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US customs is revoking Muslim American travelers’ Global Entry cards, lawyers say

  • A spate of Muslim travelers in the United States, both American citizens and green card holders, have claimed U.S. Customs and Border Protection revoked their Global Entry cards, several immigration lawyers said in interviews with Mic.
  • Global Entry is a program run by the Transportation Security Administration that provides expedited entry through customs checkpoints at U.S. airports to vetted travelers. Other travelers said their Global Entry applications were denied — without explanation — after being told in person they were approved after screenings and interviews, according to the lawyers. 
  • Greg Siskind, attorney and board member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has been leading the charge in investigating these cases and called for examples on Twitter in early February. Read more. (2/16/2017 11:01 AM)

Jackrabbit week 2017 - Day 4: Royalty AU

This is… my favorite thing I have drawn in years. Now you know what all those horse and hare studies were about. The only reason this has a decent background is because I’ve been watching Bob Ross videos while working on it. xD haha That man is truly inspiring!

Here are some notes on this AU, taken straight from google docs. I really love this idea and would love to revisit it in the future. ^^


The story:

The Lunanoff royal family has been slain by Pitch, except for Manny, or Prince Lunar, who grew up in the protective bubble of the Moon Clipper which has completely isolated him from the outside world. While technically still Tsar, he cannot rule over his Kingdom in a necessary capacity, but he’s found a way to communicate with his subjects through magic, so every few thousand years, he chooses a Heir to rule in his stead.

The heirs are chosen from a vast court of lesser royalty that still have at least a drop of royal blood flowing through them, and thus the magic that is meant to protect the Kingdom. Everyone wants to be noticed and chosen, so the competition has grown cutthroat over the centuries and the court has been corrupted from the inside.

As the previous Heir falls prey to Pitch’s machinations, Pitch uses the distraction to gather his forces in secrecy. He’s planning a full-on assault on the unsuspecting Kingdom.

The Guardians are protectors of the Kingdom and are there to support the chosen Heir. While the Guardians sometimes fall and are chosen anew, some, like Bunny and Sandy, have looked over countless Heirs in their lifetimes.

As the ceremony for the choosing grows closer, everyone is speculating who the new Heir will be. To everyone’s shock, the Tsar’s choice falls on someone no one had expected - Jack Frost, a young princeling barely into adulthood, with a very obscure lineage that makes everyone question if there’s any royal blood in him at all.

Of course, Bunny is the most outraged by this decision, because all he’s seen of Jack through the years has been nothing but the young princeling fooling around and causing trouble. He has no faith in the new Heir and no desire to serve him.

Jack is as flabbergasted as the rest of them. He’d always felt left out of the court, but he’s never wanted to take part in the intrigue and certainly never expected to get the title of Tsarevitch Lunanoff. He doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously at first, thinking there has to be some kind of mistake that will certainly be corrected soon.

Everything changes when the Guardians discover traces of Pitch’s evil plot. With cryptic silence from Tsar Lunar, the Guardians have no other choice but to school the young Heir in the skills necessary to fight a coming war.

Forced to work together, Bunny gradually learns more about Jack and grows to respect him for who he is. While he may not be like any of the previous heirs, there’s something in the young man that sparks joy and laughter in the people around him. Perhaps, this is exactly the ruler their Kingdom really needs.


Character profiles:

Bunny - an advisor and head of guard in peacetime, he is always by the Heir’s side. A scout and spy in wartime, he takes risky missions to sniff out information about Pitch’s movements, sometimes quite literally. He is an expert in moving in the shadows or underground, using his speed and quick wits to his advantage.

Toothiana - mistress of the servants in peacetime, she is secretly the Tsar’s spymaster, keeping an eye on the court’s activities thanks to her servant girls. In wartime, she is a strategist and general. She is used to taking command and seeing the bigger picture, but she’s also a proficient sword fighter who is never found on the sidelines, but rather in the midst of battle.

North -  a genius and innovator in peacetime, his countless creations are meant to make everyone’s lives better, while other times, they are meant to entertain. He doubles as the master of ceremony for the Tsar. In wartime, his workshop produces all the weapons and machines needed to arm the fighters. His creative mind isn’t limited to technology, but also helps brainstorm surprising solutions when fighting against the enemy.

Sandy - stable master in peacetime, he provides transportation for all the court’s needs. His favorite pastime is looking after the highly priced dreamsand horses and other creatures created by his magic – when he is not found taking a nap. In wartime, his immense magical power has proven to be an obstacle to Pitch time and time again.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've already talked about it but do you know the typical schedule a skater would have during a competition? (getting to the hotel, going to the rink, when they eat, when do they go to the gym vs the rink, and how turns at the rink/ running thru their program is timed)

I don’t know all of these details, but for a sense of how competitions are scheduled, you can take a look at the 2017 4CC schedule. It shows pretty much everything that goes on at the competition, on and off the ice. Solid colored blocks are practice sessions; competition times are white with colored borders. There are usually 1-2 days of official practice before the competition starts; practice for 4CC starts on Tuesday and the competition starts on Thursday. For large competitions like the ISU Championships, there are usually 2 rinks in use, the main rink (where the competition takes place) and the practice rink. You can see on the schedule how skaters get a turn in both the main and practice rinks. For smaller competitions like GPs, there’s usually only one rink.

