transphobia is never okay

Unpopular Opinion Time!

You can hate the person that had been a misogynist towards you.

You can hate the person that had been homophobic towards you.

You can hate the person that had been misandrist towards you.

You can hate the person that had been transphobic towards you.

You can hate the person that had been cisphobic towards you.

You can hate the person that had been racist towards you.

You can hate the person that had been physically/mentally abusive towards you.

That singular incident does not give you a right or a reason to hate every person that falls into that demographic or group of people.  That singular incident does not give you a reason to brand all [white/black/hispanic/trans/gay/lesbian/straight/etc] people the same as the person who had hurt you.

Example 1:
A black woman gets raped by a Hispanic man.  Obviously this is very traumatic, obviously this is going to cause some issues with comfort towards Hispanic people, because it was a traumatic event.  Proper ways to handle this?: Therapy, support groups, etc.  Realizing and understanding that this Hispanic person does not represent all Hispanic men.

Example 2:
A woman attacks a transwoman in the bathroom.  It is highly understandable the reasoning why said transwoman would find it within herself that all women are like that, because of the violence that trans individuals are subject to because of a lack of understanding in society.  However, to brand all women as horrible because of that incident isn’t healthy for you.  Proper way to handle this?:  Therapy, support groups, etc.  Realizing and understanding that one person does not blanket over the entire population.

Example 3:
A heterosexual man was molested by a gay man during his childhood.  It is highly understandable the reasoning why said heterosexual man would be nervous around gay men.  Trauma during childhood sticks with someone in the most awful of ways.  It takes a bit more to recover from, but therapy and support groups that openly discuss the differences between a group of people and said attacker are wonderful for helping a survivor through any prejudices they have.  Realizing and understanding that not all gay men are are child molesters.

If you are hating an entire group and using your personal experiences as a foundation, that is toxic, not only for you, but for the innocent people being dragged through the mud by your hatred.  I am truly sorry the things that you have went through, I know personally how hard and agonizing the road to recovery can be.  But don’t wallow in your ‘victimhood’ and allow it to justify your viewpoint of an entire group of people.  Help yourself get better and healthy.  

Homophobia, Transphobia, Cisphobia, sexism, and racism are never okay, and you should never have to justify it with ‘well this happened to me and it hurt and I hate all -insert group of people here- now because of it.’  

anonymous asked:

I agree, Kate McKinnon is definitely the only person in that gifset who ever did/said an ignorant thing. In fact, she's probably the only person in the whole world who ever did. Then again, I don't know, maybe if we took a quick peak, we could dig up some bad, potentially hurtful shit those other funny ladies did in the name of comedy, and we probably should, right? It's just raising awareness, because it's really harmful when people like celebrities who did A Bad Thing.

Warning: I will be talking about transphobia, murder, and Kate McKinnon.
Okay this is really old but I never saw the message and I figured I might as well reply now. This was in response to a post featuring Kate McKinnon and some other comedians. I said that I was disappointed she was in the video because of her transphobic beliefs and actions.
While I agree that we shouldn’t hate people for mistakes they made out of ignorance, this is not the case with her. Yes, the transphobic skits she made were done a while ago, but she has recently said that were some of her favorite skits. She’s still perpetuating horrible stereotypes about trans women by continuing to support that skit and never apologizing for it. Continuing to praise her as a great person and lesbian icon shows that you don’t care about trans women. Trans women are fucking tired of people praising people who actively hate them as great feminists. The stereotypes she perpetuates about trans women contribute to their constant murders.
Disclaimer: I’m not a lesbian or a trans woman so sorry if I’m overstepping.