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I got told by someone being ace and trans are mental illnesses, but still 'valid', and that in order to get 'diagnosed' and 'treated' you have to not normalize them, especially around kids, and that you 'cure' both with hormone therapies. They also told me you can't be trans if you don't experience dysphoria bc that's what the dsm says. It's invalidating and insecurity inducing. There's so much overlap in how trans and aspec ids are pathologized that's hardly talked abt outside the communities


i find it absolutely hilarious that Trans Women Exclusionary Reactionary Pseudo-Feminists will say shit like this. 

they say “there is a universal, concrete, causative link between testosterone levels and niceness, empathy, ability to emote.” this is a completely hyperbolic interpretation of existing behavioral studies on testosterone levels. this is totally unscientific. 

but then, they also commonly believe this:

“trans women who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy (who therefore have levels of testosterone and estrogen equal to an average cis woman’s levels) are still 100% as masculine and aggressive as cisgender men”

transmisogyny aside, this common radfem belief directly conflicts with the screencapped post. If lower testosterone levels really do cause higher amounts of empathetic, benevolent behavior, then surely those tendencies would show up among transgender women. And if that was true, then radfems would be unscientific in their thinking to disregard such a trend. Surely, if lower testosterone resulted in better behavior, wouldn’t it be good for society to allow trans women to access HRT? no, they wouldn’t ever take a position that would help trans women in even a minuscule way. They must constantly repeat that trans women are always exactly identical to cis men in our behavior, against all evidence to the contrary.  

One would think that this admission of some behavioral effect of hormone levels on behavior would actually destabilize their belief in “birth assignment as behavioral destiny.” But no, it won’t, because they don’t care about the facts, all they really care about is demonizing trans women. 

i absolutely don’t think it’s a good idea to distill behavioral trends among huge swaths of the population down to hormone levels, which vary widely person to person, and are by far not the largest factor in determining how people behave. 

to go down this path of “hormones are everything” you hearken back to the misogynistic thinking that calls into question cis women’s ability to function in society while menstruating, or while pregnant, or during onset of menopause, all of which have large effects on hormone levels. 

“more testosterone makes you more bad!” is completely unscientific. 

Yeah, HRT has some behavioral effects, which you could learn from talking to transgender people, particularly transgender people who have been on HRT for a long time, experienced the long-term effects, and can talk about their factual experience rather than indulging in an explicitly anti-transition, anti-transgender biased pseudo-scientific “theory.” 

But NO, a change in hormone levels won’t make you a better or worse person. That’s absolutely preposterous. 

Regardless of hormone levels, as demographics,
trans women are not behaviorally identical to cis men,
and trans men are not behaviorally identical to cis women. 

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(1/2)Please help I really don't k ow how to come out to my trans phobic grandparents? My grandpa even made a joke about me beating a cis dude in arm wrestling once and said "as long as she still uses the girls restroom I'll love her" and they raised me and I KNOW they won't accept me and they are a big part of my life but I don't know how to keep living like this. I can't come out to anyone else in town because my grandparents are super super social and know everyone and

(2/2) my grandpa is really social and basic ly best friends with all of my teachers and all my staff of my school so I can’t be out in school and that means I have to suffer through all the social dysphoria every day and I won’t be 18 for another 4 years and I want to come out to them and continue my transition but I have no idea how?

Kii says:

Here is our coming out page! We also have info there on what to do if someone is not supportive.

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i hate cis people sometimes, they keep misgendering Chelsea Manning and saying she's not "real trans", like fuck off you cis fuck nuggets, you don't deside whats "real trans" that shits like the gold star lesbian crap and i hate how cis people be like when trans person does something bad, that it's apparently ok to misgender them.

I’m sorry anon - we talked about this sort of thing in class the other day. It’s telling when people misgender people when they don’t like how they’re acting. 

Mod Bethany

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I guess you don't know any better because you're bi/pan but gay people aren't attracted to the opposite sex. It's transphobic if they discriminate against trans ppl of the same sex, but not if they aren't interested in trans ppl born the opposite sex.

Discriminating against any trans person is transphobic, plain and simple!