Skaters usually arrive at the competition the day before official practice starts (many skaters already arrived in Gangneung today for 4CC). Skaters, coaches, officials etc. stay at one or more official hotels provided by the competition organizers; the official hotel is usually listed in the competition’s ISU announcement. Transportation is provided from the hotel(s) to the rink(s), and usually from the airport(s) to the hotel(s) as well. Some rinks might have gym facilities available for the skaters, some might not.

As for practices, skaters are grouped differently before and after the draws for starting orders. Draws usually take place the day before the competition. For the initial practices, when the starting order hasn’t been set yet, skaters are grouped by country. Each group has 5-6 skaters for singles or 3-4 teams for pairs/dance. During practice, they are all on the ice at the same time. You can see 4CC’s practice groups and music rotation here. It shows which group each skater is in for each practice, and the order they go in within each group. Skaters can tell the person in charge of playing music whether they are going to do their SP or FS; for initial practices, they can do either. Each practice group starts out with a few minutes of warmup time before the first skater’s music plays. While a skater’s music plays and they do their program runthrough, the other skaters in their group are still on the ice and do their own thing. (Common courtesy is to stay out of the way of the skater whose music is playing.) After all the skaters’ music has played, they have some more “free” time to practice whatever before their session ends. If a skater doesn’t show up for practice (it’s not mandatory), their music still plays to fill up the gap.

I think that’s all you asked, but a few more tidbits about competitions: Skaters don’t always arrive at the rink at the same time for competitions. Especially for large events with several groups, skaters who are competing later usually arrive on their own a bit before their group goes on. Also, a lot of skaters sit in the stands to watch the rest of the competition after their own events are done. And many larger competitions have a banquet at the hotel after the exhibition where all the skaters, officials, etc. can relax.

Bon Voyage (A Beauty and the Beast  one shot FanFiction)

So…I noticed @inventor-belle​ mentioned an interest in a fanfic of one of my Beauty and the Beast head canon posts the other day… so I wrote one. Because I am shamelessly that far gone into my batb fangirling that that is all it takes… Enjoy!

SummaryPère Robert visits the castle library.

Word count  – 2202

A/N – This is my first time posting a fanfic. I’m not sure what the standard acceptable posting format is exactly… I tried… I also borrowed the pictures from other posts somewhere on tumblr. I don’t remember which blogs exactly otherwise I’d give credit where credit is due… Again. New to this…Sorry. Anyways! Happy reading…

     It was a bright and beautiful summer’s day as Père Robert rode along the narrow woodland path to the castle. The quiet of the forest a welcome change from the chatter of the village; the distant melodies of songbirds and the muffled clops of his horse’s hooves against the damp earth the only sounds amongst the silent trees. He sighed happily, taking it in. It had been nearly a fortnight since the curse had been broken. The village was alive with a commotion like none he had ever seen there before. It was as if they had all just awoken from a hazy dream. There was a renewed fervor in their hearts that they applied to everything. Their day to day tasks. Their gossiping. Confession… With the restoration of their memories, Père Robert had had more people come to confession in one week than he had in his entire time in the priesthood. Just the thought of it gave him a headache. But today was to be a respite from his clerical duties. A day of fellowship with a dear friend. Père Robert had missed his talks with Belle dreadfully in the passing weeks. No one in the village could hold a candle to her insightful conversation. When her invitation to visit the castle arrived on his doorstep, it was like a gift sent from Heaven.

   As he rode into the castle courtyard, Père Robert marveled at the splendor that had been tucked away in the forest unseen for so long. He dismounted and led his horse to the stable.

“Thank you, Pierre.” He said, patting the gentle steed’s neck. Making his way up the shining marble stairs to the palace, Père Robert could not help but feel a tad underdressed. True, all of his clothing was modest. But perhaps he should have taken the time to shine his shoes…

Père Robert tried to put these thoughts aside as the castle door opened for him.

“Bonjour!” He said cheerfully to the lanky footman who ushered him in. “I’ve come to call on—oh, thank you.” The footman wordlessly began to take his coat and hat from him. “I’ve come to pay a visit to Belle… would you be so kind as to direct me…”

The footman smiled and gestured for Père Robert to turn. Just that moment, Belle was making her way into the foyer. She looked up from the book she held, a smile blooming across her face as she saw him.

”Père Robert!” She cried, rushing to greet him. “Oh, I am so glad you came.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The village is not the same without you.”

“Oh I sincerely doubt that.” She laughed. “How is everyone?”

“In a word…chatty. But we can discuss that later. Would you be so kind as to give me a tour?” Père inquired.

“A tour! Yes. Of course. Please follow me. Thank you, Chapeau. That should be all for the day. I know your violin must be calling you.” She added, turning to the silent footman. He gave her a nod of thanks and quickly turned, making his leave.

