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GameBoys are their instruments and Furbies are their rehearsal audiences. Meet Ary and Pete, two of the four outrageously colorful music dudes behind chip-punk rock group Anamanaguchi. Amidst wrapping up production on their first studio album and prepping for a world tour, the pair stopped by the Closet to chat about gaming love and tamagotchis. But wait! Ahem – Furby on line one.  


Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Chilly Gonzales

Chilly Gonzales is a musical genius. Or so he says. This alt-rocker cum piano virtuoso (née Jason Beck) freely admits the name’s just a front – a brand that calls attention to the persona one adopts as performance artist – and prefers to err on the side of outrageous in his work.

Gonzo was born in Canada, lives in Paris, and collaborates regularly with the likes of Feist, Daft Punk, and Drake. He raps while he plays, wears bedroom garb during performances (imagine the juxtaposition of his bathrobe and slippers to the rigid penguin suits of his accompanying orchestras), and broke a Guinness World Record a few years back (for the longest concert by a solo artist – 27 hours, 3 minutes, 44 seconds). His stuff is moving and soulful; he’s turning young people on to the power of the orchestra. And when the orchestra’s rapidly aging current audience is dead and gone in a few decades? The concert halls will be filled with Chilly fans, he predicts. We don’t doubt it. 

– Sky Dylan-Robbins

anonymous asked:

hiii :) just wondering, what's your favorite tyler & josh interview?

omg ok this is probably going to be a long list but i’m just going to include all my favorites bc i can’t choose just one interview!

ok well to start here are a few with just tyler that i love a lot:

  • face culture pt.1 and face culture pt. 2 (these interviews are the best ok like i watch these interviews a lot bc they are so interesting and the interviewer is amazing and covers so many different things and this is just one of the best interviews ever i love it a lot like this is definitely a must watch interview)
  • vessel commentary pt. 1 and vessel commentary pt. 2 (idk this technically isn’t an interview but i’m including this bc tyler talks about each song on vessel and it’s such an amazing interview bc everything he says is v interesting and it’s just so important i watch this a lot so definitely watch this if u haven’t already!)

this one has josh and tyler in it but it’s more focused on josh:

  • twenty one pilots: from high school dreams to music festivals (ok like this isn’t necessarily an interview it’s more like following a show but it’s so focused on josh and his dream of pursuing music and it makes me emotional gosh it’s a rly good video i love this one ok you should definitely watch this)

ok now for some interviews with both josh and tyler:

ok this is probably way more interviews than you wanted but these are some of my favorites so here you go friend!!!!! i hope you enjoy watching some of these!!!! :*


Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Matt Hires

These days, life consists of bitter winter winds, undulating snow drifts and the desire to remain burrowed under bedsheets. But Matt Hires – a minstrel of poppy love songs with a cheerfully bass-heavy pulse – hopes to change that. Hires makes music so upbeat it might just remind you of breezy summer nights. Today, a few weeks out from the launch of his tour with Matchbox Twenty, Hires brings some sunshine (Florida sunshine, as that’s where he’s from) in the form of a new EP (available Feb. 12). Check it, and the premiere of “Restless Heart,” here.

Sky Dylan-Robbins


Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Sallie Ford – with bandmates Jeff Munger, Ford Tennis, and Tyler Tornfelt of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – would like you to rock out with abandon to their third studio album, Untamed Beast, dropping today.

Always sporting her signature horn-rimmed glasses (she owns a different pair for every day of the week), Sallie strives to bring an old-school, off-beat element to the homogeneity that pervades today’s mainstream music. Between prepping for their upcoming tour and aforesaid album release, the quirky frontwoman took a Closet break to chat with us about playing for European audiences, poking at those who need to loosen up, and using her sound to get all up in your face.