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Another Astrology/Birth Chart Project

This time using MUSIC!!1!1!1!!!!…


So this is my layout for creating playlist for people based on their birth chart information and how to apply it to music. Feel free to use this however you want; this was inspired by something I found online and just tweeked it some so I take no full credit for this at all; this is just for fun!

1. Dominant Planet* for Birth Chart = Overall Theme of Playlist
2. *Planets = Tempo/Feel of Song
    Sun = Upbeat/Fiery
    Moon = Emotional
    Mercury = Lyrical (either Dancey or Calm depending on overall theme)
    Venus = Slow/Relaxing/Romantic
    Mars = Fast beat/Aggressive
    Jupiter = Upbeat/Dogmatic
    Saturn = Structured/Classic
    Uranus = Strange/Futuristic
    Neptune = Psychedelic/Dreamy
    Pluto = Lyrical; Deep/Powerful
3. Signs = Genre (varies based on overall theme and tempo)
    Aries = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Jazz / Alternative / Rap / Heavy Metal
    Taurus = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Classical / Gospel / Jazz / Folk / Alternative / Blues / R&B / Country
    Gemini = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Rap / Heavy Metal / Trendy
    Cancer = Pop Rock / Classical / Gospel / Blues / Oldies
    Leo = Rock n’ Roll / Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Gospel / Folk / Alternative
    Virgo = Classical / Heavy Metal / Indie / Jazz
    Libra = Pop / Reggae / R&B / Classical / Trendy
    Scorpio = Punk Rock / EDM / Gospel / Jazz / Rap / R&B / Blues / Heavy  Metal / Indie
    Sagittarius = Rock n’ Roll / Pop Rock / EDM / Reggae / Folk / Rap / R&B / Heavy Metal / Foreign / New Age
    Capricorn = Classical / Alternative / TImeless Classics
    Aquarius = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Gospel / Reggae / Folk / Alternative / Techno / Electronic / Progressive
    Pisces = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Blues / New Age / Dance / Movie or TV Soundtrack / Video Game Soundtrack
4. Houses = Lyrics or Subject
    1st House = Self / Appearance / Self-Identity / Personality / Physical Body
    2nd House = Money / Possessions / Values / Self-Esteem
    3rd House = Siblings / Transportation / Intellect / Early Education / Communication
    4th House = Home / Family / Childhood / Roots / Relationship with Parents
    5th House = Children / Creativity / Interests / Hobbies / Drama / Romance / Dating / Sex
    6th House = Health / Food / Work / Daily Life
    7th House = Love / Marriage / Quarrels / Separations / Cooperation / Sharing
    8th House = Death / Sex / Legacy / Occult / Loss / Transformation / Healing
    9th House = Philosophy / Religion / Law / Morals / Travel / Foreign Places / Dreams / Wisdom
   10th House = Status / Reputation / Honor / Career / Achievements / Responsibilities / Sense of Duty
   11th House = Friends / Community / Hopes / Goals / Wishes / Ambition / Social Groups / Humanitarianism / Liberty
   12th House = Hidden Self / Mental Illness / Escapism / Self-Undoing / Secrets / Grief

Anyway, I’m likely going to be working on this sorta thing after the birth chart analysis’ I’m doing. Have fun using this if so inclined.


Lesson 11: 으로, by (way of), (이)나, or, and -에서 -까지, -from -to

Today we’re going to be looking at the particle -으로, which used in conjunction with nouns, and indicates the way or method by which something is done. It is used in situations to describe methods of transport, communication, actions done with the hands (eg: using a pen), and even parts of the body itself.

-으로 is used when attached to a noun ending in a consonant, except for ㄹ.
-로 is used for nouns ending in a vowel, or ㄹ.

For example:
펜 + 으로 →  펜으로 ([written] by pen)
버스 + 로 →  버스로 (by bus)
지하철 + 로 →  지하철로 (by subway)

Let’s have a look at this in use:

레오: 켄 씨는 어떻게 학교에 와요?
켄: 지하철로 와요.
Leo: Ken, how do you get to school?
Ken: I come via subway.

