i don’t understand why it’s so difficult for media anchors and commentators to grasp that Bruce didn’t ‘wait’ until he was 65 to ‘become a woman,’ he SURVIVED to 65 through 65 years of horror at his body and playing a part that didn’t match his brain, through stigma and numerous realities that could have worsened his dysphoria, from fathering children to being view as an ideal male physical specimen, and can finally now make the reality in his brain and the dream he has inside match his physical reality on the outside. He’s courageous to do this at all, not a straggler. 

Do you know what’s something worth getting pissed off about? The sheer transphobia directed against Harry on twitter by fans and non-fans alike, and it’s been increasing since early 2014. It’s stomach churning, and it affects not only Harry, but anybody who sees it.

Gaming communities across the Internet are mourning the death of prominent transgender game developer Rachel Bryk, who committed suicide on April 23, after suffering from a lifetime of health problems and months of anonymous cyberbullying. Bryk, 23, was plagued by chronic pain, as well as low self-esteem, long before she joined any online communities, but it was an anonymous harasser who urged her to jump off a bridge—just days before she took her own life by jumping from the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

im going to be sick

Mod Virgil’s Comprehensive Guide to having inclusive and trans friendly language!

We get a lot of asks.

A LOT.  And I know a lot of them are asking for advice or education on a subject.  

And a lot are from people who are new to the trans community and so mistakes in language are made.

And it’s okay to make mistakes, but a lot of these mistakes end up being really transphobic and potentially triggering to other followers.  These mistakes, when left uncorrected, can also lead to spreading misinformation about how to properly phrase something in an inclusive way.  

So here are some phrases to avoid, why, and their alternatives:

I was born with -gender- parts - this implies that a sex characteristic, genitals, are binary(which excludes intersex people) and also implies that your genitals are a gender that is not yours.  Your genitals are your gender.  If you are agender you have agender parts. 

An alternative to this, if you need to mention genitals, is to just say the name of the genital or if you’re trying to talk about your assigned gender at birth(AGAB), then just say your assigned gender at birth

Example: I have a -genital- or I am AGAB(DGAB,CAGAB)

I am female/male bodied - similar to the above, this implies that bodies are gendered based on your AGAB.  They’re not.  Again, if you are agender then your body is an agender body. These phrases allow room to misgender someone, it’s not okay.

An alternative to this is just stating the features of your body, describe the body.  Because despite what society may try to tell you, your assigned gender at birth does not mean you or anyone else has the same body type as other people who were also assigned that gender. Also, if you feel the need, say your assigned gender at birth.

Example:  I have breasts and would like tips on binding.  I have broad shoulders.  I have wide/narrow hips.  I have excess or not much body hair. or I am AGAB and would like tips on -insert thing-

I was born a man/woman - again, same as above.  you are assigned a gender at birth, but you are the gender you are.  So if you are AFAB(assigned female at birth) but agender(i’m overusing this sorry) you are agender.  

An alternative to this is to just say AGAB

Biologically male/female - Same as the above.  The exact same.

I am/Someone is Female/Male-Identified - This needlessly separates trans women/men from cis women/men.  Trans women are women.  They do not identify as women, they are just women.  

An alternative is to just say the person’s gender.  If you want to specify whether you are trans or not, then say I am a trans woman/cis woman.  Do not do this for other people without their permission unless you are trying to get help/venting about cis people.  

Example: I am/Someone is a woman/man.  

Trans* - This is a pretty common one.  The root of the asterisk is transmisogynistic and came from DFAB trans people wanting more room to talk about their issues because they felt trans women were speaking too much.  It also further separates non-binary people from the Trans community.  Transgender IS the umbrella term.  It literally means not identifying with your assigned gender at birth.  There is literally no need for the asterisk. 

An alternative is to just say Trans or Transgender.  Stop using the damn asterisk.

Women and Trans women(or men and trans men) - You have no reason to separate the two.  Trans women are women and trans men are men.  If you are talking about your sexual preference and you say “I like women and trans women” you are not seeing trans women as women.  This goes for saying if your space is trans-friendly.  

An alternative to this is to just say men or women.  If it’s for a women’s safe space, due to the fact that A LOT(see also: almost all) of women’s spaces are NOT safe or inclusive of trans women, you can then say “This is a women’s space and is inclusive/trans-friendly/anti-transphobic”

People with vaginas/penises - I know, you’re trying. You really are with this one.  But this is used to commonly make assumptions about bodies and is actively transphobic.  “But how Mod Virgil? I’m not saying a gender!” I know.  But I see this commonly when talking about period, right?  Do you know that any set of genitals can experience a form of period?  Yeah, bet your sex-ed class didn’t teach you that.  Mine didn’t.  This also erases people who are intersex who may have ambiguous genitals.  And the broad generalizations it makes other than just with periods literally applies to any gender or type of genitals.

An alternative to this? talk about the actual thing.  If you wanna talk about periods, say “people who have periods”, it’s not that hard.  I have faith in you.

Eliminating cissexist language is a very long learning experience.  It takes time and effort and you will mess up.  And that’s okay.  What’s not okay is being complacent in this once you have the information.  So here is the information.

Go forth and prosper!

