transylvania no mori (kaiteiban)


Sera Myu’s Dracul Arc be like

Sugar! Spice! And everything Circus-like! . 

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect bratty minions. 

But Professor Tomoe inadvertently added an EXTRA INGREDIENT to the concoction… PINK MOON CRYSTAL


Using their ultra super powers, 
CERES, PALLAS, JUNO and VESTA have dedicated their lives to PROTECT THEIR PRINCESS and fight the FORCES. OF. EVIL!!!! 

by the way, the Quartet’s image is by the one and only Marco Albiero

Sera Myu (by arcs)

I thought it could be useful to those who are thinking about watching the Sailor Moon Musicals (Sera Myu) to have a list of them divided by stories. This way it’s easier to pick one based in a season/arc you want to see, since not all of them have an obvious title (specially when in Japanese - at least for non Japanese speakers)! 

Just keep in mind the older the production, the tackier are the costumes - but they actually grew on me haha the first ones can be tricky though ^^’. Personally, I didn’t start from the beggining - first I went after some based on my favourite seasons and fans’ favorites, then I tried to go in order of release…but do as you please!


Kaiteiban: Revisioned version of previous musical (may include change of script, actors, songs, costumes, etc.). Usually the kaitebans are recommended over their original musicals.

Senshuuraku: The final day of a particular musical, it features more jokes and adlibs, as well as special goodbyes to the cast members who are at their last performances 


As some musicals were never officially released, I have left them in the counting here for the record, but detached them from the others (because you will not find a good video of them to watch). Here’s the structure of the counting:

ARC (X/X + X), meaning (‘number of recorded musicals EXcluding kaitebans’ / ‘number of recorded musicals INcluding kaitebans’ + ‘number of musicals never released on video’)

For example, the 3rd arc, Infinity/S (¾ +2) has a total of 6 adaptions: 3 completely different musicals released on video plus 1 kaiteiban, which sums 4 recorded musicals + plus 2 musicals never released on video.

This way, out of 33 musicals, we have a total of 28 to watch! or 20, if you don’t mind watching both versions of the revised ones (the original and the kaiteiban). But don’t worry about watching/liking all of them! 

Oh, I also marked each musical with their respective Sailor Moon actresses, so we have:


PS.: Feel free to ask me questions! and please do correct me if I got anything wrong or forgot anything!


SAILOR MOON ~ Dark Kingdom (Classic)  (2 + 2)

  • (A) Sailormoon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (1993 Summer)
  • (A) Sailormoon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen KAITEIBAN (1994 Winter) ~~~~ NO OFFICIAL VIDEO
  • (A) Sailor Moon Super Spring Festival (1994 Spring) ~~~~ NO OFFICIAL VIDEO
  • (S) La Reconquista (2013 Summer)

SAILOR MOON ~ Black Moon ( R ) (2/3)

  • (Ma) Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (2001 Summer)
  • (Ma) Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady KAITEIBAN - Wakusei Nemesis no Nazo (2002 Winter)
  • (S) Petite Etrangere (2014 Summer)


  • (A) Sailormoon S - Usagi • Ai no Senshi he no Michi (1994 Summer) ~~> This musical features only the first half of the S/Infinity arc
  • (A) Sailormoon S - Henshin • Super Senshi he no Michi (1995 Winter) ~~~~ NO OFFICIAL VIDEO 
  • (A) Sailormoon S - Henshin • Super Senshi he no Michi KAITEIBAN (1995 Spring) ~~~~ NO OFFICIAL VIDEO
  • (Ma) Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth (2002 Summer)
  • (Ma) Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth KAITEIBAN (2003 Winter)
  • (S) Un Nouveau Voyage (2015 Autumn)


  • (A) Sailormoon SuperS - Yume Senshi • Ai • Eien ni… (1995 Summer)
  • (A) Sailormoon SuperS - Yume Senshi • Ai • Eien ni… KAITEIBAN Saturn Fukkatsu Hen (1996 Spring)

~~~~> Although both Yume Senshi Ai Eien ni musicals involve Pegasus on their plot, neither of them feature Helios

  • (A) Sailormoon SuperS - Special Musical Show (1996 Early Summer)  ~~~~ NO OFFICIAL VIDEO
  • (H) Amour Eternal (2016 Autumn)


  • (A) Sailormoon Sailor Stars (1996 Summer)
  • (A) Sailormoon Sailor Stars KAITEIBAN (1997 Winter)

Villains Mash-Up - What if we saw some familiar faces working with Galaxia?

  • (A) Eien Densetsu (1997 Summer)
  • (A) Eien Densetsu KAITEIBAN - The Final First Stage!! (1998 Winter)
  • (F) Shin Densetsu Kourin (1998 Summer) ~~>This musical does NOT feature the Starlights!
  • (Ma) Starlights! Ryuusei Densetsu (2003 Summer)
  • (Ma) Kakyuu-ouhi Kourin (2004 Winter) ~~> technically Starlights! Ryuusei Densetsu Kaiteiban, though some consider it too different from the original

                                       ORIGINAL STORIES

Even the musicals have their own original canon! 


  • (F) Kaguya Shima Densetsu (1999 Spring)
  • (F) Kaguya Shima Densetsu KAITEIBAN - Natsu Yasumi! Houseki Tankentai (1999 Summer)
  • (Ma) Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu (2004 Summer)
  • (Ma) Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu KAITEIBAN (2005 Winter)


These are actually not independent, but sequential shows! So, naturally, you need to watch them all in order if you want to understand the story

     1.  (Mi) Last Dracul Jyokyoku - Shin / Henshin Super Senshi he no Michi (2000 Winter) ~~> This musical is actually a remake of the never recorded musical listed before, ‘Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi’, this time with the introduction of the reoccurring theme of the series, vampires
     2.  (Mi) Kessen / Transylvania no Mori - Shin Toujou! ChibiMoon wo Go ru Senshi Tatsu  (2000 Summer)

     2.5* (Mi) Kessen / Transylvania no Mori KAITEIBAN - Saikyou no Kataki Dark Kain no Nazo (2001 Winter)

~~> IMPORTANT: In order to understand the third musical, you must watch the Kateiban version of Transylvania no Mori… In fact, I’ve been told it’s better to watch both versions of this musical!

     3.  (Mi) Last Dracul Saishuu Shou - Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin (2001 Spring)


Special Myu’s Anniversary event, this one is somewhat related to R and consists only of 1 act. The second part of it was a talk show with the cast

  • (Ma) 10th ANNIVERSARY Festival - Ai no Sanctuary (2002 Spring)