But sometimes, maybe Ken takes the bus to campus instead. In English Ken would say he takes the bus or the subway to school. To express the word “or” in Korean, you would use (이)나.

-이나 is attached to nouns ending in a consonants including ㄹ.
-나 is attached to nouns ending in vowels.

레오: 켄 씨는 어떻게 학교에 와요?
켄: 버스나 지하철로 와요.
Leo:  Ken, how do you get to school?
Ken: I come by bus or subway.

Yesterday, Ken walked home from school to his house. It’s kind of far, and he’s super proud of this fact, so he wants to tell Leo.

The markers -에서 and -까지 are used together to express the idea of -from one place and -to another. These markers are attached directly to locations.

레오: 켄 씨는 어떻게 학교에 와요?
켄: 버스나 지하철로 와요.
레오: 아, 그래요.
켄: 그런데 어제 학교에서까지 걸러서 갔어요.
Leo: Ken, how do you get to school?
Ken: I come by bus or subway.
Leo: Ah, I see.
Ken: But yesterday I walked from school to my house.

That’s all for lesson 11! It’s simple right? If you have any questions please send me an ask!

Under the keep reading link, you’ll find some words and useful phrases related to what you’ve learned today. See you next lesson!

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge took place in April 1917, and was part of the Battle of Arras in Northern France.  Canadian troops fought against German Troops.  It was the first time that all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force had fought as a single cohesive unit.

The Memorial at Vimy is a National Canadian Monument and serves to commemorate those Canadians who fell during the First World War and also those Canadians without a known grave.

The main element of the monument is Mother Canada mourning her dead.  She stands on the edge of the monument, looking over the once blood drenched fields on which so many Canadians fell.

A truly moving experience the first time it is visited, more so on subsequent visits.

I was on holiday in France, 2007 when I first saw the memorial at Vimy, it made such an impression on me, that on the journey back to the ferry, at the end of the holiday, we stopped again to photograph it.  It is unbelievably moving.  Like so many of the War Cemeteries and memorials within the Somme area of Northern France their very presence is to commemorate the fallen of a long, bloody and needless war.  Some of the memorials are beautiful, in total contrast to the very thing that they were built to commemorate.

About 3 hours drive south of Vimy, stands a little village graveyard.  You could quite easily drive past St Agnan Communal Cemetery and not know that it is there.  However, I know that it is there because it contains the grave of a relative.  Walter Alec Clarence Footman was killed on the night of ¾ May, 1944 in the lead up to ’D’ Day.  He was part of a large Lancaster bomber raid on a transport and communications centre.  Unfortunately he didn’t come back - he was 24.

So here we have two ends of the commemorative spectrum, a massive monument in honour of 11,000 Canadians who lost their lives in France, and a single grave to an airman of the second world war.  

One death is to many…

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind…“

starfl0wers  asked:

hello, if you have the chance, would you mind explaining what the most recent Pluto in Gemini transit brought about?

i think last time pluto was in gemini the telephone, radio, cinema, and phonograph was created. so was the car, mercury rules transport and communication. being able to circulate ideas became agenda. newspaper became big. australia formed confederation during pluto in gemini and rupert murdoch, the world’s media (gemini) barren is from australia. these young people would have served in the war, lulled by sickening propaganda (gemini). i’m sure if you were familiar with this time in history (1883 to 1914) you could correlate a lot of Gemini features, I think most of this time Pluto was opposing Uranus too…