“So what do you think?” She asked, gesturing to the spacious foyer as she led the way up a grand staircase.

“I do believe I have seen cathedrals that would be considered shabby in comparison.” Père laughed.

“It is a bit grand, isn’t it?” She agreed. “You’d be amazed at how quickly it has felt like home. Mostly because of the people here. They’ve all been so kind to me.”

“Yes, I suppose they would be. I’m sure they are incredibly grateful to you. You’ve become a heroine in your own right.”

“Strange isn’t it?” She wondered.

“Oh not entirely.” Père Robert mused. “I always knew you had it in you. It was only a matter of time until you found yourself in the midst of some grand adventure.”

She let out a laugh and shook her head. As they reached a new corridor she paused, thinking. She gave a tiny whistle and made a small upward gesture with her hand, as if rebuilding something in her mind.

“This way.” She pointed, continuing on the tour. Noticing an inquisitive head tilt from Père Robert she explained “The castle sort of rebuilt itself after the curse was broken. I’m still learning the layout now that there are fewer obstacles to maneuver around.”

Père Robert nodded as if he understood. Never did he imagine that he would be casually discussing curses and enchanted self-repairing castles. Then again, there were biblical accounts of things equally as miraculous. It was probably best to not try to wrap his mind around the theological implications of it all just yet.

They made their way through the castle, past rows of shining suits of armor and grand portraits by the old artistic masters. Belle showed him the views of the gardens and the hint of the village rooftops in the distance from one of the tower balconies. She twirled about the ballroom, introducing him to a few members of the bustling staff making final preparations for the grand celebration to come in the next few days. Finally, as they reached the end of a long hallway, she stopped before the large double doors, her eyes alight with excitement.

This is by far my favorite place in the entire castle. It is part of why I invited you here… Are you ready?”

Père Robert nodded. Belle turned and thrust the doors open in front of her, revealing the most stunning array of books Père Robert had ever seen in his life.

“Isn’t it wonderful?!” She beamed

Père Robert stared in awe at the towering walls of books around him. The sun shown on the gilded spines of countless volumes. He timidly removed one from its shelf and flipped through its pages, breathing in the scent of old paper.

“It’s magnificent!” he breathed. “I think I might cry…”

“Do you want to know the best part?” she asked as he returned the book to its proper place. “It’s mine!”

“It’s yours…”He repeated. She nodded giddily.

“All of it?!” He exclaimed. She nodded again, her smile stretching into a grin that threatened to take over her whole face.

In a fit of excitement, Père Robert took her hands in his and began to jump up and down, the two of them laughing like school children.

Once they were finally able to control their gleeful giggles Belle said “I do hope that you will help yourself to any of the books you like here. It is the least I can do after everything you’ve done for me.”

She looked him in the eye until he knew there was no use making any modest protests.

“Very well! I can see there is no use arguing. Thank you, Belle.” He chuckled in resignation. “Now… Let’s have a look around this library of yours!”

As they explored the library they came across a man who Père Robert assumed could only be the prince himself. He was dressed casually enough, but there was an elegance about him that betrayed his nobility. The man looked up from his book and smiled.

“Belle, my darling! I wondered where you’d run off to.” He said, planting a swift kiss on her cheek.

Belle wove her hand into his. “Adam, I’d like you to meet my dearest friend from my days in the village, Père Robert. Père Robert, this is Prince Adam.” She said, a hint of seriousness in her voice.

He turned to her, a small smirk creeping across his face. “This is the man who lent you Romeo and Juliet?”

Before Belle could make a retort, the Prince took Père Robert’s hand into a firm handshake and with the deepest sincerity said “My good man, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the friendship you have shown to my Belle. It is an honor to meet you. Please know that you will always be welcome here. Any friend of Belle’s is a friend of mine.”

“The honor is mine your highness.” Père Robert replied, touched by the gratitude in Adam’s voice.

“Belle my dearest, might I be so bold as to make a personal selection of a few books for our dear friend?” He inquired, cordially “That is, of course, if you would like Père Robert.”

“By all means.” Père Robert replied.

Belle smiled up at her prince as he kissed her hand and departed to another section of the library to make his selection.

“His highness appears to be quite taken with you” Père Robert observed. “Is there a wedding I am to officiate in our future?”

Belle wrinkled her nose at his teasing. “Oh please! One celebration at a time… Did I mention that I’ve been considering starting a school program for the village?”

“Yes, I believe you mentioned the idea in your letter.”


“I think it’s an ingenious plan. Sure, you might have a little resistance from the village schoolmaster at first but I will see to it that all of the children are provided proper transportation to the castle.” Père Robert reassured.

“Thank you. I feel like I will need all the help I can get.” Belle replied apprehensively

“I have every confidence in your abilities. You might even consider opening a class to the adults of the village.” Père Robert suggested.

“You think they would come?” Belle asked, doubtfully.

