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I'm curious about what procedures you think need to change in the livestock industry?

Practically, or philosophically? There is so much that can be talked about in this field

From a practical standpoint, there are a number of areas where current livestock practices are far from ideal. Farming has a huge history behind it, and many of these practices are ingrained and so difficult to change.

Before I go through the list, I should preface that if you’re not comfortable with the fact that farmed animals die for human benefit, if you just want all farms to stop using animals, then you’re not going to find this list satisfactory. If you’re fundamentally uncomfortable with livestock industries, and you haven’t already questioned why you consume the products it produces or what your alternatives are, then it might be worthwhile.

For now, these industries are not going anywhere. They’re certainly not perfect but we could improve them. Regardless of whether you personally believe all these industries should be ‘just stopped’ you have to agree that will not happen overnight, and that other welfare improvements could happen today.

  • Pain relief being more widely used. There has historically been an aversion to using pain relief medication in livestock due to expense, drug residues and the lack of products made for and tested in the species. This is beginning to change so there are not more options for pain relief at castration and mulesing , for example, but this needs to be more widely used. Another hurdle to this is that they are prescription products, and in order for a veterinarian to prescribe them they must have been out to that farm within the last year and be familiar with their set up and stock. Not every farm will call out a veterinarian on a regular basis.
  • Minimize transport time. Transport, whether by road, train, boat or plane, is incredibly stressful for livestock of all kinds. We can measure their physiological stress, so this is definitely not just anthropomorphism. Livestock are more stressed in transport than they are by witnessing death, which is the opposite to what many people would think. 
  • On-farm slaughter and refrigerated transport. Following on from the previous point, we have the technology to transport chilled carcasses. Performing slaughter on farm removes or eliminates a large percentage of the transport an individual animal needs to be exposed to, and will improve their welfare. Animals don’t perceive death the same way we do, having a mini abattoir at the farm entrance isn’t going to bother them.
  • Using genetics instead of procedures. It astounds me in this modern day that we still have breeders of hereford cattle that breed the horned version, and then de-horn the calves, instead of selecting stock with the polled (no horns) trait. If you want horns then fine, but if you’re going to cut/burn/cauterize them off anyway when why not remove them genetically? The polled gene exists! Similarly there are a small number of merino sheep with a ‘bare breech’ trait, which don’t need mulesing. It would be ideal to spread this trait through the Australian sheep population, but with millions and millions of sheep and a ram only about to impregnate about 60 a month, that will take time.
  • Enrichment. Toys. Something for animals to play with, to investigate, to do. This has been historically neglected for a long time because originally animals weren’t though to have souls, or to be thinking, feeling entities. We know differently now. Enrichment only improves the lives of these animals, and often reduces unwanted or destructive behavior, like piglets biting off each others tails.
  • Dam-neonate bonding in certain industries should be reconsidered. In some situations, the dairy industry in particular, neonates may be taken from their mothers within 24 hours to reduce disease transmission in eradication of certain diseases, like Johnes disease, but in other situations it’s because for some mind boggling reason it is more cost efficient for a farm to sell the mother’s milk and feed the neonate on milk replacer.  
  • In a similar vein, giving sows enough space to nurse their litter would be great. They’re kept in sow stalls (basically a cage that they can stand up or lie down in that the piglets can run through) so that they don’t squash their piglets and kill them. That’s great and all, except you can accomplish the same thing by giving the sow more space to turn around it and slopes on the wall of the pen.

So, the important question I hope you’re asking is why don’t we do these things already?

There are lots and lots of reasons someone could grab, but the short (and I dare say more honest) reason is this: Money.

Granting an animal more space costs you money because it reduces the number of animals you can stock in your space. Using more pain relief medication costs you money. Calling out a vet costs you money. Providing enrichment costs you various amounts of money. On-farm slaughter and refrigerated transport is more expensive than the current system.

So if this is all about money, is it the fault of greedy farmers? Well, generally no.

Most farmers actually like the species of animal they work with. And most of them, especially with recent droughts, the current political climate and monopolization of the companies that buy their products, are not making big buckets of cash. More and more farms are selling up and small producers are not keeping up.

They are under constant pressure to lower the prices of their animal products because there’s only a few big buyers, and right now it’s the buyers that dictate what price they’re willing to pay. Because these animal products are perishable, you can’t save them for a rainy day if you don’t sell them, and these buyers are big enough, they can hold out and only pay what they want to pay. This severe downward pressure means farmers get paid progressively less, and these companies make more profits while claiming it’s good for consumers.

^ Look familiar?

So we get cheaper food, the company makes more profit, and the individual farms get screwed.

Especially with milk, there was a huge crisis recently where one of the big milk buyers suddenly declared it had been overpaying dairies, and that not only was it now going to pay them much less for the season (on contract mind you), but that all their dairies now owed them thousands of dollars. After years of downward price pressure on their product many farms could not, and can not, afford this. You can get an overview here.

