trap test

The signs as trap characters in anime

Aries: Hideyoshi Kinoshita 

Taurus: Saika Totsuka


Cancer: Aoi Hyoudou

Leo: Tatsukichi Hayama

Virgo: Luka Urushibara

Libra: Gasper Vladi

Scorpio: Haku

Sagittarius: Ringo Tsukimiya

Capricorn: Ritsu Sohma

Aquarius: Fisheye

Pisces: Chihiro Fujisaki


Eric x Reader

Part One

“We all know why we’re here, (Y/N) would you like to explain yourself?” Max asked as he hurried in and sat down, not looking at Eric or Tori.

“Running to Abnegation gave my child the best chance to correctly decide on her faction.” You said seriously and everyone seemed to be taken back.

“So, you were pregnant before you left?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, less than two percent of Dauntless children leave Dauntless I wanted to give my child a chance to experience a faction that had a higher…” Eric shook his head and stood up.

“Are you saying that she wouldn’t have the chance to change factions if I raised her!” Eric snapped and Max motioned for him to sit.

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  • Solona Amell: Jowan, what the fuck, why are you dating a holy sister? That is a terrible idea on so many levels I can't even begin to count them. Jowan. Jowan, I don't trust her. Are you sure this isn't a trap? True tests never end, Jowan!
  • also Solona Amell, fourteen years later: So, anyway, I'm getting married to the Divine this weekend. Wanna come to the wedding?

Maul Me, Ruck Me, Make Me Scrum!

Joe Marler Gets Rucked, And Robo Does The Honors!! Why Not? He’s England’s Skipper And Joe’s Mate From The Quins!

Woof, Baby!

*knock knock* why do people keep taking AP classes in high school?

*knock knock* to get into college!

*knock knock* but isn’t that totally fucking ridiculous? taking college level classes…to get into college?

*knock knock* everything is total fucking bullshit and we’re all trapped in a black hole made stronger every day by our own ignorance and complacency 

*knock knock* hide all the sharp objects

anonymous asked:

whats it like to be ut uf and sf bros best friend?

UT sans

⭐You and sans shave a pretty chill friendship.

 ⭐If you’re not friends with his brother at the time, you will be eventually. 

⭐You two go to Grillby’s a lot, share puns, he will even teach you how to make hot cats.

 ⭐He’s not really used to strong platonic relationships with others, beside his bro of course.

 ⭐He likes to pick on you and expect pranks, but nothing to harmful. You will find whoopie cushions EVERYWHERE. 

⭐Despite his lazy demeanor Sans is always there for you when you need him and ready to cheer you up.

UT papyrus

⭐Papyrus is the ultimate best friend and he’s ready to adopt you a his honorary little sister/brother not long after you two start hanging out. 

⭐He can be overly zealous about your friendship and he invites you to hang out a lot. You are in the right to say no the first time because going to someone’s house for spaghetti 5 minutes after you met them sounds like a fine way to get murdered. He has the best intentions though, he is just enthusiastic.

⭐He’s had a lot of free time since he got to the surface and Undyne has been busy ever since she got a job as a police officer.

⭐If he sees you out on the street he may just run up to you, pick you up and swing you around.

⭐He Texts you all the time about what’s going on in his life, but it’s nice because you have someone to talk to anytime you need it.

⭐Cooks for you of course and be prepared to test taste some of his new dishes for him. (Nothing to bad)

⭐He likes to carry you around for no reason. Must be a habit he picked up from taking care of Sans.

⭐Protect him with your life.

UF sans:


⭐Red is not an easy person to get close to, so you’ve got to be persistent. He will acted annoyed but if you intentions are honest then he will eventually open up.

⭐Red is best described as the jerky older brother who really does care for you in the end.

⭐Be prepared for wet willies, noogies and any other way he can find to make you mildly uncomfortable.

⭐He ends up teaching you how to pick someone’s pockets without getting caught and how to pick a lock.

⭐Red is a good person to talk to if your upset because he is surprisingly good at comforting people.

⭐Always steals your food when you’re not looking.

⭐There are very few people he cares this much about, so like it or not you’re part of his family now, and he will protect you with his life.

UF papyrus

⭐Boss has very high standards, but like his brother, if you’re persistent, he begins to warm up to you, and he’s a handful.