french news vocabulary 🇫🇷
  • à la une   on the front page
  • les achats de précaution   panic buying
  • l'actualité, les actualités   news
  • affolé (adj)   panic-stricken
  • allégué (adj)   alleged
  • un appel   appeal, call
  • une arme   weapon, gun
  • une arme blanche   knife
  • les armes de destruction weapons of mass destruction
  • assassiner   to murder
  • un assaut attack
    un attentat   attack
  • un attentat-suicide   suicide bombing
  • l'avortement   abortion
  • la banlieue   suburb
  • un bilan   death toll
  • blanchir exonerate
  • blessé (adj)   injured, wounded
  • une bombe   bomb
  • un bouchon traffic jam
  • braquer to hold up, point a gun at
  • la canicule   heat wave
  • un cas de force majeure   disaster (natural or man-made)
  • les Casques bleus   UN peacekeeping forces
  • un casseur   rioter
  • une catastrophe aérienne   air disaster
  • une catastrophe écologique   environmental disaster
  • une catastrophe naturelle   natural disaster
  • censurer to censure
  • un cessez-le-feu   cease-fire
  • un cible - target
  • le chômage   unemployment
  • un collecte au profit des sinistrés   disaster fund
  • coupable guilty
  • un coup d'état   overthrow
  • une coupure de courant   power outage
  • le crime   crime
  • un criminel, une criminelle   criminal
  • une crise   crisis
  • un cyclone   cyclone, hurricane
  • se déclarer - to break out (eg. a fire) 
  • déclencher to launch 
  • décréter to declare 
  • des dégâts   damage
  • le deuil   bereavement, mourning
  • un désastre financier   financial disaster
  • un désastre politique   political disaster
  • les drogues (fem)   drugs
  • un éboulement   rockslide
  • une élection   election
  • une émeute   riot
  • une enquête   investigation
  • une épidémie   epidemic
  • extrader   to extradite
  • un feu   fire
  • un flic (informal)   cop
  • flotter le drapeau en berne to fly flag at half mast
  • la garde à vue   police custody
  • être mis/placé en garde à vue   to be kept in custody, held for questioning
  • le gaz lacrymogène   tear gas
  • un glissement de terrain   landslide
  • une grève (faire la grève)   strike (to be on strike)
  • la guerre   war
  • la grippe aviaire   bird flu
  • la grippe porcine   swine flu
  • hexagonal   French
  • l'Hexagone   France
  • un immigrant, un immigré   immigrant
  • les impôts (masc)   taxes
  • un incendie   fire
  • une inondation   flood
  • inonder   to flood
  • un insurgé   insurgent
  • des intempéries   bad weather
  • IVG   abortion 
  • le kamikaze   suicide bomber
  • la loi   law
  • la lutte (literal/figurative)   struggle, fight
  • une manifestation   demonstration
  • le meurtre   murder
  • la mondialisation   globalization
  • une navette spatiale   space shuttle
  • un obus   explosive shell
  • opération escargot   rolling blockade
  • un ouragan   hurricane
  • une panne d'électricité   blackout, power cut
  • la peine de mort   death penalty
  • la pénurie   shortage, lack
  • la police   police
  • un policier   police officer
  • la politique   politics, policy
  • le politique   politician
  • poursuivre en justice   to sue
  • le pouvoir d'achat   buying power
  • présumé (adj)   alleged
  • un procès   trial
  • le réchauffement de la planète   global warming
  • la région sinistrée   disaster area
  • une réplique   after-shock, counter-attack
  • la retraite   retirement
  • un scrutin   ballot, election
  • un séisme   earthquake, upheaval
  • selon (prep)   according to
  • un sinistré, une sinistrée   disaster victim
  • un soldat   soldier
  • un sommaire summary
  • un sondage   poll
  • soupçonner to suspect
  • le suicide assisté   assisted suicide
  • les suites aftermath
  • un syndicat   union
  • le système de santé publique   health care system
  • un témoin   witness
  • une tempête   storm
  • le terrorisme   terrorism
  • tirer (sur)   to shoot (at)
  • les titres   headlines, headline news
  • une tornade   tornado
  • les transports en commun   public transit
  • un tremblement de terre   earthquake
  • une trêve   truce
  • tuer   to kill
  • un vaccin   vaccine
  • une victime   victim  (Note that this word is always feminine, even when referring to a man)
  • viser  to target
  • voter   to vote
Mercury Retrograde: why everyone should not be afraid of it – how to get through it

When mercury goes retrograde, the energy of this planet turns inward. Mercury is the planet of communication, transportation, communities, thinking/thought processing, understanding, logic, reasoning, etc.