The point I’m trying to get to is that if these industries are gong to improve, then we need to value the individual animal and its experience of life more than we currently do. 

If we value the experiences of the individual animal, and consequently put our money where our mouth is when it comes to their products, then there should be both motivation and financial ability to improve their lives. We could progress from mere ‘prevention of cruelty’ and minimum standards towards animal welfare and good welfare states.

Changing consumer patterns is probably the only way to do this, and it’s quite hard when you’re already paycheck to paycheck, but a in depth rant/discussion about politics/policy/economics etc is beyond my scope, though I would happily add veterinary and industry specific detail to a discussion if someone wants to tackle that side of it.

Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon square Neptune, Moon trine Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune, Moon sextile Neptune 

When Neptune and the Moon make music the emotional spectrum can be oceanic. The individual is tapped into the whole sensory orchestra of the collective, mood shifts by the Moon become fantasised by the waves of Neptune, enveloping the individual entrancingly, transporting them to lagoons to pure feeling, euphoria, and ecstasy, and sadness, and deep melancholy. Moon-Neptune individuals have permeable boundaries, they can become cocooned by the mood of the room, leaky and vulnerable. The individual is an impressive empath, capable of reading body language and hidden emotion well. It can be impossible to deceive these people with lies that, ‘you are fine’, because they can feel sadness in your eyes and in your spirit. These individuals can be psychic children, often developing profound empathy as young children, receiving invisible signals and hidden details. The imagination can be wicked with Moon-Neptune. Triggered by emotion, the fantasy world can sketch a murky ocean of darkness, prophetizing chaos and torture. So this vivid imagination can turn self destructive, depending on the mood or environment. The artistic expression can be rich here, any form of creative essence flows from two cosmic waterfalls, music, painting, writing, cinema, glamour, dance, any experience that mimics the creative activity of God. This is the illusion of all illusion, a lunar dreamboat riding into Neptune bay.


My Boys Drabbles - Elevator Ride

Hey guys. I wrote this story a couple of days ago and it probably deserved more decent editing by me. Since I’m on a train to Scotland doing basically nothing, I’ve decided to post it. :)

Thank you @jia911​ for your reliable support and proofreading!

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

The lovely @bluebelle18 asked to write a story about Owen getting really angry at Amelia.

  • Timeline:

This happens before they had kids, after ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Pest Infestation’.

My Boys Drabbles – Elevator Ride

“Hey, Jim!” Amelia barged in the radiology room where the neurosurgery team usually gathered every Tuesday morning to discuss cases. “How was the weekend?” She playfully asked, suggestively giving her colleague a pat on the shoulder and a dirty gaze. “Yeah, look at that womanizer face you got there… I bet you had some fun!”

Jim Nelson gave her one mortified look that made Amelia crack up laughing. She loved to tease the other attending and that was no secret. Seeing her colleague’s usual lack of response, Amelia was about to add another teasing comment when her husband stormed into the room.

“I need you, ER, now,” He demanded, without offering any explanation.

Amelia frowned and looked puzzled from Jim Nelson to the door, but Owen had already left. Without much of a choice, she excused herself and followed his trail, wondering what in the world could justify Owen being in a hurry like that.


“You stay close and make sure you have your kits on you all the time,” Owen commanded, pacing back and forth to make sure the whole team was properly geared up. “Don’t forget to add the appropriate tags so patients can be removed after they were assessed,” He reinforced for the third time, taking one last look at the team of five doctors who were in the transport with him.

Owen made individual eye contact with each one, receiving affirmative nods in return. It was no surprise people were following his lead, considering his entire background. Owen Hunt was good in critical situations and everyone knew that. To have a strong, imposing leader like him inspiring trust and confidence was comforting for the team of surgeons who were just about to take big risks in a massive accident location.

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Relationship with astrology

Aries: The Aries person is self expressive but typically born without a heavy weight of self consciousness. They are not so equipped with self awareness or insight to their behavior. They don’t so much ‘watch themselves’ as convey themselves. The Aries can also be confused by the conduct of others, like the whole world is mysterious to Aries. Astrology provides the individual with authentic and personalized information that allows the individual to explore and discover themselves in a fascinating way. It also pieces together the puzzle of others

Taurus: Even the most skeptical Taurus can find an element of beauty in astrology. Whether it be through the stories, language, or the lyrical way it is expressed. The individual will like to become intimate with their own chart and divulge into details. It could be a form of relaxation and bliss for the Taurus to kick their feet up and read about the love of Venus and the values of Taurus. It can also provide a sense of peace and security in what seems like a mad world. It is one thing that has been constant and enduring over history. They will acknowledge astrology but typically continue rumbling along in life exhibiting the same conduct