⭐He likes to train with you, so after a lot of hard work you might end up with the skills of a full blown ninja.

⭐If you fight someone for him he will be so proud.  {What’s that? You roundhouse kicked the kid who was making fun of monsters? Well, Boss taking you out for nice cream!}

⭐As big and tough as he is, Boss is terrified of thunderstorms, so please comfort him. 

⭐He can carry you around on his shoulder no matter how old you are.

⭐If he is ever yelling at you, just kiss him (platonically) on the cheek or his nose bone or somewhere like that and he will stop instantly and go dark crimson before stomping away in embarrassment.

⭐He can be sort of a mom at times when it come to your well being. Tell him that and he will totally deny it.

SF sans

Oh boy, this guy…

⭐When he you first run into each other he’s rude and arrogant (you know classic raspberry). Raspberry is one of the most difficult skeletons to befriend, mostly because he has never had any real friends himself (him and his Alphys don’t get along).

⭐Befriending Raspberry is going to be kind of confusing. Here is the best way to do it when you run into him: Never say that you’re trying to befriend him, be polite and humor him, but don’t take any of his crap, compliment him but not overly so, listen to his rambling and even try to strike up a conversation yourself. You are basically playing “hard to get” but with friendship. Act like you think he’s cool but don’t outwardly express a want to hang out with him. If he says that someone like you could never be worthy of a friendship with “The Maleficent Sans” just shrug and say okay before going on like normal.

⭐That strategy get him confused and angry, and this is where things get crazy! He will have Rus legit kidnap you for him. You will be walking down the street one day when all of a sudden a bag is put over your head and you’re hauled away potato sack style and end up tied to a chair in the skelebro’s house with a smirking Raspberry in front of you. He will proceed to explain that he has decided to be merciful and grace your pathetic life with his presence for at least a little while. If you can withhold from calling the police after you are untied, Ras will escort you to his room where you to will hang out (kind of awkwardly) for a while.

⭐The next day you get a text for him (how did he get your number?) saying that he will except your friendship. The rest is history.

⭐You and Raspberry hang out a lot, and it usually consists of hanging out at his house reading comic books or him bragging about his many accomplishments.

⭐He gets you to test his traps for him but don’t worry he always there to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

⭐Ras is an attention hog, so he gets jealous of your other friends when you can’t hang out with him because of them, and will try to show you how superior he is by putting them down, but if you ask him to stop he will.

⭐He loves horror movies so you will be having late night marathons together.

⭐He still degrades you sometimes but if anyone else dare try, they are in for some major trouble.

⭐Anytime he wants to hang out he usually just picks you up a carries you back to his place without even informing you of what’s going on

⭐He gets worried about you a lot, but will never admit it.

⭐If he ever decides to go on a vacation you are coming with him whether you know it or not.

SF papyrus

⭐There no way you’re going to get close enough to Rus to be best friend without being friends with his brother first.

⭐Say hi to him when you two are alone together and strike up a conversation even if he doesn’t respond. Most of his responses will be quick witted and sarcastic at first, but if you keep at it he will lighten up. Try asking him a about his brother, that’s something he is always willing to talk about.

⭐Treat him as an equal and invite him to hang out with you and Ras even if Ras protests.

⭐Being genuinely nice to his bro in the first place was a huge pro with you from the beginning, which is why he warmed up to you so fast.

⭐When you do become friend with him he is extremely loyal.

⭐He likes to make sure that you’re healthy and is great at comforting people so go to him if you ever need to talk.

⭐If someone ever makes you cry he’s going to rip them to shreds unless you stop him

⭐He always brings you favorite snack when you two hang out.

⭐If he finds out that you’re ticklish you are doomed. He just loves seeing you laugh.

⭐Despite his laid back demeanor, Rus can be extremely ruthless and determined when it comes to fighting for the people he care about, and your one of them now so welcome to the pack.

This was defiantly one of my favorite to write so far. Thanks for the request!

important things:

the last ti ep had a trap. all the other traps, markus would test with a bag of sand to see if they would trigger or not. jay designed this one to work that way so that markus would disable it, but he does not. why? because ashe comments on liking smooth sailing, smoother sailors, causing markus walks away, and not disarming it, so when ashe triggered it she got knocked unconscious