trapped in a commercial

just garden store/greenhouse on Mother's Day things

-Helen back at it again with the hostas
-40000999 small children running around and crying
-these bright retina searing pink proven winners brand petunias are horribly mutated Jurassic park style but u bet ur ass we’re gonna sell out of them
-shade baskets??? haha Jennifer u must b kidding. i have not seen a shade basket in 34 years
-the really pretty and impressive hanging baskets priced at $45 but when u turn them around the back is dead from being pressed against the overhead beam
-oH gOd ItS sO hOt
-the shop clearly has all its staff on duty but it’s not enough
-Tomato plants. like so many
-everyone above the age of 67 is required to purchase one (1) or more easter lilies
-the commercial Venus fly traps sealed in a clear container marketed towards children like someone free them
-o u want a single fleck of fairy garden moss??? that will be $11.99 please
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A Look into Amanda’s Vision, The Princess Advert and IDW Comic Canon: Mona Wilder revealed? (Theory Post)


“Mona Wilder” is the seventh Black Wing subject alias MOLOCH, trapped within the squeaky ‘stress toy’, and currently communicating through dreams and commercials.

She is “The Princess” in both the commercial seen in the main series, and possibly the insane ‘Princess’ child in the IDW Comic Series.

She is who persuaded Bart to get to (and possibly to kill) Dirk Gently.  


Amanda’s “vision” in S1 E3.

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Things we will get to see in GLORIOUS HD in the Radiant Historia remake:
  • Spiders
  • Hunting for the only three flammable sticks in the entirety of Gran Plain
  • Vanoss’s shredded pecs
  • Garland’s equally shredded pecs
  • Fennel’s floating Zamboni-mech
  • Kiel getting turned into a pincushion
  • Bear traps in random locations
  • Spiders
  • Rosch and Dias’s shampoo-commercial hair
  • An entire avalanche of boulders falling on your head
  • Marco murdering everyone
  • This bear:
  • Heiss’s super-buff combat sprite 
  • Belts
  • Shoehorned-in out-of-nowhere het causes the end of the world
  • The “amenities” kid
  • Master Vainqueur’s spider-house
  • That one bad end where you can agree to a vague offer of “power” from a villain and he electrocutes you and kills everyone because you were dumb
  • Exploding flowers
  • Stocke covered in blood, soaked to the skin, and about to pass out (repeatedly)
  • Knocking out tornadoes by hitting them with a sword
  • The world ending because you picked the wrong person to watch the fire
  • Dias and Selvan dying embarrassingly
  • Raul’s hair
  • Invisible barrels of gunpowder in the middle of the woods
  • Stocke groveling at border guards
  • The NPC in the Sand Fortress who recites the lyrics to “Never Gonna Break My Stride” while running up and down
  • Launching monsters 30 feet into the air
  • Aht stealing things by hitting monsters with a spiked mace the size of her body
  • Stocke straight-up murdering Rosch
  • “If you’ll excuse me, I must go set my own city on fire.”
  • Spiders

anonymous asked:

So we've been having tons of problems with ants lately, mostly around our kitchen sink (which is right next to our stove), and regular ant traps haven't worked. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions for things we can add to the traps/do in addition to laying out traps? We have dogs and cats but none of them are able to get onto the kitchen counters, and the cats are outdoor that only come in when we leave the front door open for a good breeze.

We had this same problem when we first moved into our house. (It’s a farmhouse, built in 1870, there are spiders in the basement that could eat a mouse whole but NOOOO, the little eight-legged slackers let the ants in)

Same story; commercial ant traps did exactly jack shit. So, I got rid of them with this.  Poured a couple teaspoons into a spaghetti jar lid, set them near the ant path.

Within a week, bam. No ants.

What I think is the problem is that commercial ant traps are too strong or not tempting enough. Ants either die before they get back to the nest, or the mix isn’t sweet enough to attract them. They cannot, however, seem to resist sweet, sweet sugar water.

The borax/sugar/water ratio in that recipe is not immediately fatal. No, it is a slower acting poison that lets them get back to the nest and feed it to their children and the queen. And then the whole danged nest dies.

