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ELI5: Where do internet providers get their internet from and why can't we make our own?

Answer #1

You can make your own. Go run some fiber from your house to mine.

It costs about $50,000/mile.

We can add others to our network as you get the money.

Answer #2

The Internet is the colloquial term for Interconnected Networks. Your ISP has an arrangement with one or more other companies, who in turn have agreements with yet more companies.

Some of these organizations spend lots of money to run physical cables across the planet in the expectation that their cables will be used to transport information between the two or more points that they connected together.

You can form an organization that connects to existing infrastructure and if you’d on-sell it, your organization is an ISP. You could also set up actual infrastructure, but that’s much more costly and risky.

Different countries have rules about this mainly to do with illegal use that you’ll need to abide by and since this is big business, many roadblocks exist to prevent your little organization from competing with the incumbent.

Some towns and cities, disenchanted with incumbent providers, have started their own networks and succeed in larger and smaller degree in providing their citizens with Internet connectivity. Various freenets also exist which allow information to travel within the group but not to the wider Internet. This often bypasses legal impediments to creating an ISP.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Josephine Baker was an amazing woman. If you haven’t heard of her then let me educate you! Born in the United States, she wandered the streets as a child starving and dancing for money. When she was 15, she was recruited to the St. Louis Vaudeville where she became a huge success. 

She moved to Paris in 1925 where she became a national sensation with her erotic “Banana dance” She was a star in the Paris scene and the muse to writers such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dior, Picasso, and all of the other of the Lost Generation. She used her celebrity status to the advantage of the French Resistance and transported information across borders to neutral countries to help the Allies. She also was a civil rights supporter and would only perform to desegregated crowds especially when she toured the United States and in 1963, she spoke at the March on Washington at th side of Martin Luther King Jr.   

Not only was this woman a fighter against the Nazis, she adopted 12 children and was one of the most well known bisexual women of her time. She remained in France for the rest of her life. She performed one last time in 1975 to rave reviews and passed away four days later. This amazing singer, dancer, civil rights activist, Nazi resister, mother, and all around beauty is one of the most amazing women in the 20th century. Consider yourself enlightened folks!!

reneesarachnids-deactivated2015  asked:

So soon me and my girlfriend are moving to a different state (from point A to point B is about a three day trip) and was wondering if you had any advice on how to get my tarantulas through the trip safely? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for the question, keithferdsarachnids

I’ve never had to pack any of my tarantulas, but packing them like breeders do when they ship tarantulas can ensure them for safe travel. This way they will not move around much and stay safe and secure while you can empty their enclosure and pack that separately and safely— the last thing you want is for them to bounce around and get hurt. Plus, packing them like this could save a lot of room in the vehicle you are driving. 

Here’s a great video on packing T’s, I trust TarantulaGuy1976’s method:

I’ve taken the way he’s packed his tarantulas and made an infographic so you don’t have to sit through 20 minutes of his video. I still recommend watching for better understanding. This doesn’t include information on packaging aggressive specimens, so always handle them at your own risk. I recommend checking out Tarantulaguy1976’s channel on youtube as I believe he covers the methods for aggressive tarantulas as well.

Before packing:

  • Make sure the tarantula’s have drank some water or have access to water before putting them in their containers. To make things easier, have them already transported out of their main enclosures and into smaller containers to make things easier for you and the tarantula.
  • Use a taller container for arboreal T’s, a flatter one for terrestrial. Deli cups or any tall or flat container would do. Make sure to poke air holes into the lids before using. (see below: A for terrestrial, B for aboreal.) 


Begin by lining your container with a folded paper towel on the bottom.

Mist lightly, then roll another paper towel.

Begin putting the twisted paper towels inside of the container, creating a spiral shape as you go and leaving a hole in the center which will be the tarantula’s temporary burrow. If arboreal, the hole should be taller than the terrestrial’s so it has room to move around a little bit.

Every few layers, make sure to mist lightly to dampen the paper towels. Remember, don’t go overboard with the misting! Keep it as minimal as possible.

When finished, take a single folded sheet and push it down into the hole in the center. Mist lightly, but not too much, you do not want it to be too damp, just slightly.

Turn the container on its side and gently coax the tarantula out of its temporary container and into the hole.

When the tarantula is inside, place a folded paper towel on top of the hole.

Cover with lid. Poke holes in the lid BEFORE putting it on top of the tarantula.

Place the tarantula in a box, Styrofoam is probably best but cardboard should do for short distances. Pack the tarantula inside the box tightly with newspaper, magazine pages, etc. 

If it’s cold, put a heat pad (vise versa: if it’s hot, put a cooling pad) in the box with the tarantula, making sure there is enough room between the spider’s container and the heat pad so it doesn’t get too hot(or cold). 

You can put multiple Ts in a box together as long as the lids are tightly shut. Tape them closed to avoid possible escapes.

infographic pictures by awesomearachnids

OT vs TFA: character spoilers

I keep seeing posts comparing the new Star Wars trio to the old one, but more often than not Rey is always automatically slotted in as Leia’s position just because they’re both girls, and then people debate the Finn/Poe and Han/Luke roles but…no. Stop basing character comparisons on gender please. If you really must “match the roles” then shouldn’t it go more like this:

Devoted member of the [Rebellion/Resistance] who is captured while transporting vital information which is hidden in a droid for safekeeping; is then tortured by the [Empire/First Order] but holds-out unbelievably well against the torture and has to be “broken” through alternative methods [tracked after escape/the Force] then participates in their own “rescue” mission: Leia/Poe

Orphan growing up on a desert planet who longs for family connections;  discovers the droid carrying said hidden information and eventually decides to help the droid complete their mission; proves to be a natural pilot; loses their father-figure-type-mentor after only a brief period of fast bonding; faces down a relative they don’t know about who has fallen to the Dark Side using instinctive Force skills they didn’t know they had and then leaves to seek out a reclusive Jedi Master for more training since they’re so strong in the Force: Luke/Rey

The “bad boy” from the “wrong side of the tracks” who is diverted from their [smuggler/stormtrooper] lifestyle upon contact with the [Rebellion/Resistance], hesitates at joining at first because of [self interest/fear of the First Order] who then proves to be an incredibly valuable ally and skilled fighter: Han/Finn

I mean…?