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I don't really see what's so wrong with that Ready Player 1 excerpt. I haven't read the book myself, so could you please explain it?

It’s the fact that it’s just vomiting pop culture references in a vapid attempt at trying to pander to “”nerds”” very much like Big Bang Theory. The whole excerpt is basically “WOW THIS CHARACTER MUST BE SO COOL BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT A GUNDAM IS I CLAPPED I CLAPPED”

It certainly doesn’t help that it’s obvious the author’s understanding of mecha anime is pretty narrow and limited severely to Americanized adaptations (like him bringing up Robotech and Tranzor Z, despite the original series of either being far more notable, even to Americans, than the adaptations).


This was my first opportunity to see with robots Aech, Art3mis, and Shoto had selected after clearing the Second Gate, and it took me a moment to place the towering female robot Art3mis was piloting. It was black and chrome in color, with elaborate boomerang-shaped headgear and symmetrical red breastplates that made it look like a female version of Tranzor Z. Then I realized it was the female version of Tranzor Z, and obscure character from the original Mazinger Z anime series known as Minerva X.


Prompt: So you know how in the beginning of season 4 Cas tries to talk to Dean and just ends up breaking a lot of things and then makes a comment like “certain special people can see and hear my true form and I thought you were one of them”. Could you write a fic where the reader (maybe the brothers sister or something) is one of those “special people”?

&& Wee!chesters brotherly fluff?

Word count: 2,224

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Alright, good people who don’t deserve too much angst, here’s a lighter note—if you like it, I might continue it somehow, but it will be all pre-2005. So, let me know what you think?

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