trap 2012

I noticed the traps that Jigsaw Karai put the turtles in, were very reminiscent of their spirit elements.


  • The trap was spinning swords very much like a fan that creates wind.

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  • He was basically in an oven with vents and heat lamps creating heat like fire.


  • He had stay strong while he endured electrocution. When lightning strikes a mountain it doesn’t crumble. 


  • Not so much his trap, but, his rescuing of Donnie. He had stay calm and focus so he could solve the puzzle. Which he did and stood there like a tree in the forest.

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“Be diligent. I sense something dire on the horizon!”

I really love how this scene was done. It was subtle, but having sensed that something was very wrong you can imagine that the sound of the cheese phone was the very last thing Splinter wanted to hear. It only lasts a few seconds but throughout it you can feel the unease and hesitation, like he knows he needs to answer but he also knows there’s a chance that what he’ll hear on the other line will shatter his world all over again.

I just have a lot of emotions for Ratdad okay