Hey guys I wanted to put these for a good reason I came out as transgender ftm and am transitioning at my own pace and you know everyone asks me if I am TRANS why do I wear any makeup? 

I just wanted to say that makeup does NOT have a sex. Makeup is something society told us only woman can wear which is stupid.There are men who wear makeup and to all those men who do I preach to you, keep doing you.

Any male or female can wear makeup it’s just fun that’s it. SO YEAH I am ftm and most days I don’t really wear makeup but there are days where I feel like it for instance today.

Just be yourselves and fuck society, stay rad.

Tyger & WR have quite a wild past. They met at college and have been bff ever since. They’ve been arrested for geez, I don’t even know how many times. But they are not bad people, they are just young people having the time of their lives. But who’s the other lady in the picture? That’s Mary Bradley. You WILL hate her. 💃 Tyger & WR + Mary by @cst_lady 🐯
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