Something I’ve been really passionate about lately is disability transportation. I am not able to drive normally, and when i tried to with hand controls it was too much for my ehlers-danlos hands. I cannot afford electronic hand controls nor do i have access to them. I have people that could drive me, but i don’t have a vehicle. Why are accessible vans so expensive? They start at around $40,000 and top out at around $65,000. Most people are not able to afford this or get financing/grants to obtain one. 

Some people live in cities and are able to use public transportation. But most cities, even NYC don’t have accessible public transit. para-transit is also an option, but in most places its inconvient, late, and not well managed. 

This all adds up to disabled people not being able to work, go to school, or even just LIVE because they don’t have a way to get there. We need to reduce the prices and barriers to accessible vehicles, WAV and increase funding for paratransit and public transportation


San Juan Islands, Washington, USA


The Jeepney

The iconic, colorful, decorative, mode of transportation of the Philippines. They were created out of the leftover U.S. military jeeps in the Philippines after World War II and have transformed into a form of taxi/bus service throughout the country. The jeepney is one of the most iconic images of the Philippines that has also become a sort of symbol among Filipino’s.

Among recent years there has been an environmental issue among the use of the jeepney’s as they are one of the major sources of the high pollution in major cities especially in Manila. To combat this problem the electronic jeepney’s or e-jeepney’s were created that can be charged into an electric sockect using power from biodegradable waste.

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Erfurt Fussgängerzone. Erfurt is the capital of the state of Thüringen in Eastern Germany. It was an important trading town during the Middle Ages, and has many beautiful old buildings and parks. The city center is quite compact so walking is the best way to explore. As in most German towns, regular tram services run all around the city, with service intervals of at least every 10 mins for most of the day. Trams are less frequent in the evenings. Night buses are available throughout the night to bring you home after midnight. They run once or twice every hour and meet at the heart of the city center (Anger) or depart from the train station.

Gena |

o dia está nublado e minha alma sorri torto com esse céu cinzento. 

é um gosto pessoal meu. esse horizonte transcendendo entre o branco e o fim. é como me sinto a maior parte do tempo: pesado. carregado. exausto. as nuvens têm muito de mim, carregando uma carga mais pesada do que suportam e deixando transpor pequenas gotículas que muitas pessoas reclamam e outras aceitam sorrindo. causam alguns estragos e algumas tragédias, mas também compõe beijos apaixonados e algumas gargalhadas. 

eu sou esse complexo entre o inferno e o céu. 

só não se assustem quando eu trovejo, é sinal que meu corpo está prestes a explodir. 

mas uma hora eu amanheço e viro luz.