Most associate mercury retrograde with only bad things. Cell phones breaking, breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, communication not being clear, technology mishaps, your car breaking down, etc. While these may be characteristics of a time when mercury is in retrograde, there are usually always benefits from it, if you take the time to look for them.

When the planet of thinking/communication’s energy is turned inward, this becomes a time for introspection. Mercury retrograde is a time for rethinking, re-planning, and reevaluation. This is why people tell you not to sign any agreements during this time or make any big decisions. It’s a time to rethink what you want, rethink if there’s anything else you could do, rethink the whole situation. Then when mercury goes direct again, you can have a well formed opinion or decision made, and be more confident in your choices.

Not everything is mercury retrograde’s fault. People like to use it as a scapegoat or just an easy explanation for the wrongdoings in their life. Mercury retrograde is not an excuse to say/do the wrong thing.

Mercury retrograde is like a cerebral vacation. Bad things usually happen during this time because your mind’s energy is not being forced outward, you’re entering a trance of introspection and meditation, so obviously expressing yourself properly during this time won’t be the easiest thing as opposed to when mercury is direct.

Take this time to rethink, re-plan and reevaluate things; look at the house mercury went retrograde in. Look at the sign mercury is in. Create your own mantras, rituals and new state of mind during mercury retrograde so you can feel more confident after.

Crystals to aid you in mercury retrograde:

• Amethyst
• Clear quartz
• Amazonite
• Celestite
• Blue kyanite
• Blue lace agate
• Smoky quartz
• Black obsidian
• Ametrine

A Massive Mckirk Rec List

Because I’ve dug myself in such a deep hole of Mckirk trash, I decided to make a short fic rec list. Well joke’s on me because turns out I’ve read a lot more Mckirk fics than I thought (and this isn’t even all of them)… Consider this a gift for the holidays.

Notes: all fics are listed alphabetically; ** = favourite

Ashes in Supernova by geishateahouse | 1.5k, T

Bones didn’t take Jim on the Enterprise because it was against regulation, Jim was grounded. It was the last mistake he would ever make. (I didn’t know my heart could smash into a thousand pieces in 1.5k words.)

Baby Can’t You See (You Belong With Me) by StilesInTheGlade | 2k, T

Leonard McCoy was one of those people who hated the very idea of high school. Holy shit, man. He wanted nothing to do with any of it. Until, of course, James Fucking Kirk, captain of the football team, decided Leonard was cute. (Just. Adorable.)

The Ballad of Jim and Bones by neko_fish | 26k, T

It was the summer of 1985 when young Jim Kirk’s life changed forever. After tumbling down a hill, deep in the woods, he ended up receiving help from the most unlikely people. (Okay the tree concept sounds absurd but I promise you it is sweet and heartbreaking and just amazing.)

By Any Other Name by canistakahari | >1k, G

Leonard is a barista. Jim frequents his coffee shop, but it’s not for the coffee. (Because every rec list has to have a coffee shop au right?)

The Damn Balcony Scene by neko_fish | 4k, T

Leonard gets to know his downstairs neighbour because of a pink and green polka dotted sock. (I love this fic so so much. Hilarious and sweet.)

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@rebel-without-a-cunt @gendernihilistancom (it won’t tag, so abbreviating lol) [i’m making a new post because the other one is getting long lmao]

i’m really enjoying your discussion on what is to be done and was hoping you could address how the massive development of transportation and communication logistics and military capabilities affect everything and change how we approach revolution, scale (i.e. socialism in one country in the age of supply chains crossing 3 continents), state- and workplace-seizure and whatever else

