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Polish gothic - Kraków
  • You wander the Szewska Street at night. You know better than to look people in the eye. Or look around. Or look at the ground. You step into something. It might be vomit, trash, a pigeon or a dead body. Do I really need to know?, you ask yourself. No, you don’t. You really don’t. 
  • After all these legends and stories you visit Nowa Huta briefly. It looks peaceful. There are old people, walking around. Some trees. Old blocks of flats made by Russians. Everyone born in Nowa Huta told you it’s not dangerous at all, it’s easier to end up dead on Kazimierz or Main Square. You still feel someone’s eyes on you. You can’t put your finger on it, but you feel like something is wrong. Why on Earth have you even come here?
  • You try to pass the Main Square. Try is the key word here. The local pigeons have a different idea. You start to think you should pay them toll to be able to walk freely, but then you see the tourists. You see what has happened to them. The pigeons enslaved them, forced them to feed them and guard them and indoctrinated them into thinking it’s an entertainment. Maybe you should turn back.
  • Why are all these people running?, you think, but you don’t ask. You’re new to the city and it’s your first time on the Plac Inwalidów. Don’t worry, you will understand and join them sooner than you can imagine. You will wonder why some people aren’t running.
  • Suddenly everyone stops and looks up. It’s very quiet. You know it begins and you stop as well. A dead man shows up to play his song on his trumpet. Suddenly it is interrupted by an arrow in his throat. People cheer and clap and wave at the sky. The dead man waves back. Or maybe the Tatars are back again and he waves us off to run for our lives? You hope it wasn’t a warning we all ignored and he will play his trumpet in an hour again. 
  • They say they will finish The Skeletor. How many years have people been saying that now? Thirty? Fourty? The Skeletor is still there, proudly dead in the middle of the busy town. Feeding from the life essences of every passerby, leaving them cold, miserable and abandoned as he was, all those years ago.
  • The Dragon was killed, but it’s still there. It looks like a big, fire breathing lizard, though. Not at all like a terrible monster tearing the city apart. You pity him. Once so powerful, now nothing but a stone. Maybe he will shake his rocky shell off and show us his true form. You await the day, but for now, all you can do it pay your respects and walk away.
  • You need to take the 139 bus. You’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and suddenly you realize it isn’t going to arrive. You decided to go on foot to your destination. Halfway through it passes you by. And then another one. And another. Fate has a sense of humor, you sigh, but you are not surprised. It has always been like that.
  • Awiteks is everywhere. There are at least three Awitekses two minutes away from your current location, wherever you are. Don’t question it, be grateful for their baked goods. Be grateful that Kebab is not the only meal this city can offer you.
  • It’s been cold for a while, but is it winter yet? You look around to see the public transport timetable inform you that the air quality is Very Bad and you shouldn’t even be there. People take off their masks to smoke a cigarette and then put their masks back again. No. It’s not winter yet. It’s still autumn. If it was winter, you wouldn’t be able to see any of that.
insane. * character profiles

/* pairing : bts x reader

/* genre : supernatural! insane! bts + psychiatrist reader au, a little bit of everything

/* disclaimer : profanity, violence, blood, self-harm, majority of the plot will most likely not make sense, not for the faint of heart.

/* summary : seven madmen, all with unique superhuman powers, locked up in an asylum. ‘they’re uncurable’, they said. however, you, a female psychiatrist, are determined to help them. but you somehow end up going crazy as well. crazy in love.

/* parts : teaser. one. (COMING SOON)

note : i’ve been preparing this series for a long time and i’m so happy that i finished the profiles. so please enjoy them :)

do not, under any circumstances, reupload this post. i’ve worked hard on these, and i do not want my work stolen. the first chapter will be out soon.


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pieannamay  asked:

Shieldshock prompt: Darcy gets stranded somewhere and Steve comes to the rescue. It can be a first meeting type thing or an established relationship. Or, they know each other, but not very well.

“What did you say her name was?”

