his grip. 

“What are you talking about Y/N? Did you have a bad dream?” he asked, now concerned over your state. Was it really just a dream?

“It felt so real” you said calming down and leaning into the warmth of your real boyfriend. You shook the feeling away as you cuddled into him closer. 

“I’m here to protect you this time, now let’s sleep I’m tired”

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V/Kim Taehyung:

It seamlessly went from dream to reality. The rainbow colored penguins leading the way. “Open your eyes Y/N” They said as they pulled you with them out of your dream. You opened your eyes to see them floating around in your room. 

“Come with us, we’ll float together” the pink one closest to you said as it flew over towards you. You tried to sit up but couldn’t, your body just like a block of ice. 

“I can’t move” you wanted to say, but nothing came out. “You can talk with us through the mind Y/N” you said it again and this time all of them turned around to face you.

“But we have to leave soon!” the yellow one above you cried out as it did a spin, floating straight into the red one. “I want to follow you” you said “But I… can’t I’m stuck!” you communicated with them. For some reason you really wanted to follow them wherever they were going to go. And it was frustrating, to the point of where you wanted to cry.

All you wanted was to have fun with the rainbow penguins! Was that too much to ask? You started to breathe heavily, as angry tears started streaming down your face “I want to go to!” you cried to their minds.

“It’s okay Y/N we can maybe come back” the green said as it dove towards you and hugged your side. It felt so real, like someone was actually touching your body. But this was all just a dream right? But why did it feel so real? 

You started to cry more heavily “Don’t leave me!” you cried out to them again, but they just looked back at you, faces as a sad as yours. “We wish it to… But not this time” the blue one said as it started to fly towards the open door “No!” you yelled after them, as they one by one flew out of the door. 

When the purple one flew through the door it slammed shut and you sat up reaching out towards it. You could move again, but something was still holding your arm. You turned around and saw a worried Taehyung.

“Are you okay jagi? Why are you crying?” he asked, voice full of concern as he hugged you close “I wanted to follow the rainbow penguins!” you pouted as you hugged him back, tears still running down your face.

“Rainbow penguins?” he asked and sounded disappointed, so you looked up at him and saw him pouting too “I wish I had that dream too…” he sighed “Maybe if we go back to sleep we can both meet them again?” he suggested, his boxy smile appearing once again as he pulled you down with him.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:

The crying woke you up, you opened your eyes slowly to see a white dressed little girls crying on the floor. You tried to reach out your hand for her, but your body didn’t move. 

You tried again, but to no avail your body did not budge. You tried to swing your legs, move your fingers, wiggle your toes… But still nothing, nothing changed the fact that your body was like a piece of cement. 

“Help me” the little girl cried as she looked up at you with tear filled eyes. 

“I want to” you tried to say but nothing but air came out. Now you started to panic, what was wrong with you? Why couldn’t you move? Were you dying? Were you chained back…?

Your thoughts were interrupted by the girl shrieking loudly, and since you were scared you closed your eyes. You kept them closed as adrenaline started to pump out into your veins. 

And then it just stopped.

You slowly opened your eyes, and boy you wish you hadn’t done that. The girl was right in front of you, her hands around your neck and pressing down hard. You tried to pry her hands off, tried to flail your limbs to knock her down, but nothing happened. You were helpless as she pressed harder and harder around your neck. 

Tears started to stream down your face as you tried to get some air. 

Jungkook awoke to your heavy and uneven breathing. He looked up at your back, which was raising and deflating as unevenly as your breathing. “Jagiya are you okay?” he asked as he rose up to get a look of your face. The look terrified him, your eyes were rolling up, showing your whites and your breathing was getting weaker.

“Jagiya!” he exclaimed as he started to shake your body. Your body was stiff as stone and it was hard for him to move your body. What was wrong with you? 