As a repellent, i'mma let you in on a beekeeping secret, used by beekeepers to protect weak hives from ants; cinnamon.

Seriously. We sprinkle a shitton of ground cinnamon around/under the hive. Shit works, yo.

Inside, I’d try cinnamon essential oil in a spray bottle with water. (10-20 drops in a 12-16 oz bottle) and spray the problem areas.


I’ve attended my industry’s annual convention, GBTA, probably 20 times. I really dislike arriving on a Sunday but it’s nice to catch up with old friends.

As a supplier one objective at convention is to win new business. One way to do that is to propose education sessions. The good news is that two of my ideas were accepted; the bad news is that means I have to present two sessions.

The first session was a rather dry subject and even though it went well it only attracted ~100 people. The second session drew a huge crowd though. The room probably held 400 and they had to open a second overflow room. I was moderator of a 5 person panel and I killed it. The session hit the sweet spot of being informative and entertaining and never fell into the trap of sounding like a commercial.

Song Recs VII

It’s been almost a year since I shared a song rec but here songs that I’ve had on my playlist especially when I’m driving! Some of these songs are kinda old but I’ve just been playing them alot lately. 

Previous ones here:  Song Recs (Pt. I, II, III, IV, V, VI)

Dumbfoundead - Mijangwon 미장원 (feat. Loopy and Nafla) (Official Music Video)

Dumb, Loopy, and Nafla’s voice all compliment each other so well and it’s a typical lit song that’s fun to sing a long too. There’s lots of fun hang-lish word play and a catchy hook

[MV] SLEEPY(슬리피) _ So what (맘대로 (Feat. BLOO, Liquor k.jr))

This is my all time favorite Sleepy song, he hasn’t shown this trap side of him in a long time he usually leans more toward commercially promotable songs but after SMTM it looks like he’s going for something trendier and Bloo kiss this hook it’s the greatest thing and I wanna be a “prada gucci rocking bitch~” then Liquor K.jr has his verse toward the end and I usually don’t go for high tone rappers but I really liked it

[쇼미더머니 6 Episode 4] 행주 - Red Sun (Feat. ZICO, Swings) (Official Audio)

The only song I absolutely loved from this season of SMTM. I liked a lot of the songs been when I heard this I was shook to my very core. This was the song that Hangzoo needed to come out of his shell. The production of this song was beautiful Zico outdid himself and then Swings comes in hard toward the end. I don’t know too many artist that want to go this hard on a track. And I loved the rawness


This is the chillest of the songs I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s also on my work out playlist. There’s something about Dean’s soothing and calming voice that serenades and motivates me.

nafla - Wu [Official Music Video]

Old school east coast boom bap, true to Wu tang and it’s just about straight lyricism and I respect Nafla so much for that. But the real reason it’s been playing non-stop is because my brother has been working on a rap on this beat so it’s been the anthem of my household lately. I’ll probably share it when he releases it lol

scottymccalled  asked:

bitty and jack ofc

•jack loves really tiny dogs and gets super excited whenever he sees one. bitty takes a million photos bc the contrast between his Very Large boyfriend and the Very Small dog is both adorable and ridiculous

•jack talks in his sleep sometimes but it’s all in french so bitty can never tell what he’s saying and it frustrates him to no end

•speaking of sleep, sometimes one of jack’s arms will flop over onto bitty and just like. completely traps him. he’s too heavy. someone save bitty

•also jack cries at those commercials with the sad animals where sarah mclachlan plays in the background and bitty regularly has to talk him out of adopting like 30 animals because he is an nhl player and TRAVELS, jack, you don’t have time available to take care of them and also isn’t that hoarding? jack at what point does it legally become hoarding? i think you’d be there

•roughly 60% of the snapchats bitty sends are super zoomed in unflattering photos of jack yawning and stuff “because the world needs to know he IS human and is capable of looking a little bit ugly sometimes”

•bitty refuses to bake with margarine. “this is a BUTTER household, jack. we are not HEATHENS”

•bitty also has VERY strong opinions on the taylor/kardashian feud. he’s tried explaining the whole thing to jack but jack just got confused and asked which was the one who sings “toxic”

•once jack refused to change the radio from a country station and bitty literally got out of the car

A law imposing total ban on vivisection was enacted on August 16, 1933, by Hermann Göring as the prime minister of Prussia. He announced an end to the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and said that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.