“Perhaps not all at once. But I suspect there are a select few that would be enticed by the opportunity. I’ll make a few inquiries.”

Belle nodded, considering the idea as she examined the bookshelf in front of her.

“So where are you off to next?” Père Robert asked

“I can’t decide.” Belle sighed, climbing one of the bookshelf ladders, pushing off and sliding wistfully. “There are so many options now.”

“The hardships of having an entire world of books at your fingertips.” Père Robert teased.

“What do you think, Plumette?” Belle asked, looking up at the young maiden dusting the higher shelves of a nearby bookcase. “See anything promising up there?”

“Hmmm….”Plumette hummed thoughtfully, resting her feather duster on her hip. “What about this one?”

She descended lightly and handed the novel to Belle.

“’Love in Excess by Eliza Haywood’” Belle read aloud.

“Eliza Haywood!” Père Robert repeated intrigued. “I’ve heard a few accounts of her. All incredibly conflicting. I’d be interested in giving some of her writings a try.”

“I hear it is very romantic.” Plumette giggled, playing with her feather duster.

“Are there any more copies?” Père Robert asked.

Plumette danced up the ladder to check. “Oui! There are several.” She gently dropped two more copies down to Père Robert before floating down the ladder herself.

“Perhaps we should all read it then.”  Père Robert suggested.

“Like a club!” Plumette said with delight.

“A book club! What a wonderful idea!” Belle mused, excitedly.

“What’s a wonderful idea, my love?” Adam asked, returning carrying a large stack of books.

“We’re starting a book club!” Belle replied.

Adam set his stack of books on the table and looked at the novel in Belle’s hand. “You’ll have to count me out on this one. Count D’Elmont’s character arch is a bit too close to home for me just yet. Let me know when you’ve chosen your next book. Might I suggest something Shakespeare? I’d love to get your opinions on Hamlet.”

“You’ve read “Love in Excess”?” Belle asked incredulously.

“No!” Adam retorted defensively. “I…I believe I overheard Lumière discussing it once…A while ago… I may have skimmed it. I prefer the title “The Fatal Enquiry.” It sounds much more eloquent.”

“Because it sounds more dramatic, more like.” Belle teased.

Adam rolled his eyes in mock offense, wrapping his arm around Belle’s shoulders and pulling her a little closer.

“Are all of those books for me?” Père Robert asked, examining the large tower of books on the table.

“Yes! Belle mentioned her love of Romeo and Juliet. I assumed that you must not have many volumes of Shakespeare in your collection so I took it upon myself to collect the rest of his plays and some of his poetry for you. Do you speak Greek, by any chance?” Adam replied, joining Père Robert at the table.

“I’m more fluent in Latin, but I studied a little Greek while I was at seminary…”

“Excellent!” Adam exclaimed. “I’ve been wanting to read The Iliad in its original text for some time now.”

“I’m afraid I am rather rusty” Père Robert warned.

“Nonsense. I’m a quick study. I’m sure we can figure it out between the two of us.” Adam waved a hand dismissively at Père Robert’s insecurity and opened the large volume on the top of the stack.

“Oh, you meant right now?” Père Robert asked.

Adam looked up from the book, realizing his enthusiasm may have gotten the better of his manners.

“Is that alright?”

Père Robert looked over at Belle who was doing her best to stifle a laugh.


As the two men sat down and began to pour over the dusty poem, Belle smiled to herself watching as the two began their attempt at translating, an unlikely friendship already beginning to blossom.

Steve/Tony Fic Recs - Personal Favorites

(because the relationship between captain america and iron man stretches across the multiverse, because the fandom has some of the absolute most talented writers out there, and because i’m so proud to be part of the superhusbands community, here are a list of my personal favorite stony fics. ^u^)

**updated 5.16.2016

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 [M, 85k]

When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a creating force in his own right.

That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

All the Time in the World (Will Never Be Enough) by Crematosis [M, 26k]

The first time Steve is sent into the timestream to save Tony, the mission is a complete disaster. Tony isn’t an easy person to protect. But Steve is up for the challenge.

Because sometimes, even time-traveling, badass supersoldiers need saving.

Keep reading

MOROCCO. October 1975. Following the World Court at the Hague’ s “consultive opinion” that the Spanish Sahara should be free of Spanish colonial rule, King HASSAN II of Morocco announced the organisation of a peace march of 350.000volunteers (the “Green March” ), of which 10% to be women, to the Spanish Sahara in order to reclaim their rights to sovereignty over the territory. The King HASSAN II provided transport, food and shelter for the march.
During the march, high-level diplomatic discussions were taking place between Rabat, Madrid and Algiers in a rush to avoid violent confrontation. The marchers were armed only with the Quraan. Tarfaya, Spanish Sahara.

3 One-Eyed Men Walk Into a Bar

Where did I take a wrong turn? Harry thought as he slunk into his seat and readied his physical and mental shields.  Today didn’t start out normal, but this is several steps beyond the pale.

I think the American is about to shit kine. Atticus mused. I’m no happier than he is about this little brawl but really, what matters a fight between yourselves?

