Big ideas like this one start conversations and new thinking that bring by great innovations. I love this concept by Priestmangoode:

The Moving Platforms concept was designed to address the infrastructure shortcomings that inhibit the optimum functioning of high-speed rail. Local trams connect to a network of nonstop high-speed trains. When a moving tram docks with a moving train, passengers can embark and disembark, transferring passengers to and from their local destinations without forcing the high-speed training to slow. The tram, in effect, acts as a moving station.

Why bother with auto transport brokers when you can easily get a cheap auto transport service?

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You might be wondering why you have to bother with auto transport brokers when you can easily get a cheap auto transport service directly from the shipper. Well the short answer is convenience. If you want the long answer, read on.

There are a lot of advantages if you will just go through an auto transport broker instead of going directly to the shipper for a cheap auto transport quote. Some people believe that brokers can make things more expensive because they are still going to put their profit on top of the quote from the shipper. But that is not necessarily the case, here’s why:

1.       Brokers are aware of this

The brokers are aware that if they put their profit on top of the price of the shipper, things will become too expensive for the car owner, the problem is, this is how they do business. So to solve the issue, brokers would scour for shippers who will give them special prices for bringing them customers. Things will even be cheaper if your go through a broker.

2.       They know a lot of shippers to choose from

Looking for shippers that will give them a cheaper price is easy for brokers because they know a vast network of it. With just a matter of phone calls, they can already find carriers that will give you an affordable service without sacrificing quality. This is also handy when cancellations come because all they need to do is call another shipper that will take over the place of the one that cancelled and your schedule won’t even be affected.

3.       They know the market conditions

The key to the brokers’ continued profitability is to be continually aware of the market condition. That is the reason why they constantly monitor it to give their customers the optimum price that they deserve.

4.       Shippers give special discounts to brokers

For bringing them customers, shippers in return also give brokers a special price. This is where brokers get their profit from and not from marking up the price set by the shipper. You will still get the same price if you go directly to the shipper instead o going through a broker, minus the convenience.

5.       Brokers are better with customers

This last reason is not regarding the price but rather on how your are treated as a customer. Since the brokers only have the customers to take of, they are better at it compared to the shippers who are too busy taking care of their trucks. Because of this, there are a lot of shippers who does not even advertise their existence but rather leave it to the brokers to market their services.

These are some of the reasons why if your need cheap auto transport, you should go through an auto transport broker. On top of the convenience, these reasons should convince you not to take matters into your own hands but rather to contact a broker and him handle the rest of your auto transport problems.

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Service Your Customers Right: Communication is Vital

You’ve worked hard to earn your clientele, and you’re not about to let them go. But in a crowded marketplace, how can you be sure your customers will remain loyal and not jump ship to a competitor? By providing them with extraordinary customer service via outstanding communications.

It’s been said that a key to success is imagining every person with a sign around their neck that says, “Make me feel special.” This is a fantastic practice to put into place when dealing with customers as well. From the top of an organization to the bottom, each person who works there is an integral component to that business’ success. Therefore, each person you communicate with should get the best and most accurate story from you, enabling them to do their jobs most efficiently.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Pieces of critical information may be fuzzy, or altogether missing. In the transportation and logistics industry, anticipated load arrival times - quite possibly the very information your customer needs in order to run their business properly - may be anyone’s guess. This lack of detail my unwittingly cause an entire negative trickle-down effect for your customer, causing their workflow to be disrupted. Naturally, this is not the kind of experience you want to deliver to your customers.

The fix is simple: Seek out and invest in systems or technologies that can make communicating important information to your customers as effortless as possible. By utilizing the finest in telematics, TransFUSION Network employs GPS technology and a highly detailed, real-time map to pinpoint each and every power unit and trailer in your fleet. Tracking a load, down to its exact location, can give you the information you need to best prepare your customers for either an on-time delivery or a deviated arrival time. This distinct and explicit information can save your customers frustration by helping them plan ahead.

Outstanding interactions with your customers could well be the factor that sets you apart from your competitors. Investing in TransFUSION Network to enhance your current telematics systems can aid in keeping your customers happy and loyal - which can certainly lead to repeat business and referrals down the road.

The redesign of the TransFUSION Network website is a crucial step in the outreach of our product and business as a whole. Providing potential customers, partners and employees with the most technologically-driven and vividly informative website possible exemplifies our commitment to cultivating solutions within the transportation and logistics industry, while maintaining a relationship-centered focus.
—  TransIT Solutions Vice President, Bob Stemple
Regarding Car Shipping

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Your car is always a precious object for you. It is very dear to you and has been providing you excellent service. It has been a true trusted friend.

So now is the time to return favor. See that its transit is safe and risk free, for if it is slightly damaged it will hurt you. Ensure that the transit of your vehicle is very smooth and hassle free.

Automobile transportation from one destination to another is a process oriented job. Car shipping companies adopt the latest technology and paperwork. Study all the relevant papers minutely to ensure that your automobile is transferred from one destination to another safely. As and when a person from  the auto transport company visits you, ensure that the insurance clause is clearly stated in the agreement.

It is also very important to know how your automobile is to be transported whether in open or enclosed trailer and whether or not door to door services are provided or not. The car shipping companies also offer the global positioning system wherein the state of your car is tracked at various stages during transit.

The auto transport company also provides online free quotes. So select all the facilities according to your budget. 

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See what we mean...

From Pinzler:

I took a picture of this poster on the B train.  Sorry if the smaller text is hard to read but the poster is meant to convey how “forward thinking” the MTA is by allowing third parties to create transit apps using freely available MTA data.  The text of the poster asks people to “Search the web for ‘NY transit apps’ to see what we mean” … so I did.

The first result was link to the MTA jobs website (because there was an “application for employment” I guess).  The next two were, in fact, reviews of transit apps written by third parties. 

The fourth link is what makes this art.  It links to an article on Business Insider from over a year ago titled “Apple Reinstates New York Transit iPhone App After MTA Finds Sanity”.  Originally, the MTA considered its train and bus schedules as copyrighted intellectual property and it wasn’t until bloggers, activists, lawyers, and commuters stepped up for developers that the MTA backed off.  Very forward thinking indeed.

It takes a very special kind of boneheaded hypocrisy to make a claim and then lead me directly to the evidence otherwise while trying to prove that claim.  

Here is a link to the article (or you could just search 'NY transit apps’):

Thanks Pinz! This made my day.

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Tanzania gets $7.6 bln loan from China's Exim Bank for railway
By Reuters

It is expected that on completion, the project will revolutionise Tanzania’s economy and other countries in Eastern and Central Africa including Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The first phase will constitute the construction of the railway line from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza via Isaka and Tabora.