November 20, 2017 - A Cute Little Winter Mouse - This is one of my favorite Southern California winter outfits! The supercute navy blue knit sweater and short little skirt with white reindeer, snow flakes, and hearts is from DressLily. I wear it with my cute little white lace and fur mouse ear headband from Forever 21, thin white satin garter with a pretty blue satin rose, my rhinestone dangling heart earrings from Frederick’s of Hollywood, my black-rimmed mirror heart-shaped sunnies, a thick rhinestone choker I got off eBay, my white patent leather high heels, winter-perfect silver lipstick, and the cutest, tiniest little pretty white and lace satin thong with a big white bow on the front. The skirt is so short that I have to be careful because you can sometimes see the bottom of the big white satin bow on the front of the panties peeking out from underneath the skirt!

Gay person: I am gay. I like the same sex as me.

Me: 👍

Gay person: I would not date a trans person because I am only attracted to a person who has the same genitalia and identifies as the same gender as me

Me: 👍

Gay person: I would not date a trans person cause I am not attracted to trans people.

Me: 👍

Gay person: I think trans people are disgusting and that is why I do not date them. Every trans person I meet I tell them to fuck off and that they’ll never be that gender

Me: D:

If you have a trans friend..

A personal vent, though this probably goes for others as well:

-If someone asks you if your friend is trans, It’s not your place to out them!

-If someone asks what their birthname is and you know it, Don’t tell them! It’s not your or their business! Just say you don’t know!

-Ask who your friend is out to and what people know them by, stop assuming everyone knows they’re trans (personally everyone at my school knows me as my new name and pronouns but I’ve told very few people that I’m trans, half the people who know I’m trans are not people I’ve come out to.)

-Please treat me like any other student, i am not “inbetween” because I’ve had experiences presenting as different genders and i am not “basically a —“ because that is my birth sex

-I am what i identify as

-If I am not correcting people who are misgendering me and you know they know my preferred pronouns, please know it is not because I’m comfortable with those pronouns

-You don’t have to give me a speech everytime you mess up my pronouns or name, just correct yourself, don’t make it seem like a huge deal

-Don’t tell me I would look better if i hadn’t transitioned. It is not a compliment AT ALL. If i had not transitioned i would feel worse than i could ever look.

-If you are not trans, it is not your place to reclaim slurs used against us

-Me being trans does not mean you can ask about my genitals, if you’re not sure when you can ask, act as if I’m cis and see if the question still seems reasonable. (STOP ASKING ABOUT MY GENITALS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES.)

-Please respect me and dont act like trans is all i am

These are all based from personal experiences and conversations. Please make sure whoever you talk to is comfortable with what you ask. Treat us like humans, we aren’t oddities.


I am from Louisiana the fucking HOME of parades.

If you’re confused as to why there are cops at the parade, here’s why:

Cops are at parades to PROTECT us. Cops are at parades to KEEP US SAFE. When I was at my first pride and the parade was starting, a cop noticed my trans face paint, ran up to me, grabbed both my hands, shaking them violently and excitedly saying “I’m so glad you came! I’m so glad you came!!!” Before running off before the parade left him.

YES, cops are the reason that pride first happened, because pride was originally a riot.

For people who don’t live in Louisiana

Cops are in every parade.


cops begin and end parades because they need to clear the roads. Cops also are there because if they weren’t, protesters are more likely to be violent.

During Mardi Gras, a Louisiana holiday that has parades for an entire month, every single parade ends and begins with cops.

So next time you complain about cops beginning pride, remember:

  • It’s to clear the roads
  • It’s to stop protesters
  • They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to be, they probably had to volunteer to do it
  • Cops are there to protect you

You’re gonna have to get over your hatred of cops if you’re going to pride.

Ntm, the second pride I went to, when I was by all the tents and shops and things, I saw a cop walking around, with the biggest grin on his face.

Every cop I’ve seen at pride was beyond exctatic to be there. Please don’t bother them, they’re doing their job. If they were homophobic they wouldn’t be there.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a cop at pride, I’m sorry. But personally I’ve never seen a cop at pride that wasn’t happy to be there.

Can’t wait until Halloween any suggestions for what I should go as???

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Meet transgender television celebrity Rebekah Shelton, formerly known as Rodrigo Lopes from the hit American show Big Brother.
This beautiful Brazilian was a student in Leeds when she entered the Big Brother house as Rodrigo Lopes and stayed until day 93 - the final - finishing in fifth place.
Rebekah underwent gender reassignment surgery after Big Brother in 2014.