so while I will begrudgingly admit that I enjoyed Cars 3, I also kept getting taken out of it because of how many fucking questions the Cars universe raises

there’s this character that’s a school bus.. like… a normal human school bus… Not a school bus designed to transport other cars, like Mack or the helicopter from the first movie, but like… designed to carry humans inside of her?? she even references the school district she’s from?? if she was from a car school wouldn’t she be designed to carry cars not people?? is the Cars universe a post-apocalyptic nightmare world where sentient cars wiped out the humans or what??

there’s one part where Lightning McQueen fixes something by taping it back together offscreen and I’m like?? how?? you don’t have hands???

Cruz comments that something is high quality and made out of real metal but isn’t that sort of like something being made out of human skin or bones or something

a lot of the movie is about how Lightning feels inferior to the newer younger cars, but… where are they coming from?? do the cars procreate? do they just… build new cars? who is building these new cars?? and if they’re being built why can’t Lightning just get some newer parts to help him compete??

there are child cars, so… how do they get older? are their parents replacing their parts every year? are they somehow growing organically?? does it have to do with whatever horrific event wiped out humanity?

there’s a part where lightning gets all four of his wheels removed and isn’t that sort of gruesome?? aren’t those like, his legs? and wait so every time he gets a pitstop he’s getting his legs ripped off and replaced with new ones?????

why the fuck do touchscreens exist in the Cars universe THEY DON’T HAVE HANDS

why do the cars have tongues and teeth if they run on gas

all the girl cars have car eyeliner ~so you can tell that they’re girls~ but how the hell do they apply it WITH NO HANDS

if there are car billionaires, then there is car money. who is on the car money? are there car presidents? is one of them Gerald Ford? where do cars keep their car money? in their trunks? do they have car wallets? but if they keep their wallets in their trunks isn’t that like keeping your wallet in your buttcrack all the time?

Sally implies that Lightning McQueen is smelly after being a shut-in for months… so… the cars can sweat? they have sweat glands? is there car deodorant or do they just go to car washes? where would they put the car deodorant? are their wheel wells their armpits? how do they put on car deodorant WITHOUT HANDS

there’s a scene where a forklift plays a guitar and I just

Pidge: Ok, so don’t get too excited, but I’ve worked out a way to connect the laptop to the internet…
Lance: Pidge how the quiznak did you think I was not going to get excited about this?!?!?!
Hunk: Anything I can help with?
Pidge: Ok, so the thing is that from our end it’s pretty simple right, I mean it’s just a case of sending and receiving correctly coded signals, and my laptop has the inbuilt hardware for all that. The real problem is that we’re light years away, and even with the ship’s range, it’d take years for our signal to reach Earth, and we can’t use the speed-enhanced Altean frequencies because it has to fit in with the existing architecture, and then coming back there isn’t enough range anyway and-
Keith: Pidge, breathe
Pidge: …Anyway, if we had a way to transport the signals instantly we could simply relay them back and forth through, say, a wormhole specifically designed to transport waves rather than matter?
Hunk: But the only way to do that is if….
Pidge: … yeah

Shiro: I can’t believe you’re seriously debating asking the princess to use her Altean energy so the castle can get a wifi signal
Shiro: *leaves*
Other paladins: *ashamed shuffling*
Five minutes later
Shiro, running back into the room: SHE SAID YES!!


Elon Musk unveils scaled-down version of Mars colonization vessel with broader applications.

SpaceX founder and Chief Designer Elon Musk unveiled modifications to the Interplanetary Transport System at the 2017 International Astronomical Congress in Adelaide, Australia September 29. The announcement was the first major modification of the system since its debut at the 2016 IAC conference last September.

Initially, the ITS was the colonization ship SpaceX designed to transport cargo and passengers en masse to the Martian surface. However, funding the system proved more difficult than the company anticipated, prompting Musk to redesign the rocket. 

Cutaway diagram of the 2017 BFR spaceship. This is the upper stage of the two-stage vehicle. A small delta wing has been added to improve stability during a wide-range of mission profiles across multiple atmospheres.

BFR, as it has been renamed - for ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ - will replace all systems currently flying or in development by SpaceX, including Dragon, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy. While still a two-stage vehicle, the ship’s diameter has been reduced from 12 meters to 9 meters, and the upper stage’s Raptor engines have been reduced to four. The vehicle’s overall length has been shortened slightly to 106 meters from 122.

However, by reducing slightly the scale of the vehicle, Musk says that the BFR will be able to take on tasks previously designated for the company’s other vehicles. Missions in Earth orbit could be performed to deploy ‘more satellites at [one] time than has ever been done before,’ collect space debris, or launch a new generation of ultra-large telescopes.

Additionally, BFR could be used for the construction of a Lunar outpost which would not only test out key skills necessary for their Mars architecture but also provide significant scientific output. A single refueling procedure in a highly-elliptical Earth orbit would be sufficient to send the BFR to a Lunar landing and a direct return to Earth.

Musk’s ultimate goal with the system is the colonization of Mars, which the BFR would be able to achieve with four Earth-orbital refuelings. The spaceship would achieve a propulsive landing on the Martian surface before beginning surface operations. Martian resources would be used to create the propellant necessary to return the ship to Earth.

SpaceX has already ordered the equipment necessary to manufacture the massive new rocket and has an ‘aspirational’ goal for a maiden voyage to Mars in 2022.

In addition to consolidating the SpaceX product line to BFR, the company also hopes to generate revenue by using the rockets for point-to-point transportation anywhere on Earth in under an hour.

Launching from ocean-based spaceports, BFR would use its 100-person capacity to loft passengers on a suborbital flight anywhere across the globe. Coupled with the company’s already in-development Hyperloop, Earth-based BFR transport would revolutionize global connectivity and culture. Musk estimates Earth-based flights would cost ‘no more than full-fare economy [class] in an aircraft.’

Watch Musk’s 2017 IAC presentation revealing modifications to the ITS/BFR system here or below.

P/c: SpaceX/Elon Musk.


Sherlock TfL Posters

A while ago, I had the idea to create posters promoting different locations featured in the series as if they were sights accessible by public transport. The posters’ aesthetic is inspired by vintage advertising designed for Transport for London or British railroad companies.

So far, 24 motifs are done. I’m still fiddling with details, so these are wips still. More to follow soon using the #sherlock tfl tag.