transport of delight

there are so many things i love about raven’s arc this season, not least of all the new relationship she’s established with quite a few characters that i didn’t expect, but the one thing that really sends me into a transport of delight - despite the fact that she’s someone who’s been manhandled by an AI and has seen through increasingly traumatic experiences (emotionally and physically) - is that she has never lost the touch that can heal the people around her and herself - the kind of human connection that promises things like friendship.

i went and flipped through my last few posts to see how hysterical I’ve gotten over raven and murphy’s dynamic specifically in the past couple weeks, and i seriously have no leg to stand on anymore, because these two are really putting themselves out there in s4, but can i just say how mind-blowing the contrast between 4x06 where they fight and 4x09 where they hug is? and how both scenes are so intimate? one on a very brutal, violent level and the other on a complete emotional one in which they finally find their middle ground?

it’s such an idle observation but so rewarding nonetheless, because we see their relationship evolve into the kind of dynamism that is not only comprehensive, but it literally smoothens itself out over these two characters in a way that each of their outlooks on what they are looking at changes:

there is such a great shift in focus, not from a camera angle but a character point of view, because these two really get each other on a completely new level (their understanding was always existent, but it didn’t come into full circle until the moment in 4x09). just look at the changing emphasis of their faces alone. it’s not just about how they look at one another, but also how they feel.

so, the vulnerability and change in perception is amazing, because they come to fully recognize something that they didn’t consider before. physical contact wherein they were once hurting one another, turns into the kind of touch that avoids pain. that’s one of many realizations for them. that’s why it’s incredibly resonant that it’s raven who goes in for that hug first, because learning how to use a sense of touch with murphy (not with fists) shows that she has truly forgiven him, and murphy responding with words that none other than raven can understand creates the continuation of that, since raven is not just a friend that he can hug, but she is a friend that he can talk to.

who knew these two would take over, haha.

The Coffin-Maker’s Nocturne

He finds it surprisingly easy to, well… He supposes the correct word is “court,” Molly.

He expects it to be terrifying, and baffling, but because it’s with her it’s not.

Admittedly, he may have been bracing himself for the worst initially, and that may have negatively skewed his expectations. After all, he is painfully aware that he has no experience in this arena- Stoned Uni-era hookups and fake engagements are a far cry from his current feelings, or their object. (He is also painfully aware that Uni-era Molly would have been utterly uninterested in the self-involved little toe-rag he had once been.)

And Molly isn’t exactly chomping at the bit, when it comes to their relationship; She said she wants to take her time and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

So they text.

They chat.

They hold hands, when they’re out together.

They trade mock doe-eyed glances at one another in the Morgue because they both find the way it frustrates John to be hilarious.

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Harry Potter beastsUnicorns

It turned out that Hagrid knew quite as much about unicorns as he did about monsters, though it was clear that he found their lack of poisonous fangs disappointing.

Today he had managed to capture two unicorn foals. Unlike full-grown unicorns, they were pure gold. Parvati and Lavender went into transports of delight at the sight of them, and even Pansy Parkinson had to work hard to conceal how much she liked them.

Easier ter spot than the adults,” Hagrid told the class. “They turn silver when they’re abou’ two years old, an’ they grow horns at aroun four. Don’ go pure white till they’re full grown, ‘round about seven. They’re a bit more trustin’ when they’re babies … don’ mind boys so much … C'mon, move in a bit, yeh can pat 'em if yeh want … give 'em a few o’ these sugar lumps …”
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Lyra in Oxford after the Fall, relearning the alethiometer and discovering a life of her own.

I am in TRANSPORTS OF DELIGHT about this Yuletide story about Lyra Belacqua post-series. She studies so she can use the alethiometer again! She visits the Botanic Garden! She dates a woman! Read this!!!

Nature dragons, on principle, eat no foods that are cooked or processed in any way. They see it as an unhealthy corruption of the blessed food they’ve worked so hard for. Plague, conversely, cooks just about everything they eat beforehand; studies of their Arcane neighbors have proven the benefits to their health through this practice, and however much they love their mother and her diseases, they prize their own lives too highly not to take safety measures with their food.

Continuation of cooking headcanons. Fire flight typically cooks meats but not produce, with some exception. They actually invented baking as it is practiced in Sornieth, and fire-element bakers are marvelous at their task. The art has spread across the southern and eastern portions of the continent quickly, and each flight has a signature bread.

Final bit of cooking headcanons. Light and wind are renowned for their skill with yeast breads, while ice flight’s primary focus tends to be bread that freezes and preserves well. Lightning flight produces copious amounts of hardtack. (For a brief period, water flight was the continent’s center of cake-baking, but it was a short-lived reign of glory as the costs of keeping the confections dry in transport outweighed the profits and delight of the food.)