Steve Rogers adjusted the backpack on his shoulder as he jogged back toward his bike. He was running low on fuel, not just for his bike but for himself as well. Sad blue eyes fixed on the motel before him, drawn there by the lovely smell of food and the muffled sound of eighties music. He was supposed to be in there, soaking up the warmth and eating a hearty meal after a long day’s journey. But his emergency phone had gone off before he had even reached the door of the motel.

“Lewis,” the distracted voice of Clint Barton floated through from the other end of the line. “Darcy Lewis. She’s hard to miss. Dark hair, short, mouthy… well endowed.”

Steve snorted at his choice of words. “Right. Send me the location. I’ll get to her as soon as I can.”

“Great. She’s just down the road. Drive straight.” There was a pause, then Clint spoke in a hurry, “The party’s starting. Gotta go.”

“Clint, send me her location!” Steve repeated forcefully but the line was already dead. “Excellent,” he muttered, stuffing the phone in his pocket and kick starting his bike.

Why had he decided to return home? He was better off living alone in the hills with just his shield for company. People expected too much of him. Not that helping a dame—whose car had broken down in the middle of the highway—was demanding work, but it had been his last day with himself, the final few hours before he had to haul himself back to a life of avenging and superhero-ing.

He had been looking forward to a peaceful dinner and a good night’s sleep, but there he was, driving around blindly in the night in search of a woman he’d never met.

The road was dark and deserted, light rain sleeked up the asphalt, and the thin fog made it difficult to see over a certain distance. Steve kept his eyes and ears open as he drove. Clint didn’t call him again, nor did his phone beep with Darcy Lewis’ location. God, he had such idiots for friends. She’s just down the road. Drive straight. What the hell kind of instruction was that? He had been scouring the highway for the past ten minutes and he hadn’t come across a single broken down car.

Five minutes later, wet and irritated, he was on the verge of giving up and calling Clint when flashing amber lights in the distance caught his eye. Steve squinted through the mist and realized they were car indicator lights. His fingers curled firmly around the accelerator and he sped down the road at full throttle, skidding to a halt behind a bright yellow Beetle.

A creature that was most definitely not human stepped out from behind the hood and regarded him in awe. “Well, I’ll be damned,” it said with a delighted laugh. “Captain America in the flesh. I thought Clint was dicking around when he said he was sending America’s favorite son to rescue me.”

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A few predictions for Game of Thrones S7 E4 “The Spoils of War”

1. Theon returns and it doesn’t go over well.

I just really want Jon to knock him out with a single punch. Oh the satisfaction would run deep if he does.

2. Dany learns of Olenna’s death and the trap the Unsullied have fallen into.

After Dany gets word of her ‘Tyrion’s’ plans failing (well they did work buuuttt nothing ever goes to plan), she comes crawling to Jon wanting to make an alliance (**cough**cough**).

But before she comes to Jon, I think possibly Varys is going to learn of the gold the Lannister army is transporting and share such information with Dany or Tyrion.

Then she is going to come to Jon for his help. Not only with the offer to form an alliance, but to ask his thoughts on how to go about their impending attack on the Lannister forces. I’m assuming that Tyrion is going to suggest a different approach than to attack, (b/c of Jamie) but the Dragon is gonna get woke son.

3. Cersei’s payment to the Iron Bank is going to go up in smoke. Literally.

Does anyone else notice this scenery looks a little….familiar?

That is looks, dare I say a little….Dothraki Sea ish?

I bet it will be a good battle, but I think the Dothraki are going to come in like the tsunami of savages they are and run the Lannister army into the ground.

I’m questioning whether Jamie makes it through this battle. Either A) He dies fighting the Dothraki or torched, or B) He gets taken prisoner. Whatever happens, that sword of his needs to make it’s way North.

Can’t wait to see what happens when Cersei finds out all her precious gold she was going to give to the iron bank gets taken from her brother-lover’s hand.

4. Littlefinger attempts to kill a Stark.

We all saw that SOB whip out his precious Valyrian steel dagger in that promo.

My first guess is that he is going to go after Bran. Yet the promo makes it look like he’s going after Sansa. 

