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Trans Prospit Anon: Post Implant Jade is getting intimate with Kanaya and they've gotten intimate before, but this is the first time after the surgery and before Jade had to take off her breasts when they got unclothed. This time, they're a part of Jade and Kanaya touches one. It's an emotional experience for Jade and she starts getting watery eyed because she can FEEL Kanaya's hand. She's just so happy. Over a boob touch. Kanaya smiles, gives her a kiss and holds her. What a great girlfriend.

hi <3!! this is adorable omg.

what nerds.

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Trans Prospit Anon! So we have John and Jade pretty well established and we know that Kanaya and Rose react pretty well. Karkat is trans (if coming from a poorer household), so go figure on that one. But what about Dave and Vriska? Vriska doesn't really care on way or another, but that also means she doesn't bother to educate herself at all. She regularly says things that are unintentionally hurtful because Vriska. This has led to Kanaya cleaning her clock a couple of times.

Dave really, really, REALLY wants to be okay with it, because these are his friends and he doesn’t want to be a shitty person, so, in an act of rare sincerity, he asks Rose to sit him down and tell him what he needs to know to not be THAT asshole when he’s friends with them. Where’s the line? He’s a jerk to everybody, but he still cares about his friends and he doesn’t want to be the guy they hate for saying something out of turn.

yeaah. and dave isn’t perfect, he just sort of runs his mouth without thinking constantly, so he does screw up, but he is always quick to apologize. being a jerk is fine, but he doesn’t want to be actually harmful.