trapped in prison

tvd literally doesnt care anymore omg

they gave katherine the most extra opening ever

their villian is singing karoke

magic is literally coming out of walls

damon didnt save his brother in time because he was putting a song on the jukebox

kai kicked alaric in the dick when they were fighting

bonnie trapped kai in the prison world that is literally just him and a bad song

im having so much fun they literally dont care two more episodes to go

I'm disgusted

I honestly do not understand how Julie and the writers can be so okay with Bonnie’s character going seasons after seasons dealing with loss, torment, and hopelessness. What else does she have to endore for them to finally let her character be? When Elena comes back alive and she dies??
They had her grandma die, her mother and father killed, had her and Jeremy take turns dying to save one another, you had her be stuck in the prison world with Kai who hurt her, you had trapped alone in the prison world by herself where she almost KILLED HERSELF, You have her life linked to her “best friend” that if she wakes up at any point Bonnie DIES, you had Damon aka her best friend leave her and made her feel alone, and all the other things Bonnie endured in the 8 seasons of this show. Yet you have the one guy, the only guy that she really loved who was willing to TURN for her, to have a life with her they really did kill him off.
I don’t see how one can be okay with this?? How are they writing these storylines? They must be in their offices like “hmmmm how can we ruin Bonnie’s character this time? 🙃🙃🙃”
It’s disgusting and Bonnie deserves so much more! She deserves Happiness! She deserves Love!

Someone please take me to the alternate universe where the character of Anakin Skywalker is actually valued and not just viewed as ‘that part people fast-forward through to get to Darth Vader’. 

you know, even probably knew isak’s name before the first time they talked because he heard the boys say it more than once, probably fell in love with that name the first time he heard it, the first time he was able to associate it with isak’s face and the sound of his voice and the way he stood and moved. and he’d sit in his room sometimes, and he’d repeat his name in his head a couple of times. isak isak isak. until the word felt like a prisoner trapped in his mind and he set it free by whispering it out loud. isak 


some stabs at @polygonfighter‘s “Bug Dead” universe, in which the spirits of insects persist in the netherworld.

there’s a spiderweb-mummy fly, and a bug who’s spirit has been trapped in the aluminum prison of a demon made of toxic miasma

The ant is probably my favorite, she’s taken on a doomsday-cult leader sort of persona after her sudden and painful death at the hands of an eldritch being beyond conception

You can probably guess what happened to the mantis, you could say he was bit by the “love bug”

the worm is a conglomeration of all the worms split in half by well-meaning people who think that makes two new worms. they are a motherly and forgiving spirit of the soil.

#5: everyone is like okay guys. this is our one chance. on this day we have implicit permission to be as sappy as we want and they can’t say SHIT load it all up. all of it. every emotion. they are trapped in a prison of our well wishes. 

everyone gives speeches. some are better than others and karkat is totally wrecked by every single one because he’s a sappy piece of shit but dave holds it together until rose who expertly snaps his emotions over her knee and then john follows up with the KO blow. Dirk goes last and walks up to this smoking emotions crater and just gives dave a thumbs up, roxy is like holy shit is that your entire speech you fucking cheating cop-out nerd and dave is like oh…. thank god


I know there were people who disliked Rumbelle from the very beginning, in the same way that there were people who loved them from that exact moment.

I personally didn’t have a problem with this pairing, I mean, I didn’t ship them, but as long as Belle chose to see the best in him, I looked at her as naive, but I was totally indifferent to their relationship.

Along the way there were moments where I was proud of her, like this one:

Others where I wasn’t too frilled. But In general I was “on the fence” with this ship. Well, not anymore.

I want you to take a good look at this face:

This is the face of a woman that is terrified of her own husband. This is the face of an abused wife, this is the face of someone who is trapped as a prisoner, there’s also the bracelet that symbolizes just that (BTW very a la Genie from Aladdin!)

How can someone continue shipping this pair? I’m sorry, this is much more than a personal taste at this point. This is not only an unhealthy relationship, but a sick one. And honestly, I’m disappointed that A&E chose on one of their last interviews to say that Rumple at the end of the day loves her. That there is love there. I’m sorry, but this is not love!!! You don’t do that to someone you love. And saying that it is makes them not understand their own show!!!

I don’t have anything against Rumbelle shippers, I never had (as long as they were not Hook haters), but if someone is still shipping them together after everything that this poor woman has suffered in the last few episodes, he/she should take a moment to rethink it. Because this is an abusive relationship! Rumple may not physically beat her, (although speeding the pregnancy looked really painful), but he has emotionally abused her in every sense of the word.