“It okay if I sit next to you, Mr. Dresden?” Shadow asked, as if this was not the strangest thing he had seen so far and that was saying something in their line of work.

“Sure thing, Muscles. I don’t mind the company, provided you explain to me just why Vadderung would want to take a piece out of your Mr. Wednesday.”

“He is not my Mr. Wednesday, and I would suppose that it has something to do with a scheme that Mr. Wednesday had that may have ruined Vadderung’s credibility.”

“Hey kids, none of that matters now, yeah?  These three just want a clean fight to settle who gets to give the orders.  Wolves may not fight over who leads, but men sure do and especially men from their time and place,” Atticus cut in.  He had found that asking why was only important when your own life was in the equation; trying to understand every creature’s motivation for every act was a waste of 2,000 years.

As the three men sat down, they all thought about what had set off this event.

It was only supposed to be lunch at Mac’s with an ally. How could I see a fight like this coming about? Dresden asked himself, shaking loose his shield bracelet and pulling his duster close.

I should have known there was something up when Mr. Wednesday asked to come to Chicago and wouldn’t tell me who we were meeting, only where. Usually he can’t resist the snide comment or allusion to someone’s deific origin, Shadow thought to himself, tense and ready to jump behind a rock.

I hope that I get to see just what Odin can do in a close-up fight, so far its only been him throwing a spear from a safe distance, Atticus mused, and I really wish Oberon was here, he would know what jokes to make, though Dresden seems to do that just fine.

She had arrived with a chill and a rise in every male’s blood pressure.  She was tall and pale, fairer than fair, and radiated danger.  Dresden recognized her immediately as the Queen of the Unseelie Fae, Atticus saw a very powerful faerie lady but was not worried in light of his amulet, and Shadow saw a woman too pretty to be human and put her on his ‘do-not-fuck-or-fuck-with’ list (a list that seemed to be longer than the contacts list in the cellphone he hid from Mr. Wednesday.)  

“I am here only to observe as the Queen of Winter and a signatory of the Accords.  You three have all signed the Accords, as you well know. I do not know who challenged whom, and it does not matter given the situation.  Therefore, the place of the duel will be Demonreach, Mr. Dresden will provide transportation to the island for all parties, and the weapons of the duel will be anything you may bring to bear.  Until we reach the island, not another word or charm from any of you, or else I will declare for the silent parties!” Mab declared with a certainty and confidence not felt by the mortals in the room.  She turned and made her way up the stairs to a limo that was big enough to fit everyone and leave room for the men to stretch their legs.  The limo made its way from McAnally’s to the docks in record time and everyone made toward the boat without incident.

“Mr. Dresden, perhaps you could tell me how this did come to happen?  I thought you were the local Warden, tasked to prevent such occurrences?” Mad asked stepping onto the Water Beetle.

“Yes, ma’am, but how was I supposed to know that when Vadderung asked to have lunch with me at McAnally’s, he was planning to get into a 3-way fight with himself? I never knew such a thing was possible before today!”

“Well lad, that’s the problem with these old gods, they wear mantles and masks, and splinter apart easily,” Atticus chimed in, rather unhelpfully, “And when a god of war is gearing up for Ragnarok, well, he reaches for any power he can get.”

“That tracks,” muttered Shadow.

“Say that again, big guy?”

“Just that that tracks with Mr. Wednesday’s MO these past few years.  He has been concerned with fading away,” Shadow answered, “It doesn’t surprise me that he would try to kill himself in ritual combat to gain power.”

“And you, Mr. O’Sullivan? You said something about Ragnarok?” Mab asked with the disinterest Dresden had come to recognize as extreme interest.

“Well, I may or may not have kicked off Ragnarok by killing Thor and now my Odin wants to get his hand on every advantage available,” Atticus answered non-plussed. Harry knew he would never quite manage that level of chill, but then again, he knew that Atticus had over two millennia of staring down gods and goddesses to perfect that nonchalance.

“So, to be clear, three versions of Odin contrived to battle each other and somehow roped the three of you into bringing them together, since they could not do it alone?”

“Yes, but, again, not my fault.”

“Looks like.”

“Yep, but I never had control over him.”

“Well, what a relief that you three are NOT the one who could best keep an eye on him,” Mab answered with enough sarcasm and frost to last through the next ice age.

“He already has an eye on himself,” Dresden muttered as he docked the boat and in a clearer voice called out, “Welcome to the Watsup Dock, everyone please disembark in a neat and orderly line with yourself.”

“No, mate, you didn’t make your dock’s name a pun?” Atticus looked over with a disbelieving and horrified glance.

“I did, and it’s a good name.  Makes me smile every time I think of it.”

“That makes it worth it,” drawled Shadow, “Smiles are rare enough in this world.”

Everyone was silent at that, recognizing the truth of the statement and the fact that they had all been through enough to know the truth of the statement.  It was a sobering moment, ruined by Mr. Wednesday trying to swipe a grab at Mab and coming away with chilled hands and her telling him that charms had no effect on her.  All seven of them made their way off the boat and to the open clearing where Dresden had fought against spiders and goons a few years earlier.

