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What’s Normal Anyway?

She knew she shouldn’t be in this home but it was too tempting to not show when she received a message from the man she had been seeing now for five months secretly that he was home and free from his sport obligations.

It was obvious he was eager to see her too. His kiss was strong, so strong he nearly bit her tongue until it bled before she pulled away, her hands at his chest to serve as a warning to his strong affection. Not that she generally didn’t like it.

The rough sex, the passion, it was everything she wanted from him and he provided it with every thrust, bite and tug he could. Today’s choice of the sofa wasn’t as comforting as his California king but knowing she was strapped for time, she didn’t dare complain. Her hand simply slid up his shirt to run her nails against the warmth of the man she had missed so much in his brief absence.

The scruff of his beard rubbed against the smooth feel of her skin, his lips angled to meet her neck with a kiss and a tug against that same plot of skin as his teeth lightly gripped onto what he possessively called his.

She wasn’t sure whether it was the brief flinch she felt feeling his teeth tug a little too hard or her memory that caused her to drift and pull away from him, now staring into the eyes of a man she knew was trouble for she had been told so many times.

He wanted marriage, a house, kids, happiness…with her.

She wanted sex, passion, attention, happiness…with him.

And though maybe once upon a time the two had been on the same page, they were now on two entirely different wavelengths.

He had begun to think about life with her and without her, willing to now take the jump of leaving behind the pictured relationship he had with the other woman he called his girlfriend but treated like a disposable for the woman he was now infatuated with.

And as his kisses moved lower and lower along her skin, she couldn’t help but think about the man left behind at her home, now their home. The man who had probably spent an hour fixing her dinner only to have her come home with the peculiar smell of another man on her neck he would either choose to ignore or be too oblivious to ask about.

A shiver of guilt crept down her spine at the thought. The thought of knowing the man that was giving her his all and was waiting for her stomach to creep up into a ballooning size to represent their blossoming love would have to wait even longer, maybe forever.

What had really got her mind going made her brush her lips away from his as he leaned in for another kiss, the cool touch she was just welcoming now causing her to shy away. “Can I ask you something?”

With a disappointed groan emitting from his lips, he sighed once more and dropped his head so his lips were no longer near hers. Eventually he looked back up to the woman he had been craving, his mind thinking of other things as he waited for her lips to move. “What is it?”

“I want you to come to my company’s party. It’s no big deal. Just a fundraiser and they try and get a few big names out. I…”

He quickly interrupted her as a smile spread across his face, trying to fill in the blanks for himself before she could for him. “You told them you know me?”

“Well…no. Not exactly. I just…thought it’d be a good idea if you just show up.”

He chuckled, his head leaning back some to reveal his adam’s apple as his hand draped along the backside of the couch. “And how will you explain that? Me randomly showing up to your company party? Are you going to explain that to your boyfriend too?” There was a slight but noticeable pause before he spoke that word, always feeling the bitter taste on his tongue whenever he did reference the man that currently had the woman he wanted.

Not like he wasn’t taken himself.

“I’m not going to have to explain anything.”

“So you expect me to just show up and not speak to you?”

“Actually, that’s a great idea.” The thought of having to explain how she knew him seemed like trouble waiting to happen. “I can’t tell him I know you. His first question would be how did I meet you, a world class footballer? Am I supposed to just tell him that we met and since you’ve been trying to trap me in your bed?!”

Yes, was his first thought but he didn’t dare to say that to her. “You don’t have to even say that part. Just say we’re friends or something.”

“I would just feel better if we didn’t have to do any of that. Bring your girlfriend! Make it normal.”

It should have been obvious then to him how different their feelings were to one another. He would have never thought to bring his girlfriend around her, not fearing that he’d be disrespecting his girlfriend but instead the woman he had been secretly falling in love with ever since he laid eyes on her.

But instead she was making the suggestion that he should do just that, that she didn’t have a care in the world that he could show up with another woman. While his jealousy would rage, hers would be nonexistent because he wasn’t the man she was in love with. He was the man that simply satisfied her lustful cravings.

“Normal,” he sarcastically chuckled before speaking his feelings under his breath. “What’s normal about us?”

