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The signs as trap characters in anime

Aries: Hideyoshi Kinoshita 

Taurus: Saika Totsuka


Cancer: Aoi Hyoudou

Leo: Tatsukichi Hayama

Virgo: Luka Urushibara

Libra: Gasper Vladi

Scorpio: Haku

Sagittarius: Ringo Tsukimiya

Capricorn: Ritsu Sohma

Aquarius: Fisheye

Pisces: Chihiro Fujisaki

so i was thinkin'

junkrat n roadhog are sitting beside each other by the fire. junkrat is fixing up his gadgets, roadhog is poking around in the embers with a stick.

junkrat nonchalantly asks him “you ever been in love, Roadie?”, not taking his eyes off the trap he’s assembling. Doesnt notice hog stops messing with the fire.

hog replies “Yeah.” and leaves it there.

“what did it feel like?” junkrat continues, fastening a screw.

hog doesnt respond for a few moments. “feels like a vermin burrowing in your chest. But ya dont want it to come out.” he continues stirring the embers.

“vermin, huh? like a bug?” junkrat asks. he’s just making conversation. opens and closes the trap, testing the hinges.

hog adds another log to the fire. “nah. more like a rat.” he replies.

The squeaking of metal stops and hog can feel junkrat leaning against him. he looks down and junkrat is staring into the fire, then looks up at him. he lifts roadhog’s mask and plants a chaste little kiss on the corner of his mouth, then continues working.

roadhog fixes his mask, grinning like a madman.


The Hangman
Also known as Hear No Evil, The Deafening Mask

Type of Trap: Test

“Bobby enters a room on the second story of the building that is missing it’s floorboards, with the exception of a series of torn-apart beams, destroyed arches, and wooden planks. Bobby finds his closest friend, Cale, on the other end of the room, equipped with a mask that covers his eyes and ears so that he can’t see anything and it is difficult for him to hear. He also has a collar around his neck with a chain leading from the ceiling to the back of it, attached to a winch. If Cale were to fall, the winch would lift him off his feet and he would be hanged. When Bobby plays the tape for his test, he learns that he must grab a key located in the center of the room that is out of Cale’s reach, while guiding the disabled Cale to a close enough distance so that Bobby can toss him the key that would release his noose before a timer expires and Cale is hanged.”

Cale: Dead
Bobby: Failed

Source: Trap Description from Saw Wiki

there are very few characters that speak to me as much as Leorio Paladiknight, because

  1. took one of the most difficult and terrifying death traps disguised as a test ever, explicitly to get money to pay off student loans
  2. loves Gon Freecss so much and will fight anyone anywhere for him
  3. that time he got so frustrated with his phone he tried to eat it
  4. has a tendency to ramble into awkwardness when speaking in public
  5. goes on the Dark Continent expedition (aka another terrifying death trap field trip) for grad school credit from his now-advisor Cheadle

get to know me meme

favourite relationships [2/5] - The Doctor  & Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

If I destroy this planet I destroy the gravity field. The rocket. The rocket loses protection, falls into the black hole. I’ll have to sacrifice Rose… So, that’s the trap. Or the test, or the final judgment, I don’t know. But if I kill you, I kill her. Except that implies in this big grand scheme of Gods and Devils that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her!

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I heard rob currently lives at the Elmore wrecking yard

“Soooorta true. My lair used to be there and…Actually I think it is still there? I might check out.. That’s normally where I would spend all my hours testing traps and building stuff.”

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Adri requested this:  So I am pretty sure you guys don’t know this, but I absolutely love playing mind games. They’re fun and they challenge me (Just realised Charlie really fits well to me :p). So I was thinking, reader playing a mind game like cell trap, IQ test- Cryptex or some shit like that, Cas sees and wonders what she is doing. Reader challenges him to play the game and says something like, don’t worry if you can’t figure out of it, it’s a hard game until you get the hang of it, but he just totally owns it and totally beats reader in it!

And this is what I made of that :D Hope you like it hun!

You smiled when you felt Cas’ eyes on you. As you sat on the couch in the library of the bunker playing cell trap on your phone, he fixed you with his stare. He walsed in and out of the room a few times, watching you.

Finally he seemed to gather up the courage to approach you, and you looked up and sent him a small smile, which made his face light up instantly.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” Cas looked over your shoulder and frowned as he saw all the numbers on the phone.

“Playing a game, Cas.” You smiled and moved closer to him so he could see the screen. “Look at this.There are the numbers in general, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and then the last numbers that it forms and disappears, where one of them is 256. So if you have the number two, let’s take the ones in the down left corner. You have to have 4 of two to make it form 8. Then when you have the number 8, you form a new one with 4 of eight to make it form 32. You continue that until it hits the highest number it can reach, one being 256. All it’s about is keep making higher numbers and make them disappear in order to get scores. If the whole thing gets filled with numbers, you lose. Do you wanna try? Don’t worry it take a while to get a hang of it.”

