RESSLER: Okay. You say that the guy was going to leave, and you didn’t particularly want him to leave, and that hitting him was a way of delaying him. You took the barbell and what, rendered him unconscious? And what transpired after that?

DAHMER: Then I took the barbell and strangled him.

RESSLER: And after that? Had there been sexual activity before then?

DAHMER: No. I was very frightened at what I had done. Paced the house for a while. Ends up I did masturbate.

RESSLER: Were you sexually aroused by the event? By having him there?

DAHMER: By the captivity.

- Excerpt from an interview between serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and FBI profiler Robert Ressler.

Protector pt. 5

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Characters: Derek Hale x Reader, Isaac, Chris, Gerard

Warnings: Not that I can think of…

A/N: This is pretty short compared to my other chapters. Its only a little over 1k words. Still great though. I’ll try to post more frequently! I’ve just been working a lot and my boo’s back. 😜


“Can you drive any faster?!” Isaac yelled from the back.

“I’m fucking trying! It’s not that easy!” You screaming back at him.

What did he expect after the events that transpired in the last forty-five minutes. Hell, the events that transpired in the last few days. If anyone was trying to get to your destination as quickly as possible, it was you. How did you get stuck with driving, anyway?

The gas was creeping in at a much faster pace now and the guys decided to spring into action. But, before they could Gerard had something to say, he made it known with two clicks of his tongue.

“Ah ah ahhhh.” He began walking back and forth. “You wouldn’t want anything to happen to little miss Y/N would you?” Your name dripped off his tongue like sweet acid.

The moment he finished his sentence four men made their way into the bunker. They all looked normal up until the point where they showed their teeth. They had rows and rows of teeth and looked as if they could barely contain themselves. The circle around you grew tighter as the mist was now chest height. Isaac was barely keeping his composure, his stance shrunk and his breathing was slowing. Derek looked perfectly fine, but you could tell something was going wrong. He’d had a bead of sweat dripping from his brow and if you looked close enough he was shaking. Chris seemed oblivious to the mist.

“Wendigos…” The younger Argent spoke. Wendigos? You looked back to the men on Gerard’s side and gave them another once-over​. In all the supernatural fiction you’ve read the term wendigo didn’t come up too often. But, it was one you knew. They matched every description with ease. The dead; almost glowing eyes white, extra rows of teeth. Oh, and let’s not forget the constant hunger for human flesh.

“I see you haven’t completely forgotten who you are, son” Gerard spoke. “Yes.. they’re wendigos…And they’re very hungry.” The grin he gave showed his blackening teeth.

“From where I stand, you’re the one who’s forgotten.” Chris grunted and took the first move by shooting one of the men -wendigos- right between the eyes.

Chaos broke once that happened. Derek gave one last look at you and leapt into action, Chris began shooting and Isaac stood close to you, moving away from the vents. Clearly the mist was affecting everyone, well Derek and Isaac at least. Who were the only two with that had gone through a physical change… Besides the Wendigos. You decided to cover the vents. You kept your eyes on Derek as he fought with ease. Two versus one wasn’t a fair fight but, Derek knew what he was doing. Everytime a hand was raised he would duck and Dodge with ease. You felt like cheering when you saw his own claws grip one of the wendigos chest and reach in to pull out a heart. Isaac did it for you.

Katrina’s and Gerard’s heads snapped in your direction at the cheers. You continued your task of covering the vents quickly as Isaac handed you the blankets and towels. A low whistle sounded and the two remaining creatures began dodging their attackers and making their way towards you. Derek noticed and growled loudly, leaping in the air, to quickly slice one of their heads clean off. Chris shot at the one coming towards you and Isaac but it did no damage. He took another shot, this one landed near his heart and it slowed him down. You took a chance and threw a knife at him from around a crouching Isaac and missed. You could hear the laughter from Katrina on the other side of the room. Chris shot the attacker in the same area and Isaac ran at it to finish the job, his heart was ripped out in mere seconds and Derek was by your side soon after.

