Ka-Pow! Watch These Fish Cannons Shoot Salmon Safely Over Dams

Salmon have serious swimming skills–some travel thousands of miles to return to their original homes to breed. But even though they can jump as high as 12 feet in the air, they can’t manage to get over massive concrete dams that we have built to block their journeys back to their homes. Now one new idea could give them a boost. The plan involves whisking the fish through a long vacuum tube at speeds up to 22 miles per hour and then shooting them out the other end like a cannon.

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…concept design and production art for ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ (2004) - scripted and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, produced by Toshio Suzuki, animated by Studio Ghibli & distributed by Toho - based on British writer, Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name…


London designer Dominic Wilcox just unveiled his visionary concept for the future of transportation. Behold the beautiful Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future. Traveling in this beautiful vehicle must be like taking a ride inside a giant Fabergé egg, which, of course, sounds incredibly awesome.

Wilcox presented his driverless glass car prototype at the London Design Festival 2014:

“In the future it will be safer to drive in a driverless car than it will in a manual car,” said Wilcox. “Therefore we don’t need the protection systems that are built into contemporary cars. We can just have a shell of any design.”

The designer imagined a future where all cars were controlled by computers that would eliminate collisions and accidents, meaning everyday vehicles would no longer need to be designed for safety.

Wilcox proposes that a perfectly safe self-driving car is a car that can be made out of something as fragile as glass and used as, in the case of this prototype, a sleeper car. It contains a cozy bed in which the rider can sleep while being driven to their destination. But there are many other possibilities besides a mobile bedroom. Liberated from the responsibility of driving, people could have cars that served as mobile offices, gyms, dining rooms, or lounges. The only limits are your imagination and, of course, your budget.

In addition to unveiling this daring prototype, Wilcox also launched a concept website, called TaxiRobot, where users can customize and order their own driverless cars for a variety of functions and featuring all sorts creative exterior designs.

Click here to watch a video about Dominic Wilcox and his stained-glass driverless car.

Photos by Sylvain Deleu

Head over to Dezeen for additional information about this fabulous futuristic concept car.


what’s in my bag!

my bag is a madewell transport tote. this is the first year I’ve had it, so I can’t say yet how well it’ll hold up, but so far I loooove it. 

in my bag, no matter what, is always my makeup bag, earbuds, a charger, and my keys. that, along with some cash and cards, will get thrown into the zip pocket of my bag. when I’m going to class, I’ll usually have my iPad and bluetooth keyboard and my clipboard. I’ll be going to one of my schools via public transportation, so it’ll be good to have something to write on. 

of course, I’ll need textbooks - the number will depend on the day. my writing utensils go into my cute sewing pattern pencil case I got from a friend for graduation. I have a binder for each class, but I haven’t decided if I’ll be taking that each day, or a file folder of just what I need for that class. my planner this year is a day designer (and I am in love).

then I have my water bottle, sometimes my travel tumbler, and SNACKS. my strategy in college was always have more snacks in your bag than textbooks, and let me tell you, I made many a friend that way. so if you take only one thing away from me, let it be that!