And all though the promo feature’s Brienne and Podrick fighting, I think they are just sparring in the episode and they edited that in there for it to seem like its them that catch him.

5. Ayra’s home bitches.

I hope that with all that is mighty in this world, Arya catches Littlefinger in the act and slits that bastard’s throat.

It would be just as satisfying if Sansa would be the one to get that whispering troll too. Not gonna lie.

oh and last but certainly not least

6. Jon’s taking Dany into a cave.

We all know what Jon likes to do in caves.

Mercury in Aquarius ⚡️

Uranus lights up intellectual skies with blueish lightning, setting the mind free from Capricorn’s limits and earthy order. Mercury in Aquarius is able to fly around freely, absorbing insane amounts of knowledge, perceiving subtle connections between concepts and producing brilliant ideas from the information that travels through the air ins abrupt sparks of light. Clever and smarter than most, people with this placement usually have their mind in the future. This is because their intuitive understanding of the present time is able to rapidly deduce future tendencies and outcomes, apparently producing knowledge from scratch.

Mercury in Aquarius is amazed by the brightness of his own ideas, and thus people with this placement may find it hard to change their opinions or admit that they were wrong at some point in time. Communication tends to flow easily through the electrical air, transporting information in refreshing breezes that offer the world eccentric ideas and solutions for its problems; or maybe the individual communicates their thoughts much like Uranus’ lightning: in sudden, illuminating, revealing bursts; never repeating themselves.

Summer Storm

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: KakaSaku

Rating: T

Prompt: The Mission

Summary: In which Kakashi majorly screws up and is rewarded with a cold shoulder from his favorite medical ninja. Maybe a little spat is all he needs to really open his eyes to what he wants.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of characters. I am making no profit off of this and am only writing it for my entertainment.

A/N: Set in my Same Age AU sometime shortly after Kakashi leaves Anbu. Somewhat established relationship. If anyone has watched Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, this was inspired by Sunny and Reaper’s reincarnations.

Also sorry this is suuuuuuper late. Life has been exhausting, but this is my last entry for Kakasaku month. It could actually fit for the prompts The Mission or Summer Rain all the way from week one.


[ao3] [fanfic]

“Stay with me.” The voice was far away like hearing someone through a tunnel or in the waking moments after a deep slumber. It rang in his head, so persistent that he couldn’t tell if his name was being called repeatedly or if it was just from the ringing in his head brought on by the loud slow thump of his own heartbeat. One thing was certain though. It was panicked. “Kakashi, look at me. Don’t take your eyes off me.”

Blackness faded away to meet grey skies. For a moment the world was a blur before it came into sharp focus, and he was aware of everything all at once. The agonizing pain in his chest only slightly dulled by the gentle, warm flow of Sakura’s chakra. The green eyes that bore into his, commanding them to stay open. The soft patter of rain that beat against his much too pale skin. Some part of him knew that if he turned his head slightly, he’d find the dead bodies of the Kiri Anbu that lay just beyond them.

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ELI5: Where do internet providers get their internet from and why can't we make our own?

Answer #1

You can make your own. Go run some fiber from your house to mine.

It costs about $50,000/mile.

We can add others to our network as you get the money.

Answer #2

The Internet is the colloquial term for Interconnected Networks. Your ISP has an arrangement with one or more other companies, who in turn have agreements with yet more companies.

Some of these organizations spend lots of money to run physical cables across the planet in the expectation that their cables will be used to transport information between the two or more points that they connected together.

You can form an organization that connects to existing infrastructure and if you’d on-sell it, your organization is an ISP. You could also set up actual infrastructure, but that’s much more costly and risky.

Different countries have rules about this mainly to do with illegal use that you’ll need to abide by and since this is big business, many roadblocks exist to prevent your little organization from competing with the incumbent.