He quickly pulled out his phone and dialed one of his hyungs, as one didn’t answer he tried with another. But before he could press the call button you rolled out of bed and fell on the floor. He leaned down over the bed to see you on all fours breathing heavily as you moved one hand to feel around your neck. 

“Are you okay Y/N?” he asked as he reached out for you. You jerked at his touch. But then calmed down when you saw he wasn’t the little girl. You didn’t dare speak, since it felt as if your throat would collapse. You just nodded and got back in bed.

“You want to talk about it?” he asked as he hugged you close to him, you shook your head and nuzzled into his warm body. “Alright, now go back to sleep, I’ll protect you” 

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A/N: Again very sorry for not doing this quicker, but I wanted this to be good quality, and since I have been experiencing it myself, I felt I was the most suited for it. So, sorry for the long wait and I hope you like it anon that requested. School has been hard on me lately, so I hope you like it and I am so sorry for any mistakes! 

Love y’all 

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Detective John Laurens [John Laurens x Reader] *smut*

Word count:2,146
Au: modern, police force
Triggers: smut ,cursing, mentions of abusive relationships
Author’s Note: I think that nobody really likes my fluff, so I’m going to try and post more smut for you guys. Also this story dragged on forever because I was lowkey watching cop shows when writing. Lol. Also I think I will end up revisting this story. If you have a prompt I would love them. Inbox me. P.S. Let me know what you think.

“Don’t do this. Please Y/N. Just come back inside. I promise I won’t do it again. You have to trust me Y/N. I love you. Just get the fuck back inside. Please I can’t lose you again. Just don’t do this.” You run away from the house that is soiled in the nightmare that is your life. “Don’t look back,” you whisper to yourself, “If you look back you will only get hurt by him again.” You needed to get space between you and Burr, so you kept running until your legs gave out in front of the police department and the exhaustion knocks you out.

When you come to, there is a blinding bright light, and there are two men at your bedside. You struggle to open your eyes, but eventually managed. You winced as you repositioned your body to look at the two men. The first introduced himself as Officer Washington and the other as Detective Laurens. You shook your head, but were unable to speak you words of introductions. Detective Laurens slides a pad of paper. “You had your vocal cords severely bruised in whatever accident you were apart of. Can you tell us your name?” Laurens asks you.

You take the paper and write, “Y/N L/N.” Officer Washington gently takes your hand and looks to Laurens. “She’s the one from the Burr incident last month.” The two men looked at you with complete looks of horror. Laurens moves to your side on the bed and pulls you into his arms as delicately as possible, “It’s ok sweet Y/N.” He strokes your hair and grants you peace and security. “Where am I? Is he gone? I-i-i…” you begin to stammer. “You are safe Y/N, We have sent people to your house-” Washington starts, but just as soon as he does, a man’s voice comes screaming through the walkie-talkie. “Suspect is not found at the place of residence. We will keep looking and post guards around the house. She is safe to return if it’s in her interests.” The walkie-talkie cut out and you felt like you were about to be brought to tears. Laurens and Washington exchanged a brief interaction and Laurens put you in his car. “Hey Y/N, I know that you aren’t having the best day, but I hope you realize someday you will find someone better than that scumbag. Someone who will treat you perfectly.” He smiles at you with an endearing look on his face. Your hand can’t help but reach for his. When the two of you approach to the first red light, he gingerly brings your hand to his lips.

You two finally reached the house you only so narrowly escaped only hours beforehand. Detective Laurens gets out of the car and walks to your side to let you out. He offers you a large hand which you grabbed for desperately. “It’s ok Y/N, I’m here. Wait here for two seconds while I grab my things.” He smiled then walked toward the trunk of his car and grabbed a backpack and a pillow. He returned your hand to the pocket that was his and the two of you made way into the house.