On entend parler crise, on entend parler économie, on entend parler de Fillon et on entend parler Fillon, on entend parler Trump, Macron et ta mère le Président. On voit tout les jours des pubs de parfums, de voitures à la télé, des pubs d'assurances, de pompes funèbres, des pubs pour mourir, pour tous crever. On part tout les matins au boulot, trimer sur des machines dont on ne connaît pas le nom pour fabriquer les pompes de « monsieur » le PDG puis de attention « monsieur » Hollande. On écoute toute la journée des connards qui ont raté leur putain de vie nous expliquer la nôtre. On passe un quart de nos journées dans les transports en commun à ne parler à personne parce que lui, dans le coin, est gros, parce que l'autre, là, à gauche, à une tâche de ketchup sur son tee-shirt, parce que la grande blonde, juste là, elle porte une jupe et des talons et parce que cette gamine de dix-sept ans se balade avec un gosse au bout des doigts. On mange gras dans les fast food alors ce soir à la maison on mangera une salade achetée dans un sachet plastique qui finira probablement dans ce putains d'océan qui ne peut pas se nettoyer tout seul, ah bon ? On emmène nos enfants dans des cirques voir des lions squelettiques danser et des éléphants à moitié mort sous le coup des crochet, à moitié fou sous le poids de la séquestration. On les emmène dans des zoos voir des ours polaire sous trente cinq degrés. On répète à nos gosses de finir de manger parce que soit disant « y'a des enfants en Afrique qui crèvent de faim » ah oui ! Puis nous même on gaspille, on fout tout ces cadeaux de la nature dans des sacs en pétrole qui finiront dans le, je cite « septième continent ». Puis on est accro à la nicotine, à la bouteille de vin à quatre vingt euros en rentrant de nos journées fatigantes, on est juste accro à l'argent dans ce fascisme consommant. On pleure la mort de Steve Jobs, mais pas pour celle du petit chinois de huit piges qui a fabriquer notre putain d'Iphone pour un dollar le jour. On a peur de la fonte des glaces, on flippe, mais on prend notre voitures tout les jours pour aller faire nos courses à l'épicerie d'à côté. On entend nos beaux et honnêtes politiques français  pleurer la collaboration de la France avec le grand Adolph, puis c'est vrai, eux mêmes, à la même époque, ils auraient sûrement été à la hauteur de leur mots, c'est évident. Ensuite on vote la merveilleuse Lepen pour la fermeture des frontières, pour que la France soit pépère, sans arabes, ah non, excusez moi, sans terroristes. On fait des amalgames chaque semaine, l'Islam c'est Daesh puis les migrants c'est le chômage français « ils nous volent notre travail, ils piétinent nos racines », pourtant ils fuient juste nos putain de bombes françaises.

Mais qui sommes nous, nous petits gens du peuple à regarder le 20h, à croire les médias et à se laisser dicter nos vies dans une routine dégueulasse ? Je veux dire, qui sommes nous pour rester à genoux, qui sommes nous pour ne pas nous lever contre l'injustice, l'inégalité et nos frères qui meurent de l'autre côté du globe? On en arrive à un temps où les policiers nous jettent des matraques dans le cul parce qu'on est bronzé, un temps où des monstres à la kalash, tuent au bataclan, en Palestine, sur terre et au nom de Dieu ! Aujourd'hui on est arrivé à ce temps où seul importe la couleur de l'argent, ou tu es mis dans une case si tu t'habilles en h&m ou bien en Gucci. On tient une bien belle société dis donc, et on est nombreux à être dégoutté dans notre confort entre antidépresseur et alcool, on est nombreux à cracher sur les rois depuis notre canapé en cuir. Et on est nombreux à vouloir faire comme ceux qui s'aiment en donnant des crayons dans les orphelinats, en distribuant des kits premier secours en Syrie, en offrant des conserves dans les bidonvilles argentins.

On est nombreux je vous dis, beaucoup plus que ces connards.


The Most Profitable Industries In 2015

When it comes to picking the right investment, the bottom line of industries themselves matter.

To find the most profitable industries, FORBES took a look at the forecasted 2015 net margin of 19 major U.S. sectors. With a 21% net profit margin, healthcare technology tops the list as the most profitable industry, according to Factset. Read more >

Re: Bind Runes- *Request*

Here’s a bind rune for safe travels.

It consists of:

Raidho (Journey)- This the rune of travel. It’s the rune of your own will. So that you know deep down where you’re going.

Elhaz (Eel-Sedge)This is a rune of protection. It will hedge out any dangers or dangerous people that are in your path.

