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Feminists, get ready: pregnancy and abortion are about to be disrupted

Hold onto your ovaries folks, womb transplants are here. Ten UK women have been approved for the procedure, and babies born from donated uteruses could crawl among us as early as next year.

Leaving aside the ethical considerations of womb transplantation, our ability to gestate humans in novel locations is developing so quickly that it’s worth looking ahead to the next development: artificial wombs, or ectogenesis.  

What would it mean for the uterus – and therefore, the biological necessity of women’s reproductive labour – if it were to become obsolete?

Unlike other contested biotechnologies like human cloning, the demand for surrogacy speaks to a natural community of probable supporters for ectogenesis.
Groundbreaking research means pig organs could soon be transplanted into humans
Scientists have cleared a major barrier to transplanting organs from pigs into humans after removing threatening viruses from the animals' DNA. The new research opens up the possibility of breeding animals to harvest their organs to meet the demand for new tissue. Some challenges, including major ethical objections still remain, but experts said the breakthrough is a significant step towards pig-to-man transplants, also known as xenotransplantation.

Receiving a bone marrow transplant can change your blood type.


If your blood type is AB-positive (lucky you, you’re a universal blood recipient) and you are in need of a bone marrow transplant, they would match you with a donor who is A, B, AB-positive.  

Basically, here’s why:

If you don’t understand this, you can refer to an earlier post I made in regards to the importance of A, B, O, and Rh if you’re curious.  click here!

The old marrow, your marrow, is to be killed off, and then the new marrow replaces it.  The hospital finally finds a perfect match for you, but the donor was A-positive. Your new bone marrow will produce the same cells as it did in it’s original human, making you now A-positive.  Sadly, you’re no longer a universal recipient, but you live another day. 

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