You made it three hours without letting your feelings overwhelm you. You fell asleep in your old bed, but started having a bad dream about the events of today. “No, no, no!!! STOP IT!! DON’T, PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T! NO-” you started screaming. It was like being trapped inside your biggest nightmare. Detective Laurens shook you out of your bad dream and held you close once he realized you were conscious. “Will you sleep in here with me tonight?” you beg, “I just can’t shake it.” Laurens nods his head in understanding and slips in under your covers pulling you close to his body, putting his gun on your nightstand. “What’s your first name? I haven’t heard your first name yet.” He smiles at you, “It’s John.” With your head on his chest, you fall under a peaceful sleep.

It’s been almost a whole year of nights like that and Burr wasn’t anywhere to be found. You learned a lot about John throughout the months of him taking care of you. Just playing a game of 21 questions you learned that his favorite animals are turtles, his favorite color was blue, he was a huge advocate for equal rights (on both gender and race), and so many other details that you felt like you knew him.

One day, you were cuddling in your bed with him, and he asked, “Y/N, do you think that you’d ever want to be in a relationship again?” He looks down at you and you look up at him and place a gentle kiss on his lips. “Y/N, how long?”He asks you through the kiss. “Since we met and you first held me.”

You were still in fear of Burr showing his face around the house, but having John around gave you the air of peace. You knew that somewhere Burr was waiting, and that he would never be done with you until the event of either his or your life. But it doesn’t matter anyway because you and John were happy and you finally got to be in a healthy relationship that you so desperately needed.

“John, can I ask you a question?” you ask. “Y/N you can ask me anything. Darlin’ what’s on your mind?”he looks at you quizzically. His southern drawl always seemed to come out when he was worried. You place your hand on his chest. “John. I promise it’s nothing bad. It’s just a question not a declaration of hate. I just wanted to know what you have been waiting for?” you look away blushing furiously. He blinks taken aback by your statement, he asks, “Did you not want me to wait for you to get better mentally first?” You stop breathing as he takes your chin between his thumb and fingers and forces you to look at him, “Darlin’ what do you want me to do?” The huskiness in his voice mixed with southern drawl. You pull yourself out of his grasp and hide in the sheets.

“Baby please touch me?” you whisper under the sheets. “Sugar dumplin’ if you want something you have to ask or do it yourself.” You lose all control and throw yourself out of the sheets and on top of your lover. You push him into your mattress and bite and kiss along his neck, trying to yank his shirt off to expose more skin. Your hands roam his body trying to pull off his clothes without actually breaking contact with his skin. Your lips were making their way down John’s body making sure to leave healthy sized hickeys along the the length of his chest. He couldn’t help, but release moans of appreciation as you got lower and lower on his body. You kissed his length through his jeans sucking him hard without even putting his dick in your mouth. John pushed you off of him and ripped the rest of his clothes for you, anxious to return your mouth to his dick. He fumbled with his belt, but he eventually managed getting the damn thing off. You smiled at him shyly and start sucking as fast as you could. “Y/N, may I fuck you?” John looks down at you with pleading eyes and his body twitching with need.

You oblige the man and he takes your clothes off in a hasty manner. He places you up on the bed and stands between your legs. He pulls your body so that it rests on the edge of the bed and goes on to his knees. He licks your womanhood and uses his mouth to explore your opening. His hands are forcing your hips to remain attached to his face and you are going insane. Your hands move to your boobs and squeeze them as hard as your hands would allow. John blows hot breath of your womanhood and sucks his way up your body until he reaches your boobs. He takes control over them away from you and starts teasing your nipples and sucking as hard as he can. Dragging his teeth over each swollen bud, sent you over bored.

His mouth makes it’s way to your neck and returns several hickeys to your body. “Are you ready?” he breathes onto your skin. You put your hands on his neck and he takes position at your entrance. He pushes in as slowly as he can, the both of you making faces of pure ecstasy. “Y/N, darlin’ I hope your ready.”He moans. He lifts you off of the bed and pushes you against the wall, slamming his dick deeper and deeper into your womanhood. Your body tightens around him and your pleasure become immeasurable. Your head throws itself back and John starts attacking the skin you just exposed. He slams harder into you as he explodes leaving you going crazy. He pulls out of you and lays you on the bed a quivering mess. John throws some blankets on you and says, “One moment, Y/N.” He goes to the bathroom to gather some towels and leaves you in your.little nest of happiness.