“That’s the best you can do?” Derek spoke for the first time throughout the ordeal. “A little bit of wolvesbane and the lowest of the low when it comes to supernaturals?” You looked at Derek with wide eyes. Gerard smirked but began backing away, Katrina was by his side.

“Judging by those unhealed wounds and the look on her face… We’ve done enough damage.” He laughed and stood at the door.

“He probably won’t live to see tomorrow anyway” Katrina’s eyes were on Derek. “Shame.” She bit her lip and you took up one of Derek’s growls. You threw your last knife at her and were satisfied with her bleeding cheek after the knife grazed it. Gerard had to tug her away just then.

Derek wouldn’t live until tomorrow? You turned your attention to the love of your life as he stood tall, fierce and out of breath. Hed had bite marks and scratches along his entire torso. There was a sickly yellow looking gas seeping out of each wound as well as  the mountain ash littering the bites. Derek said your name but it was hallow, almost silent as he slumped onto you. You caught him and held him as best as you could. He was almost two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. Chris cursed lowly and went to his bag, directing you to lean him against the wall and hold him up. Chris let Isaac put some type of salve on his wounds as he began making phone calls.
/End of Flashback/

You looked at Derek through the rearview mirror. His head was nearly in his lap and he was breathing heavily. Isaac had been in charge of making sure Derek didn’t fall asleep and apparently backseat driving as well. Chris had been making phone calls since the fight was over. He’d called in a ‘cleanup crew’ to take care of the bodies in the bunker and now he was calling someone named Melissa and a sheriff?

“I need one of you to get me a helicopter…” He waited for a response “tell them it’s a high value fugitive or a kid with a rare disease.” His voice lowered “look, if we don’t get him to Deaton soon, he won’t make it.” You almost slammed the breaks when you heard that. Instead, you turned your head to glance at Derek quickly.

“How you feeling back there, baby?” You asked Derek in as confident a voice you could muster. Stay strong. You told yourself.

“I’ll be fine.” He gave you a small smile from his hunched position.

“Yes you will.” You smiled back, holding back the tears in your eyes.

“These look a lot better when you do it” he let out a weak laugh when he pointed to his wounds. Your cheeks grew hot at that revelation. Pervert.

“Yeah, I think that’s just the hallucinagenic gas talkin’” you said with a smile. Chris stopped his sentence midway and Isaac groaned.

“Hallucinagenic gas?” Chris questioned, ignoring his call.

“Yeah, the stuff that was coming through the vents? Making Derek and Isaac look all scary and those other guys look like they had hundreds of teeth.” You told them as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I hate to break it to you dollface-” Isaac began.

“I’ll tell her” Derek interrupted.

“I’ll get as close to Beacon Hills as I can in an hour” Chris nearly yelled, victoriously. “We have to get to a helipad.” He said once he hung up the phone. “Isaac, call Scott”


A/N: Bum bum bum… The Denial!!! I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you for the wait!!

We’re on the farm and it’s making me think about my au ficlet where Jack is on vacation in a rural area and meets Bitty at the local diner and flirting transpires. I have notes for how that continues (and a very clear picture in my head…)

I should work on that.

On-the-fly fractured Post-SWR fic

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is Part 4, written on-the-fly, comments/reblogs appreciated.


For whatever reason, once they made it to Ryloth, her mother greeted her with an embrace first, as if she was used to children returning to her.

But not to say, when she parted to breathe, her mother gave her a sharp glare for the absence of explanation.

“I’m not oppose to you flying off, little luv… but I believe we could’ve been in a place to talk about this-” Then her head darted away from the eyes of her daughter.

So Mom had noted the second passenger rising from the wing. 

Mom stood frozen, yet with professional stoicism, so the girl ran to the blind man, taking his hand and escorting him down the wing and to the General.

