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Externality, part 4a (2017-06-27)

When Tetsuki wakes up again the dawn of the second day is beginning to creep through the sky, the clouds an increasingly more saturated lilac.

It’s a prettier sight than her partner’s jacket which has only gotten grungier after using his watch shift to further bolster their trap defense. Between the overt traps and the hidden ones she can kind of sense, she can’t figure out the safe path to exit–actually, she’s not sure there is a safe path to exit.

Naruto Uzumaki also presents her with two dead rabbits which he can barely look at. Apparently it’s one thing to know that they’ll make a good meal, it’s another to actually turn them into one. For now, she’ll let him turn away: he did good on catching them, she’s fine on being the one to clean and prepare them.

Next time, though, she’s tossing him in the deep end.

Stalking the bloated group of their eight classmates in the early morning is both more and less difficult than it was last night. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say frustrating.

They’re all awake–which is something in their favor, at least–but they’re noisy and sluggish, stumbling around and yawning, rubbing at bleary eyes. They seem to be in dire need of some kind of leadership but also seem to be lacking–they begin arguing amongst themselves on their next course of action, something that goes on for at least a quarter of an hour, before someone sarcastically suggests a vote.

After a few more minutes of shouting, they end up actually taking that vote.

Between herself and Naruto Uzumaki there is no need for that much structure. Except for that first negotiation, they both know what needs to be done and incorporate the other’s suggestions. If there is a leader between the two of them, she thinks it might be her, but only because Naruto Uzumaki has the kind of impulse control that needs to be actively curbed.

Finally the group decides to split up–some members remaining at the camp, which will act as a home base for everyone, and others going out to look for corresponding tokens.

For a moment, Tetsuki thinks they might be spotted, that their classmates may just get their acts together and fight these two loners hidden not twenty meters away who have four tokens between them. Even halved, she doesn’t think she and Naruto Uzumaki can take on a concentrated attack so outnumbered.

Instead, the deployed half decides to… split themselves up again?

If she weren’t so baffled and grateful, she thinks she’d be disappointed. Instead, all she can think of is Hikari-san saying: if this were wartime, they’d be dead.

The Great And Powerful Oz

Charlie smut requested by anon! “Hey, if you’re happy to write it I would love a lesbian Charlie smut imagine (if you’re okay with writing smut?) where you and Charlie are doing the do and just as you’re finishing one of the boys walks in? Thank you!” Alright, new territory for me. I’ll give it a go! Just a reminder that I have literally no idea what I’m talking about… and yeah. Graphic content.


You felt a pair of chilling hands run over your neck, fingertips tracing your collarbones before wrapping around your shoulders, squeezing gently against your sleep-weakened skin. Your body went rigid beneath the sheets, your eyes popping open in fear, expecting the worst possible fate. You had assumed the bunker was safe, thus you hadn’t hidden a weapon beneath your pillow, as you were accustomed to doing. You were trapped with no defenses, a killer’s hands tickling along your neck.

In truth, the Men of Letters bunker was, indeed, safe from monsters, yet something equally dangerous had somehow managed to slither within the walls. A shock of brilliant red hair stunned your bleary, newly woken eyes, tendrils sweeping along your cheeks, a familiar face beaming down at you, nestled in amongst the inferno. Your fear instantly melted into excitement as you absorbed and recognized the face of your girlfriend, Charlie Bradbury (the name you had met her by and the name you couldn’t shake, despite the fact that the moniker was not her true identification.) Her green eyes seemed to glow in the artificial light, her head tilting in that ‘I know, can you believe it?’ way of hers before you pulled her into your chest, her body buckling upon your attack, crushing you further into the mattress, the scent of her grapefruit shampoo intoxicated you with every intake of breath.

“You’re back from Oz!” You shrieked, your voice groggy, breaking on every word like a prepubescent all-male choir. She giggled, unravelling herself from your arms and heaving herself back into a kneeling position, flipping her hair over her shoulder and shifting her hips. It was then that you realized she was straddling your hips, your bodies separated only by a mass of thin blankets. You gulped, heat rushing to your cheeks. She followed your gaze to her waist, winking when you tore your eyes from her body, smiling like a kid on Christmas day.