“If you have anything to say to each other, or final words for your companions, please say them now,” Mab said with a ring of formality that Dresden had heard only at official Winter events and when dealing with Nicodemus.  That, more than anything, imparted a sense of purpose and finality in all present.

“There is nothing to say, soon they will be part of me and I will fight with the druid in Ragnarok, as he promised,” Odin said with a stern look in his eye.

“All I have done, I have done to prepare for the wars to come, and should I fall, Dresden, my people will still follow you against the Adversary and the Enemies beyond the Wall,” Vadderung said with a grandfatherly smile and a resigned set in shoulders.

“Well I am of the opinion of my more arrogant self, but it is I, not he, who will make it out of this little dust-up and I will regain my pre-eminence in this modern era. Shadow, my boy, I don’t know why you stayed around, but it has been and will continue to be a pleasure travelling with you,” Mr. Wednesday said with his customary cavalier cadence.

“Then, BEGIN!” shouted Mab.

After the fight, no one could really say who won and who lost.  Sometime during the scuffle, Mr. Wednesday tried to sneak into the vaults below to absorb the energies of the prisoners, Vadderung and Odin stopped going at each other to stop him from succeeding, and Mab declared the fight void on the grounds of dishonest entry and stated purpose.  

After that declaration, everyone left.  Odin via chariot, sending Hugin and Munin to find Mr. Wednesday, declaring him to be a threat to Odin’s winning Ragnarok (“He has become too obsessed with his self, and lost his purpose here in this America.”) Vadderung and Mab left together by a boat crewed by Unseelie lords discussing strategy for the Outer Gates. The three humans made their way back to McAnally’s on Dresden’s boat and their own feet.

“Well, all’s well that ends well, and this day started with the promise of good food and drink, and it ends with the fulfillment of that promise.”

“Sure, but the fish and chips here don’t beat the ones I had at this little place called Rula Bula down in Arizona one time.”

“One of these days I have to get out of this town and try some of the food you guys and the Winchesters keep recommending without getting shot, stabbed, or threatened.”

The three men made their way to the bar with an identical thought in their head: These guys are good people, no matter who they work with.

Just called Gov. Scott to request he veto HB 7069 which takes Title I funds from public schools like mine and gives them to charter schools which are not a choice for students like mine whose families do not have the means to navigate enrollment and provide transportation. It also limits how school districts can spend funds and creates another stupid teacher bonus system. Florida residents can contact the Governor's office at (850)-488-7146

Introducing Handsome Jack Heals

So I noticed how unhappiness can really plague us. Sometimes life throws so many curveballs at us, like a giant fucking space station showing up one day and shooting lasers into your precious “planet.” I really want to reach out to those affected, so I’ve created Handsome Jack Heals. I am an extremely intuitive and empathetic individual. I will never judge or disclose any of your problems to anyone. I swear. Right hand to god. I will help you transcend idiocy, and whatever self-limiting factors that keep you a shitstain in the asshole of the universe. Especially you assholes in Sanctuary.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You shoot me an email at, saying you’d like to participate in the Handsome Jack Heals program. Please include “Handsome Jack Heals” in the subject line, it helps with my vanity.
  2. I will send you a short survey that you can fill out, that will let me know more about you, where you are, etc. It can help me find ways to reach you in case you’re staying somewhere surrounded by a bunch of scumbags who maybe don’t want to be found.
  3. You will include any access codes to any barriers, shields, doors, anything at all that will grant me access to your humble abode. Again, I must insist, it’s only because I want to help.
  4. If I cannot make my way to you, I will take time out of my busy day to write you an individualized and personal report that will analyze your survey results, and help guide you to me. I will provide transportation if needed.

Some regulations:

  1. The pricing is $30 per person. I cannot emphasize this enough.
  2. I will only be taking 10-15 people a month because I will really be spending a lot of time on each person’s reports. It’s a first come-first serve basis.
  3. If you have seen a Vault Hunter, you are legally obligated to disclose when and where. It’s in the ten-page EULA that comes before the survey.

Thank you guys for reading and I really hope to be of service to you all.

My co-intern got mad at me today because I said that her sending a 12 year old girl to a crisis pregnancy center wasn’t “providing her resources”, but a form of coercion (I worded it more kindly). She then proceeded to tell me how I was “disrespecting teen mothers and their choices”, as if I was saying that purely to be judgmental.

I went through all the ways in which a literal child would be deeply endangered by a pregnancy, and pointed out that she was likely to be the object of sexual abuse.

Cue the other deeply religious intern cutting in with, “but they did it in the Middle Ages and all, it isn’t always bad.”

Imagine wanting to keep a child pregnant so bad that you try and pull the Middle Ages as a damn receipt!

Anyways, these are the types of people who make “parental consent” laws to keep their daughters forcibly pregnant. This is what I meant earlier when I said I find the amount of patronizing people in social work for religious reasons dangerous.