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Perfect Couple

One with kevin trapp where you meet his family and they like you and after the dinner you here how his mom tells him what a perfect couple you are and how much she likes you and tells hin to keep you.

I was ready to meet Kevin’s parents.  "I am so nervous, what if they don’t like me? What if the think I am not good enough for you? Omg Kevin. They wont like me? Do I look okay?“ I blurted out. I had so many questions and worries for him. "Calm down baby, they are going to love you. Please stop panicking. Please stop worrying” He reassured me as he ran his hands up and down my shoulders.

“Also you look beauyiful, the jeans you look stunning on you. The blouse looks so good too. Now come on we need to go otherwise mum will moan about us being late. That is one thing you will have to learn about her, she cant deal with us being late.” He pulled me into the car.

“I am so scared” I took a big deep breath in. Kevin ran his hand on my thigh as he calmed me down. “You need to stop panicking. This isn’t going to be scary, just be yourself and you will be so loved” I smiled at him. This calmed me down a little.

We got to Kevin’s parents house. Kevin walked in behind me and he introduced everyone to me. “This is Y/N” Kevin’s mum smiled and greeted me in a hue hug. “It is so nice to finally meet out, I have heard so much about you. I am so happy” She smiled at me. “Thank you for having me here” I smiled.

It was time for dinner. “This looks lovely” I complimented her on the food that was dished out on the table. Kevin smiled as he pulled out the chair for me. “Thank you” I replied as I sat down. He smiled as he placed his hand on my leg. “You have done very well so far” He whispered in my ear.

It was a very peaceful dinner and I really enjoyed all the food. “This tastes amazing” I complimented her on her cooking. “Oh thank you darling, Kevin she is a good one right there. I mean she is complimenting my food already and we have only just met” She replied as I felt my face turning an awfully red colour. “Thanks mum, you should be pleased she’s so fussy” Kevin smirked as he kissed my cheek.

Once we had finished dinner. I helped his mum tidy up. I was trying to do my part and be a good person. It was lovely to be able to mingle in with the family. Even though I was really scared, I was starting to feel right a home with them.

“So Kevin, do you think she is the one for you?” I couldn’t look at Kevin as I was worried what he was going to say. “Yes mum, I think this may be the time you can get your wedding outfit ready” Kevin blushed as he squeezed my arm I felt so warm and my stomach whirled with butterflies.

“Well it has been nice to see you so happy in love Kevin I know it has been a while. I haven’t seen you in this perfect of a relationship ever You are perfect. It makes me smile. Y/N is absolutely perfect and I really like you. It has been lovely to meet you and I have loved it” She gushed. I got up and hugged her.

“Aww that means so much to me. Thankyou. I am very happy with your son. He makes me very happy whenever I am around him” I smiled at her. “Well I am so glad he does make you happy, he better be treating you right” I laughed.


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It looked just as it once had only…older. The outer edges of the home had aged, overgrown weeds overtaking what she thought was the most beautiful part of the home which were the flower beds that had been resting there long before they even purchased the home. The vibrant colors no longer made their presence known as the flowers had instead withered away to brown, dried leaves.

It was her first home purchase. Their first home purchase. It was the single most prideful investment she had ever made even though Kevin had sworn it was a terrible idea from the beginning.

A home in the middle of nowhere? That sounds awful, he had continued to say but somehow she had done her job and convinced him in the end that this was the home for them.

How terribly wrong she had been.

“Can you believe we used to own this dump?”

The new voice sounding from behind her nearly made her jump out of her boots but as she turned, that look of concern withered into a smile.

She hadn’t expected Kevin to show up. In fact her text message to him had pretty much got erased 12 times before she finally sent one off to him.

Hey. It’s me. I know it’s been a while but I wanted to let you know I’ll be visiting the home tomorrow around noon before they demolish it…if you wanted to come?

There was no response, no hint that Kevin had even gotten to the message in what she imagined was a mess in his entire inbox. Maybe he had purposely ignored it, she thought. Or maybe he wasn’t even in town and didn’t bother trying to come up with some gentle reply to let her know he wasn’t coming. Regardless, she was surprised to see him right now.