“No place like home.” She chuckled. “What can I say? I missed my wifey too much to stay.” Her comment sent your heart flying like a drugged-up Olympian, your pulse rapid in your ear, her hands taking hold of yours, lacing her fingers in you own before pushing them softly to the covers.

“More than Star Wars?” You gulped, her proximity igniting a passion deep in the pit of your stomach. She bent once more, her face closer to yours, the circlet of gold surrounding her pupil sent into high quality, her eyes sincere on yours, lips tugging into a sweet smile.

“Dude, of course! I’d take you over the rebel alliance any day.” She said, her voice carrying that nerdy-yet-flirtatious undertone you had missed so much as she ducked her lips to your neck, eliciting a halfway-contained grunt from you, her mouth revisiting old sweetspots. She pulled back, using your pinned hands as support, raising an eyebrow, a glint of mischief igniting her eye. You barely had time to react before her lips swooped down to yours, the delicacy and patience of her lips moving with yours a seamless transition from the last time you had seen each other, almost three months ago. Her lips moved along your cheekbone, her hands releasing yours to slide the blankets from your body, her breath hot on you ears. “I scoped out the batcave. Sam and Dean aren’t home.” She reasoned when you caught her hand, shaking your head with flustered denial. She shifted above you, sliding the sheets away from your feet, removing her Wonder Woman hoodie and her blue camisole before meeting your lips again, fabric crumpling to the floor beside your bed, your hands gravitating to unclasp her simple bra. She hissed against your lips. “I just assumed the old rules still applied? No orgies, no keggers? I don’t think they’ll mind if we…” She joked, lifting your less than attractive and massively oversized tee shirt from your torso, cold air making you catch your breath, your body exposed, as you spent as much time without a bra as humanely possible, sleep included. Charlie let her bra fall down her arms, carelessly sling-shotting it across the room, landing suspended on your desk lamp. After a victorious giggle, she lowered her gaze to your chest, your time apart parking a ravenous fire in her eyes. She ghosted her hands to your breasts, her touch electrifying you, your back arching off of the mattress as she drew her fingers over your nipples, sending shivers down your spine. She removed one of her hands, letting her nails lightly graze your skin as they journeyed over your ribcage and abdomen on their way to help you shimmy out of both your terrycloth shorts as well as your underwear. Charlie smirked, standing from the bed to dance out of her second-skin denim, ditching what she referred to as her ‘horrific granny panty punishment pair’ of underwear, grumbling about her poor planning under her breath as your eyes rolled over her body.

She rejoined you on the bed, positioning herself between your legs, her angel soft lips moving to the corner of your mouth, her hands racing over your hips, spreading unbearable warmth to your waist. You wrapped a leg over hers, tugging her closer, the taste of her mouth a much desired sensation, one you had been deprived of for three months too long. Her tongue pried your lips apart, stroking your own as she tilted her head to better fit yours, one of her hands moving to cradle your cheek, securing you t her in the most idealistic way. The bunker was silent but for the soft suctioning sounds of your kissing. When she pulled away, her eyes were raging with lust. She licked her lips, her body recoiling like a slinky, backing herself up and away from your swollen lips until she was situated between your legs. You shot her a cautionary look, one she ignored. Sam or Dean could come home at any time. You mentioned this to her, glaring at the open door to your bedroom, her eyes following yours, returning with an uncaring scoff.

She simply rolled her eyes and descended, a wave of pleasure blurring your reason as she lapped along your folds, your mouth falling open with a quiet moan. Charlie’s tongue smoothed over your sweet spot, her hands keeping your legs from closing around her head, her lips moving to kiss along your inner thighs. Your hand flashed to her hair, tangling in the glorious, fiery mass as she worked over you, redirecting her attention back to where you needed her most, her tongue swirling over your clit. Your moans, so usually silenced, rang through the stuffy air of the bunker as your nerves were exposed, sweat beading along your back and brow. Charlie smiled, one hand darting between your legs, spreading you apart with her fingertips, her tongue toying with you as she did so. She lifted her head, kissing your stomach, thrusting her index finger deep within you, an action you thought unusually safe for the ever experimental Trekkie until she curled inside of you, bliss spotting your vision, your mouth letting a particularly surprised, choked moan infiltrate the quiet.