It reminds me of a dear friend who works with deaf-blind people. They are often very isolated and are preyed on by people who learn deaf-blind ASL in order to convert them. They offer them transportation, companionship, and assistance–provided they become religious. Not surprisingly, they tell my friend they almost always fake faith so they can gain access to resources.

If faith is required for your compassion, or if adhering to the choices you find religiously instead of materially compelling is required for your compassion, then you do not have compassion. You are an agent of compliance.

Finkenwerder is a quarter of the urban center of Hamburg-Mitte (click) in Northern Germany. It’s the location of a private airport and an Airbus commercial airplane plant. The Port of Hamburg covers parts of it and it borders the Elbe river and Hamburg-Altona. Finkenwerder is divided into an industrial area and rural parts with fruit orchards, growing apples and other seasonal fruit. The quarter is not serviced by the rapid transit system of the city, but public transport is provided by Hamburg buses and ferries crossing the Elbe river.

I was thinking recently about the schools that the various Kingdom Keepers attend in the greater Orlando area, and I came up with a few questions that I went searching for answers for. My primary concern was an incident near the beginning of the third book where Finn rides his bike from his middle school to a bus station, takes a twenty minute bus to the Disney Transportation and Ticket Center, and then continues on to E.P.C.O.T. Here’s what I learned:

-First of all, it’s important to note the existence of the LYNX bus system, which can provide transportation from Downtown Orlando to Walt Disney World. The bus from the central Orlando LYNX station is 15-20 minutes worth of a ride, so that checked out perfectly. 

-Ridley Pearson makes the bike ride sound like the easy part of this excursion. It would have been if Finn attended Howard Middle School (this would have made for a seven minute bike ride.) Finn, however, does not attend said school because it’s clearly provided in the list of middle schools that the OTHER keepers attend given to Finn by Brad in book one. The best option for Finn’s middle school after serious research on my part seems to be Glenridge Middle School. It’s not far from Finn’s high school and, since Finn just goes to a regular high school, we can assume he lives near this part of town. It also fits with the comparison with Charlene’s middle school (Lee Middle School now called College Park Middle School). In book one, it’s stated that Lee is slightly nicer than Finn’s school. Unfortunately for Finn, attending Glenridge means a 30 MINUTE BIKE RIDE TO THE BUS STATION. That boy must have some leg muscles to spare. 

-Now my questions turned from this particular excursion to the general locations of the other Keepers. We learn in the first book that Charlene goes to Lee and Amanda later locates Willa at Maitland Middle School. This tells us a couple things. 1) Charlene probably lives in the area of town with College Park because it’s only a couple minutes to Maynard Evans High School (her high school). 2) Willa most likely doesn’t actually live in Orlando, FL, but instead in Maitland, FL which is a suburban city that exists as part of the greater Orlando area. Willa’s high school can’t contribute to this equation because she applied to Edgewater. 

-So which middle schools do Philby and Maybeck attend? The choices are Jackson and Howard. I went onto the websites of those schools and have guessed based on what I found. My hypothesis puts Philby at Jackson and Maybeck at Howard. Here’s why: Jackson has a middle school type IB affiliation, and Howard has a strong visual arts program. Howard is about 16 minutes away from Maynard Evans High, so it’s not impossible to place Maybeck here (as we know that he goes to Maynard Evans). And, like Willa, Philby applied to go to Edgewater. 

-We’re left knowing very little about the location of Philby and Maybeck’s homes, but I’d wager that they’re closer to their middle schools than their high schools because there are more middle schools than high schools in the county, and Philby applied for his program. 

Let me know if you think of anything else interesting to add!!!!!!

Wish You Were Here

Appearance: A vintage polaroid camera.

Destructive Power: E

Speed: C

Range: E (Always around the user. The polaroids are no longer tied to the stand itself.)

Durability: D (While there’s no technical mechanism to malfunction, it’s shell is still as frail as a camera’s)

Precision: A

Potential: A

A simple stand with as much potential as one squeezes out of it. What does it do? Well, it takes pictures…. Okay, well less pictures and more like portable, forth-dimensional windows, if that makes any sense. When you look into the picture, you can see what is happening within the frame of that picture in the current time. Instead of a frozen image, it is literally a window into whatever fits the frame. Not only that, but one can also reach out into the frame and whatever part of your body went in comes out from the spot where the picture was taken. If one wills it, one can also be sucked in and have his/her full body transported into that area, provided nothing is blocking the frame. Say I took a standard, distant picture of the eiffel tower. Not only can I see whatever is happening at that exact spot at any given moment, I can also instantly transport myself into said spot, the polaroid following to the other side.