On August 28, 1933, Göring announced in a radio broadcast: An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself…. I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp. (Criminals against the state where sent there along with suspected communist members, to await trial)

Göring also banned commercial animal trapping, imposed severe restrictions on hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. He imposed regulations even on the boiling of lobsters and crabs. In 24 November 1933, Nazi Germany enacted another law called Reichstierschutzgesetz (Reich Animal Protection Act), for protection of animals. This law listed many prohibitions against the use of animals, including their use for filmmaking and other public events causing pain or damage to health,feeding fowls forcefully and tearing out the thighs of living frogs. The two principals (Ministerialräte) of the German Ministry of the Interior, Clemens Giese and Waldemar Kahler, who were responsible for drafting the legislative text, wrote in their juridical comment from 1939, that by the law the animal was to be “protected for itself” (“um seiner selbst willen geschützt”), and made “an object of protection going far beyond the hitherto existing law” (“Objekt eines weit über die bisherigen Bestimmungen hinausgehenden Schutzes”).

On February 23, 1934, a decree was enacted by the Prussian Ministry of Commerce and Employment which introduced education on animal protection laws at primary, secondary and college levels.On 3 July 1934, a law Das Reichsjagdgesetz (The Reich Hunting Law) was enacted which limited hunting. On 1 July 1935, another law Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Conservation Act) was passed to protect nature. According to an article published in Kaltio, one of the main Finnish cultural magazines, Nazi Germany was the first in the world to place the wolf under protection.

In 1934, Nazi Germany hosted an international conference on animal protection in Berlin. On March 27, 1936, an order on the slaughter of living fish and other poikilotherms was enacted. On March 18 the same year, an order was passed on afforestation and on protection of animals in the wild. On September 9, 1937, a decree was published by the Ministry of the Interior which specified guidelines for the transportation of animals. In 1938, animal protection was accepted as a subject to be taught in public schools and universities in Germany.

The Nazis disbanded several unofficial organizations advocating environmentalism and animal protection, such as the Friends of Nature, which was a Marxist environmentalist organization with a membership of over 100,000.

The current animal welfare laws in Germany are modified versions of the laws introduced by the Nazis.

anonymous asked:

i bet that demo watches trash monster documentaries

No. No, no, no, no, no. Demo has seen a few episodes of Mountain Monsters, but he hates it. They’re idiots with no real understanding of the danger they’re in. He’ll watch alien documentaries more than the monster stuff.

But you know who loves those? Sniper.

Sniper fucking marathons these programs, gets invested in these long-bearded hicks. He’ll excitedly point at the screen when they use traps similar to his, he can’t wait through the commercial breaks to see if they caught Bigfoot or not. He fucking takes hunting tips from them!

He’ll go on and on to Demo about the Argentinian Sasquatch, or the family of Bigfoots living near Sawmill. He’ll try and get Demo to help him design a trap for a bunyip. Sniper is 100% trash monster believing bogan. 

Turning Out the Lights on Disease-Carrying Insects

Night falls, and the lights on streets and in homes go on. For more than 130 years, artificial light has been a key contributor to human development, allowing people to extend their work hours beyond when the sun goes down, school children to study their lessons, and communities to feel more secure on roads and in shared public spaces. 

In many parts of the world, though, the simple act of turning on a light after dark comes with dangerous risks. Lightbulbs attract insects. Some of these bugs are infected with microbes, which get transferred to people and cause chronic or deadly diseases. Certain mosquitoes bring malaria, Dengue fever or rash- and fever-inducing Chikungunya virus. Sandfly bites can pass on the ulcer-causing Leishmaniasis parasite. A kissing bug kiss can impart Chagas disease.

The impact is substantial, with insect-borne illnesses representing 17 percent of all infectious diseases and 1 million deaths annually around the world. But now researchers say there is a new disease prevention tool that could help lower infections by insects that find their way indoors using light as their guide. Scientists have found that LED bulbs tuned to emit certain wavelengths of light attract significantly fewer insects.