Without warning, she pushed a second, then third finger between your folds, making you cry out in shrill, unadulterated pleasure. She smirked at your desperation, her free hand working up along your chest to cradle your breast, her lips returning to your heat. You closed your fingers tighter in her hair, mindful not to hurt her, struggling to keep control of your grip.

“Ch-Charlie! God.” You whimpered. She kissed up along your thighs once more, her tongue darting between her lips, the air freezing her saliva on your body before she was once again licking along your sex, the pleasure unimaginable after so long without so much as a phone call. You sighed, breath coming in short bursts, stomach muscles tightening. Taking this cue, she amped up her game, her lips sucking on your clit. She thrust faster, her tongue moving with indescribable speed and accuracy, reducing you to a strangled mass of nerves and curse words. You called out her name just as Sam did from the open doorway, her fingers leaving you empty as you climaxed, horror ebbing into your ultimate euphoria as the hunter stared down at the two of you, shck plastered on his features like war paint, too awkward to move, too shell-shocked to speak. Charlie screamed, clutching the blankets to the both of you, Sam backing out of view, stumbling, his hands shielding his eyes. Charlie locked eyes with you, your body trembling, both of your cheeks blazing with crimson mortification.

“Jesus, sign me up for whatever they’re teaching in Munchkinland.” You whispered, your breathing ragged, Charlie beaming, her lips lowering to yours.

“Consider that your souvenir.”


TFW X Reader

Request: hi can you do an imagine where you hunt with dean,sam and cas as friends and you go for a bath and realize you were turned into a mermaid by a witch and the boys have to turn you back?

Request: Could you write a kind of singing imagine?

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finally died in my current don’t starve playthrough on day 69, hahaha. i was being worn down pretty badly and had no health potions or spider glands, so a hound swarm came, got through my AMAZING tooth trap defenses, and just slaughtered me. Oh well!

Unlocked all the characters who could be unlocked with experience, and I’m gonna try and get wigfred and webber in the Reign of Giants DLC next. I’m a little bit in love with Wigfred? It’s kind of insane.



I still haven’t started on the back gardens, the communal area beneath the gas pumps, the backside fence fortifications, half the necessary lighting and electricity, any of the interior decorations beyond the ground floor level, OR any turret/trap defenses whatsoever, and now this goddamn game is telling me I have NO MORE SPACE TO BUILD??

Fuck you Fallout, my super-mega-ultra-Red-Rocket-base is the greatest thing your pitiful programming has ever seen! Time to hunt for a mod that unlocks extra settlement building space…

Once Upon A Time 3x21 "Snow Drifts" and 3x22 "There's No Place Like Home" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

People of all ages, this two-part season finale should serve as an example of how perfection should be brought to life on screen. 

Continuing from where we left off last week, Rumple enacts Zelena’s curse and sends Killian and Emma back to the Enchanted forest moments before Snow and Charming are about to meet for the first time. They alter the instant Snow ‘s supposed to steal the ring, and in an attempt to make sure the two still fall in love, Killian and Emma visit Rumplestilskin in order to ask for his help. He only agrees to help them when they tell him he finds Neal. He then sends them to a ball held by King Midas in order for them to make sure Snow steals the ring this time. They eventually succeed and it’s Emma’s acceptance of who she is, and where she belongs that brings her magic back and sends them back home, along with Maid Marian who they couldn’t leave behind.  Upon arriving back at the diner, Emma tells everyone that she’s staying and the Charmings announce that they’ve chosen to name the young prince Neal. Rumple and Belle tie the knot at an intimate wedding in the woods, Maid Marian reveals herself to Robin, and the noted Snow Queen of Arendelle makes a stunning appearance as the episode comes to an end. 

Due to the insane amount of things that have occurred, both emotionally moving and hysterically enriching, we’re going to try to do our best in bringing you an in depth analyses of the beautiful episode we can easily call a favorite. 

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Gonna do a series of posts about the Palicoes in Monster Hunter 4 since I’ve received some questions about them. Most of the terms I’ll use are not official, except Palico which IS the official term in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Palicoes are a bit different in Monster Hunter 4 compared to the Felyne Comrades of Freedom Unite and Portable 3rd. There are 8 different types of Palicoes; Leader (which only your Leader can have, more on that later), Attack, Defense, Trap, Healing, Bomb, Gather, and Steal. Each type has their own set of skills. Felynes found hanging around the Felyne camp can sometimes be recruited as a Palico if you talk with them, or they can also be found randomly in the Unknown Forest as well as gained through DLC. You will not know what type they are nor the skills they have until after the quest when you choose to recruit them, but you can see their equipment on them if they have any equipped. You can have a total of 40 Palicoes at one time.