Ansuz (Communication): The rune of communication which is always helpful to a traveler in any mode of transportation. It helps to communicate where you’re going, when you intend to turn off or onto a path, and to other travelers. It’s also a rune of awareness. You can always use that while traveling.

**CAUTION- Bind Runes are a subjective topic. No two bind runes are drawn the same. Remember, you should connect with each of the runes on an intuitive level before you use bind runes in your magical practices**

Hope this helps. Questions? - Let me know.

James Moore-Hodur

French Vocabulary - The Environment

Originally posted by teded

le réchauffement climatique - global warming

le scientifique - scientist

l’usine - factory

les déchets - waste, waste products 

réduire - to reduce

la pollution - pollution

la pollution atmosphérique - air pollution

les transports en commun - public transport

les centrales nucléaires - nuclear power plants

renouvelable - renewable

radioactif/radioactive - radioactive

le barrage - dam

la densité démographique - population density

construire - to construct

la raréfaction - scarcity, shortage  

la radiation - radiation

les éoliennes - wind turbines

les ordures ménagères - household waste, domestic waste

l’égout - sewer

la fonte des calottes glaciaires - the melting of ice caps

la sécheresse - drought

la consommation - the consumption

sauvegarder - to safeguard, to save, to protect

les emballages - packaging, packing materials

le robinet - tap, valve

gaspiller - to waste

la nocivité - harmfulness, toxicity, noxiousness


“Goldenrod City, the largest city of Johto that is the center of the region’s economy and telecommunications. The city has recently been redeveloped in order to conserve space and creating new buildings without hurting the ecosystem and tearing down trees for more land. Above-ground is where the hospitals, schools, train transportation, and mass communication facilities are located at. Below the city is where the main entertainment areas are located at, such as the major shopping district, game corners, stadium,and the gym itself. Miscellaneous areas, such as factories and cemeteries, are spread around the entertainment buildings underground in their own private sectors.”

Not so surprising Study: Crossing The Street Is Dangerous For Black People!

By Jovanna Blaize

Just when you didn’t need to add another worry to your life, crossing the street as a minority may be detrimental to your health.

According to a recent study done by Portland State University-based Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC), it was found that drivers are less likely to stop for black pedestrians waiting to use a crosswalk than white ones. The study is the first to examine the effects of race on pedestrian crossing experiences.

Three black and three white men were used during the study. They were all of similar age, height and build. They even dressed the men in identical neutral outfits and “without any obvious social or socio-economic characteristics,” and had them cross an unsignalized, marked crosswalk in downtown Portland. Each pedestrian crossed 15 times, resulting in 168 driver subjects overall.

From The Huffington Post:

Per the study, trained observers standing out of sight to oncoming cars recorded whether the first car to approach yielded for the pedestrian, how many cars passed before someone yielded and the number of seconds that before the pedestrian could cross the street.

Observers found that black pedestrians got passed by twice as many cars as white pedestrians, and waited 32 percent longer to cross.

Though the sample size was small, the study has already prompted significant interest from the transportation community. Lead researcher Dr. Kimberly Kahn said she believes it’s an important first step.

“We wanted to test this hypothesis to see if pedestrian’s race would influence driver’s yielding decisions at crosswalks,” Kahn told The Huffington Post by phone. “For this first initial study, we wanted to see if the effect was even there, and even with the relatively small sample size, we saw a significant variation between races.”

Kahn, who studies implicit bias in the field of social psychology, said the results of the study didn’t surprise her, but that the reaction among transportation experts, who haven’t studied these types of biases as much, has been “really striking.”

Nationwide, pedestrians account for 13 percent of all motor vehicle traffic-related deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But African Americans are disproportionately represented in that group, dying at a rate 60 percent higher than non-Hispanic whites, according to a 2014 study from the community development non-profit Smart Growth America.

In addition to concluding that drivers behave differently toward pedestrians based on their race, the OTREC study found that “black pedestrians were passed by twice as many cars and waited nearly a third longer to cross than white pedestrians.”

The team behind the study plans to expand the sample size of the study, and look at race and gender dynamic, if they win a 2 year CDC grant.