transsexual rights

Friends please take the time to share this and read this. If there were anything I could do that would help spread publicity for anything that could impact any of my friends lives you would share this for me. If you share it I know you’re a truly ally,. True advocate, and most importantly a TRUE friend of mine.
Take a second and just think. Think of what would happen to this poor little girl who just happens to be transgender. Think of the possibly humiliation, the possible chance of sexual abuse, and the chance of actual physical assualt, that this little girl and TONS OF OTHER TRANSGENDER CHILDREN would have to endure just because a couple of assholes in charge decide they want transgender people to use the bathroom of a gender that they are not. No child, no person, and no human being in general should ever have to fear the possibility of something inconveniencing them when they are trying to simply trying to use a public restroom assigned to the gender the truly are.
It’s no one’s choice to be transgender just like it’s no one’s choice to be black or white. You’re born with it. You are BORN IT. This is something that already hurts because being transgender is not easy. It’s painful, it’s hard work, it’s mentally and emotionally draining. But, as it is a burden in itself… It’s is beautiful. Transgender people are the most sweet, loving, caring, and the most supportive kind of people there are. They’ve been through hell and back just to be who they truly are.
Just because you don’t understand it, aren’t educated about it, and have no empathy towards thing in which you can’t wrap your sheltered and small intellect around doesn’t mean you should make something or someone’s life more difficult than it already may be.
Love one another. Fight for one another. Support one another. And, lastly be allies for one another. I can’t change a species of plants but I sure can help plant seeds of beautiful plants around the ugly ones. Do your part and share. -Mia Moon

Men are not the problem
Sexists and people who ignore sexism are the problem
Cis people are not the problem
Transphobic and tran-exclusive people are the problem
White people are not the problem
Racists and people who ignore racism are the problem
Straight people are not the problem
Homophobic individuals are the problem

We can find allies in those who recognize their place of privilege and want to do something to do something about it. If we focus on the issues and on educating the public we will make more progress than if we stereotype and attack groups of people who are different than us.

Don’t become what we’re fighting against.

Don’t perpetuate the hate.

Why Cecil Doesn’t Remember Having  A Brother in “Cassettes”

Cecil’s “brother” that he mentions in the episode during his past recordings comes out as transgender and Cecil has accepted it so much he now does not remember having a brother. He only remembers his sister who is married to Steve Carlsberg. Boom.

Edit: Thank you for correcting my previous insensitive language. I did not know that the word transexual was offensive and I did not intend to offend anyone. I have since corrected it and will strive to be more sensitive in the future.

For real! Most people are just ill informed or have bigotry passed down typically though.

  • me: *sneaks into your bedroom* *whispers in your ear*
  • me: but why does the guy have to "get the girl"?
  • me: why can't the guy get another guy and the girl happily live out her life without getting married?
  • me: why can't the girl get another girl and the guy happily live out his life without getting married?
  • me: why does it have to be a guy and a girl?
  • me: why can't one or both of them be trans, agender, genderfluid, bigender, nonbinary, or otherwise genderqueer?
  • me: why does it have to be about romance?
  • me: why can't they live together as queerplatonic partners?
  • me: where is the representation?
  • me: *hisses* think about it
  • me: *slithers into the void*

This is not how you treat people. If she was there specifically about those things then that’d be acceptable. Don’t randomly ask about such personal things on a talk show.