Some towns and cities, disenchanted with incumbent providers, have started their own networks and succeed in larger and smaller degree in providing their citizens with Internet connectivity. Various freenets also exist which allow information to travel within the group but not to the wider Internet. This often bypasses legal impediments to creating an ISP.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Josephine Baker was an amazing woman. If you haven’t heard of her then let me educate you! Born in the United States, she wandered the streets as a child starving and dancing for money. When she was 15, she was recruited to the St. Louis Vaudeville where she became a huge success. 

She moved to Paris in 1925 where she became a national sensation with her erotic “Banana dance” She was a star in the Paris scene and the muse to writers such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dior, Picasso, and all of the other of the Lost Generation. She used her celebrity status to the advantage of the French Resistance and transported information across borders to neutral countries to help the Allies. She also was a civil rights supporter and would only perform to desegregated crowds especially when she toured the United States and in 1963, she spoke at the March on Washington at th side of Martin Luther King Jr.   

Not only was this woman a fighter against the Nazis, she adopted 12 children and was one of the most well known bisexual women of her time. She remained in France for the rest of her life. She performed one last time in 1975 to rave reviews and passed away four days later. This amazing singer, dancer, civil rights activist, Nazi resister, mother, and all around beauty is one of the most amazing women in the 20th century. Consider yourself enlightened folks!!

Something I recently noticed about the Kingsman knights

One detail in Kingsman: the Secret Service I’ve paid attention to since the very first time I saw it in a movie theatre is the lack of seats in the dining room above the shop. As many people will have noticed, there are only nine seats besides Arthur’s.

Although the number of knights does vary in Arthurian legend, the most established and smallest number of knights is twelve. For some reason I’ve always written the reduce number in the movie off as a random inconsistency, until last night, when I noticed two things.

Number 1: There are nine recruits in the Lancelot try outs, which corresponds with the seats at the table: one candidate is chosen by Arthur and an additional one by each of the knights shown at the table above (seeing as Lancelot is dead and the one being replaced, that makes another eight).

Considering Merlin is the one to put them through the tests, it makes sense that he can’t enter a candidate, but that still leaves a shortage of 2 candidates, if there are twelve knights.

Number 2: Then there’s the matter with Merlin. He seems to have a very different role from the knights at Arthur’s table. Unlike them he isn’t an active field agent even though he obviously has the training for it. He does have the occasional moment out in the wild (the last stage of the 1997 recruitment and obviously the entire latter half of the movie), but that is definitely not what makes up most of his working hours.

Originally posted by rjleyblue

He seems to run a lot of things back at the base: agent recruitment, tech/transport, information, all sorts of stuff. What’s interesting to note is that he doesn’t have a seat at the table, despite being a knight, which opens the possibility of there being another rtwo knights that - for a very particular reason - aren’t at that table either.

Now, I’ve thought about this all day, and I’ve come up with two main theories, both related to Merlin’s position at Kingsman. A lot of people have pegged him to be the Quartermaster of Kingsman, which has led me to wonder whether one of the other knights could occupy a position as Chief of Staff, similarly to Tanner in Bond movies. I’m not at all convinced of this though, because of the role Melrin plays in recruiting new agents (which I think would fall under the responsibilities of a CoS??).

Of course this theory leaves another slot to be filled and this is something I’ve really broken my back over. I think the most plausible larger sector to take charge of would be information processing. Kingsman is an international agency, but someone’s got to cross reference, process, translate, and sort out information from various branches in order for mission support to run smoothly. The way I see it, Merlin does most of the knights’ mission support and tech back up, so this could easily be a separate tech branch that’s run by another knight. However, Merlin is also the one to provide all the intel and updates to e.g. Harry and Arthur in the dining room, so perhaps all of the incoming and outgoing streams of information are his to handle and provide updates on.

Which leads me to theory number two. If Merlin is really doing all of the jobs that are implied to be his in the movie, he is running one hell of a machine. Even with a whole fleet of subordinates this would be too complex a system to be left to its own devices for, say, the amount of time it takes for a normal human being to sleep. In fact, I think this would be the sort of 24h, high pressure job that constantly needs someone on top of their game pulling the levers. And what would work better than a long standing rota of eight hour shifts divided among three Kingsman knights?