Everything was perfect beyond compare. You love John, the sun was warming your room, birds singing, a face looking in through your window. Wait a second. You hid deeper into your nest and whispered for John. “Baby… bring your gun and act normal.” You warned. John rushed out of the bathroom and joined you in your blankets, “Is that him?” And almost as if on cue Aaron broke through your window and attempted to grab your wrists. “Y/N, I let you have your fun, but you’re coming with me.. now!”Aaron basically hissed at you. Aaron must have missed John go under the blankets, and grabs his wrist instead. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.” John growled. Aaron let go and makes the move to run downstairs. You see the gun laying in your bed and load it. “Freeze.” The two boys stop and eyes land on you, holding your gun out. “You basically ruined me. Abused me. You have tried to kill me 3 times now. The list goes on. Each time something awful had to happen because I think for myself. The first I refused to have a child with you.. then it was I didn’t have parents to introduce you to.. but the final straw was when you asked to marry me.. You have two options so listen close asshole. One: you can walk downstairs and surrender yourself to the police that have been waiting for you. Or Two: I will shoot you, and you know that I don’t miss. So make your choice now or I will make it for you.” You hold the gun confidently and point it at Aaron. He walks out of the room and goes down the stairs. Officer Washington is there to personally take him to the precinct.

As soon as he left you felt your body collapse beneath you, and everything after seemed to run a million miles an hour. John put his shirt on you to try and get you decent, and Washington came to thank you for your help. You nod, but cannot force the words out. Washington leaves and takes the rest of the patrolling officers with him. It truly is just you and John now.

