trap defense

Campaign Prompt:

The party is hired by an old but very wealthy patron to act as guards within a subterranean property that has been in their family for generations.

They are to ensure that nothing within the property is damaged and repel any ne’er-do-wells that make their way in. The patron themselves makes their home in some of the deepest chambers of the structure but makes it very clear that they will be keeping an eye on the party in case they get any ideas of looting the place themselves.

After the second or third attack, the group realises that they have been hired to defend a loot-filled dungeon from adventuring parties. But does that mean their patron actually is malevolent?

Regarding the Sheer Practicality of Stranger Things Protagonists

One thing I love about Stranger Things is that the non-superpowered protagonists are so damn practical. They don’t get distracted by the terror. They do what they are logically able to do in that situation to survive. These are probably the most effectively smart group of characters I’ve seen in a Jurassic Park sort of situation. I mean, they go monster hunting effectively. They don’t freeze up in the face of a monster. Sure, there’s some screaming involved, but that doesn’t hinder the characters from taking action when it matters. These people calmly nail the monsters with whatever weapon they have on hand, whether it be a bat or a gun or a fucking slingshot. They set up bear traps and solidify their defenses so they have more advantage. They make snap decisions in life-or-death situations, decisions that are actually right. And when they’re in a situation where they need to run, they fucking run. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult. They all have something to bring into this battle, and what they bring is pretty fucking huge. Honestly, the sheer amount of levelheadedness shown by these characters is very satisfying.

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Bodyguard!AU for Gom + kagami + hanamiya + haizaki, where they have to protect fem reader who is the only heir of the most influenced family's company... what kind of bodyguard they would be I can't even imagine it lmao😂 headcannons or scenarios, it's up to you, thnx^o^

Hi sweetheart! I loved this ask! A bodyguard Au? I’m on it! Bodyguards make me faint, it’s a really hot trope. Knb boys as bodyguards? Even better! I hope you’re going to like those headcanons!

Have a nice day!

Bodyguard!Au KnB

Aomine Daiki – Codename: “Kurohyou*”

Attitude: Rough and blunt, don’t expect to be pampered by him. Politeness, what’s that? He has to keep you safe, not to babysit you, so do what he says and everything is gonna be alright. Scowling and frowning half of the time. Teasing and annoying when he’s bored, unluckily it happens often. He can be dense, but if you need an emotional support, he can try to be it for you, in his awkward way. Aomine doesn’t take orders from anyone once he’s been hired, maybe he can listen to you if he deems you worth. Lazy at home and try to be bossy, but if you pout or refuse he’s going to do what you ask him (while complaining). He doesn’t like official/formal events and complains every time, you have to keep him in check before he offends some important diplomatic or similar.

Uniform: Outside he wears a black suit with white shirt and black tie (+bulletproof jacket), but he wears it a bit messily (shirt outside the pants and loosened tie); at home sweatpants and t-shirts, if he’s wearing something. You found him more than once only in his boxer.

Weapon: Black twin guns, he keeps them on his back.

Skills: He’s a genius shooter and awesome at hand-to-hand combat, a natural fighter. He prefers to stick by your side and intimidate everyone with his presence (and growling). He’s fearless, reckless and ready to shield you with his body.

Kise Ryouta – Codename: “Gold”

Attitude: The cheeky charmer. He treats you politely as if you were a princess, but he also teases and flirts with you at any chance. Since he attracts too much attention, he uses it as a weapon. Everybody loves him, especially girls and can obtain whatever he wants. He fakes to be your boyfriend as a cover and takes it way too seriously. When it concerns your safety, he’s worse than a nagging mother. Excessively observant, you cannot escape his protection. He likes to take care of you with the small things (styling the hair, choosing outfits, baking, suggestions for your eventual crush…) and he considers himself your best friend.

Uniform: at work he wears a tailored black suit with a red tie (+bulletproof jacket); at home casual/trendy outfits that “makes him look hot”, as he proclaims. He likes black leather jackets and always wears a red ruby earring.

Weapons: One right-handed golden gun.

Skills: Incredible aim and quick reflexes, also good at close-ranged combat. He has a lot of contacts and does not mind deceiving, seducing, using and faking to obtain what he want; he’s sly and cunning, cold-hearted with other people. He knows different languages and he’s a quick learner about anything.

Kuroko Tetsuya – Codename: “Ghost”

Attitude: Serious, a bit strict, but with a hidden soft spot for you. He’s your emotional support, he doesn’t only protect you but he makes sure you’re alright psychologically. He can go from a cold-blooded bodyguard to a soft friend in three seconds. He’s nearly invisible and uses this trait to his advantage. He takes care of all the house chores and of your health better than anyone else.