That boyish charm was still there though his face was less baby-like, his facial hair sprouting along his strong jawline and somewhat above his lip. His hands sat tucked into his pockets as he continued to make his way towards her. “Shall we go in?”

Realizing she hadn’t spoken a word she nodded silently and continued her steps creeping into the home. The smell of absence, if that even existed, filled her nostrils immediately. Dust clung to every permanent fixture and old piece of furniture that remained behind.

“I guess they didn’t see what you saw in this place, huh?” Kevin spoke as his hand trailed against a dirty wall, grimacing once he looked back at the black now covering his fingers before he dusted it off onto his dark denim jeans.

“No one ever did,” she sighed, inhaling the harmful fumes of the inhabitable home. She wasn’t even sure what remained in the home. She just remembered trying to gather her things as quickly as possible.

It took no time before her feet were taking her up the creaking steps though she could hear Kevin’s protest behind her. “Hey! You sure you wanna trust those?”

He followed anyway…

The bedroom was just as she remembered it. The large windows let in as much light as she could stand, her hands temporarily shielding her eyes from the early sun as the curtains she had once had swinging from their rails were torn down. Her eyes danced across the room until she put her sights on the slightly open closet door.

“It’s here!”

Her steps quickly took her towards the off-white short dress, still covered by the clear plastic that was meant to protect it. Too bad the damage had already been done.

The red colored wine decorated the bodice of the dress though it was now a little bit more faded than it was the night of the damage.

She turned, hearing Kevin chuckling behind her. “I remember that happening. Oh you were pissed!” His nearly uncontrollable laughter made her laugh some as well, taking her hand and pretending as if she was going to push him before she retreated.

“This was my favorite dress and you ruined it! Too busy talking to your teammates that you completely spilled half your glass on me. I wanted to cry.”

“I bought you a new favorite dress. It’s okay.”

But her attention didn’t stay on the dress for too long as she realized the other memories present in the home. She hadn’t bothered to take down the many picture frames on the wall, too busy worried about the material possessions she wanted to keep rather than the priceless possessions that were only a reminder of their now broken relationship.

She didn’t want to carry into her new solo apartment pictures of Kevin smiling and holding her close post-game or that picture of her giving him bunny ears at her mother’s 50th birthday party. She didn’t want to keep the picture of her cheesing as she took the first step into their finished home.

She had left it all behind.

“I had thought to come back for these but…I figured it was best to let them go,” Kevin spoke somberly as he took a few steps forward to look at a picture himself. His finger trailed against the dusty front of the frame as if he was wiping their faces clean to be seen.

She had nearly choked watching, realizing again that he was really here. She hadn’t seen him in the flesh since the breakup. By the time she came to the home to get rid of her possessions, his had already been packed away and taken to some loft she imagined as pretty, spacious and luxurious while her boxes were filed into her best friend’s apartment as that was the only place she could afford to stay at the time.

Part of that made her bitter but eventually, with time, she got over it.

She avoided watching any matches so she wouldn’t have to see his face and for a while she had gotten through it but she couldn’t avoid seeing him for too long and now here he was standing next to her as if they hadn’t ended so badly.

“I-I think I should go.” The words had nearly gotten stuck in her throat before she turned on her heels and headed for the door and down the worn steps. Maybe she had been walking so fast she hadn’t heard Kevin’s steps behind her but by the time she made it to the front door there was someone waiting for her.

Logan took a step through the small door frame, a brief look of disgust on his face as he looked around and realized it was much too small of a home for someone of his tall stature. His eyes caught onto hers and he then smiled. “You ready?”

It wasn’t in her plans to bring her current boyfriend, Logan, to the home she once shared with her now ex but he had insisted on coming along, to be there for emotional support though he kept himself in his car listening to the radio while she slowly waltzed inside.

She took one look back at the steps she had just descended, expecting to see Kevin behind her but there was no one, not even a sound that gave her proof that he was ever really there.

Her eyes closed for a brief moment trying to wash away the images she had just created in her mind for the past 10 minutes before she opened them, holding out her hand for Logan to grab. “I am.”