Originally posted by dawnofthedusk

I’m hoping we’ll gain some insight into this matter in the next movie, but until then I’d love to hear some thoughts from the fandom.

Tagging some people just because: @sententiousandbellicose @fiinch @sheepunderthemountain @kinksman88 @frijae @fishwrites @littleowls3 @astudyinfic @subinnnnn

Medical Solarpunk

So what would medicine look like in a solarpunk society? Obviously it would be a nonprofit system paid for by government rather than individuals who need care. Ideally drugs and home care and psychological/psychiatric help would also be covered to help quell problems before they get serious enough to land someone in an emergency room (primary prevention is a big current topic in healthcare).

So it’s a socialist system definitely. Healthcare as a concept is already socialist, as it comes from the idea that people who need help deserve it regardless of ability to pay (even hospitals in the US will treat first and sort out money later, for better or worse)

But let’s talk about some of the current stigmas and policies in science and medicine and how they fit into the solarpunk philosophy.

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goldfishhate  asked:

Imagine calling Mycroft because you got on the wrong train and you're in Cambridge now. Although Mycroft is pissed, he actually picks you up PERSONALLY and BY TRAIN. Mycroft the-noise-the-people Holmes gets on a train to pick you up. When he arrives you hug him and tell him, this was the most adorable thing he has ever done.

(Dearest Readers, please bear in mind that I’m not ignoring any of your messages. It’s just that I have my courses running in full swing again alongside my job so I may be a bit late posting things.)

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Whatever you do, please don’t imagine the end of the five-year mission when Spock leaves Jim.

Please don’t imagine Jim staring out a huge window on the silent observation deck with one hand pressed against the transparent aluminum. There was no closure, so he takes the fall for the demise of their relationship. He blames himself for unintentionally overstepping a boundary, for pushing Spock too hard to accept himself, for making Spock feel like his only option was to run, for apparently asking for more than what could be given, for loving Spock too deeply. When McCoy rests a hand on his shoulder, Jim doesn’t look at him.

Please don’t imagine Spock kneeling on a hard floor in a small bunker on the transport ship he boarded. He’s been there for so long that his knees ache; however, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t meditate. He believes, based on a conclusion he’d reached on his own, that he could never have been a suitable mate to a human, that he was too Vulcan to ever really satisfy Jim. He blames himself for being unable to love Jim enough. When the transport crew comms to inform him of mealtime, Spock doesn’t answer.

Please don’t imagine how their stupid break up drove Jim to accept a promotion that ruined his life, drove Spock to desire purging everything he’d learned in those five years.

Please don’t fucking imagine this while listening to I Know Him So Well.

CONVERGENT - Chapter 9 (Magcon/Divergent Cross Over)

(previous chapters)

“Everyone knows what they’re doing?!” Mahogany shouted. Your voice mixed in with the other voices of your group members as you all hollered a “yes!”. 

You sucked in a breath once you heard the other team’s excited screams and shouts, not even trying to be quiet as they ran to attack your team’s base. 

“You ready?” Matt raised an eyebrow at you as their voices got louder. The three of you: Matt, Uriah, and you, had your legs bent in a readying stance, preparing yourselves to run. You nodded, not really trusting your voice right now. 

The other members of your team were all hiding behind huge rocks and random body parts of the horses from the old merry-go-round to make sure they don’t get attacked right away. 

“If anything happens, you keep running for the flag, okay? Uriah and I will guard.” Matt looked down at your shaking hands that had a death grip on your gun. He probably noticed how shaken up you get when touching a gun. Uriah nodded in agreement.

“No. You need to be the hero, remember?” you bit your lip, trying to block out the loud voices of the opposing teams so you can carry on this hurried conversation. 

“On my count!” Mahogany’s loud voice interrupted.

“I don’t need the points, (y/n). I’m already third on the rankings.” Matt gave you a look, telling you to back down.

“Yeah, me neither. I’m first.” Uriah’s grin was sheepish. But before you could protest, the opposing team entered your base. You noticed that only half of them were there. They must have the other half guarding their base. You were going to have your work cut out for you. 

