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How Did You Do That? - Young Justice Imagine

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Requested by Anon -  the team going on a mission and all falling into a life threatening trap, which leaves the reader (whom they originally didn’t think had powers) to swoop in and save the day

Notes: (Y/S/N) = Your Superhero Name

You couldn’t believe this was happening as you hid in the rafters of an Bialyan military base. The rest of the team had been captured by Bialyan soldiers when you had failed to disable the security in the base. Fear and guilt ate at your heart when you reached the spot where the team had fallen into a trap.

In your defense, the whole mission had been a set-up. Several soldiers were waiting for you in security room, and you barely escaped alive. Even if you had shut down the security in time, the team would have still fallen into the trap. 

The trap was a gravity field that increased it’s pull to extreme amounts. Kaldur and Conner were unable to stand up from the pressure, but were able to breath well enough because of Conner’s Kryptonian DNA, and Kaldur’s strong lungs. However, the others were your main concern. Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, and M’gann were laying on the floor, barely able to breath. Tears filled your eyes when you saw how blue Robin and Artemis’ faces were. They didn’t have much time.

You couldn’t just jump down there and free them because three heavily armed guards surrounded them. While you were trained in basic combat, you had no super powers to compete with the weapons they wielded. While you were debating whether or not to call the league, one of the guards began to speak through his comlink.

“We found the intruders just as planned. They are in the gravity trap that we planted as you requested, but one got away,” the guard spoke, trading looks among his comrades. You noticed both Kaldur and Conner suddenly appeared hopeful. Shaking with fear, you hoped you wouldn’t let them down. 

“We will find the missing one, but what do you want done with the ones we have,” the guard asked, narrowing his eyes at the dying team in front of him. He nodded his head as if to confirm something. “It will be done.” The guard dropped his hand down to his gun before sharing a smile with his comrades.

“So, we can get rid of them,” another guard confirmed, gesturing towards your fallen teammates with his gun. Kaldur’s eyes widened as he shared a worried glance with Conner. Conner began to struggle against the weight of the gravity. 

“You can’t do this,” Conner shouted, slowly trying to stand before collapsing back to the ground. 

The guards smiled at Conner’s struggles before they started to walk towards a control panel. You guessed it was the controller for the gravity trap. “I think we’ll just crush them with the gravity, don’t you,” the guard with the comlink taunted when he was only a few feet from the control panel. You knew you had to do something now.

Gathering your courage and rapidly thinking of a plan, you dropped down from your perch to land right in front of the guard who was reaching for the control panel. All three guards jumped in surprise at your sudden appearance, lifting their weapons at you.

“(Y/S/N), run,” Kaldur ordered sharply once he noticed your arrival. “Go get the league.” You shook your head at him before you begin to artfully dodge energy beams from the guards’ guns.

“Drat,” you swore when you noticed the guards narrowly missed the control panel. You were hoping they would accidentally hit it with their beams, freeing the team.   

Continuing to dodge, you are eventually surrounded by the guards. Each one holding their weapon, ready to fire.

“Have any last words to your teammates, kid, before we blast you away,” one of the guards threatened as your life flashed before your eyes. Panic took over as you clenched your fists in despair. A tingling feeling raced through your body. 

“(Y/S/N),” Conner and Kaldur screamed while the guards fired their guns at you. You closed your eyes as you suddenly felt time slow around you. Suddenly, red energy began to pulse around you as the tingling feeling in your body increased. You bent your knees as your hands were being wrapped in the red energy. Sensing the urge to release it as the deadly beams from the guns came slowly closer to you, you let it go to send a red shock wave throughout the room. 

All three guards and their beams are thrown back into the opposite walls. Crashing heavily, all three slid to the ground unconscious. With the energy still wrapped around your hands, you send a blast of it at the control panel to destroy the gravity field.  You run over to teammates as the red energy around your hands dissipates. Kneeling down next to Robin and Artemis, you checked their pulses. 

You sigh with relief, feeling a strong pulse on each of them as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Glancing up at Conner and Kaldur, you found them staring at you in awe. 

“(Y/N), how did you do that,” Kaldur asked, slowly standing up to face you. 

“Yeah, I thought you didn’t have powers,” Conner interjected as he crawled over to M’gann who was starting to wake up.

“(Y/N) has powers,” Wally moaned as he slowly sat up. He recovered quickly due to his super-speed. 

“I guess,” you answered, looking at your hands in wonder. You never had any inclination that you may have powers, certainly not anything so powerful. Your hands began to tremble with nerves. “This never happened before.”

Kaldur noticed your nervousness, and approached you to place a soothing hand on your shoulder. “In any case, we owe you our lives, (Y/N),” he thanked as Robin and Artemis began to stir next to you. 

Suddenly, a gust of wind flew past you as Wally appeared at your side. “What powers do you have (Y/N),” Wally mused, nudging your side with his elbow. “I can’t believe I missed it.”

You smiled kindly at him before looking back down at your hands again. Clenching them into fists, you wondered what these powers would bring to your future on the team and beyond.

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hi! just wondering: what sort of pesticides do you use on your plants?

Hi anon! I only have indoor plants so my biggest battles have been with thrips and fungus gnats (so many dead seedlings ;-; ).

For thrips, I used a mixture of 100% cold pressed neem oil (~½ teaspoon), Dawn dish detergent (~¼ teaspoon) and water (500 mL). I sprayed once a week until my plants started to look healthier. I’ve heard that this mixture works for fungus gnats and spider mites as well (but I haven’t tried). Sticky traps were my primary defense against fungus gnats.

I tried to be as organic as possible so these treatments took a bit of time to work but my plants seem to be pretty pest free right now (fingers crossed). Hope this helps! :)



I still haven’t started on the back gardens, the communal area beneath the gas pumps, the backside fence fortifications, half the necessary lighting and electricity, any of the interior decorations beyond the ground floor level, OR any turret/trap defenses whatsoever, and now this goddamn game is telling me I have NO MORE SPACE TO BUILD??

Fuck you Fallout, my super-mega-ultra-Red-Rocket-base is the greatest thing your pitiful programming has ever seen! Time to hunt for a mod that unlocks extra settlement building space…