“Mike Pence is so anti-gay, you just know he’s closeted.”

Or you know, maybe he’s just a violent bigot that hates LGBT people. Maybe we should stop shifting the blame for the violence LGBT people face onto LGBT people and accept that he’s a hateful fucking person. Every homophobe is not hiding in the closet. More than likely Pence would just rather see gay people tortured as a “cure,” and rid from this Earth. Maybe y’all can stop with this pathetic cop out and actually push back against people like this in our society?

can we stop pretending that doctors treat everyone equally and that they don’t have prejudices towards poc, lesbians/gays/bisexuals, trans people, fat people, people of a certain religion, poor people/people on benefits etc and that it actually stops people from getting a diagnosis and/or treatment. stop acting like people with chronic pain, mental illness or other medical issues can just “go see a doctor” and get all the help and diagnosis’s that they need. 

hey, so im a 16 year old trans guy who was outed to my family two years ago. since then, theyve gone from thinking it was a phase to being actively transphobic. my mom literally refers to me as “s/he”, both my parents refer to me as delusional and have repeatedly told me im selfish for wanting to transition. ive resigned myself to having to put up with this until im 18, but when im legally an adult i want to be completely financially independent from them so they cant hold back my transition by threatening to cut me off. ive already given up on going to college, because i have no way of paying without their help. ive applied to several jobs, but haven’t been hired anywhere yet. my paypal is if any of yall want to donate. im currently really bad at digital art, but i can draw you something on paper for $5-$10. if all of my followers donated $1, id be able to transition & start a new life where im not constantly afraid. please, donate or rb if you can. this means the world to me

Transgender Americans: Why can’t we serve in the military?

Trump Administration: Too disruptive to morale.

Current & Former Vets: I don’t care about anybody’s genitals as long as they have my back.

Trump Administration: Too many of em anyway.

Numbers: There are less than 7,000 trans military personnel out of a force of 1.3 million people.

Trump Administration: Too much “elective” surgery to pay for.

Statistics: The Rand Corp. study from 2016 estimates that there are only 25 to 130 gender reassignment surgeries annually among service members.

Trump Administration: Too much money having to pay for that though.

Receipts: Transition related healthcare costs range from $2.4 million to $8.4 million per year. The military spends $84 million a year just to treat erectile dysfunction.

Trump Administration: We don’t have any more fake reasons to offer y'all. Obviously we’re just pandering to the core of our bigoted base that hates everything if it isn’t straight, Christian, and white. Stop asking us for facts or valid reasons. This is just garden variety transphobia and ignorance.

transphobic ad on youtube

So a friend of mine just experienced a really shitty transphobic ad on youtube where a woman is talking about a transwoman being allowed in a women’s fighting tournament, complete with constantly referring to said transwoman as a man. The issue was this woman hit another woman too hard and sent her to the hospital, and that’s the argument used in this to speak out against transwomen.

 There’s even this shitty comment about how ‘back then’ a man would be put in jail for punching a woman, but now “he” can get paid for it.

This ‘ad’ is nothing but transphobic propaganda, it shouldn’t even BE an ad, but there it is anyway. I don’t know what can be done about it, but I hope word can spread about this so enough people can get youtube to remove it.

most cis people i’ve talked with are like… unsettled by the existence of trans men.

I think it’s because in some way they think they can spot a trans woman on sight - after all, the only portrayals they know are either played by cis men or by overfeminine cis women ; they can’t even fathom not knowing that a trans woman is trans. This way, they can live knowing what’s in every stranger’s pants.

but they haven’t heard of trans men, for most of them. they see my stubble and my deep voice and the idea that i have a vagina is like… extremely wrong. because they can’t tell me apart from a cis man. bc it’s way easier for a trans man to cispass socially, they are scared.

they ask me if really, i live as a man in my daily life. if really, people call me “sir” in the streets. and you can see it upsets them. you can see that something is wrong. that they start realizing that some women they know may be trans, some men they know may be trans, and they have no way of knowing.

and like, the look on their faces when i tell them i’m trans is - the media didn’t prepare me for this. and it touches something very deep ingrained, and it must be real fucking upsetting.