The OUREA Christian Grajewski

“317 years after human kind’s extinction, the OUREA reaches her final destination, the planet Aion. Loaded with the genetic samples and the memory of a billion people and the equipment to build a new world. Theia the artificial intelligence has the task to rebuild human society…“

1942 Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept Car

Designed by Alex Tremulis and first shown at the New York Auto Show in October, 1940. The Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept introduced a new wave of designs and industry technological accomplishments, i.e. The retractable top was so revolutionary; it would not be until 1957 before another manufacturer had a similar feature - The Ford Skyliner.

Source: Daniel Vaughan
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what’s in my bag!

my bag is a madewell transport tote. this is the first year I’ve had it, so I can’t say yet how well it’ll hold up, but so far I loooove it. 

in my bag, no matter what, is always my makeup bag, earbuds, a charger, and my keys. that, along with some cash and cards, will get thrown into the zip pocket of my bag. when I’m going to class, I’ll usually have my iPad and bluetooth keyboard and my clipboard. I’ll be going to one of my schools via public transportation, so it’ll be good to have something to write on. 

of course, I’ll need textbooks - the number will depend on the day. my writing utensils go into my cute sewing pattern pencil case I got from a friend for graduation. I have a binder for each class, but I haven’t decided if I’ll be taking that each day, or a file folder of just what I need for that class. my planner this year is a day designer (and I am in love).

then I have my water bottle, sometimes my travel tumbler, and SNACKS. my strategy in college was always have more snacks in your bag than textbooks, and let me tell you, I made many a friend that way. so if you take only one thing away from me, let it be that!


Night Rider. by Presence Inc