“Y/N?” John rubs the top of your head, “Do you want to lay down and cuddle or something?” Instead you pull him down to sit next you and lay with your head on his lap. He strokes your hair and just sits with you, giving you all the time you needed to recover.

~~~~6 Months Later~~~~
“John, do we have to go outside today? I’m so tired.” You whined. He smiled and picks you up over his shoulder until you were at the place. It wasn’t much, but it was a garden that was hidden from the world. Millions of different shades of green that you thought only artists could see. Bright flowers everywhere and it seemed as though someone already knew you’d be there, since there was a blanket and a basket of snacks on the other side. “Do you like it, Y/N?” You finally turn to look at this man you loved and he is down on his knees blushing furiously. “Aww well isn’t this a great view.” You tease kissing his forehead. “You make this harder than it already is my love. But.. will you Y/N L/N.. marry me John Laurens and make me the happiest man in the world.” You smile and kiss his lips, “I thought you’d never ask.”

The Lost Memories Part 10

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I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst, romance & supernatural
◇ summary : Meeting with the one that would hold the reason why you facing this kind of problems
◇ words : 4.6k
◇ author’s note : I write this chapterr in a rush speed because I had to do my works so if there is any grammar or typos mistake, please do forgive me😊 thanks for supporting and reading my fics, love xoxo

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“Who are you?” The questions came out from your lips in a stutter way which makes Yujin knew that you are frighten and scared of the current situation especially with her sudden presence and the event where she just came out from the mirror in unexpected times and ways.

A devious smirk placed on her lips as a starter for her replies to your question. “I am you.” She trailed off with a fake surprised look on her face, mocking at you who looked confused over her words.

“As you can see in that mirror.” She puckered her lips as she swiftly turned her head towards the mirror, motioning you to take a look on mirror. You followed her gaze just to see the froze Jungkook who looked chubbier than the last few hours you had seen him.

“But that’s not me!” You exclaimed, a strange feelings rushed to every part of your body, still confused over her statement and feeling anxious over her presence there. You know it is just a dream but still you felt scared and afraid over it.

“Of course that’s not you because the one that you saw just now was me” She simply said while crossing her arms against her chest, slightly tilted her head as a response to your exclamation. Everything that she did was offending your feelings with her action and also the tone of her words. Somehow, she looks so proud and arrogant whenever uttered those words from her lips.

You think of impossible things when your brain finally interpreted her words into a terms which might be understandable for you. You hope that your assumption will be deny by her because it is difficult for your mind to comprehend since you failed to grasp the current matters that you are facing now.

“You used my body?” So you asked her with your eyebrow twitching to the middle as your eyes staring deeply into her, searching for a sight of confirmation that will support your assumption but only to catch a sight of her smirking towards you as a response to your question just now followed by some words that she uttered which almost makes you to believe her.

“No, I don’t use-” Her slender fingers traced up to her hair, twirling it as she paused for a momentarily. She makes you believed that she already finished answering your question yet, it just a initiator for the real conversation that she will began with.

“You lend me yours, so I can be yourself for the past few months.”

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Distilled claustrophobia: she was a dream trapped inside of his mouth: neither one could breathe or swallow or dream: his teeth her gilded cage and she a songbird without song in her lungs: they were dancing on needle-points and it looks so beautiful yet so afraid at all the time: there was nowhere to run so they were forced to love the closeness: their heartbeats became a cacophony and there is blood and their eyes wept and their tongues became dry and then it was over and they were nothing but dust and bones and names forgotten to time.

Strange the Dreamer (Quick Types)

UNOFFICIAL TYPINGS BY: electraspectra 

Sarai (INFP)
Despite living in an environment where she has been taught to hate humans, Sarai feels the need to not hurt them and defies Minya even if it means seclusion and disownment. Minya also fails to manipulate Sarai’s emotions by appealing to her guilt because SArai is quite fixated on her personal beliefs and would never do anything she isn’t comfortable in doing (fi). Quite idealistic, Sarai has impossible dreams and feels limited by being trapped inside the citadel. She lives her life through others dreams and used unique ways to torture them. Unlike Minya, Sarai is not practical about the hatred that she receives from them and hopes that someone will love her despite her being a godspawn (ne).

Ruby (ESFP)
