We went to a local zoo a few weeks ago.  It’s always fun to get out of town with friends and check out the sights.  Zoos are quickly becoming my favorite places to visit.  The animals are just cool, plus Mr. gets to see things in real life that maybe he only sees in cartoon form or in books.  

Taking kids to do things is important.  We’ve firmly established “going on an Adventure” as a happy trigger phrase for Mr.  He beams every time we tell him and Adventure is coming his way :)

Plus, there’s always some type of treat involved, ice cream in this case, and that makes for a happy day.  Until it melts that is. The last photograph sums up the parent/child relationship perfectly.  He’s pissed the ice cream broke/is melted.  Mrs. D’s trying to save it for him at ALL COSTS.  

© The Rambling Ark | Photographs

Ok, another mushy anniversary blah blah blah…but, this has a weird twist.  These rubber duckies were bought at the last minute by some guests at the wedding.  They threw them in the fountain for fun, which everyone commented on that day.  They kinda stole the show, whatevs.  We never found them after we unpacked all the wedding stuff after the honeymoon.  That was until nearly two and a half years the day of Maximilian’s baby shower my mom said she got a random package in the mail for us.  We don’t even live near her, but her and my dad were hosting the shower.  We opened the gift and there were the two ducks, Bride and Groom, plus three tiny rubber ducklings.  I believe there were two boys and a girl.  We have NO IDEA who sent them to us, and are still pondering it to this day :)