Animated Blitzwing!!!

I discovered some interesting information about Blitzwing in the Complete Allspark Almanac!

Before Blitzwing became a triplechanger, his personality was Icy’s. Or at least, whoever he was then, his face was the same as the one now known as Icy.

You see, there was a deleted scene from the episode “Transwarped” that would have been a flashback to the Great War. A background painting was created showing a battlefield on Cybertron during the climax of the war. 

There was a layout drawing accompanying the painting that showed the positions of various bots on the battlefield; one of which is specifically labelled, “ICY BLITZWING.” He appears to be in root (robot) mode, but his form in the drawing is too indistinct to make out either wings or tank treads. A few markings could be interpreted as wings, though they could just as easily be his shoulders (which happen to serve as missile weapons bays in his jet mode and serve no function in his tank mode). 

From this, we can assume (if we choose to do so) that before, during, and for some time after the Great War, Blitzwing had his Icy face and possessed either a personality similar to Icy’s, or a personality that was a combination of all three of the rather polarized ones he currently exhibits. (Icy, Hothead, and Random).

Starter 4

A student studying space bridge technology had claimed to have come up with a way to make space bridge travel even faster. It was already nigh-instantaneous, but it was an interesting proposition. Her work had been reviewed and tested and seemed solid. They’d only sent non-living subjects through the bridge she’d been allowed to modify, and it seemed to be working. Perceptor and a few other scientists were invited to see her latest test, involving a machine that emitted an energy signature almost identical to that of a spark.

As the remote-controlled rover with the energy emitter attached trundled into the transwarp field, the field suddenly expanded, engulfing everyone in the room.

Perceptor stood alone in his new and unfamiliar surroundings. “Well. That was. Faster.”

“BETRAYER” (closed rp with sxbaist)

After Vega had freed Khan from his cryogenic tube, everything seemed organized for the great plan, the mission in which Vega and Khan would manage to rescue the rest of the crew and escape in a Star Fleet vessel, which Khan would locate and beam them to it.
Vega was the one who had planned everything, the augment had prepared the weapons, the transwarp beaming device and was ready to go where Vega had pointed to be the specific local for the mission.

“Vega, it will work like this. Once we get our crew, we will use this tablet to enter the Star Fleet database and search for an available vessel, an empty one, ready to take flight. It could be anywhere. We will have to get its coordinates, teleport ourselves with the crew and…freedom finally.
I am ready to go.”


In the commentary for Transwarped, David Kaye made a comment along the lines of “One thing I noticed when rewatching the series is that Optimus Prime is pretty socially awkward. He is not a people person.” 

I just really like how socially awkward TFA Optimus is. He tends to function in Formal Mode (for speaking in public or with authority), Leader Mode, Dad Mode, and Really Confused Mode. Outside of that, he’s just kind of like “Here. I did the thing you needed help with. Need anything else? Okay. Bye.” 


Written and illustrated by David M Willis and Graham Weaver

(a story we wrote in 2009 as part of a pitch to Fun Publications that never got published)

“Just when you’d thought you’d seen it all.”

Railspike slightly recoiled at the organism who had just greeted him.  His name was Silverbolt, which sounded normal enough, yet he looked anything but.  The surface of Railspike’s greeter was textured in interlocking layers of circuitry, metallic skin, and several alloys or substances he couldn’t even begin to explain.  His winged, alien form broke up his dull, sleek grays with glowing orbs.

Railspike suspected he was staring, and so he quickly looked away, uncharacteristically flustered.

“You have been involved in a transwarp accident.  Please, follow me.”

Transwarp accident?  The Global Space Bridge!  That irresponsible young fool, Wedge, promised he’d–  No, there was no use getting, or appearing, angry.  Though this situation was highly atypical, the last thing Railspike wished was to make a scene.  Railspike didn’t have much to comfort him at present, but he still possessed his dignity.  He didn’t make it this far in life by being self-involved.

“This is Axiom Nexus, a city that sits at the bottom of the multiversal stack.  It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes we receive accidental visitors from various timelines.  More often than not, we are able to divert them elsewhere, but in your case, we had to intervene.  Do not worry, we are a very old civilization, and so we have the means to eventually send you back.  But first, you must be processed.”

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