Ruby wants to live in the moment. She is bored by the monotonous routine of the citadel and looks forward to new experiences. Such as good food or kissing a boy. She is so keen on testing her sexuality, that she even goes about kissing ghosts. She also starts an affair with feral just to enjoy what little time she has left before the humans kill her. Often described as passionate and impulsive, Ruby is a text book ESFP (Se). While Ruby does whatever she pleases, she is not very perceptive of how others feel. Its evident from her inability to realize that sparrow has feeling for Feral which apparently everyone else does. (Fi) Ruby knows that one days humans will come for them (ni) and she bluntly admits and accepts this as a fact (the)

Minya (ESTJ)
Minya’s primary focus is on taking revenge and her every move is dominated by this desire no matter the cost. Even at a young age, Minya’s only concern about the other godspawn’s powers is related to how they can be used against humans. She doesn’t mind hurting others if it gets the job done I.e. messing with Sarai’s lull, guilting her unto fighting and isolating her. (Te). Like her body that refuses to grow up, Minya is also overly focused on the past. Her past experience has moulded her entire perspective on humans and she refuses to believe that things can be changes. She is among the most realistic of them and knows what needs to be done to protect themselves. (Si). Underneath all her control issues and hatred, Mina blames herself for the death of thirty godspawns and holds herself responsible for not saving more of them. This guilt is buried deep and she uses it as fuel to fire up her hatred. (Fi). Minya can be creative while coming up with ways to fight and protect themselves. She has multiple plans that could work and she sees the bigger picture better than any of the others.

Sparrow (ISFJ)
Sparrow is the kind nurturing girl who uses her powers to take care of others. She often gives them special gifts and tries to be as forgiving and understanding as she can. (Fe-si) She is aside from Minya, the only godspawn who doesn’t seem to mind the routine of the citadel. (Si)

Lazlo Strange (INTP)

Lazlo figured out the secret of turning lead to gold through a book of fairytales using logic and imagination though he can’t really pin point how. (Ti-ne) Aptly referred to as the dreamer, Lazlo has a great imagination and is fascinated by new ideas. That’s one reason why he loved the library. He uses the information from the books about weep to make sense of its existence and dreams of visiting it someday (ne). He is also quite intuitive and closely estimates the problem of week by making metaphorical connections from the book of poems and prophesies. He has a dark sense of humour and often cracks sarcastic jokes (ti)  Lazlo is also quite charming is also quite understanding when it comes to Sarai and Eril fane. Both have done unforgivable things but he amends his perspective by putting himself in their place. He is optimistic and like Sarai, like to believe that people are inherently good. (Fe-ne)

Note: Feral is probably INFJ and Thyon Nero is ExTJ

Chapitre 114 – The Imprisoned Princess

Which might imply that Sakura is trapped inside her dreams?


I’m simultaneously going “Clamp this is not new information” and “NO CLAMP DON’T YOU DARE” and I don’t know which side will win out. 

Meanwhile Fuuma is dramatically posing for his photoshoot at the end of the world with a lovely play of black and white in the background with metaphor written all over it but

I’m still mad at him so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Definitely part of the Dramatic Apocalypse Pose Club though hot damn

Ghost Of You (Lucifer x Reader)



WARNINGS: none, bit angsty

SUMMARY: He’s gone and now all is left it the ghost of who you used to be.

I stood on the riverbank and stared aimlessly into the murky water as I continued to cry. Tears streamed down my face and small sobs racked through my body.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. He’d left me. Deserted me in a small town in the middle of nowhere with no more than a wallet of cash, an empty promise and a poor excuse.

“It’s only for a few days. It’s to protect you. I promise I’ll be back,” He said that three weeks ago. He wasn’t coming back.

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Love's Secret Weave

Your love makes me delicate
Flitting in air like sheets
Exposed, unable to leave
Billow to your smiles and words
Shudder, settled in your touch
I’ll wrinkle to elements
Frayed and freely left exposed
‘Til the youthful wings I fold
Spread out, trapped on the inside
We’re less than we dream in youth
I’ve more than I ever dreamed
Crisp, silky to touch we start
You and I fray together
Love always a private thing
That no one need understand
Wads of worlds we have swallowed
Secret weaving - new inside
It shows in that look at me
In my sideways grin at you



Somewhere in the distance a car siren rings. It’s not very loud, but for those awake in the silent hours of the early morning it is deafening. The typically assiduous highways are depleted, with only the odd car driving through on the way home from a late night out. The silence one can bask themselves in is both eerily calming and eerily frightening, for there is nothing more daunting than encountering a night alone. Those who are awake on those early hours customarily have things more formidable to be afraid of. There was a very well known quote that stated that those who were awake at such early hours were either in love or heartbroken. The insomniac who lies awake for nights on end would altercate that endless nights of unsettlement was much more frightening than the prospect of being in or out of love. Those who are heartbroken often can’t sleep due to sadness and those who are in love often can’t sleep due to happiness. Two opposite ends on a intertwined continuum. To an insomniac, the emotions of happiness and sadness were never fully expressed for they often sat in the centre of the continuum, and having the encounter solely one night of sleeplessness for being on one end or the other of that continuum was like a dream for the insomniac - if they had dreams that is.