He took her hand and pulled her back out and towards the door. She followed silently, her eyes trained on the car some distance infront of her before she had to take one look back at the home and the memories that were soon to be destroyed for good but no amount of physical damage could erase the memory of Kevin Trapp from her brain.

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Change of Plans - Kevin Trapp

       “He’s going to piss himself when you tell her!” My (so called) best friend Ana burst out following my reveal of the big news - her British side being revealed. 
     “Oh, okay, that’s unnecessary.” I told her, cringing at the thought. “He probably won’t even be surprised, I mean we’ve been at it a lot lately. I mean, a lot. I’m talking every night -” 
     “Okay, now you’re the one that needs to stop.” she said making a face and taking another sip of her beer, sending me into a fit of giggles. “So he may not piss himself, but he’s gonna freak out. I mean this is huge!” 
     “It is.” I said, smiling at the mere idea of how Kevin would react to the news. 
     “So, how are you gonna tell him?” Ana said jumping forward in her seat. 
      I looked at her confused. How am I going to tell him? Don’t I just say, ‘Hey bud, I’m pregnant. And surprise - it’s yours!” 
     “Oh god.” She groaned realizing what was going through my head. “Please don’t tell me you’re not going to be as boring as you usually are and casually tell him as you two watch gruesome horror movies and wear matching pjs.” 
     “Boring?!” I exclaimed, offended that she would think of me in such way. 
     “Oh come on Y/N. Admit it. You’ve never been a very exciting ‘big-news teller.” she said, “I mean, you told you’re parents you were moving to France by a text message that said ‘I got a job in Paris! I’m going!”
     So maybe she was right. I never saw the allure in big announcements that grabbed everyones attention - but was that necessarily a bad thing? 
     “So what am I supposed to do?” I asked her, taking a sip from the tall glass of water that sat in front of me. “Rent a hot air balloon and write across the sky ‘Kevin, we’re having a baby’? 
     Ana rolled her eyes and took my hand in hers. “You need help, but thankfully you’ve come to the right place.

     5 o’clock. 
     Kevin would be home any minute now and everything was going to plan perfectly. The casserole was in the oven, the table was set with fancy silverware and fresh flowers, and romantic music played in the background. To anyone else it might seem as if I was getting ready to propose. 
     The sound of a car pulling into the front of the house sent me running to the front door ready to greet Kevin as he walked in. I slowed down and regained my composure, running my hands over my still flat stomach to smooth out the few crinkles in my dress. As I walked towards the door ready to open it and be met by the love of my life, my future husband and the father of my child. As I reached for the doorknob images of the perfect night flashed through my mind. 
     But those images were quickly replaced by the image of the white door swinging open - straight towards my face. 
     “Shit!” I screamed, unable to control my mouth, as the wooden door came into harsh contact with my nose.
     “What the hell?” I heard a surprised voice from the other side of the door. A second later Kevin walked into the house and looked at what had previously been blocking himself from opening the door. “OH Shit!” 
     What a sight I was. Bent over behind the door, my hands covering my face as blood poured out of my nose and onto my white dress. 
     “What the hell happened?” Kevin exclaimed, rushing to my aid. 
     I straightened my back to come face to face with him, my hands still covering a large portion of my face. 
     “Come here.” He said rushing me towards the bathroom. As we passed the kitchen, my heart sank remembering the wonderful night I had planned. 
     As soon as we got into the bathroom, Kevin lifted me onto the bathroom sink before searching through the cabinets. 
     “Is it bad?” I asked slowly removing my hands from my bloody nose. Kevin looked up to me, and his eyes widened at the sight in front of him. 
     “You look beautiful.” He joked before quickly returning to search through the cabinet. Once he had found what he wanted he stood back up and quickly went to work on my nose. 
     “There, all better.” He said stepping back to take a better look at me. “Or at least until we get to the hospital.”
     "I can’t believe you broke my nose.” I said staring back at him. 
     “Hey, that’s not fair! You were the one standing in front of the door! What the hell were-” his quick defense was cut off as I begin to giggle uncontrollably. 
     I couldn’t keep it in. Of all of the ways for tonight to go, this one never even occurred to me. Kevin stared at me, clueless as to why I was laughing my ass off.
     “It’s not you’re fault.” I reassured him after I had regained my composure, taking his hands and pulling him between my legs. 
     “You are so weird.” He said kissing my forehead, careful not to touch my nose. 
     “This is not at all how I had planned for tonight to go.” 
     “I was going to ask you about that.” He said, his eyes revealing a sense of curiosity. “The nice meal, the fancy music, the beautiful dress-” he said looking down at my white (and red) dress “I thought Tuesday was Japanese take out.” 
     “I had this whole thing planned out,” I said rolling my eyes. “I was planning on telling you over take out but somehow Ana convinced me I had to make it special. 
     “Tell me what?” Kevin asked, eyebrows narrowing. 
      I froze realizing my slip up. 
     “Tell you that…” I began trying to find a way to get myself out of the situation. 
     “Spill it babe.” 
     Looking down at his hands that rested on my thighs, I picked up his right hand in mine and gently placed it on my stomach. After a moment I looked back up to meet his eyes that were now filled with a million different emotions. 
     “Tell you that I’m pregnant.” I whispered. 
     For a moment we said nothing, we sat together in comfortable silence, our bodies close to each other as his warm hand rested gently on my stomach. 
     Suddenly I noticed a single tear fall from Kevin’s eye. He was always the strong one. He rarely showed his emotions and it took a lot to get him to cry. In our 4 years together I had only witnessed him crying 3 or 4 times. 
     “I love you so much. And I love our baby more than anything in the world. Thank you so much.” He said taking his hands and cupping my face, resting his forehead on mine. “And I promise never to break your nose again.” 

