trap test

The signs as trap characters in anime

Aries: Hideyoshi Kinoshita 

Taurus: Saika Totsuka


Cancer: Aoi Hyoudou

Leo: Tatsukichi Hayama

Virgo: Luka Urushibara

Libra: Gasper Vladi

Scorpio: Haku

Sagittarius: Ringo Tsukimiya

Capricorn: Ritsu Sohma

Aquarius: Fisheye

Pisces: Chihiro Fujisaki


Eric x Reader

Part One

“We all know why we’re here, (Y/N) would you like to explain yourself?” Max asked as he hurried in and sat down, not looking at Eric or Tori.

“Running to Abnegation gave my child the best chance to correctly decide on her faction.” You said seriously and everyone seemed to be taken back.

“So, you were pregnant before you left?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, less than two percent of Dauntless children leave Dauntless I wanted to give my child a chance to experience a faction that had a higher…” Eric shook his head and stood up.

“Are you saying that she wouldn’t have the chance to change factions if I raised her!” Eric snapped and Max motioned for him to sit.

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Concept scenes for the AU I started working on while I was traveling last week, because my brain reacts to stress by creating new AUs.  This is an AU of the earlier reunion AU, and starts at approximately the same time – maybe a few hours earlier.

About 3K below the break.

Hera hadn’t cried in front of a superior officer since before any of them had been her superior officers, back when she had been in the Spire, but she couldn’t seem to stop crying now no matter what she did. They weren’t even silent tears, which somehow seemed like they would have been more acceptable; they were huge wracking sobs which shook her whole body where she sat perched on a chair in Colonel Yularen’s office.  Yularen was there too, looking mildly baffled by this turn of events, along with a couple of stormtroopers and – him.

He still had Kanan’s blood on his gloved hands.

He’s alive, Hera tried to tell herself, repeating the words silently in hopes that they would eventually reach the point of having meaning. He’s alive, he’s still alive, he’s alive.

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*knock knock* why do people keep taking AP classes in high school?

*knock knock* to get into college!

*knock knock* but isn’t that totally fucking ridiculous? taking college level classes…to get into college?

*knock knock* everything is total fucking bullshit and we’re all trapped in a black hole made stronger every day by our own ignorance and complacency 

*knock knock* hide all the sharp objects