The night was never fully silent though, that was impossible. The loneliness of insomnia was often joined by the ringing of sirens or the singing of birds. Some nights it was accompanied by the falling of rain or the rustling of wind. That famous quote never mentioned that sometimes those who were awake to watch the sun set were kept awake from insomnia rather than love. The quote liked to romanticise the calamity of unsettled nights, of purple bruises under tired eyes and of racing minds inside disguised smiles. The quote liked to exhort that nights without sleep were romantic and endearing, but it never once mentioned what it was like to live like that night after night. Never once experiencing the comfort of blissful sleep and the beauty of being trapped inside a dream with no awareness of the troubles surrounding them.
Somewhere in the distance, a car siren rings. It’s morning now and the noise is welcomed by the rising sun. In beds around the city young children and elderly grandparents are emerging from their caves of blankets and pillows. But for the insomniac who is staring out the window it is just another reminder of the bed they have yet to enter. Of the dreams and nightmares they have yet to endure. For the insomniac it is not an alarm, but merely a haunting laugh, entertained by painful night they’ve just endured. The alarm clock that rings is not their to wake them up, instead to remind them that they have not slept and they will not sleep. They will not dream.

- written by reck-less-teen-agers



It’s interesting, this song coming immediately after Good News, a song about caring what people think, about shouldn’ts, because it’s a love song, and so often, especially in pop music, love songs are defiant statements against every single shouldn’t. Except, more accurately, this is a break-up song, a heartbreak song, about all of the shoulds she never finds. She bends herself around this new absence in her life, becoming a facsimile of that very absence in an attempt to refind it: whenever I close my eyes/I’m chasing your tail lights and I know you left hours ago/I still haven’t moved yet, her static state highlighting the lack of any other movement in the house, the only movement the flicker behind her eyes as she dreams.

Once again, she is trapped inside herself: the walls of my skull bend backwards/and in like a labyrinth, I can’t think of anyone else: a labyrinth containing only her and the memories of her ex, trapped, lost. The song is a synaesthetic explosion of heartbreak (ringing in my ears tastes like blood), other senses taking over in the utter failure of language. Something initially feels like it could be replaced by ‘anything’ – if only I had spoken, if only there had been words – but both something and nothing perform more than one function in this song.

Something is a presence, yes, but it also implies substance. In the chorus she sings:

I should have said something, something, something

But I couldn’t find something to say

So I just said nothing, nothing, nothing

Sat and watched you drive away

The repetition and the verb ‘find’ gives language a slippy materiality, and she is unable to form it into anything meaningful, echoing the bland platitudes in Sprained Ankle (isn’t the weather nice, are you okay?). The same thing happens with ‘nothing’, it’s repetition means, here, it no longer feels like simple absence, but a shoving, pushing thing, the insistence on speaking aloud the nonsensical, the meaningless. However, in the second chorus, the additional line and I know I meant nothing, nothing to you is added, and here it is absence, albeit an active one, a gaping chasm, notable because of its wrongness. She is passive here, in her watching, and her lack of solid speech, and I was going to write about the final line, about I won’t think of anyone else, and the tinge of self-indulgence of that. It reminds me of that line in Pride and Prejudice: “a girl likes to be crossed in love now and then…it gives her a certain distinction among her peers”. Nobody wants to be heartbroken, but there is a temptation to wrap yourself in that sort of emotion, to wallow in it a little.

Won’t only appears in the final line of the song: the rest of the time she is stuck in can’t, and so perhaps that admission of will, which might otherwise feel like defeat, is a kind of progress. She is giving herself the power to move on, admitting it is in her control. She’s not there yet, she’s not doing it yet, but it’s a possibility. And that, after all, is something.

Once there was a little girl who believe with fairies and prince charming living in enormous castle. She used to dream about being trapped inside the tower while waiting for her own prince to fight the ferocious dragon in order to save her and live happily ever after. But everything change when she grow up. She find out that fairies only exist in the world of fantasy–she’s no longer living inside a cotton candy dream. Reality kicks in, princes are jerks with bad intentions. She’s done waiting for them to save her so the princess save herself who later on becomes a warrior

warrior princess

m // part 43