Okay, can anyone who goes to the screening just please agree to put any and all spoilers of the musical episode under a fucking “read more?” And for the love of god, TAG said spoilers?

I am usually all in for spoilers, like HAND ME ZE SPOILERS, but not so much this time. I DO NOT WANT THE CAPTAIN SWAN WEDDING SPOILED AHEAD OF TIME, WAAAH. 


Captain Swan Once Upon a Time Storybook:

After sharing a preview of this on twitter a month or so ago, with friends at the VanCon, and discussing it on the latest @ouacspodcast I thought I would finally share more of this book I made. I had been contemplating making a book like this for years, ever since I started making the Storybook graphics, some of which I have shared here on my blog. I kept up making them over the past 3 seasons, many never shared in hopes that someday I may finally make a storybook. As often is the case, time and motivation eluded me. But when I decided to go to the convention in Vancouver, I began thinking of what I wanted Jen and Colin to autograph and finally decided to commit to making this. Moreover, I thought it would be a nice, original gift to give to each of them as a thank you for all that they have done in bringing this story to life and being such warm, kind people. And their faces and thanks when I was able to give them to each of them I will never forget. 

It took weeks to create but it was truly a labor of love. And it’s a reminder how truly blessed we are as their story really is an embarrassment of riches. Originally, it was just going to be something for myself and for the two of them. But since many have expressed an interest, I figured out a way for those so inclined to purchase a copy. The book is 105 pages and is purely the Captain Swan story with a slight favoring to Emma’s overall story. A few scenes are not included as there was a page limit with the site I used and it only goes up to the events of 6A. Whenever their story is complete I will make a second volume with everything from 6B on. I wrote the text myself with some incorporation of dialogue and tweaking of script teases at times, but overall it’s written in very much the storybook style.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, send me a private message and we will then correspond through email about the details. And please reblog, so those who may be interested will see this :)