“Now!” Mahogany shouted just before the guns went off and they were starting to shoot. The three of you sprint forward soundlessly, Uriah at the front to guide the two of you and Matt at the back, making sure that none of the other team members noticed you three slipping away. 

“(y/n)! We’re guarding okay?!” Matt asked again before you all reached their base. Apparently they weren’t that far away from your team. 

You waited until you neared their base so Matt didn’t have time to disagree. You no longer noticed the nauseating feeling that the gun caused. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins and your brain went on autopilot as your legs kept sprinting and your lungs kept pumping oxygen for your muscles. All you could think of was what you needed to do 

“No! I’m guarding!” you managed to shriek just before you put your feet on the space right in front of the shipping boxes that the other team were obviously hiding behind. You saw Matt’s mouth open for a split second before the other team started shooting. Without a second thought, you dragged Matt behind a metal shipping box, the height of it covering both of your bodies. 

Matt let out a gasp that he was holding. “You planned this, didn’t you?” 

You nodded wordlessly, bending over so you could shoot a few members of the blue team. 

“Where’s Uriah?!” Matt’s voice was loud as he tried to talk to you above the noise of the neuro-sting guns. 

“He’s on the other side! If we don’t make it, he’s gonna take the flag!” your voice was a bit smaller than Matt’s to make sure the other team won’t hear your plan. You squinted over the metal to see that Cameron, Taylor and Shawn were the ones trying to shoot you both. 

A neuro-sting dart almost hit the side of your head, making you hiss back behind the gigantic metal boxes for you to recollect your breath. 

“You’re disgustingly brilliant.” Matt let out between gasps of breath as he hissed back to your side just as a neuro-sting dart flew over his head by a millimeter. 

You let out a breathy laugh, your heartbeat pounding in your ears.

“Okay so abandon the old plan. New plan, we stick together, back to back.” Matt gestured for you to stand by his back as he prepared his gun for another series of shooting and dodging. 

“I like this plan better.” you managed to grin before you stuck to Matt’s back that was damp with sweat. You didn’t care, yours was probably wetter. 

As you jumped into the open space, it was as if your brain flipped a switch again and now things were going in slow motion again as distorted flashbacks filled your eyes. You felt like you had no control over your body. 

Everything was numb and cold as the sight of the other team’s members switched back and forth with unfamiliar figures. All you could hear was a ring and the distant shouts of Matt as you shot two members of the blue team one by one, everything going slow in your head.

Cameron and Taylor. Every time you pulled the trigger, their faces changed to an unfamiliar person and your chest tightened at the sight. You blinked rapidly to get the seeming glitch out of your brain. That’s when you noticed that you were in the middle of their spasming bodies, both of them whimpering and yelling in pain as they tried to get the darts out of different body parts. You realized that you had shot all but one, Shawn. 

Shawn was right under the tip of your gun, lying flat on the ground as if that might make him sink into the ground and hide from you. His eyes were wide in fear as his jaw dropped open. 

What? Did he not expect you to be capable of beating Cameron and Taylor? 

You knew he thought you were weak but that was just downright insulting. You couldn’t even believe Shawn would think you were that useless. What did you even see in him?

You felt something cold nudge at your foot and you saw that Shawn had a gun pointed to you too. You realized that his eyes weren’t wide because he was shocked, it was because he was trying to figure out whether to shoot you or to let you shoot him. 

No, (y/n), get it together. He’s playing tricks on you. He thinks your weak.

“(y/n)!” you snapped your head to Matt’s voice. His eyes were wide too as he tried to get you to come to him. What? Did Matt think you weren’t capable of beating these guys either?

Shawn watched you with wide eyes as your eyes clouded, your face contorting in anger as you shot him twice on the chest, square on where the heart is. Shawn let out to loud grunts of pain, not letting himself scream as loud as Cameron and Taylor did.

“Go!” you growled at Matt. 

“What?!” Matt’s words came out in gasps as he watched you with wary eyes, trying to figure out what your plan was.

