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US customs is revoking Muslim American travelers’ Global Entry cards, lawyers say

  • A spate of Muslim travelers in the United States, both American citizens and green card holders, have claimed U.S. Customs and Border Protection revoked their Global Entry cards, several immigration lawyers said in interviews with Mic.
  • Global Entry is a program run by the Transportation Security Administration that provides expedited entry through customs checkpoints at U.S. airports to vetted travelers. Other travelers said their Global Entry applications were denied — without explanation — after being told in person they were approved after screenings and interviews, according to the lawyers. 
  • Greg Siskind, attorney and board member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has been leading the charge in investigating these cases and called for examples on Twitter in early February. Read more. (2/16/2017 11:01 AM)

Just so you know, i’m an ordained minister and can perform weddings immediately anywhere but NYC and Nevada. I’ll be able to do NYC weddings when my paperwork finishes processing in 3 weeks (there’s extra requirements for the city that the rest of the country doesn’t have).

If you’re lgbt and want to get married and are around the NYC area or can provide me transport to where you are i’ll do it for free.


Acura GSX, 2009. A design study by Jeremy Burgess, a graduate of the Pasadena College of Design, created during his internship at Acura under the leadership of Jon Ikeda, head of design for Acura. The fuel-cell powered “Green Sports Concept" was designed for the year 2025 specifically for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceport. It was a proposal for a luxury shuttle vehicle to provide transport to the spaceport in the Mojave desert. 


Gwynne Shotwell (b. 1963) is the President and COO of SpaceX, a company that provides space transport to the government, as well as to commercial customers. She is considered one of the most powerful women in the world.

She has also worked for the Aerospace Corporation, in areas such as military space research and thermal analysis. After this, she was director of the space systems division at Microcosm Inc.

Under the Stars AU

Characters A and B are in the same Astronomy class, and Character A is in desperate need of some extra credit to pull their grade up. Character B mentions that there’s an extra credit opportunity worth 10+ test points if a student goes to the local Star Party that’s coming up.

Character A provides the transportation, Character B provides the snacks, and the two of them spend a peaceful evening under the stars looking through Character B’s telescope.

God damn it..” Rufus huffed as he tried his best to wheel himself out from the snow he’d seemed to have become stuck in. He’d literally only just left the provided transport and hadn’t even made it far from the bus. “Why did I think this was a good idea?” He muttered to himself, though couldn’t help but to laugh. It was amusing, I guess. “Excuse me? A little help please?” He called over to someone passing by.

This sand is perfect for a King! Build my castle here, the transportation will be provided by Squire Plastyque.

(The kingdom was invaded by nightfall by the wave nation… there were no survivors.)

Award-winning architect and designer Abeer Seikaly has developed a practical yet elegant solution to the need for lightweight, mobile, and structurally sound shelters for disaster zones. The Canadian-Jordanian’s Weaving a Home project not only provides flexible, transportable shelter, but also incorporates water collection, solar power generation and solar water heating into the design.


Charles Carl Roberts was a milk truck driver in Pennsylvania. In 2004, Roberts’s father applied for a license to provide transportation to the Amish. On October 2, 2006, Charles approached West Nickel Mines School in Bart Township, Pennsylvania, a predominantly Amish school, armed with a  Springfield XD 9×19mm handgun, a Browning 12 gauge shotgun, a Ruger .30-06 bolt-action rifle, 600 rounds of ammunition, lubricant, black powder, a stun gun, knives, a change of clothes, a truss board, and a box holding a hammer, a hacksaw, pliers, wire, screws, bolts, and tape. Upon entering the school, Roberts began boarding up the front doors and taking people hostage, binding their arms and legs. He then ordered them to line up against a chalkboard, releasing 15 male students, a pregnant woman, and three parents and their infants. Charles proceeded to keep the remaining 10 female students hostage. The police were contacted once a teacher ended up escaping. 

Law enforcement tried unsuccessfully communicating with Roberts through the PA system, but Charles soon contacted the police himself telling them that if they didn’t get off the property he would murder the hostages. Once shots were heard, police broke in through the windows to find three of the students dead execution style, 2 injured, and Charles dead. Those that were injured died the next morning. Charles’s wife had claimed that when she had returned home at 11 am that morning, she had found 4 notes addressed to her and their children. The notes talked about his anger toward God for letting them lose a child nine years ago. She also said that Charles had called her while in the school and confessed to molesting 2 children 20 years ago, adding that he had an urge to do it again. Police hypothesized that the lubricant was brought along for that reason. Roberts’s motive remains unknown.

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SpaceX Interplanetary transport system for Mars Colonization - A Million Humans Could Live on Mars By the 2060’s and that is how SpaceX Interplanetary transport system will provide the Mars Colonization process.

  • Future Child: Can you please tell me a bedtime story?
  • Me: Well Frederick Douglas started a fish farm because his pet wolf wouldn't look him in the eye. Then Hermenia realized Spanish moss is neither Spanish nor moss so she proposed an uprising in which Thad hosted in the hotel providing his $45 worth of cookies and water. And Joe provided the transportation with his 86% Octane Gasoline. However not many people showed up because they were busy discussing how there are so many kinds of potato chips but not potatoes. The end.
"I want to be equal but..."

If you’re a woman who expects to be taken on a date for free, have your meal paid for and expect the man to provide transport for you to get there and back.

Then you don’t want equality, you want special treatment


Clinton, Iowa
Population: 26,885

“The largest, most elaborate party ever held in Clinton celebrated the debut of Emma Lamb and the twentieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Artemus and Henrietta Sabrina Smith Lamb on October 13, 1885. Fellow lumber baron F.C. Weyerhauser, his wife and daughter attended together with several hundred guests all attired in formal wear. The era of opulence came to an end by 1900, as the northern forests were depleted. The sawmills closed, but the railroad and river, providing economical transportation in all directions, attracted manufacturing and heavy industry. The city still boasts a number of magnificent Victorian mansions, including the Curtis Mansion, now the home of the Clinton Women’s Club.

In January 2011, Clinton opened the world’s first-ever site of noted rapper Flavor Flav’s fast food chain, Flav’s Fried Chicken. This was due to the fact that Flav’s business partner, Nick Cimino, is a Clinton native and felt that the restaurant’s opening would be good for the community. The restaurant was closed down after a mere four months due to low staff retention and bad checks, among other concerns. Rapper Flav has gone on record stating ‘that restaurant manager Nick Cimino wasn’t running the business right.’”

A Subway Musician Is Suing New York City After His Arrest Video Went Viral

Andrew Kalleen asked the cop to read off a cell phone.

“The following nontransit uses are permitted by the [Metropolitan Transportation] Authority, provided they do not impede transit activities and they are conducted in accordance with these rules,” the officer boomed in front of an increasingly irate crowd before ticking off a list. When he got to the part permitting artistic performances, those watching the scene on the G train platform in Brooklyn clapped. They thought it was over, that Kalleen had proven his right to busk for money on the Brooklyn subway platform, as hundreds of performers do every day all over New York City.

They were wrong.

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