You smiled as you watched Cas start playing on your phone, and when you were sure he had gotten the hang of it you leaned back on the couch, grabbing a book and started reading. Somehow your feet ended up in his lap as he played the game and you read, comfortable sharing each other’s space.

After a few hours, Dean’s voice sounded through the bunker and you stretched your limbs, getting off the couch and heading towards the kitchen, running your hand over Cas’ shoulders as you went, making sure he realized your were leaving.

Cas hardly spoke for the rest of the day, only when he showed up in the kitchen as you were doing the dishes, asking you for a power cord. He was still on the couch playing “the stupid game” as Dean put it, when you and the Winchesters went to bed.

“Y/N…” You felt your bed dip and you immediately shot up into a seated position, your hunter’s instincts kicking in, but you relaxed as soon as you saw the apologetic look on the angel’s face.

“I am sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just… I think I lost.” Cas must have sensed your confusion and his eyes darted  to his the floor. “I’m sorry Y/N, I should have let you sleep.”

“No, Cas, it’s okay.” You slowly rubbed your eyes as you began to realize why he was in your room, “The game is designed that way. You will eventually lose. Let me see it?”

Your eyes opened wide as you looked at the screen, “20154? Cas that is not losing! You really beat me!”

“I would never hurt you, Y/N.” The angel frowned and you couldn’t help, but laugh,

“No, I mean at the game silly. Look at my high score!” You turned the phone letting the angel see and his face lit up as he looked at the numbers, 6726.

“So I didn’t lose?” You returned his genuine smile and shook your head, “No Cas, you didn’t. Now I need to sleep.”

You scooted back down in the bed, pulling the covers back around you and closing your eyes, only to open them again a few seconds later, when you realized Cas hadn’t moved.

“Are you okay, Cas?” You looked up at him and he shifted nervously.

“Could I maybe stay in here with you? The bunker is so quiet, when you are all sleeping.” He didn’t look at you as he spoke. He looked so small, and you couldn’t have refused him even if you had wanted too.

“Sure Cas,” you scouted over, leaving a space on the side of the bed for him, “at least lose the coat though, huh?”

Your breath hitched, as you heard his clothes fall to the ground. Losing way more than just the coat.

You bit your lip as you felt his arm close around your waist, pulling you close to his only boxers covered body, “Is this okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah Cas,” you smiled through your blush as you pushed yourself back closer against him, intertwining your fingers with his. “In fact, I think you should stay in my room every night from now on.”

“I would like that very much, Y/N.” Cas lips brushed over your shoulder before resting his head down behind you, listening to the sound of your breathing gradually getting heavier.

“I would like that very much.”  

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Fringe AU where Charlie is alive and suspects Fauxlivia [ part one ]

“Test her. Something only Olivia would know.”

“Thought I’d catch up with a friend in Corinth…and like he always says: Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy.”

When Yashiro is in love with someone...

Here is PART 2

He tortures them XD

No really.

That’s why It always bother me when Yashiro states so loudly how he’s a masochist when he’s as much a sadist. Of course since he is only a sadist to the person he likes, it’s also masochism since when you hurts someone you like, 1 you alienate them to you, and it hurts 2 it’s hurts because people empathize more when they love.

So basically, here, I will review the manga and points all the little trap test Yashiro throw to the people he loves and why he does it. (actually it’s so long that I will cut it in part, don’t know how many yet and I’ll put it under cut , NOOO PEOPLE DONT RUN AWAY!!!! XD)

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So, that’s the trap. Or the test, or the final judgment, I don’t know. But if I kill you, I kill her. Except that implies in this big grand scheme of Gods and Devils that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her.

doctor who meme: 10 episodes
↳ 3/10 - The Satan Pit  

I can revive you!

Context: Playing a pathfinder campaign with my sorcerer built to be a necromancer, who has also already been established to have a great bluff check after already messing with the party. We had saved these 2 villagers and were taking them to the next town when we got attacked, and one of the villagers had gotten killed by the monsters, so this interaction happened.

Necromancer: Oh shit you friend died during the fight? Don’t worry I can bring him back!

Villager#2: Oh you can! That would be great he was a long time friend!

Me OOC: Your not gonna sense motive to check if I’m lying?

DM: You think he will even make it anywhere near close enough?

*Proceeds to reanimate villager#1 as a zombie*

Villager#2: Hey Frank you bac-!

Zombie Frank: Urrrrgh!

Villager#2: uhhhhh that’s not revival…

Necromancer: I didn’t say how he’d come back.

I proceeded to use Frank to test for traps in the next suspicious cave we encountered.