The Light and the Blind Man

Canon Era | Barricade Heaven | Enjoltaire Strongly Hinted | ~1K

I owe this idea to @desmoulinx and their text post. I just wanted to prolongate the magic

“He hardly saw the roses, he ignored spring, he did not hear the carolling of the birds” 

Marius had not lied, there had been a burst of light, only it hadn’t come from gunpowder. It had come from a man. Of all the adjectives at his disposal, “radiant” wasn’t one Enjolras would have used to describe Grantaire. Yet, here he was, resplendent of courage, almost to recklessness. Enjolras took his hand, feeling the warmth of the foreign skin trailing up his arm. His smile was not ended when the report resounded. Blown by the bullets, Enjolras lost the comforting touch of Grantaire. Aching from the loss more than the bullets, he felt himself fall backwards, anticipating the moment his spine would meet the hard and cold wall behind.

Such moment never came to be.

His hand, in the search of its new friend, groped around blindly. Surely Grantaire’s couldn’t have gone far, surely he could hold him until the very end. Something soft and fresh tickled his palm. Never had the words “blades of grass” ever been so ill-suited. There was nothing sharp about them, they felt like cotton under his fingers, if anything. His thumb brushed the hint of a flower and Enjolras opened his eyes.

The light of the sun did not dazzle him as he emerged from the darkness. It felt purer than any sunlight he had ever experienced, as though he had spent his whole life with a thin veil blocking his vision. It invited him to see at last. Enjolras’ eyes fell on the green expanse first, its vibrance making it hard to ignore, before they noticed the bed of flowers he was lying on. He could see each petal, each vein running along them. He had never been one to stop and smell the roses, but, for once, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the sweet fragrance.

Suddenly, Enjolras’ gaze drifted towards his chest and his stomach. No red roses had bloomed from the impacts of the bullets. His clothes had lost the grime of battle, even the tears in the fabric had disappeared. Enjolras tentatively raised a hand to his heart, where he was sure a bullet had pierced him. Finding his skin smooth and untouched, he understood.

He slowly took his red vest off and folded it carefully. He wouldn’t need it anymore. There was no need to be a beacon, no need for leadership here. They parted like old friends.

No sooner had Enjolras laid the vest on the grass that the joyful hymn of a bird called for his attention. Tilting his head up, he noticed the canopy of a large tree, in which birds were singing and squirrels were playing. He had always thought Rousseau exaggerated his transports of delight whenever he described nature. Now that he was gazing properly, Enjolras found no lies or hyperboles to his prose. Not that he had never looked upon beautiful things, but his aesthetic pleasure had often been more mental than visual. His living self had seen beauty in ideals and concepts. His present self saw beauty in everything.

Laughter woke him up from his reverie. A few yards away, he saw Combeferre and Jean Prouvaire sat side by side, the former inspecting the flowers with interest, while the latter was busy weaving them into crowns. Jehan… Enjolras had been ready to trade his life against a traitor’s. The smile on his friend’s face somewhat soothed the guilt of a deal sealed too late. He noticed Joly’s mop of hair behind them, the man lying on the grass, his head settled on Bossuet’s lap. Pollen allergies surely didn’t belong in heaven, Enjolras reckoned, knowing of Joly usual relunctance to approach fields and flowers during the summer months.

Was it was this was? An eternal summer month? Enjolras couldn’t say he minded. He recognised the laugh he had heard as Gavroche’s, as he spotted the gamin playing with Bahorel. The both of them were caught in a pretence of wrestling, the bigger man surrounding too easily to the boy’s attacks. Across from him, Enjolras noticed a woman leaning against a tree, looking at the pair with the same fondness. Her features were vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t put a name on her face. She was observing the jest one moment and conversing with Feuilly the next. Enjolras smiled and waved at them. He would have eternity to get to know her.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the familiar outline of Courfeyrac, plunged in a deep conversation with another young woman whom he didn’t know. The name of Marius and Cosette rose from their exchange, and though Enjolras couldn’t piece the fragments together, he knew the story without having ever been told its details.

Something, however, was amiss. Or rather someone. Grantaire was nowhere to be seen and Enjolras’ heart started to race in his chest. Who knew one could still feel fear, even in death? He surveyed the grassy expanse, looking for another shade of green altogether. As though he had sensed his distress, Grantaire appeared from behind the tree truck, his hand detailing the bark. He sat next to Enjolras and the former leader couldn’t help but notice how healthy he looked, how rosy his cheeks were and how genuine his smile was. He smiled in return, a smile that would never be severed by bullets. A smile that could last for days, weeks and months. A smile that could last for an eternity, if he so wished.

Enjolras threaded his fingers with Grantaire’s. That hand wasn’t so foreign now, it had become an extension of himself. He saw the reflection of the sun shine in Grantaire’s eyes, and his smile grew wider as he felt the gentle squeeze against his palm.

Then, truly, no one loved the light like the blind man.


Derek doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

Stiles is doing his best not to go into cardiac arrest, and Derek has absolutely no clue of the effect he’s having. Which, (that this is all subconscious or unconscious or whatever on Derek’s part), causes the butterflies in Stiles’ stomach to erupt in a frenzy.

Derek’s absentminded go-to habit is to stroke his thumb distractedly over the back of Stiles’ hand, where they’re both clasped together, linking the space between them. Derek is completely absorbed in Brave. Stiles can tell. He’s watching it with a single minded attentiveness he usually reserves for the planning stages of their little werewolf/supernatural community.