Gemini: The fascinating twists, turns and elaborate learning opportunities available through astrology can be enough to engage the flighty Gemini mind for a lifetime. There is something brilliant about having more and more to learn about with every leap in knowledge, and astrology provides an infinite maze of information pockets and captivating insights. It keeps the Gemini child enthralled. It can also provide the changeable and dual sided Gemini with a sense of internal stability. They are not going mad, they are just many

Cancer: Astrology reunites Cancer with the feelings of belonging and welcoming they so sorely long. It gives them a language to filter their psychic and intuitive activity through and provides a sense of solace and protection in a frenzied world. It can feel like coming home for Cancer, and opens up internal worlds they never knew existed. When the Cancer person can sympathise with the birth chart they no longer feel abandoned and afraid

Leo: The Leo reads astrology to see what it says about Leo. They are thunderously proud when astrologers remark on their positive points but also deeply hurt and sensitive to criticism. Astrology reunites Leo with the royalty that resides within. It can contribute to their grandiosity, the feeling that they truly rule with purpose. Astrology can also intimidate the lesser Leo who fears a force greater than him. It provides a permission slip for the Leo to express the spectacular self that bounces inside, the individual no longer has to be ashamed

Virgo: Virgos typically internalize astrological knowledge and ensure the circulating information is correct. The individual will prefer to analyze every detail of their chart and apply learned information to their own chart and experiences. Virgos will be critical of astrology they feel misrepresents their nature. There can be a tremendous focus, a great ability to examine the internal tapestry and patterns that others can overlook in haste. I’ve noticed Virgos are highly receptive to astrology but fearful in revealing they indulge in what others perceive as fallacy

Libra: Libra’s natural interest in psychology and interpersonal conduct is satiated through astrology. There is a tremendous need to understand other people and through this process come to understand themselves. Astrology provides clear insights on their own complexes and generates manuals concerning others. The individual will like to ensure the information read is free from bias and righteous. They will not appreciate what is unsavory or written with prejudice. Libra’s may feel disconnected from their own charts, as if they are just imitations. But it also provides that sense of insight they crave. That which drives others could be more fascinating

Scorpio: Scorpios are deeply responsive to astrology. It provides a language their powerful inner experiences. It can also intimidate the lesser Scorpio who fears being exposed or vulnerable. Astrology stirs the waves of sorcery in the individual and transports them to they pockets of the unconscious they seek to voyage through. The controversy, depth, and contention surrounding astrology can tempt the Scorpio. What is hidden, concealed, and filled with tokens from history, psychology, and unconscious dwellings is seductive. The depth psychology and penetration into human nature that the Scorpio craves can be generated through astrology. Scorpios may be especially gifted at intuiting the algorithms and patterns of astrology that people and the universe exhibit

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius is always searching for a way to become intimate with the laws of the universe. Although the individual seeks ‘God’, in personal and worldly ways, there is the need to apply tangible and logical blueprints to their experience of the Source. Astrology provides the manuscript, history, and spiritual language the individual is searching for to apply to his earthly experiences. It is the rainbow bridge that fuses two worlds. Astrology also engages the higher mind, and this is a place the Sagittarius longs to spend time exploring through. There are myriads and mazes of wisdom waiting in astrology that satiate the Sagittarian’s curiosity and need to accumulate knowledge

Capricorn: Capricorn represents mastery in all forms. This spans tasks on earth to profound mystical experiences. On top of the mountain, the individual is quite close to the stars. Something in the Capricorn person craves true intimacy and awareness of the surrounding world and the mechanics that weave reality. For Capricorns, astrology can bridge the gap between the spirit and the material through language, analysis, and history. It is a topic the individual will approach with caution but engage deeply once its worth is realised. The individual seeks to apply astrological information to everyday experiences and building evidence

Aquarius: Aquarius is the ruler of astrology and something in the Aquarian chemistry longs to be reunited with the star stuff they are made up of. There is a tremendous receptiveness to astrological material and galactic curiosity that is remedied by the intricate design. Astrology is a world of delight for Aquarius that allows them to dwell on the fringes of controversy but also return them to lost parts of themselves. It writes a permission slip that allows the shyer Aquarian to break from the shell and express their lightning individuality. Aquarius is often proud of their astrological make up and spend a lot of time thinking about astrology, it’s validity and its humanitarian potential

Pisces: Astrology is a refresher course for Pisces. It reminds them of the magic that exists where they came from and where they will eventually return to. There is an inborn intimacy with the wisdom transcribed through astrology and the individual can attain a sense of peace and rest when they are reminded this is all apart of the grand design. Confusing complexes in the individual can be put to sleep. The individual can daydream about astrology and watch it revealed in everyday life. They will express a tiny nod and smile, a sense of knowing that their true self is reflected from the light of heaven, it couldn’t be any other way