-Mod Virgil


So, it seems that Alice Eve has shown her transphobic side. I, for one, am gutted as I was in love with her, and this is just unacceptable. Yes, fight for equal rights, and yes, fight for equal pay. I am a feminist, and I fight for equality. However, to belittle a person when they eventually come out all because you have this war against the male gender…that’s not right. Feminism isn’t about us hating men, it’s about equality.

So how dare she publicly attack a person when they have suffered so much grief at the hands of the press in regards to their gender. It takes a lot to admit to yourself, never mind others what is going on in your body, so to attack Jenner like this is just despicable. I don’t care whether you like Jenner or not, to make these comments is to attack any trans* woman. 

A vagina does not make you a woman. Being paid less than men does not make you woman. 

Also, the comment about ‘playing at being a woman’? Is there no limit to her discrimination?

What a disgusting human being. And going from the comments on her Instagram, she’s lost a lot of fans.

anonymous asked:

can you explain this post please? /post/117508320275/all-gay-people-in-america-owe-trans-women-of

[Post referred to by anon.]

Sure! Stonewall was a series of demonstrations by the LGBTQ community in 1969. Many consider it the kickoff of the American gay rights movement. The Stonewall Inn (after which the event was named) was one of the most popular gay bars in New York City, but, like all LGBTQ establishments at the time, it was often raided by police. (Remember, homosexuality was illegal in NYC until 1980, and it wasn’t until 2003 that all laws criminalizing homosexuality in the United States were repealed.)

In June of 1969, though, the LGBTQ community decided they’d had enough. This led to protests and rioting against police and the unfair treatment of LBGTQ people. Trans people in particular were targeted, and members recall being required by police to wear at least four pieces of “gender appropriate garb.”

Unfortunately, trans people, POC, and trans POC have often been excluded from accounts of Stonewall. Sylvia Rae Rivera, a trans woman of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan descent, was one of the main instigators and activists at Stonewall. However, she was dismayed to find that once the LGBTQ rights movement became more mainstream, the gay community was highly reluctant to include trans people, for fear of scaring off hetero people. Still, she continued to fight for transgender rights until her death in 2002 and was an important voice in criticizing failings of some of the more mainstream gay and lesbian organizations.

That’s why Jenner’s acknowledgement of POC trans history is so important. Despite their invaluable contributions to the LGBTQ rights movement, racism and transphobia within the gay community has effectively erased them.

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When feminism goes too far.  Honestly, I’m disgusted by this, not gonna lie.  I used to really like Alice Eve, I thought she was a good one, but this is just transphobic as fuck.  Saying that because Bruce Jenner was born a man, and therefore has male privilege as they get paid more, it makes them less of a woman?  That’s sick.  Seriously, that’s fucked.  She’s basically saying that Bruce Jenner is still a man because of their pay packet.  She seems to believe that until someone goes through medical procedures to transition, then they aren’t trans.  Super uncool


i’m sorry this is showing up in so many tags, this will probably only happen once but i just wanted to give it a shot. i want somebody to listen. i want people to start taking action.

  • Arielle Scarcella blocks trans people who try to educate her, no matter how patient they’re being:
    (example 1) (example 2) (example 3)
  • she also happens to be good friends with someone who genuinely hates non-binary people, and has said that ashley mardell is “giving mentally ill people a platform” by making educational videos on gender. Arielle Scarcella, LGBT-Activist, is friends with someone like this.

it’s not an exaggeration when i say she is silencing trans people. she is silencing any trans people who try to speak up. arielle scarcella is doing more harm than good and i keep trying to think of ways to raise awareness, like trying to contact youtubers or letting her fans know about her disgusting behaviour but i dont really know how to go about it.. if anybody has any ideas then please let me know.

she is hurting too many people. cis people are meant to help bring attention to what trans people, like me, are saying. she makes me feel powerless. she only wants people to hear her voice. she is manipulating her audience by silencing the trans people speaking up against her. please help. 

this is more serious than it sounds. she has a large following. she has power. the people trying to speak up and educate her have next to no power. her behaviour towards trans people is dangerous and disgusting. i really hope you can take the time to help out. i don’t know how, but please please please help. please.

thank you

I am usually completely on board with Larry Wilmore and The Nightly Show, but his bit tonight comparing trans people to a Pinocchio character and mocking Bruce Jenner’s transition because he didn’t “understand” his gender identity and sexual orientation is completely transphobic and insensitive.
Now, in a round table discussion involving two trans people he is using a trans slur as a joke and asking juvenile questions about genitals and bathroom assignments.
Larry, this is disgusting and you should be both ashamed of your close minded insensitivity and issuing an apology for your derogatory comments.

so my entire debate class is super supportive of me being ftm, except this one guy. today, I wore a sleeveless shirt that showed my binder. mind you, im a small guy
  • him:why are you wearing a sleeveless shirt?
  • me:why not..?
  • him:youre scrawny, you have no muscle, theres no point in wearing that shirt. you have girl arms
  • me:listen here you conservative party lampshade, im wearing this because im finally comfortable with how my binder shows. my dysphoria isn't bad today and im feeling confident enough to not care about your dank meme opinion.
  • him:youre a faggot
  • me:youre only a future memory in my interviews when transphobia is brought up. watch me on your wire-coat hanger controlled tv in your white trash trailer park.
  • whole class:OH SHIT