Uniform: When working he wears anonymous clothes that help him blending in the mass, so they depends on the occasion (+bulletproof jacket). At home, he prefers comfy sweaters and skinny jeans (the sexy but pure librarian look, if you know what I mean)

Weapon: Throwing knives.

Skill: Don’t underestimate him, he’s deadly. He prefers middle-range combat, but he’s also good at close one. He uses his invisibility to lure enemies and bring them down before they can understand what’s happening. A good hacker, he has tracked your mobile. Sometimes even you have problem finding him.

Midorima Shintarou – Codename: “Prophet”

Attitude: He tries to be extremely professional and strict; truth is he’s just stiff and awkward. He blushes easily and it’s easy to mess with him when he’s not working. However, he’s incredibly organized and prepared about everything. Nothing catches him by surprise. He checks everyday both your horoscopes and uses it as a main reference for his job: as ridiculous as it sounds, it works. During formal occasions he performs perfectly, being able to entertain and discuss with every type of host, talking about various matters from politics to science, but without overstepping any boundary. Your parents love him and his traditional politeness. He can be very reserved and quiet, but doesn’t mind listening or paying attention to you. He’s the type who does secret gestures to make you happy and then fakes it wasn’t him.

Uniform: He properly wears a suit and tie at work (+bulletproof jacket) but the colors depend on the horoscope. At home, he likes jeans and shirts, with different pullovers.

Weapons: Modified rifle, his treasure.

Skills: He doesn’t mind escorting you around, but in official or dangerous situations he prefers to organize a net of bodyguards and to strike down the enemy by afar. He’s a professional sniper, 100% accuracy. He prefers to have another bodyguard to work with, so they can cover both long and close range. He’s a gift for accurate predictions.

Murasakibara Atsushi – “Crasher”

Attitude: Bossy, teasing and seems lazy. Actually, he’s so observant sometimes he scares you: he seems to always know what you want to do, so don’t even try to sneak out without his permission. He treats you like a kid and if you don’t listen to him, he just picks you up by sheer force. He’s demanding and lets you take care of everything except your safety and the cooking. He prepares meals more delicious than your chef’s ones. If he’s hungry he becomes scary. You often find him eating snack in front of the computer, earphones on as he plans/develops something new.

Uniform: he hates suits and ties, so you have to force him when needed (+bulletproof jacket). Otherwise he prefers sweatpants/jeans and comfy hoodies.

Weapons: iron knuckles

Skills: Actually, he’s the best hacker around so usually the enemies doesn’t make it past his defenses, traps and net of agents. Legends tell he has crashed FBI’s network. He knows plans and attack weeks before they happen. If it comes to close-ranged combat, he uses two iron knuckles to knock down the threats. His stature intimidate everyone.

Akashi Seijuurou –Codename: “Tenshi”**

Attitude: Why people are threating you if Akashi is your bodyguard? It’s a lost war, he hasn’t been wounded nor he has failed a mission once. He treats you extremely kind and politely until you do as he wants. He knows the best for you and how to keep you safe, so he doesn’t accept “but”. He spoils and indulges in your wishes until he deems them safe. Everybody both admire and fear him, as you do. Extremely awkward if you treat him with fondness or honest affection, he’s not used. He’s also useless with house chores or common, daily things. He never kills anyone in front of you, but rumors say he’s ruthless and cold-blooded. If something shocking happens, he prepares you a hot cup of tea and cuddles with you on the couch, whispering comforting words.

Uniform: tailored grey suit with red tie (+bulletproof jacket); at home tailored black pants and white shirts. He’s always very elegant, prince-like. However, when he’s tired he wears jeans and big hoodies that make him look younger and cuter.

Weapons: A katana and a gun.

Skills: The katana is part of his body and he maneuvers it with perfect efficiency and rapidity. He uses the gun during unfair fights or if necessary. He knows different languages and dialects. He’s also good with rifles and hand-to-hand combat. Has hundreds of contact and underlings. He’s enough brilliant to predict attack and find enemies before they can even think to attack you. Doesn’t mind torture if he needs it.

Kagami Taiga – Codename: “Tiger”

Attitude: He does his best at everything. He’s loyal, brave and incorruptible. Kagami can be hot-blooded and short-tempered, often arguing with you about the smallest thing (in a playful way), but he’s going to apologize if he realizes he has hurt you for real. He’s very warm and friendly, kind at heart, often trespassing the boundaries and being more of a friend or a big brother than a bodyguard. He gets embarrassed easily by the most innocent insinuations, but since he’s grown up in America he’s pretty comfortable with PDA, he doesn’t even realize he’s touching you. He’s a good housewife, you live well with him. Strict about your safety, ready to fight you if he doesn’t agree about something. He would shield you with his body. He can be naïve, but he’s able to reassure and comfort you without even realizing it, in his faithful honesty.