All of his attention is pinned on Merida and her demon-spawn brothers (Stiles’ brain derails for a moment, werewolf triplets yikes), and yet Derek’s thumb continues to stroke over Stiles’ skin, tracing the ridges of his bones, teasing the fine sensitivity of the hairs on his hand in a soothing rhythm.

Stiles doesn’t have the words to describe how electric he feels, sitting here in the dark of the theater, doesn’t have words to describe the strange gravity in his chest that’s urging him to be closer to Derek close, closer, closest.

Stiles is pretty sure he’s in love.

He had felt like this once, with Lydia, but Lydia had never ever touched him, not really, so now his emotions are going haywire. They have no idea what to do with these new developments, where the person you love is actually showing you affection. And holy criminy batman, Derek must like him a whole lot back, if his default auto-body function is to touch Stiles like he is.

Stiles doesn’t know what to do with this information.

All he can do is sit there and jealously guard each, agonizing, perfect second that passes, his pants becoming a little tight as his cock swells. Stiles doesn’t know what to do with that either, because yeah, the object of all his lustful fantasies is sitting right next to him and touching him, but it’s not a sexual touch or anything, and all Stiles is doing is thinking about how that makes him feel so it’s like his dick is filling up with emotions?

Stiles is losing it big time over Derek.

As Derek’s thumb travels on its path, back and forth across Stiles’ hand, every inch of Stiles’ skin tingles, his stomach swoops out from under him. God he really does want this to last forever.

He manages to resist for a good 10 minutes before he gives into that gravity inside him, and he leans over to rest his head with a gentle thump against Derek’s arm. Stiles does his best not to snuggle, but he doesn’t quite succeed. Stiles feels drugged out, high, swimming in endorphins; the feeling of being in love.

The movement of Derek’s thumb stops, and Stiles curses himself for breaking the magic, turns his face into Derek’s arm and squeezes his eyes shut. Why does he have to be the epitome of every lovesick teenager who’s ever existed?

There’s a pause for a few moments, where Stiles can feel Derek considering him, and then the motion of Derek’s thumb starts up, this time deliberate, and Stiles is pretty sure he’s feeling something he could label as bliss.

The motion of Derek’s thumb is purposeful, exploratory, mapping out each shiver of Stiles’ body and hitch in his breath. Stiles is about to combust, and then the stroking of Derek’s thumb returns to that absentminded sweep again, and it’s like Stiles has been transported with delight.

God he’s so in love with Derek Hale.


Stiles takes a deep breath of Derek in, savors the moment, and lets himself be 17 years old and in love; just lets himself love.

ot5trashno1  asked:

Can you rec some of your favorite lilo fics? Please?

YES I CAN. :D A lot of these authors have written a bunch of other great lilo fics as well, but I limited myself to reccing one fic per author. In general I recommend that you check out all the lilo (and other pairings) fic by any of these authors :D 

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply by harriet_vane 

Liam and Louis accidentally get married while in Vegas for Zayn’s stag do. LOVE. I reread this whenever I need to lose myself in a perfect woke up married story. I LOVE these dumb idiots. 

Enough to Go By by oliviacirce

The lilo future fic of my DREAMS. I genuinely can’t say enough good things about this fic. It’s everything I love best about lilo’s partnership, and the ensemble dynamic of the band and their entire team is is perfection. One of my favorite fics across all fandoms. 

build a nest for us to sleep in by blackwayfarers

Absolutely lovely story about Louis persuading Liam to come live with him after Liam’s breakup. It’s exactly what I want from a story about Louis looking after Liam. 

Easy As All That (Go Around A Time Or Two) by sunsetmog

Would you like some ANGST? How about teenagers making terrible decisions out of fear and confusion and then having to deal with hurting people they love, before it all gets better? This hurts so so much, but sunsetmog makes it all better in the end. An excellent Sunday evening read. 

 the things that we find by bek

THIS FIC IS SO CHARMING. I AM SO CHARMED. The Louis POV is absolutely perfect, and it’s exactly my favorite kind of romcom meet-cute. I have a soft spot for stories about people falling in love on public transportation, and this is a delight. 

Like a Hole in the Head by ferritin4

Louis is a famous movie star and Liam is his village police officer ex-husband. LOVE IT. Nails their dynamic perfectly. 

Stories Stacked Up So Tall by vixalicious

This is a While You Were Sleeping AU with a sad lonely Liam being brave all over the place, and a perfect untouchable Harry, and Louis the best friend. I read it whenever I need a hug in fic form. 

with the hope that you would tame me by orphan_account

GOD I LOVE THIS FIC. I AM STILL SO SAD THAT THE AUTHOR ORPHANED THEIR ACCOUNT. Louis likes to get hit and doesn’t know how to ask for it; somehow he and Liam figure it out. I would read a million billion words in this universe; all I want in the world is more fic about lilo figuring out their kinks together, tbh. This fic isn’t that long but it scratches that itch but good. 

When It’s With Your Body by Liralen

Insanely hot rimming fic. It’s only 4K but it’s some of the best porn I’ve read in this fandom. Highly recommended.

I hope you find something you enjoy in this list! <3