Here’s a compiled list of just what I can think of for it to do off the top of my head;

  • Obviously, instant transportation around anywhere you need to go. As long as you have a picture of your living room and all your most commonly traversed locations around, you can be at anywhere you need to be and back home in no time flat. Good for faster travel and escaping unwanted situations.
  • Just take a picture of a table or desk or whatever and put any needed object into the frame. Now you can always have access to the objects in the frame and just as convenient a place to store it in. Never have your wallet stolen, never carry your shoppings around, etc.
  • You’ve also got visual surveillance on a potentially global scale. As long as you have a picture taken of a location, you’ll always know what’s happening there.
  • A very unorthodox trap door. Place the polaroid on the floor and if someone steps on it, their foot ends up on the other side, possibly causing them to trip.
  • An even more unorthodox form of defense. Just wear a vest of polaroids and any attack done at you will instead travel into the picture-frame. Perhaps more useful as shield, now that I think of it…

This has always been a personal favorite among the stand-ideas I’ve come up with. If I could have a stand, I’d want it to be Wish You Were Here. The perfect reference with the perfect effect. I dunno, I just felt really smart when I came up with this one time.

I have a bedroom available for anyone in the southeast. I will provide you room and board,and Food. I am a married mother with several family members that are gay and some who are transgender. You will be able to be who you are here with no judgement from anyone. If there is a resource you need I will do my best to help you. I do not require and money from you to help with rent or bills. So this is a good place for someone who needs time to get on your feet. The length of the stay is up to you. The public transit system is ok, not great, but no worries, because there is transportation provide to you in this house free of charge. I have a young child who came to me about their homosexual activity, and I replied that there was nothing on this earth to make me stop loving and being a mom to her. She made me aware of several of her friends families not being supportive or downright dangerous and hostile. I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell anyone who or what they should be. You will find help, support, and acceptance here. My name is Nicole and you can reach me by cell 334-593-4977/ 233-1012. If you are in need, I am here, u can also email
But as I don’t check my messages daily, a call would be best if it is urgent.

jamesmcavoyrealdeal: Tried to go incognito while out and about in Berlin yesterday.i was surprised to find that people were recognising me from afar when I realised that @Audi who had provided lovely transportation had also emblazoned the motors with the @splitmovie logo and I was standing right beside it. Smooth J,real smooth.

I rarely post #blackandwhite but this getting ready portrait from today’s featured wedding is just too perfect not to share!

Photography by @seanmoney_elizabethfay | Wedding Planning by @acharlestonbride | Floral Design by @palmettobloomjkl | Ceremony venue at St. Mary’s Cathedral | Reception + Catering @pphgevents | Wedding Dress by @misshayleypaige | Bridal Hair Styling by @paperdollshair | Bridal Makeup by @bellelinastudio | Stationery by @studiordesign | Furniture Rentals from @oohevents + @event_haus + @snyderevents | Tabletop Rentals from @polishedtabletop | Lighting by @technicalevent | Reception Music by @CharlestonGrooveFactory | Guest Transportation provided by @absocharleston | Bride and Groom’s Getaway Transportation by Charleston Bike Taxi | Videography by Life in Rewind


Clinton, Iowa
Population: 26,885

“The largest, most elaborate party ever held in Clinton celebrated the debut of Emma Lamb and the twentieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Artemus and Henrietta Sabrina Smith Lamb on October 13, 1885. Fellow lumber baron F.C. Weyerhauser, his wife and daughter attended together with several hundred guests all attired in formal wear. The era of opulence came to an end by 1900, as the northern forests were depleted. The sawmills closed, but the railroad and river, providing economical transportation in all directions, attracted manufacturing and heavy industry. The city still boasts a number of magnificent Victorian mansions, including the Curtis Mansion, now the home of the Clinton Women’s Club.

In January 2011, Clinton opened the world’s first-ever site of noted rapper Flavor Flav’s fast food chain, Flav’s Fried Chicken. This was due to the fact that Flav’s business partner, Nick Cimino, is a Clinton native and felt that the restaurant’s opening would be good for the community. The restaurant was closed down after a mere four months due to low staff retention and bad checks, among other concerns. Rapper Flav has gone on record stating ‘that restaurant manager Nick Cimino wasn’t running the business right.’”

an east african thot's thoughts on mississippi masala

the long history of south asians in east africa is not one brought about by colonialism; their presence is not new, nor is it necessarily foreign in the way whiteness is in the region. the indian ocean stretching out along the coast of somalia, kenya, tanzania and mozambique had cemented a trading relationship  leading to groups settling alongside our coasts and mixing and creating new dialects, fusing cultures along the way. globalisation had existed in these coasts long before western jargon had found the words to articulate this movement. gujarati and hindi found their way into somali and swahili vernacular alongside arabic linguistic influence. our languages, food, cultures often serve as reminders unto ourselves of our intersecting histories, however, this supposed blissful time was complicated by british colonialism, when tens of thousands of south asians were brought to east africa to build the railways.

my grandmother’s phone cards were spent speaking to family who had relocated to various countries along the coast. my relatives sprawled from somalia, kenya and tanzania. as an east african diasporic woman, my family and friends living in the coast gave and continue to offer me me slices of home through long distance calls about the ongoing local matters including the never-ending politics (which i usually found no interest in), who got married and the gossip that ensued, complaints about economy as well the tensions between an understood us and them

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