Uniform: If he has too, a black suit and tie (+bulletproof jacket). Usually he goes with jeans and t-shirts or sweatpants and tank tops…very casual and urban. He looks stylish without trying.

Weapons: A black gun and a knife

Skills: He excels at hand-to-hand combat and has an awesome aim. More than technique, his it’s animal instinct. He moves on reflexes and hunches, without stopping to think or doubt: he acts. Reckless, doesn’t fear anything, high tolerance of pain. Speaks English perfectly. His glare is scary as much as his height. Very muscular, he can pick you up without efforts.

Hanamiya Makoto – Codename: “Fox”

Attitude: He’s sly, cunning and vicious. Even if you know he’s not going to betray you, sometimes you’re intimidated. You mustn’t show your fear or he’s going to tease you even more. He loves teasing and harassing you in the most subtle ways. Lucky for you, he’s territorial: he’s the only one who can have this attitude with you. If someone else tries it, Hanamiya will kill him in a matter of seconds. Too brilliant and smart for you to escape his supervision. He doesn’t care you’re part of the high society or that you’re the one who hired him: you try to pull a smart move and he’s going to tie you to the bed.

Uniform: what you pick for him, he doesn’t really care. Nothing flashy, he wants to pass unnoticed (+bulletproof jacket). At home jeans and sweaters, monochromatic if possible.

Weapons: rifle, teaser and pocketknife.

Skills: Prefers to work as a sniper, not a fun of hand-to-hand combat prefers to shock the enemy with the teaser and then killed them with a knife. He’s a strategist and believes in “who attack first wins”. Usually he prefers to find your possible enemies before and then hunt them down. He knows poisons and venoms, not afraid to use them. Incredible faker, he can persuade everyone that he’s a sweetheart. Vast knowledge of everything, from computers to local geography to history to gossip to politics… Cold-blooded, loves psychological torture.

Haizaki’s Shougo – Codename: “Mercenary”

Attitude: He’s a mercenary, so make sure you’re really the one who’s paying him the most. Bossy, violent and vulgar. He teases you and harasses you, doesn’t care about orders or higher-ups. He does his work well, but nothing more. Until you’re physical safe, it’s okay. Jealous as hell, he doesn’t want you to praise other bodyguards or hang out with other guys. He doesn’t mind using illegal ways to keep you safe.

Uniform: he puts on a suit only if you pay him more or if you compliments him saying him much he’s hot with it. (+bulletproof jacket) Otherwise, he wears jeans/sweatpants and t-shirts with women or English mocking lines.

Weapons: knives and a gun

Skills: absolutely ruthless and cold-blooded, he basks in violence and likes to physically torture his opponents. He…doesn’t feel pain? He never stops, like a machine. Strong and fast, but also cunning; he wants to crash the enemy. Doesn’t mind getting his hands dirtier and dirtier. He has illegal contacts and shady businesses going around.

*“Black Panther”

**“Emperor/Heavenly Being”

Nowhere to Hide

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Are you scared, My dear?

(Bucky Barnes x Reader) (Apocalypse/Walking Dead AU)

You and your makeshift family are getting by just fine in your isolated farmhouse, it’s deep in the countryside and well protected from the infected…until you’re betrayed and Negan decides you need to contribute.

Words: 1730 Warnings: Violence, very bad language, blood, zombies, diddy bit of fluff, nothing too graphic (I’m not that good at writing 😜 )

An: this started out as an idea from a dream I half remembered and it’s my first time writing Negan so let me know if you think anything's bad/off, same with any part of my writing. x

Tags:  @wellfuckbuck  @aweways  @sevenhelens  @bugalouie  @officialstegosaurus , @itsdarkwitch, @iamtheonewhocares

(Let me know if you want to be tagged/removed in this or anything else - there’s only one more part to this tho )

Part 1   Part 2

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The four children lined up on the battered sofa, shuffling around excitedly as you handed them each a glass of lemonade, all eager to start their Saturday morning ritual. There were no cartoons or computer games anymore, but you made the best of it. A few battered dvds remained and you placed their favorite into the scavenged dvd player. Though it would mean a few less hours using the generator, it was worth it to give them some time to be kids.

“Thank you mummy.” Mary beamed up at you like it was the most normal thing to say and Wanda glanced over at you, ruffling the hair of her son, Pietro.

“It’s y/n sweetie.” You smiled and took your place next to Natasha on the grown up stools, she side eyed you but you ignored her.