Whatever transpired between them, her Mom and this father of hers, from then on, she was a witness that couldn’t process everything, for she choose to keep a distance, where she could observe but not hear. First, it seemed like an obligatory debriefing, touchless and muted of sentiments. Then, something seem to boil. Her mom shoved his torso to the doorway and he seemed to submit to this act of aggression, slouching his tall build to let his blind eyes level with hers. There was a mild rise in the volume of Mom’s voice (”Ezra… out of reach… Never… informed… Us”).  But whatever had happened, there had been no joy, only turmoil in the Force, and the stranger absorbed every bitterness as if he had been adapted to do so his whole life.

And her mom nodded at her, called to her, signaling it was fine to come near, then vanished with the stranger inside.

By the time she came inside, there was still the absence of joy. But she came and saw the stranger, on his knees, head resting on mother’s lap. He was muttering something and in response, her mother smoothed his hair, beckoned his chin up, then planted her lips on his forehead.

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suddenly you hear a crashing sound coming from the next room. you rush over to see what the heck just transpired. a drum set on a motorcycle is sitting in your living room. it is dripping with squash soup. you go over to ask the driver what the fuck. the bass drum pops open and a soup-coated, naked bill bruford slides out. "hey," he says. "sup"


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i just love how mutsuki decided to get into a shipping war with touka while the rest of CCG and Qs are to busy conspiring against each other, talk about timing (srsly tho if not that touka and kaneki are part of the main original cast this wouldnt be that serious)

Indeed the timing couldn’t possibly be any worse. Only when Kaneki and Touka are the only ones inside the café does Mutsuki turn up at their doorstep.

Speaking of the Q’s and CCG, I’m kinda scratching my head why none of them are keeping an eye on Mutsuki considering both Urie and Saiko are very concerned about her well being as of late. If Juuzou is the one with responsibility for Mutsuki then I would’ve hoped that either Urie or Saiko would ask Juuzou about Mutsuki’s behaviour.

I don’t know what to expect from Mutsuki in this scenario right now. I certainly have plenty ideas and imaginations of what might transpire, but they’re all baseless. I’m unsure whether Mutsuki will attempt to openly display affection for Kaneki or immediately switch to violence.

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suddenly you hear a crashing sound coming from the next room. you rush over to see what the heck just transpired. a monster truck in the shape of godzilla's weight bench is sitting half in and half out of your destroyed wall. it is on fire. you go over to ask the driver what the fuck. the window rolls down and it is jon. "wee," he says. "zoom"

hgjkjhjkjhgjkjhjkjk im screaming omfg jon no


A man clocked a woman in the face at the Berkeley brawl. The internet ID’d him as a prominent white supremacist.

  • Protests in Berkeley, California, erupted in violence on Saturday as anti- and pro-Donald Trump demonstrators clashed during a pro-Trump rally at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park.
  • The fight that broke out between the two groups was recorded and posted on YouTubeby the organization WeAreChange. In the video, which at time of writing has accumulated nearly 250,000 views, a female protester can be seen getting punched in the face by a male demonstrator.
  • The demonstrator who punched the woman appears to be Nathan Damigo, a white supremacist member of the “alt-right” movement. It is unclear from the video what transpired in the lead-up to the punch between the two demonstrators. Read more. (4/16/2017 11:30 AM)

Victuuri Week Day 3: Goblin AU

in which Viktor is this 937-year-old goblin who’s looking for his bride and Yuuri is fated to his bride and can see ghosts:

It was the strangest kind of attraction.

Even Yuuri, with his rather dull intuitive perception, had been very much cognizant – at that precise moment of meeting the stranger’s gaze – of the sudden electrifying chemistry between them, transpiring ever so briefly yet imparting a long-lasting effect on his consciousness.

