also why is ice bear always like white you know polar bears are endemic to the arctic circle right by all accounts ice bear should be indigenous of some kind but like he could be native canadian or russian or whatever but he shouldnt be white yo. same for grizz and panda too but i mean panda pretty much has to be chinese and  i dont think ive seen anyonw draw him as white but like grizz has even less geographical territory than ice bear he could be from any of the native peoples withing the current us boarders and like the bottom of canada. just like none of these bear are naturally found in europe so eally drawing any of them as white is unselltling at best. even ice bear bc like you cant even really pull the well his fur is white… thing bc polar bears fur isnt white its clear and it just looks white for reflecting the snow so like if youre going by fur color then ice bear should be transparant and panda should have vitiligo (spelling?) but clearly thats not the best way to decide their race right