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The Breakfast Club - Kevin Trapp

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Did anyone even like breakfast? It’s the meal that signals that your day has started and you’ve actually got to own up to adult responsibilities. Ugh

It didn’t even surprise Alisa when her boyfriend Kevin revealed that he loved breakfast and breakfast days; they disagreed on everything. Kevin loved getting up early to make the most of his day and Alisa liked to stay in bed for as long as possible, Kevin loved night outs in clubs and Alisa preferred having a classy mean and taking a nice stroll through the local park.

Kevin Trapp was a romantic guy, he loved planning dates and surprising his girlfriend with little gifts. Cute right? Alisa thought so, but not when he proposed the idea of a breakfast date. And that’s how they ended up in their favourite cafe at the ridiculous, at least it was to Alisa, time of 7am. 

Kevin Trapp was munching contently on his breakfast bar while Alisa sipped her coffee, black with 4 sugars, and stared at her boyfriend un-amused. Kevin caught sight of his girlfriend’s stare and laughed.

“I’m guessing when I won’t be getting any tonight?” He smirked and Alisa smirked at her boyfriend sarcastically. 

“One week.” She said simply. Kevin almost choked on his breakfast bar.

“One week?!” He spluttered. Alisa nodded simply, sipping her coffee again. Kevin loved nothing more than being with his girlfriend in every single way and she was his ultimate weakness. Her work uniform, a simple blouse and pencil skirt, drove him crazy as it accentuated her body perfectly. “Babe, isn’t that a bit drastic? You’re not just punishing me, you’re punishing yourself.”

Alisa laughed. “Really Kevin? You’re the one who can’t resist me remember? And this is payback for making me leave my oh-so-comfy bed and brave the cold to watch you eat your breakfast.” She shrugged and continued to sip her coffee. 

Kevin groaned and turned on the charm that had won his girlfriend over when they first met, which ironically was in the early morning in the park when they were both running (yes Alisa could be athletic, on rare occasions).

“Babe please?” This earned another head shake.”I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Alisa smirked and Kevin was already regretting his words.


“Ok. You’ve got to take me home right now and drink one of my smoothies.” Kevin’s eyes widened. Alisa was notorious for making gross looking smoothies for her breakfast and Kevin gagged at them every time he saw them. 

Kevin attempted to protest but his girlfriend’s unimpressed look shut him up and he nodded reluctantly. Alisa clapped her hands with glee and downed her coffee quickly, getting up and holding her hand out for her boyfriend to take. 

What Kevin had intended as a cute breakfast date had ended in a ban, a half eaten breakfast bar and a promise of trying a disgusting smoothie.