It felt to him as though the world around him was so abruptly thrust into an eternity of quietude, blurred by the hollowness of nonexistence, except for the figure of the man who captivated his undiluted attention, a defined entity against the illegible backdrop, like a distinctive gleam of light in a vacuum of disorienting darkness.

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Suddenly you hear a crashing sound coming from the next room. you rush over to see what the heck just transpired. you realize that you rushed so fast, that you are Geddy Lee. Crumbled bass guitars are scattered in front of the broken and burning walls in front of you. You sit down and ask yourself "what the heck" but that doesn't come out. "SALESMEN," you scream. "Wah wah wee wah."


While your donations have helped me pay for some of the rape kit/medical expenses I have to pay back the entirety of my rape kit invoice by the 24th  of this month. I could not have done any of this with you guys put please please remember to reblog my posts including this one to pay for the rest of the expenses, food, shelter (if i need to find another place to go) and transpiration from and to my lawyer’s office and the courthouse as well as food costs. Again, from the bottom of my heart I  thank you for your support, I would be a wreck without you guys. Please Reblog


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Recently found this on Facebook and it sums up my hate for people who breed these dogs perfectly.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
By Imgur

This is AMAZING!

For those who can’t go to the link, the following is what it says:

FYI, none of this is mine. It was posted by Bilton veterinary centre, the same one as in the picture. All credit goes to them but I felt it was important to get word out about some of the breeds of dogs that are riddled with health problems. If you own a pug that’s perfectly healthy that’s cool, but it’s doesn’t change the fact that an alarming number of short nosed (almost no nosed at this point) dogs have extreme difficulty with tasks like breathing and blinking.

 "So I am going to have a rant now and I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone, but here goes.

   Last week, I managed to reduce a lovely family to floods of tears.  They had brought their new dog in to come and see me.  There was a young lady, her husband and their two children of about 8 or 9 years old and they were all already absolutely besotted with their new pet - their first dog, and they had been planning it for several years.

   The dog was a 5-month-old French Bulldog that they had picked up from a breeder about 4 weeks previously.  They were concerned that their new dog may have “a chill” as the dog had sore runny eyes,  difficulty in eating and kept making a choking sound.  They had also noticed the dog had a “funny smell” about him. As I examined the dog it became quickly apparent what was occurring and my heart sank.

  This dog was yet another increasingly popular “short-nosed” breed that was suffering horribly from a myriad of problems - all related to its poor breeding and its unfortunate anatomy. After the examination, I found that this dog had: 

 - Eyeballs too big for its eye sockets. So much so, that when he blinked, the eyelids didn’t fully cover the eyeballs.  (Imagine going out on a windy day and not being able to blink!) This had resulted in deep painful ulcers forming on both eyes that in the short term would require intensive treatment and could feasibly result in the rupture of one or both eyeballs. 

  - The bones forming the front of his face (the maxilla) were so squashed by virtue of this style of this breed (called the brachycephalics), that the soft-tissue structures of the throat are compressed and forced backwards -  obstructing his larynx.  Amongst other things, his soft palate was so elongated (relative to his skull) that it kept getting trapped over his wind-pipe.

 -His nostrils were completely occluded, so absolutely no airflow was possible through his nose.  All of his breathing had to take place through his open mouth.  This meant that whilst he was eating/sleeping he was going through bouts of asphyxiation and so would have to spit the food out or wake up and open his mouth - purely so he would be able to breathe.  This explained the “choking” sound that there were hearing all the time.  He could just manage to breathe with his mouth open, but this then exacerbated the problems with his soft palate.

 - The skin fold over the top of the nose (caused by the squashed face involuting the skin) had caused a crevice of around 2-3 cms deep, where the skin was rubbing against its self.  In this area, the skin was ulcerated and was full of liquid pus.  It was this that the owners were smelling.  This was incredibly painful for the animal and he cried every time I tried to clean it.

