A very touching video. :,) <3

Since people seem to forget this.

You don’t have to physically change at all for your transition. Your transition starts the moment you realize your identity isn’t cis, and, if it ends there as well, that’s a transition. That’s a change, a transition. You’re still “Trans* enough.”

QP #22

I don’t understand why some people just kick others out of their lives after they come out because they’re queer. I mean, they’re still the same person as before, you just know a little bit more about them.

Yesterday, 11th July, was my birthday. 23 years old, my first male birthday! ;)
And today, 12th July, marks my 5 MONTHS ON T. 💉💉💉💉
I guess the biggest difference its my hairstyle!lol

5 months and happy as hell…