Sometimes I take surveys online for a little extra money.

One day last month I got one with this:

The Next Mass Effect Context:

The next Mass Effect game takes place in the Helius Cluster (a cluster of 100s of solar systems in the Andromeda Galaxy), far removed by time and space from Commander Shepard’s heroic acts and the final events of the Mass Effect trilogy. You are a pathfinder, a combat trained but un-tested explorer leading an expedition into the Helius cluster to establish a new home for humanity. As you explore this sprawling series of solar systems (over 4x the size of Mass Effect 3), collecting resources and building colonies, you will encounter the savagery of untamed lands in the form of cut-throat outlaws and warring alien races. To survive and colonize the wild reaches of space, you will need to grow your arsenal, your ship, your crew and make strategic (and often uneasy) alliances to fight against increasingly menacing foes. Along the way, you will encounter the remains of a once powerful and mysterious alien race, the Remnant, whose forgotten technology holds the key to gaining power in this region of the galaxy. As you uncover who the Remnant were, and the mysteries their ruins contain, you are drawn into a violent race to find the source of their forgotten technology that will determine the fate of humanity.

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The Bet

submitted by new!anon:

my writers block has left me! (for now anyway.) so here’s a little college (aka everyone is happy and nothing is bad) au thing for strings’ prompt (destiel + “this isn’t exactly what I had mind” which got changed to “that wasn’t all I had in mind”, which is close enough ok). huge huge huge thank you to lee for the prompt cause I’m so super happy that my writers block took a vacation, and it wouldn’t have happened without her :). this kind of went in a much different direction than I’d planned, but it’ll do. also, please excuse my constant overuse of brackets and semi colons and italics… idk what happened there… love, new!anon :)

This is Cas’ favourite part of the week; Wednesday, after Dean and him finish their classes, they spend the entire night cuddled close on the couch, binge watching Netflix shows until dark. It’s their (as Dean put it) “hump day tradition.” It’s their time to relax and forget about assignments and deadlines and their shared, generally hated teacher, Professor Roman. They just watch their shows, pausing in between episodes to glare at the homework sitting on the table of their shared dorm. Cas usually prefers to just get the work done, then they can really relax and not have to constantly worry. But, with the workload that the boys get, they both know that there’s just too much to be done, and they work diligently during and after class every other day; Dean insists that it’s their right to take one evening a week to just chill. 

Still, Cas would worry. 

“Maybe we should-” Cas would start.

“One more,” Dean would always insist, and snatch the remote from Cas playfully, pressing play before he could protest. 

One more would quickly turn into two, two would turn into three, would turn into four, would turn into nine, and before anyone saw it coming, it would be the middle of the night. 

The night has gone no differently this particular Wednesday. Though Cas spends more time watching Dean’s eyelids constantly flicker closed and drag themselves open again, than he spends watching the TV. 

Cas loves seeing Dean this way; dim light of the table side lamp illuminating his features, droopy and tired, but fighting for dear life to stay awake. 

“One more?” he mumbles quietly. 

“Maybe you should head to bed, Dean,” Cas chuckles. 

“No. One more.”

Cas knows Dean. He doesn’t like to lose. He’ll be damned if he’ll be the first to fall asleep. 

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Kurt/Blaine, PG

Future fic. I just wanted to write some happy klaine. 

The ground underneath them is dewy and wet, the sunrise recent enough that daylight hasn’t had a chance to warm the ground. It’s a miracle that he could ever talk Kurt into this, but Kurt’s been in a strange sort of mood all weekend. It should be worrying, but Blaine has learned that Kurt talks about things on his mind on his own time. It comes to a point where he needs to be pushed once in a while but mostly Blaine just waits it out. 

“What does that cloud look like to you?” Kurt asks, voice soft. Everything about him is soft right down, unkempt in a way Kurt almost never is. From the running shows on his feet to his unstyled hair, he’s just - Kurt, minus the trappings and defenses he wears so fashionably. 

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