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Okay so I HAD been thinking about coming out as FTM to my dad, but recently he had voiced an opinion about one of the recent bathroom bills saying "if [the transgender woman] has gone all the way (hormones and surgery), then hell yeah they can use the girls bathroom, but otherwise no they shouldn't be allowed to" and I heard that as "if you haven't had surgery or T you're not good enough or valid". Is there anything I can say to get him to see that that's not true without giving myself away?

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Chris says:

I’m sorry you had to hear that. You are completely valid and most certainly good enough, please don’t think otherwise. If you feel safe and comfortable talking to him about it, I would tell him a few things.

•My question to him would be why he thinks someone who has had bottom surgery and /or has taken hormones is ‘allowed’ to use their appropriate restroom, but if they haven’t had those things, they’re not? Both of those things can cost a lot of money and some people can’t have those things due to medical or personal reasons. That doesn’t invalidate their identity by any means. And they should be able to use the restroom they feel most comfortable in, no matter how much they have transitioned, or if they have transitioned or not.

•There is no way to tell if someone is trans- and there’s no way to tell if that person has had any surgeries or hormones, because as I said previously, there is no way to tell if someone is trans.

•Trans people are using the restroom to, well, use the restroom, just like cis people! It’s cruel and inhumane to police and control designated restroom use. There is no way to enforce it [the bathroom bills].

•Even if a trans person did have hormones, bottom surgery, you name it- even if they were being read as cis and no one knew they’re trans, they still have a trans identity. They have experienced what cis people don’t.

There’s so many reasons why the bathroom bills are wrong and harm trans and gender non conforming people, but these are only a couple of things that came to mind. If anyone would like to share more advice, please do so! I hope this helps.

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im a transboy, but i havent come out to my parents because theyre super transphobic. now, usually i wouldnt make a fuss about this because im moving out in a couple of years, but i really want to buy boxers without them noticing, so i can feel better about myself, but i cant go anywhere because my parents would have to be with me. so i guess what I'm asking is, how can i buy boxers without them noticing/finding out?

Kii says:

This question is #14 in our FAQ. Please read that before asking more questions!

Things that I, a women’s bathroom user, am fine with:

  • trans women using the bathroom with me
  • trans men who feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the men’s room using the bathroom with me

  • nonbinary people who want to use the women’s room using the bathroom with me

Things that I am not fine with:

  • someone being super uncomfortable in my bathroom because a transphobic clueless lawmaker is forcing them to be there

Her Story - episode 6

Watch here:

Her Story is a web series about the dating lives of trans & queer women, which stars trans & queer women, and was written and directed by trans & queer women. (One of the creators Jen Richards is also on tumblr @smartassjen )

More gifs here

me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E


New Orleans trans advocates say they have been left stunned by the death of Penny Proud, one of their city’s young, black trans residents, the latest casualty in the ongoing national trend of antitrans violence that has seen five trans women of color killed within the first five weeks of 2015.

Proud, 21, was fatally shot multiple times at 1:30 a.m. on February 10, according to local news report from NOLA that the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs has linked to Proud. Few other details are currently available, but the first press release to address the situation, from New Orleans LGBT youth of color activist group BreakOUT!, condemned NOLA’s report for misgendering Proud.

In announcing her death, BreakOUT! has urged media to cover Proud’s story, as well as those of all trans victims, with respect for her preferred identity, name, and pronoun, which also accords with journalistic standards endorsed by the Associated Press and GLAAD. The youth group had already been writing a press release concerning the recent deaths of Yazmin Vash Payne, 33, in Los Angeles; Ty Underwood, 24, in North Tyler, Texas; Lamia Beard, 30, in Norfolk, Va.; and Lamar Edwards, 20, in Lousville, Ky., when news of Proud’s murder emerged from local sources. San Francisco resident Taja DeJesus was also discovered fatally stabbed this week.

“These deaths had little to no mainstream media attention,” BreakOUT! stated. “The silence and lack of action from media on behalf of the Black transgender community sends a strong message that Black Trans Lives, in fact, do not matter.”

The NCAVP, of which BreakOUT! is a member, concurred. “2015 has begun in absolute tragedy, with the loss of four black transgender women and one Latina transgender woman,” stated Chai Jinduraswat, codirector of community organizing and public advocacy at the New York City Anti-Violence Project. “We all must take immediate action by supporting the leadership of transgender women of color, public awareness and respect campaigns, speaking out against this violence, and protecting transgender people from harassment and discrimination. This is an epidemic and an outrage, and we all have to commit as a nation to ending this violence.”

A candlelight vigil for Proud will be held tonight 7 p.m. at the site of her death, on the 1100 Block of North Claiborne Ave., in the Treme district of New Orleans, according to the Transgender Law Center.

Anyone with information about Proud’s murder is asked to contact Homicide Detective Robert Barrere at 504-658-5300, or contact Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 or
In loving memory of Erykah Tijerina, at least the 18th trans woman murdered this year
After we learned about three trans women, all of them Black, being murdered in July, the number of trans people reported murdered in the US this year became 17, now with Tijerina, it's 18.

It’s been a devastating summer — and year — for headlines like this one. 

Erykah Tijerina, a 36-year-old Latina transgender woman, was found murdered in an apartment in El Paso on Monday. She becomes the 18th trans person reported murdered in the United States this year. Three Black trans women were murdered in the month of July alone. 

Mey Rude writes for Autostraddle:

Remember, last year, when we were shocked, terrified and disgusted at how many trans women were being murdered, we saw at least 21 reported murders of trans people. That’s just three more than we already have this year and we still have four months left. Again this year, most of the victims are trans women, most of them are Black, and most of them are Black trans women or other trans women of color who sleep with men. 

This is just in the United States. In other countries trans women and other trans people are murdered at even higher rates. In Brazil alone, at least 48 trans women were murdered just in January of this year. And I emphasize “at least” because the real number is likely much higher. How are trans women of color supposed to survive this? How are we supposed to function in a society that keeps on targeting, torturing and murdering us? How are we supposed to make it out alive?

Erykah’s family has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for her funeral costs here. Please help if you can. Rest in peace and power.

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why does everyone hate jared leto?

tl;dr: he’s a creepy weirdo who takes things too far

Stop Transgender bullying at “On The Road Again” shows

Our fandom has a lot of people from different gender identities beyond cisgender. All of them should be respected.

At the Pittsburgh stop of the OTRA tour, an 18 year old trans girl and volunteer of Rainbow Direction was pointed and laughed at, and was also photographed without her consent. She reported that the bullying didn’t come from younger fans, but adults.

This kind of behavior isn’t acceptable. Most trans teens are still coming at terms with who they are, they shouldn’t have to deal with this on top of it as bullying will trigger their insecurities and oppress them.

It is also important to refer that concerts are supposed to be an environment of safety, comfort and community. If you see your friends, family or even a complete stranger attempting to bully someone and it is safe for you to do so, please educate them and explain to them that it is wrong.

Make it clear that derogatory jokes/remarques shouldn’t be excused or tolerated.

If you have become a victim of bullying, harassing or abuse, these resources can be helpful.

You can inform yourself about transgender and transexual people in our TMHFN Trans Series.

You can learn more about fighting transphobia here.

And you can learn more about how to act around a trans person here.