I really hope this couple won’t end up together at the end of the show, I think it will send a really wrong message to the viewers. Some things can’t be forgotten. 

This woman is incredible and she deserves so much more than that. 

Everyone should have a boyfriend like Matteusz

because even after everything, despite everything still going on right that moment (trapped in a prison in space with a dangerous rock, tension high and possibly a prisoner on the loose), he’s not only the calmest person in the room (besides April maybe) but also constantly there for Charlie, no matter how much the prince pushes him - everyone - away. He sits down next to him, talks to him calmly, agrees with him when he knows he needs it and tells him about the Chronicles of Narnia to get him to see things from a different perspective.

Matteusz Andrzejewski, everyone.

Moar blessings
  • Ouma : Oy ! Amami-chan, head over to my dorm tonight, my Mom made something for you
  • Amami : Mom ? Ouma-kun we're trapped in this prison, so who is this Mom that you are preferring to ?
  • Ouma : Just say, 'What did your Mom made ?!' God damn it !!
  • Amami : Why ?
  • Ouma : Amami-chan, I know that you are aware of how and when I lie but CAN'T YOU JUST GO WITH THE FLOW OF MY JOKE TODAY ?!!!
  • Amami : Oh ! So you're joking then ? You should have warned me earlier so I'll roll with it
  • Ouma: Forget it, I had enough---
  • Amami : I'm just kidding, don't worry I'll dig in what your Mom made just for me tonight, which is you right ? Can I reserve for more tomorrow night ?
  • Ouma : . . . . .
  • Ouma : FUCK YOU
  • Amami : You'll be tonight

Blue Glass Prison da Tom Knowles
Tramite Flickr:
…another concept and experiment! Olympus PEN-F M.Zuiko 12mm/f2.0 lens Colours here are virtually SOOC and very few changes in this respect (although a lot more so with others). At first I felt it was too ‘blue’, and tried adding first subtle tones of green, which just clashed and looked contrived. Then I tried a different shade of blue to enhance the contrast, but again it just looked like I had crudely stuck a couple of bits of card together. I then increased the building exposure, but felt I lost the 'depth’ from the lower portions of the building. After all this I just basically settled for SOOC colours! Funny how you just need to sometimes trust your camera more and hold back… it’s just so easy and tempting to keep adding! A different season would have made this though as the sun is just not high enough in the sky to give a bright reflection or lens flare, which I think this image needs. Incidentally, I’ve made the move to downsize my sensor and reduce the bulk of everything that goes with it. Originally I was going to use the PEN-F for more subtle street photography and use in museums or galleries. I’ve been so impressed with the performance of the sensor and primes that I’m already slowly replacing my lenses, filters etc that I used on the Nikon. It seems that the m4/3 systems have virtually all the features of DSLRs and can compete in most photographic areas. I’m yet to really push it in low light conditions though so we’ll see what happens! I must admit, I’m just enjoying the whole experience more when I trek round cities with a quarter of the weight and bulk in my bag! Looking forward to investing in some Voigtlander primes too. Will have to review the PEN-F properly soon. Does anyone else have any positive or negative experience or stories with the move to m4/3?

Emerald City Theory Time!

The Wizard is totes a fraud. That’s obvious. I don’t think he defeated the Beast Forever the first time. I think someone else did and he took credit for it. He admitted he can’t control the stone giants but do you know who could? do you know who we’ve seen bring stone to life before? Nahara. Ojo’s wife. The woman who is currently trapped in the prison of the abject for witchcraft and who we all know the wizard doesn’t like (because he’s a narcissist and lets face it a bit of a misogynist and she embarrassed him once… the horror.). 

My theory is that Nahara is the one who saved Oz and the Wizard took credit for it and imprisoned her to bury the secret forever. 



When it was revealed that all the bombs in your necks had stopped working you grabbed Harley’s hand and ran.

You didn’t look back not even when your good friend Floyd yelled for you, you loved Harley and wanted a life with her, not trapped in a prison

After a few hours running you stopped in an abandoned house
“Geez I need to work on my cardio” Harley spoke breathlessly
“I don’t think they’ll find us Harley but what if they do, we’ll never see each other again!“
"It’s ok Y/N they could torture me for eternity and I would smile, knowing I had you, I love you and I won’t let some useless guards get in the way”
“I love you too Harley” you smile pressing a short but passionate kiss on her lips, you both settled down on the floor her holding your head on her chest and you hoped this would last forever.