 -The skin around his feet, ears, armpits and groin was red raw and inflamed.   He clearly was very itchy and had been licking at these areas repeatedly - which had, in turn, made them more sore and painful.  This is very typical of a condition called “atopy” which is very common in many breeds, particularly the Bulldogs (French and English). So at this point, the shocked owners asked what needed to be done to sort him out.

  So I had to explain that he would need: 

 - Bilateral eyelid shortening surgery that would allow the dog to blink properly and prevent further ulcers from forming.  As well as long-term medication to improve the quality of his tears.

 - Complex soft tissue surgery of the back of the throat to, (amongst other things) shorten his soft palate to facilitate his breathing.

 - He would need both of his nostrils opening up so as to allow adequate air flow to be possible to allow him to breathe/exercise/eat/sleep properly.

 -He would need a “face-lift” to remove a large amount of excess skin on the front of his face, to try and open up the fold that was causing so much infection and pain.

 -He may need allergy testing, food trials, anti-inflammatories etc to try and manage the atopic skin disease that he has. 

 *He needs all of this fairly urgently.  

 *He can’t have all of this done at once and so will require several anaesthetics and complex procedures to be done over a period of time.   

*He is only 5 months old. 

*He needs all of this doing - just so that he can live a vaguely normal life.   


 Also - he is not insured.  It transpired that the new owners looked into insurance but the premium was so high for this breed, that they felt they couldn’t afford it.  To move forward, he would have to go to a specialist veterinary unit (sadly recently set up to deal with the increasing number of very poorly brachycephalic dogs with extreme conformational issues) and this treatment could cost upwards of £8,000 to correct.

 Once I had discussed all this with the owners - they were understandably distraught.  They had hoped for a “cute” and “cuddly” family pet that they had seen examples of spread throughout popular media.  They had no idea that these problems even existed.  Instead, they now have a much-loved dog that is miserable, has a long journey ahead of it and one that they cannot afford to have fixed.

 The family left the room in floods of tears, armed with medication that would temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms and try to make the poor little dog more comfortable.  From what I have later found out, this dog has gone to a rescue centre to be rehomed.  It may have moved away, but its problems most certainly will not have done.

 Pugs, Frenchies, English Bulldogs and Shar-Peis are amongst the breeds which are increasingly being abandoned in vast numbers as people cannot cope with their ongoing problems, illnesses and costs.  It upsets us all hugely when we see how many of the problems frequently associated with these breeds are now classed as “normal”. I will commonly hear “Oh it is normal for this breed to struggle with A, B or C”. NO IT ISN’T NORMAL!

 These trendy flat-faced breeds are some of the most expensive puppies to currently buy.  There is serious money for people who sell a litter of these puppies and so the incentive to breed is VERY high.  It must be said that there are responsible breeders who are trying to “back-breed” these types of dogs to have longer noses, smaller eyes, more open nostrils etc and try to reduce the incidence of these conditions, and these people should be applauded.  However, puppy farms and irresponsible owners are rife, and these “breeders” don’t seem to care a jot about the long-term prognosis and what the future holds for “their” breed. 

 It is also worth noting that many of these breeds are unable to give birth naturally now too (due to the shape of the puppy’s skulls) and so the mothers often go through multiple caesareans… 

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP AND THINK before you buy.  Come and talk to US about the breeds that you are interested in - and we shall give you the whole picture.

 I am completely exhausted and totally demoralised seeing these type of problems on a daily basis.  There are enough horrible illnesses, diseases and potential accidents out there without being destined to be unwell before you are even born.