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Tobuscus - TRAPPED in a COMMERCIAL: Hot Pockets

The fact that Taylor plans on coming on tumblr during commercial breaks is proof that we have trapped her in our web of bad jokes and somewhat inappropriate edits (evil laughter ensues).


It is now exactly noon. What a great time to listen to the newest album for the first time! So let’s begin, I literally cannot wait anymore.

1. ‘Ship To Wreck’ (single) - I still think the song is good and catchy. But was that the right choice of Flo’s label to have it open the album? I think so! It really does introduce the main theme of this album, which I think is very full of contrasting emotions.
Favourite lyrics: Did I drink to much, am I losing touch, did I build this ship to wreck?

Overall rating: 7.5/10

2. What Kind of Man (single) - starts with mesmerizing delicacy, and then it gets rough, in a good way. Also full of emotions, but this time not really autoaggressive. It’s a good single, and a really diverse one. The hook gets into one’s head immediately.
Favourite lyrics: And with one kiss, you inspired a fire of devotion

Overall rating: 8/10

3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - the title track is pretty much very well describing the musical theme of the era, as we have the raw sound of Florence’s vocals, plenty of trumpets and similar. It’s very positive and grasping emotions, every kind of them. The instrumental at the end is climactic. I just want to dance like Florence does at the concerts. Simply outstanding.
Favourite lyrics: So much time on the other side, waiting for you to wake up

Overall rating: 9.5/10

4. Queen of Peace - OH. MY. GOD. 
the instrumental at the beginning is simply outstanding. Beautiful. Fairytale-like. And then the beat starts. And I’m cold dead on the floor. There’s something heavenly with this particular combo of drums and clapping; so mesmerizing.
I don’t know if it’s going to be the next single, as I think it is TOO BEAUTIFUL to get the recognition it deserves. But let’s hope for the best

Overall rating:10000000/10

5. Various Storms & Saints - I like the gentleness. Great chillout song, after four fast and sometimes overvocalised ones. I kinda cried, as it built up. It’s hard to compare this song to the others, but it could be a hit. The radios also need chillout songs!

Overall rating: 9/10

6. Delilah - a worthy single. The duality of Florence’s vocals in this kills me. And the structure of the song is something we don’t hear everyday. Also a good beat. There’s more than one hook in this! “It’s a different kind of danger’, ‘Holding up for your call’, ‘To fast for freedom’ and more… 
And in the end, when the drums change the beat (PLOT TWIST) I’m dead on the floor again.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

7. Long & Lost - another chillout song. I’m crazy for the part that starts ‘Is it to late…” The bass is strong with this one. Also, a potential weak part of the album turns out to be very strong effort! Does Florence have any weak songs? Don’t think so.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

8. Caught - it starts with a jingle from milk commercial. It’s trapped between delicacy and something more fierce. I’m really torn by this. I need time to make up my mind, but for now it’s

Overall rating: 6/10

9. Third Eye - after a forgettable song comes a hit with a positive and uplifting (KIND OF) message. I adore the backing vocals (uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-ooooh)

YOU ARE FLESH AND BONE. Hooks you immediately.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

10. St Jude - out of the chillout songs, this one is rather forgettable. But the lyrics are beautiful. And actually that’s all I can say. In comparison to the first nine songs it’s not very good, but still a noticable effort.

Overall rating: 7/10

11. Mother - builds up really well, the ending is very emotional, Instrumental is different from what we’ve heard so far, and I like it.

Overall rating: 8/10

————————– DELUXE

12. Hiding - WHY. IS. THIS. ON. DELUXE. ONLY. Florence’s label should go check themselves for mental illness. First Bedroom Hymns, now this. This could be a freaking #1 single in both US and UK.

Overall rating: 9.99/10


Overall rating: 10/10

14. Which Witch - it’s a retracted (or still to be announced/released?) soundtrack of a movie. I can feel it. The epicness is strong with this one. Should be on the regular album, but I’m not THAT mad (still: I’m kinda mad).

Overall rating: 9.5/10

15 & 16 - Third Eye and HBHBHB demos - I never liked the idea of having demos on deluxe. It sounds messy to me, but I apprieciate the effort. 

and what do you think?