“How long has she been calling you that?”

“A few weeks, it’s just a phase…”

“Does Barnes know?”

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Name || Rei Taruna “Taru”
(FFXV Self Insert Profile)

F/O || Ignis Scientia (“Spoonful of Sugar” Ship Tag)

Age || 23

Height || 5’5”

Occupation || Hunter

Skills || Sniping ○ Trapping ○ Tracking ○ Self Defense ○ Navigating ○ Driving

Hobbies || Reading ○ Hunting ○ Exploring ○ Writing ○ Eating

Misc ||

  • Usually travels by motorcycle. (Sometimes even during night if she’s crunched for time.)
  • Went to same school as Noctis and Prompto-however she was several years above them and never talked to them personally. (Only brief encounters with the two-one with Ignis.)
  • Has a lot of connections within hunter circles. Well liked in the community.

Personality || Quiet ○ Gentle ○ Friendly ○ Confident ○ Intelligent ○ Anxious

Background ||
(under the cut)

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Needed To Be Heard

So this is my second story for today’s prompt.

The prompt is:

Day 2 (5th September) - Write a scene between your favourite Robert/Family relationship;


“So it’s been a while” Robert said. He wasn’t sure why, it’s not like he was going to get an answer was it. He never really got why people did this. Then again something about the fact that you could spill your soul, your secrets, your darkest thoughts and the other person couldn’t judge you for it had a certain appeal. Not something that could be said for this person when they were still alive but maybe in death they could be.

He placed the simple bunch of roses he brought down on the ground and knelt down to inspect the recently completed repairs. He hadn’t been the one who’d paid in the end, Adam had done that, probably in some misguided attempt to get back in Victoria’s good books. He would have done though, given the chance.

He read the inscription in silence, pausing on the word Grandfather.

“You’re going to be a Grandad again you know?” he said to the silent gravestone. “Wonder what you would have thought of that? Would you be ashamed that I got some woman knocked up, when I was married to someone else? Maybe you would have been proud, like father like son right. Maybe we were more alike than you thought”.

He read the rest of the inscription.

A Good Man At Rest In The Good Earth.

“Then again maybe not, I’m not a good man. I’ve tried to be, think I might have been getting somewhere, but that’s gone now, I’ve blown it” his voice was a little bit hoarse with emotion and he cleared his throat self consiously, as if the man buried here might still judge him for his weakness.

“You wouldn’t be surprised by that though. I always was a disappointment to you, I know”. He sighed and ran a hand over his face and through his hair, messing it up but he didn’t care.

“I don’t know why I did it though, I love him so much, one stupid mistake and it’s gone. You’d probably be happy about that if you were still here though wouldn’t you? Would you have even come to my wedding?” he sat back on his heels, feeling really tired all of a sudden.

“Diane said something at the wedding, she said you’d be proud of me, and all I could think was that she didn’t really know you at all then. You obviously never told her about that day. Is it because you were ashamed of what you did or because you were ashamed of me? I’ll never know now will I? All I ever wanted to do was make you proud but how could I when you didn’t like what I am, who I am? 15 years old and I cried myself to sleep that night, not because of much I hurt, I’m pretty sure you broke a rib though, but because I knew I would never be good enough, I’d never be the son you wanted” he swiped angrily at the tears that ran down his face.

“I told Aaron about it, he’s the only person I ever told and do you know what he said? He said I wasn’t a disappointment, that I was amazing, I never knew how much I needed to hear that until he said it. That’s love, unconditional love, I wish you’d understood that, I wish I had”.

Robert started to get up, his knee aching from where he’d been kneeling in the grass. He gave the headstone one last look, he wasn’t sure when he would be back, he’d said everything he needed to. He turned away and stopped dead in his tracks.

Diane stood there, holding her own bunch of flowers, her face wet with tears.

He quickly ran his sleeve over his face, hoping she hadn’t seen the wetness there.

“Oh er hi” he said, he could feel his cheeks glowing red.

“Oh love” she said. She dropped the flowers to the ground and pulled him to her. Her arms wrapping round him and squeezing tight. He didn’t hug her back, just stood there feeling awkward. She let go eventually but she still held onto his arms and pulled back to look at his face.

“How long were you standing there?” he asked feeling defensive and trapped. He didn’t like letting people in, it made him feel exposed and vulnerable.

“Long enough” she said. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“It was along time ago. It doesn’t matter” he tried to bluster his way out of it.

“Clearly that’s not true” she said wiping at his still wet cheeks with her hand. “Will you tell me what happened?”

He didn’t want to, but he wasn’t sure how much she’d heard. Better that she get the full story than make her own up. He gave her the short version though.

