The Trans-Siberian Emptiness… 2009-2010…

When you spend more than two days in the train, it becomes like your second home: when you spend 30 days: you get to know all the conductors, you spend a lot of time with co-passengers, and there’s a special life that’s happening inside and outside the train. Spanning a massive 9,500km and seven time zones, the journey was filled with emotion and subdued and monotoned Landscape. In this photo story I wanted to portray what this vast landscape was like and the emptiness that surrounded the Trans-Siberian train journey during the bitter cold month. More images:!essays/cl55


sorry for the delay in posts! hopefully I will get back to regular photos again.

break from Mongolia photos for pics from my trip home … took the train out of Ulaanbaatar up to meet with the Trans Siberian. we left UB in the middle of the night, so woke up just as we were leaving this final stop (Sukhbaatar city) in Mongolia before crossing the border to “Naushki”