• Me, quietly, to myself:otherkin and transpecies are totally different things
  • Me, a bit louder, addressing the general area:Otherkin don't want to become what they once were, even if we may find comfort in feeling a bit more like that.
  • Me, now standing and slamming several large pots together:OTHERKIN KNOW THEY ARE HUMAN AND ARE GENERALLY TOTALLY COOL WITH THAT.
  • Me, projecting and enunciating to the best of my ability to the crowd I have gathered:Catkin don't literally think they're cats, dumbass. This is real simple stuff, you just find us more entertaining to mock when you think we're stranger than you are, the person making assumptions about someone they'll never even see and recommending non-specific mental help in an attempt to shut us up.
  • Me, louder, but still clearly:DID YA'LL CATCH THAT ONE?