“Go! You need to take down the others!” you ordered. Matt nodded breathlessly as he jogged away from the scene. Once Matt was gone, you tightened your grip on your gun, visions still blurring with unfamiliar images. 

“(y/n)?” Shawn panted. “(y/n), calm down.” his voice was calm as he held up his hand in surrender. Shawn’s face turned into a man you’ve never seen before, with the same little eyes and short hair. You felt an anger shoot through you, making your heart feel heavy. 

“(y/n)? Listen to me.” Shawn demanded, his voice still coming through deep breaths as he waited for the two minute long pain to subside. He was breathing heavily, good. He deserves to feel the pain. “I get that you’re mad, but you won already, okay? I lost.” Shawn’s voice was calming as his hand slowly etched closer to yours. 

Your alert eyes watched his hand come closer to yours and for a while, you saw that it was someone else’s hand, all wrinkly and older. Before you could jump away, Shawn gripped your hand in his cold and clammy ones. 

You seemed to snap out of it as the normal color returned to your eyes. You felt numb, tired and spent as you collapsed next to Shawn on the ground, your hand still in his. 

You looked around, trying to figure out what the hell was happening with you. You didn’t realize you were crying until Shawn was pulling you into his arms, biting his lip to keep himself from screaming in agony every time he moved. 

“No, don’t hold me.” you tried to object, to untangle his hands from you but with the way you talked with little hiccups, he just held you tighter. “I’m already weak enough, okay? Don’t make me feel worse.” you sighed, defeated.

“I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry.” you heard him coo in your ears as he drew soft patterns on the small of your back to calm you down. 

Once you were no longer crying, Shawn slowly let you untangle him from you. 

“Are you okay?” he searched your eyes. You didn’t realize that you missed looking into his eyes until then. 

“Why are you being nice? I’m weak and I basically just scientifically murdered you. Twice.” you gestured at the neuro-sting darts on the ground that he had pulled out of his chest. 

“I saw that look in your eyes, (y/n).” you saw an invisible shiver run down his spine, sweat still dripping down his forehead. In the background, you could still here gunshots and screams of agony. You hoped they didn’t belong to Matt or Uriah.

“What look?” you denied, maybe lying was your best option. You don’t even know what’s going on with yourself. 

That look.” Shawn pressed. “It’s the same look that blind people have. You weren’t seeing completely, were you?” he raised an eyebrow at you. 

Seeing completely? What are you talking about?” you scoffed, scooting away from him.

“Don’t play dumb, (y/n).” he snarled. “You might not be as strong as the others but you are not dumb.” his voice was firm and stern and you wanted to curl away from him. 

“What did you see, (y/n)?” Shawn asked again. 

“I-I…I don’t know.” you sighed. “I don’t know what I saw. I t-think I saw a man, and a woman. B-but, I..I don’t know who they are.” you stuttered.

Before Shawn could reply, you heard Matt and Uriah’s screams of victory. You and Shawn snapped your heads to their voices, squinting to see the glowing blue flag wavin in Matt’s hand as he danced with Uriah in victory. 

You were about to get up from the ground, but Shawn cupped your face in his hands, trapping you against him.

“Listen to me, (y/n). Whatever you do, you don’t tell anyone else about what you’re seeing, okay?” his eyes darted back and forth as if his strong gaze could magically transport that information into your head.


“Listen.” Shawn insisted. “When you get back to your team, you do not tell anyone about what you saw and you convince Matt that you were just mad at me for what I said, okay? Whatever happens, you. Do. Not. Tell. Anyone.” 

You nodded breathlessly, trying to figure out what’s going on.

“What’s happening to me, Shawn?” you mentally cursed once you heard that your voice came out in a quiet whimper. You were scared Shawn was going to pull away, disgusted by your weakness.

“You’re going to be alright.” Shawn whispered just as softly. You watched his lips shift closer to your face as he lifted his chin so he could kiss your forehead protectively. “You’re going to be alright.” he repeated.