“I was 15, Dad caught me with a lad and he…um..he gave me a good hiding for it” he wouldn’t look her in the eye as he said it. She let go of his arms and stepped back, a hand rising to her own mouth in shock.

“Jack hit you because he found out you were gay?” she sounded like she couldn’t believe it.

“I’m not gay, I’m bi, but yeah I guess that’s what he thought. But this” he pointed at the look on her face “is why I didn’t say anything. I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Saint Jack would never do anything like that would he?” he started to turn away, determined to get away from her before she told him what a liar she thought he was. He was stopped by a hand on his arm though.

“Robert. I believe you” Diane said, her own voice cracking with emotion. He turned back to her, searching her face to see if it was true.

“You do?” he couldn’t believe it, he’d been sure she wouldn’t.

“You have no reason to lie about that” she said simply. “For what’s it’s worth I’m sorry” she hadn’t let go of his arm yet and she gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for” he shrugged.

“No but he’s not here to apologise is he? So I’ll do it for him”.

“You really think he would if he was here?” he asked her.

“I hope he would pet. I’m not making excuses for him, he shouldn’t have done what he did regardless, you were just a boy you didn’t deserve that. I think he would have realised that eventually. But as far as you being gay, sorry bi” she amended when she saw him roll his eyes in annoyance at the slip. “It was a different time back then, people were more closed minded but if he’d have had the chance he would have seen that it didn’t matter, he loved you no matter what”.

It was nice of Diane to say and part of him hoped it was true but he wouldn’t ever really know and that doubt would always be there.

“Thanks Diane” he said because at least she was trying, at least she hadn’t washed her hands of him despite all of his mistakes. She must have read something in his expression though, his inability to truly believe what she’d said about his dad because she tried a different tact.

“You know Robert, sometimes you don’t make it easy, but don’t ever doubt that I love you. Aaron’s right, you are amazing and I’m proud of you. I’m proud of who you are and of the man you’re trying to be. Don’t give up on that please?”

He knew she didn’t know about his latest scheme and he felt a pang of guilt for the fact that he was at risk of betraying that faith she had in him.

“I won’t” he told her, not sure if it was a lie or not, he didn’t want it to be.

“Thanks Diane” he said putting his arm around her and returning the hug he hadn’t been able to a moment ago. “I think I needed to hear that”.

“Well let’s just hope you listen this time” she said with a smile to soften her words.

“Where are you headed?” he asked linking his arm through hers.

“I was just going to head for a spot of lunch” she said wiping away the last of her own tears.

“Do you mind if I join you?” he asked her.

“I’d love that” she smiled up at him.

The pair of them walked arm in arm out of the graveyard, neither one turned to look back at the gravestone, they didn’t need to.


“Why would there be a secret passage here?” He had been watching the detective try different books for the past fifteen minutes and the hope that one of them would hold the answer to their escape was fading with each one. “That only happens in the movies.”

He turns to scan the room again, looking to the corners of the roof for anything out of the ordinary. With no windows or vents it was pretty claustrophobic. He was just glad that he didn’t have to experience this alone. His hands rest lightly on his hips, brain trying to sort through possible ways they could use the objects in the room to aid their escape. Maybe they shouldn’t be looking for a secret passage, but something hidden? Something that would unlock the key to this room.

“Maybe we should look for a button or a lever… or a panel…” A panel of buttons? A panel that would slide aide to reveal a keyhole? Yeah, that sounded like something from the movies, too, but it was worth thinking about, right?

Sometimes I take surveys online for a little extra money.

One day last month I got one with this:

The Next Mass Effect Context:

The next Mass Effect game takes place in the Helius Cluster (a cluster of 100s of solar systems in the Andromeda Galaxy), far removed by time and space from Commander Shepard’s heroic acts and the final events of the Mass Effect trilogy. You are a pathfinder, a combat trained but un-tested explorer leading an expedition into the Helius cluster to establish a new home for humanity. As you explore this sprawling series of solar systems (over 4x the size of Mass Effect 3), collecting resources and building colonies, you will encounter the savagery of untamed lands in the form of cut-throat outlaws and warring alien races. To survive and colonize the wild reaches of space, you will need to grow your arsenal, your ship, your crew and make strategic (and often uneasy) alliances to fight against increasingly menacing foes. Along the way, you will encounter the remains of a once powerful and mysterious alien race, the Remnant, whose forgotten technology holds the key to gaining power in this region of the galaxy. As you uncover who the Remnant were, and the mysteries their ruins contain, you are drawn into a violent race to find the source of their forgotten technology that will determine the fate of humanity.

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