   Whilst people are still buying these dogs, people will still breed them and the problem will never go away.“


2017: Week 12 | Mar. 19 - Mar. 25

“Those who don’t know how to make love make war.” -The Patience Stone

I’ve been experiencing spontaneous surges of color lately - they come over me in dreams, meditation, or during the transient moments I rest my eyes. In fact, many of my dreams have been purely colorful rather than conceptual; it’s been interesting. Anyway, I tend to feel stuck on these “color visions” until I paint with them, which has inspired me to work with some pretty funky color schemes that I wouldn’t normally feel inclined to use. This one was more or less premeditated, but evolved intuitively. I knew I wanted to include a tribute to Aries season, but I wasn’t feeling the fiery shades typically associated with the fire signs, and so I ended up with this rich burgundy color. Then, somehow, the golden rod transpired; it seemed like a strange addition, but I couldn’t resist including it. These definitely aren’t colors I would think to pair, but it all came together pretty well in my opinion. 

The moment we realized she was blind

Set the Scene: The half-celestial elf Zuriel is staying with the tiefling Lilcyra in a temple that acts as a half-way house for the good aligned travelers at 1 gold per night per person, run by bipedal carnivorous bee people (lovingly named the Beeple) that worship a deity of bees and wary travelers. This is a summary of the events that transpired.

Lilcyra(OOC): So I’m going to write a letter to you-know-who before going to sleep

DM: Yeah that’s fine, just pm me what you’re going to say

Lilcyra writes the letter and the setting switches to Zuriel discussing the Beeple’s odd carnivorous ways and the rotting meat honey they create from this diet.

Some 40 minutes later discussing where Lilcyra can buy this “honey” after sending off her letter

Zuriel: Do you have any idea where the market is or are you just wanting to look around for it.

Lilcyra: In case you didn’t know I’m blind, and new to this town so I don’t know where the market is.

Zuriel: No no I guessed that back when you tried to read the scroll, couldn’t, and then asked me to do it for you. I had just assumed that you were either blind or couldn’t read, not that I would judge you either way-

DM: Wait, oh my god you can’t read…

Cue my confusion as both Lilcyra and our DM bust a gut at the realization that Lilcyra is blind and couldn’t have written a letter, so essentially she just sent a page of scribbled on paper to someone extremely important because they forgot that their character is blind.

President Trump’s first two weeks in office have been a sprint, not the start of a marathon. If the rapid pace and, sometimes, hourly developments of executive orders, news, controversies and more have left you exhausted, you’re not alone. If you’re finding it hard to remember just everything that’s transpired too, we’re here for that, too.

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights — and lowlights — of the first 14 days of Trump’s nascent presidency.

Yes, All This Happened. Trump’s First 2 Weeks As President

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

rule breakers. (m)

based on the prompt, “best friend’s sibling au”

kim taehyung | reader
genre/warnings: fluff, light smut / language, slight voyeurism
word count: 20,453
description: there’s some unresolved history involving your best friend’s brother… but hey, maybe some rules are meant to be broken.
a/n: i get inspired by the oddest little tidbits, and i swear the word count was supposed to be half the amount you see up there. also, say hello to the longest one-shot i’ve done so far.

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You have one of the greatest fortunes to be acquainted with the Kims in your first year of primary education, and perhaps it’s what has led you to one of your greatest downfalls (but we’ll get into that later on).

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Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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On the 30th November, 2016, New Stanton, Pennsylvania, received a very distraught call from 14-year-old Jacob Remaley, at approximately 7AM. He wailed down the phone that his father, David, had shot and killed his mother, Dana, and his 8-year-old brother, Caleb, adding that David then threw the gun on his bed. When police arrived at the scene, Jacob was pacing around the yard saying “mom” over and over again.

Both Dana and Caleb were dead in their beds, with a .380-caliber handgun bullet through the front of their skulls. As it transpired, David had been at work since 5:40AM that morning and hadn’t been the one to pull the trigger. Jacob soon confessed that it was him who killed his mother and younger brother, adding that he would have killed his father too had he been at home.

What would cause a teenage boy, who was said to be polite, kind, and a straight-A student to commit such a violent act? A motivation has not yet been revealed, however, it was reported that he hadn’t been getting along with his parents but his father said it was nothing more than average teenage disputes. Jacob is being tried as an adult and is currently awaiting trial.