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Sewing Machine Makes Cheap Stretchy Component Needed For Wearable Tech And Soft Robots

Purdue University engineers have come up with a new and simpler way to make stretchy connections for electronics. Such power- and information-transporting materials are needed for soft robotics, next-generation implants and wearable technologies to advance.

The group used a regular sewing machine to sew a wire in a zigzag pattern on a sheet of the plastic PET with water-soluble thread. A stretchy, rubbery polymer was poured over the wire and water was then used to dissolve the thread. The PET was pulled away after the thread dissolved and released it from the wire, which was now embedded in the rubbery polymer. 

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Boyfriend takes wheel-chaired lover on a trip around China

Nowadays, with the convenience of transportation and information, traveling has become something quite usual in people’s daily lives.

But for Ding Yizhou, a young man from Liuzhou, Guangxi and his girlfriend, traveling is something far from easy. 

His girlfriend suffers serious mental illness disallowing her to walk or swallow. But she still can dream, and she has a dream of traveling across the nation.

To fulfill his beloved one’s dream, Ding designed their tour route and employed a working dog to help his girlfriend to travel. 

After two days of practicing walking and camping in their city, the sweet couple started their nationwide trip on Saturday. They plan to follow a trip route that is shaped like a heart on their map. 

They said they enjoyed the feeling of being on the road and pursuing their dreams together.

reneesarachnids-deactivated2015  asked:

So soon me and my girlfriend are moving to a different state (from point A to point B is about a three day trip) and was wondering if you had any advice on how to get my tarantulas through the trip safely? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for the question, keithferdsarachnids

I’ve never had to pack any of my tarantulas, but packing them like breeders do when they ship tarantulas can ensure them for safe travel. This way they will not move around much and stay safe and secure while you can empty their enclosure and pack that separately and safely— the last thing you want is for them to bounce around and get hurt. Plus, packing them like this could save a lot of room in the vehicle you are driving. 

Here’s a great video on packing T’s, I trust TarantulaGuy1976’s method:

I’ve taken the way he’s packed his tarantulas and made an infographic so you don’t have to sit through 20 minutes of his video. I still recommend watching for better understanding. This doesn’t include information on packaging aggressive specimens, so always handle them at your own risk. I recommend checking out Tarantulaguy1976’s channel on youtube as I believe he covers the methods for aggressive tarantulas as well.

Before packing:

  • Make sure the tarantula’s have drank some water or have access to water before putting them in their containers. To make things easier, have them already transported out of their main enclosures and into smaller containers to make things easier for you and the tarantula.
  • Use a taller container for arboreal T’s, a flatter one for terrestrial. Deli cups or any tall or flat container would do. Make sure to poke air holes into the lids before using. (see below: A for terrestrial, B for aboreal.) 


Begin by lining your container with a folded paper towel on the bottom.

Mist lightly, then roll another paper towel.

Begin putting the twisted paper towels inside of the container, creating a spiral shape as you go and leaving a hole in the center which will be the tarantula’s temporary burrow. If arboreal, the hole should be taller than the terrestrial’s so it has room to move around a little bit.

Every few layers, make sure to mist lightly to dampen the paper towels. Remember, don’t go overboard with the misting! Keep it as minimal as possible.

When finished, take a single folded sheet and push it down into the hole in the center. Mist lightly, but not too much, you do not want it to be too damp, just slightly.

Turn the container on its side and gently coax the tarantula out of its temporary container and into the hole.

When the tarantula is inside, place a folded paper towel on top of the hole.

Cover with lid. Poke holes in the lid BEFORE putting it on top of the tarantula.

Place the tarantula in a box, Styrofoam is probably best but cardboard should do for short distances. Pack the tarantula inside the box tightly with newspaper, magazine pages, etc. 

If it’s cold, put a heat pad (vise versa: if it’s hot, put a cooling pad) in the box with the tarantula, making sure there is enough room between the spider’s container and the heat pad so it doesn’t get too hot(or cold). 

You can put multiple Ts in a box together as long as the lids are tightly shut. Tape them closed to avoid possible escapes.

infographic pictures by awesomearachnids